What if prisons aren’t working?

When you’re learning about a news story it’s important to be able to think about why people might have a different opinion to you.

Look at the opinions below:


“If a prison is bad it would be better if they just let the prisoners go.”


“A bad prison can make crime worse instead of better.”


“If a prisoner is able to escape then they deserve to be free.”

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  • I have developed a balanced perspective on the statement “If a prison is bad, it would be better if they just let the prisoners go.” I agree with this statement as prisons can be inhumane as they subject prisoners to harsh and degrading conditions, such as overcrowding, violence, abuse, isolation, and lack of health care and education. These conditions violate the human rights and dignity of prisoners and may cause physical and mental harm affecting the society more if they are released so it is better, they are let go or put under more humane conditions. Moreso, prisons are ineffective and do not perform the functions they are meant to. They do not address the root causes of crime, such as poverty, inequality, trauma, or addiction. They do not provide adequate rehabilitation or reintegration programs for prisoners, which may increase the risk of recidivism (re-offending) after release. They also do not prevent crime, as there is no clear evidence that harsher sentences or more prisons deter potential offenders, so in my perspective they can unsuccessful. Furthermore, I believe prisons are expensive as they consume a large number of public resources that could be better spent on other social services, such as education, health care, or welfare. They also impose economic and social costs on prisoners, their families, and their communities, such as loss of income, stigma, or discrimination.
    However, I disagree with the statement that a prison is bad as prison are necessary because they protect society from dangerous and violent offenders, who may pose a threat to public safety and order. They also isolate and incapacitate offenders, who may otherwise continue to commit crimes while free. They also serve as a form of retribution, or justice, for the victims and their families, who may demand accountability and closure.
    In conclusion, I have developed a balanced perspective on this statement ' if a prison is bad, it would be better if they just let the prisoners go'. I agree with this statement to an extent as prisons can be inhumane, ineffective and can cause more harm than good to society. However, I also disagree with this statement to an extent, as prisons are necessary to protect society from dangerous and violent offenders and can serve a form of retribution. Therefore, I believe that the solution is not to simply let prisoners go, but to reform the prison system and make it more humane, affordable and effective.

    1. A well-reasoned response. Can you say why someone might think differently to you?

      1. Most people may not agree with me for different reasons. I believe some people might not think prisons are expensive, but rather a worthwhile investment for society and most might argue that prisons rather save money by preventing future crimes and reducing the social cost of crime e.g. insecurity. They might also claim that prisons generate revenue by employing staff, contracting services, or producing goods, depending on the economic model of the prison system.
        In contrast to my earlier point, majority of people think prison reform is not the solution, but rather a waste of time and resources. They might argue that prison reform is ineffective and does not address the underlying causes of crime, such as corruption. Also, prison reform can be dangerous and could lead to more crime and violence, by releasing offenders who are not ready or willing to reintegrate into society.

      2. Hi Olivia
        Someone might think different from me because people are different . Our dicision are based on complex relationship builton our memory and experience . Even if it is two people that had the same dicision . It is impossible to have the same memory

        1. I agree because... Sometimes, Eden door we are all different in our own unique ways, we can still end up doing the same things and remembering the same stuff. Think about when we vote for the president. People from all over the country, with different backgrounds, go and pick who they want to become the president. But in the end, we all agree on who should be the president.

          it is like when we all decide on what game to play at our free time. Some of us might like football, while others prefer tag. But when we all agree on playing football, that is when we can play it and agree on the same thing, it is the same with choosing a president-we might have different ideas, on different candidates, but we come together to make one big decision.

          So, even though we are unique,you can still have moment where we all think I like and make the same choices.
          And that is pretty amazing!

    2. I strongly agree with you happy squid because of the equipoise view points. The essence of the place of confinements is to correct the yardbirds and the convicts on what they have done.The option B which says that a bad prison can make crimes worst has made many prisoners more worst than what they used to be. But I will say that a prison is a correction institution where convicts are corrected, so the inmates are to remain there so that they can be corrected.

