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Comments by students of Pointe South Middle School B | United States of America

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memorable_globe I feel like they should increase salary so my pick well be Option A. If you get paid well then... Prison staff 28/2/24
discreet_lychee I think that the government should upgrade the prison staff because, the way that its guarded... Prison staff 28/2/24
cheerful_weasel 1. should have company so they can see their family because they miss their kids because they... How should prisons be run? 28/2/24
invigorated_language 1. The yellow ribbon project is the best one in my opinion because it helps prisoners get back... Reformation 28/2/24
cheerful_weasel i agree with you because they should be treated how you want to be treated How should prisons be run? 28/2/24
spontaneous_cliff if the prison is not working they should move them to a new prison and make more secure. What if prisons aren’t working? 28/2/24
spontaneous_cliff increase the number of prison staff so it can be more save then right now prison Prison staff 28/2/24
determined_road Games are often used in the classroom however, what makes them effective learning activities and... How did the lesson go? 28/2/24
determined_road The chronic overcrowding of Ecuador's prisons has fueled the violence. Inmates have previously... Prison staff 28/2/24
unbiased_flight A because you can die from it and it can help people feel safe to the climate, can put you... Climate change and inequality 05/2/24
flowing_painting Why is the thing happing of around us it rian the word full up with water How to make a change 05/2/24
candid_salak There are many reasons people don't change one of the reasons people don't change is because... Why don’t people change? 05/2/24
spontaneous_cliff because people don't care about the earth heath, as one person i can't do it by myself that... Why don’t people change? 05/2/24