    3. I solidly agree with happy squid's impression because, “If a prison is bad, it would be better if they just let the prisoners go. in most of the prisons in my country, the prison's guards can be inhumane so as they take the prisoners as an instrument to train their selfs. Some of the prisoners always bully the prisoners and can cause illness to some of the people that cannot bear the pain. Prisoners are supposed to be reformed than punishing them badly. prisoners are supposed to be trained, teach how to become a good citizens so that they will be a better person in life.

    4. I strongly disagree with you because the punishment given to prisoners are one of the purposes of prison and perhaps prisoners are paying for their crime. If prisoners are not punished there is every possibility that prisoners would not repent from their crimes. In the aspect of violence and abuse of prisoners, you can not tell me that in every prison around the world the prisoners are being maltreated like in Fito's prison if there was violence and abuse he would not have escaped rather there was comfort.

    5. I disagree because prisoners are not ment to be set free if they are able to escape is just making them more prone to do more crimes from where ever they have stopped. For example, if a bird is being left without being feed because of the wrong deeds it has done and as added punishment being caged and later being set free by it self it is prone for it to do more harm than before. Like now Fito has escaped, the state of Ecuador is under crisis which they have to be kept safe for their lives because actually I know that before that time Ecuador had their freedom to do anything when ever they want, but now they are under crisis because the prisoner has been set free which put fear under the people so, if prisoners are able to escape form prison it should not give a credit for the other prisoners to be set free or ever the person to be free. Thanks.

    6. I think this comment is very good and I do strongly agree with you but I wonder how they could reform it like how they can make the prison system more humane, affordable and effective, just give some ideas of how to make it more how you believe it should be.

    7. I disagree because a prison's purpose is to punish prisoners for their illegal actions, so if you make prisons a luxury then it is no longer a punishment but perhaps a reward.

      However then they shouldn't be super harsh or have extremely bad conditions as this is inhumane. I think it is important to find a balance between a prisoner being comfortable and them serving their punishment. Whether it be just above the minimum, as long as prisoners are healthy they don't necessarily need to be happy all of the time while they are in prison.

      As long as a prisoner realises what they have done wrong by the end of their prison sentence then the prison has succeeded in their role.

      1. I agree whit this this is the whole point of prison to punish and discipline people who are a threat to humanity or have done something bad and i also agree you cant make it a luxury either or else it wont be a punishment for people.

        i also agree with your other point about how you cant be to harsh for the sake of people and needing to find a good balance between luxury but also making sure people server there punishment.

    8. HELLO!
      I strongly disagree with you because as bad as a prison is it's not supposed to release any prisoner, if they release the prisoner he will create more chaos in the city. I think the best opinion is "a bad prison can make crime worse instead of better" This is the best one among all the opinions to me this opinion is the best.
      THANK YOU!

      1. I agree because... No prisoner should be let go no matter what till they have been reshaped and learned their mistake but if they let them go more havic and trouble will occur because all that time in a prison sell will enrage them and they will let that anger on people and that can be very dangerous to let them go.
        Thank You!

      2. I agree because, if prisons release prisoners if not that prison will not be considered that prison a good one.
        People seem to make negative impact when the prisoners escape, but when the prisoners do not escape, we consider the prisons very good. No matter how many people escape we should always remember that the prisons help us in our daily life.
        THANK YOU.

      3. I agree because if a prison is bad and the prisoners are exposed to crimes rather than punisment they will think the prison gaurds are training them more even training the prisoners and the prisoners will call it a free place.

    9. I agree prisons can be inhumane but they still need to stop prisoners for doing crimes. I suggest people should be hired to talk to these prisoners and ask them why they did that. Or maybe we could think something better than prisons. Or as you said make them more humane instead of the harsh treatment prisoners nowadays receive. The world nowadays is very harsh which needs to change so wars don't break out every few years.

  • Statement B, 'A bad prison can make crime worse instead of better'.

    Personally, I agree with this statement very much. I believe that, quite easily, a bad prison could make crime worse. First of all, if a prison were 'bad' for its treatment of the prisoners, many of the prisoners would want to retaliate, even though they were the ones that got themselves into prison in the first place. This could cause chaos within prisons, making prisoners possibly do something that may cause them to stay in prison for longer. On the other hand, this could cause protests in major cities if the public were to find out about this, which could land more people in trouble. In addition to this, prisons may be 'bad' for their lack of security. A lack of security could make crime worse as criminals may believe that they can do whatever they like due to them being able to easily escape from prison. This would result in more and possibly worse crimes being committed.

    I'm not quite sure, in particular, who would disagree with me. However, it would probably be other members of the public as they may believe that a 'bad' prison may make prisoners weary and not wanting to return back there, so they may give up their criminal activities due to this.

  • I agree with B, if prisons are not working them make then prisons need to be harsher as people need to think about what they have done and reflect. First and foremost, prison is a form of punishment and depriving criminals of their freedom makes society safer. Prison acts as a deterrent so offenders are locked up due to the violent nature of their crimes to stop others from doing the same. Giving a prison sentence for committing a crime is an example of positive punishment. The prison sentence will make is less likely that the convict will commit the crime again.

    But looking from another perscetive, the excessive use of pre-trial detention, and the use of prison for minor, petty offences, are critical drivers of prison population rates. Overcrowding, as well as related problems such as lack of privacy, can also cause or exacerbate mental health problems, and increase rates of violence and self-harm. Some people are usually wrongly accused of a crime that they didn't do, if prisons harsher than it will ruin a wrongly accused person's life. Many prisoners have mental health problems. All these factors and others make the current cohort of prisoners extremely challenging.

    In Pre-school, if you do something wrong than you sit out, and think about, reflect what you have done, not causing any more harm to your friends. In the adult world, we have prisons in which case do the same job what children in pre-school do when they misbehave . The system should be affective and simple, if you misbehave you are told off, reflected on your actions, not causing anymore harm, and knowing if you do that action again there is a low chance of the cycle repeating. So no, I think some prisons should be harsher than others, depending what criminal offence you have caused.

  • Point A, states that “If a prison is bad it would be better if they just let the prisoners go.”
    I disagree with that because it would be a bad idea to let bad people go because it's important to consider the safety of the community. Prisons are designed to keep society safe by separating those who have committed crimes.
    Overall, addressing and improving the conditions in prisons is essential to ensure the safety of society, promote justice, and provide opportunities for rehabilitation and reintegration. Simply releasing prisoners without consideration can have significant negative consequences.

    1. I agree because the prison should never let go of a prisoner . Its for the societies safety but also for the future generation who might think the other way and think that if we do some sort of crime they are going to prison us but still we can escape easily. Every one should be scarred of doing crime . It should never be an inspiration .
      Thank you

      1. I agree because the prison is supposed to change the attitude and behavior of people. No matter how bad the prison is prisoners should not be freed unless they have spent the required amount of time in the prison because if prisoners are freed people in the country would be free to commit crime because they know that no matter what they do the would not go to prison .The life of citizens would also be endangered if prisoners are not kept in prison for the wrong the have done and there would also be chaos in a place where prisoners are not kept in the prison.

        1. I strongly agree with you because if prisoners are just allowed to go scot free, it would destroy both the society and the prisoner. I say this because those bad morals which the prisoner learnt can destroy himself and the society at large because if he or she is let out he or she can teach others in the society such bad morals and characters which can cause severe problems

          1. I totally agree with you that stake of society is endangered when all the criminals are left to go scot free. because the criminals could influence other people who are slowly turning to the life of crime this can also affect people mentally or cause trauma because a person was affected by a criminal that escaped

          2. You are right about that. We have no idea how much destruction a simple prisoner can cause, but I don't think they will have the guts to do so as it might lead them to the police. But we should not forget that the prisoners are humans too and the prisons should be well maintained. No matter how dangerous a criminal is, we should not forget our humanity.

          3. Hello,
            I think you're correct in your assessment. We can't underestimate the potential havoc a single prisoner can wreak, but I doubt they'd risk it knowing it could lead them to law enforcement. Nonetheless, it's vital to ensure proper upkeep of prisons and remember that even the most dangerous criminals are human beings. We should uphold our humanity, but I also believe that due to one small crime, court cases take place, wasting valuable time during which many significant crimes occur. The government should urgently prioritize clearing small crimes and addressing dangerous ones first.

      2. I confidently agree with you because if we let the prisoners go without making them change or regretting their actions we will end up with a bad society were criminals work freely without. No matter how bad or corrupted a prison is we shouldn't let prisoners work freely around people. We should rather implement rehabilitation programs: focus on providing prisoners with education,vocational training,and therapy to help them acquire new skills and improve their chances of successful reintegration into society.

        Provide opportunities for prisoners to engage in meaningful work, such as community service or vocational training, to develop a sense of purpose and responsibility.

      3. One point of prisons is reformation. This is to successfully shape criminals in a perfect way for them to fit into society. Letting them go does not correct their bad behaviour, it only gives them free will to commit more crimes. In preference and highly suggested, it is better to send them to tougher prisons with harder corrective measures.

        1. I would like to support your comment, original robin. Prisons weren't made to destroy a prisoner's mental stability rather they were designed to reshape them and make them better citizens, so that they can contribute to the society and make it a better place to live in.

          1. i strongly agree with you on the saying Prisons weren't made to destroy a prisoner's mental stability.The historical and philosophical perspectives on the purpose of prisons have varied over time and across different societies. While it's true that some proponents argue that prisons are designed to rehabilitate individuals and reintegrate them into society as law-abiding citizens, the actual effectiveness of this goal has been a subject of debate.

            In theory, the idea of rehabilitation is rooted in the belief that individuals who have committed crimes can be reformed through education, vocational training, therapy, and other programs offered within the prison system. The goal is to address the root causes of criminal behavior and provide individuals with the skills and mindset necessary to lead lawful lives upon release.

            However, in practice, there are numerous challenges and criticisms associated with the modern prison system. Issues such as overcrowding, inadequate resources, and a focus on punitive measures rather than rehabilitation have led to concerns about the actual effectiveness of prisons in achieving their intended goals. Additionally, there are instances where the prison environment itself may contribute to mental health issues and hinder the rehabilitation process.

          2. I agree the prison is not supposed to make prisoners feel bad or guilty it is supposed to make them aware of the fact that what they did is not acceptable in the society and also shape them into better citizens. Letting prisoners out of jail is not a way of correcting them it just makes the prisoners comfortable in doing what is wrong because the know that the would not get punished. Those that commit crime should be sent to prison so that the come out of the prison the would be more productive and contribute more to the society.

            1. I agree with this comment, because if we do not let the prisoners face themselves and know that they were in the wrong and that they can still change, they will think that all they are capable of is doing wrong. This will end up causing chaos around the world and they will feel better creating crimes than preventing them. I've seen that it is possible for jail to put an impact on inmates on the TV series "American Gangster Trap Queens." The females would commit horrible crimes just for money. After serious jail time to think about their mistakes and impacts, they went on to be successful authors, entrepreneurs, and etc. If we treat prisoners with respect and teach them that we care and do actually want to help them, they will know that they CAN make a difference in the world and be better and successful people.

          3. I strongly agree with you because what is the point of going to prison when you do not learn your moral and avoid repeating it the next time? Some prisoners do not even regret going to jail so it is best if they learn how to live responsibly. So it is better that prisons would make prisoners live a better life and not destroy the prisoner's mentality as you said. This will help them build a better society without committing crime and even bringing ideas to develop the community.

            1. I disagree because... Firstly, the assumption that all prisoners will automatically learn from their experiences and become responsible citizens when they are released must be changed. Many inmates face great barriers to reintegration, including limited access to education, employment opportunities, and support networks upon release. Why? Because they were in jail. Some find it hard to start their lives back up because they might not get jobs, and their families tend to depart from them. Because that mindset that once you are a prisoner, you are still dangerous still prevails. It's true that while in prisons, inmates are expected to execute positive attitudes and behaviors, certain factors deprive them of doing so, such as budget constraints, overcrowding, and understaffing, all of which lead to these negative behaviors. In addition, the concept that prisons are supposed to shape character is biased. Characters build over time and end up becoming permanent; as the saying goes, practice makes a man perfect. Instead Addressing systemic issues such as poverty, inequality, and lack of access to mental health services is paramount to preventing reoffending prisoners.

              1. @astounding_petal, your comment made me think deeply about the barriers to reintegration highlighted. Indeed, there is a stigma that comes along with being an Ex-convict. This negative aura around them naturally influences the perception of the society they dwell. It is good to create an intense awareness by departments in charge to let citizens accept them for who they are and focus on how impactful they can be on their community, considering the training they have undergone, or skills acquired while in prison.

          4. I agree with you because one of the main purpose/functions of a prison is reformation and to reform means to change someone or something into better form,so if they are left to go scot-free without paying for the crime they behave committed,we will just be causing more harm than good to the society

          5. Mine is totally different from you,I choose opinion B, this is because;
            A bad prison can make crime worse instead of better. It might make them continue with their criminal act even when they are out of prison,in that case it can be noted that reformation did not take it course efficiently (which is suppose to be one of the purpose of a prison).
            Some criminals might come out with anger resulting from the harsh treatments they got in there,and will rather resort to their past lives and even do more than they did previously. They might not learn from their mistakes but rather want to go after those who hurt them during their time in prison so that they can revenge.

          6. Hello everyone,
            Alright, I do endorse with this point you have made here. That prisoners should not be let go. Okay, just like the options as stated. If the prison is bad, it will make crimes worse instead of better. Do not underestimate the mind of a criminal. If you arrest someone, just lock him up without supervision, no help or anything especially when the prison is not good. And after some time, you let the person go. It is energy wasted work not done. You have done more harm than good. When someone is detained, he/she should be catechized. After all there is a reason for everything that happens under the Sun. There should be a way to help the person. He/she should be assisted. And also, when there is a prison, it is a place to help bad people not a place to make them rule. A prison is a correction center. not a place to help the criminals grow in their crimes. Prisons should be checked at all times to ensure that everyone is treated with equity, and they should be given support.

          7. I agree! Prisons are not meant to harm prisoners. They are just made to keep them separate from the innocent members of the society to prevent further spread of crime.
            Prisons make society a better place to live in by eradicating the elements that spread unrest.
            Therefore , if a prison is bad, we simply cannot let the prisoners go. I understand where the supporters of this cause are coming from - they aim to make lives easier for the prisoners. But if this is the question at hand, we need to choose - Society or criminals.
            And I would definitely choose that element which has innocent old people and kids as it's part. How can we harm society, as imperfect as it is, when is has so many innocent and even vulnerable elements in it?

          8. You've got a nice point charming_artist. Whenever someone act crime and not punished, another person will commit a new crime and people will see the nation as a negative nation. Prisons are important in every nation even for punishment.

        2. I assent to what you are saying because releasing prisoners is not recommended because free them because they are in a prison that is bad is basically endangering the society to more harm because it is basically freeing thieves, murderers and drug cartels which will cause increase in criminality in the community and also causes human right violation in the society. I hope you understand my point of view
          THANK YOU.

        3. Hi 👋 original robin,
          I absolutely agree with you that prisons are meant for reforming criminals to better and responsible citizens. Giving them a second chance would make them end up commiting bigger crimes just as in the case of Fito. So I also suggest that they should be giving a tough punishment according to their crimes with a tight security and be released when there is an evidence of repentance. Thanks 👍.

        4. I respectfully disagree with the idea that sending individuals to tougher prisons with harder corrective measures is necessarily better for reformation. While the intention to reform criminals is crucial, there are concerns that excessively harsh conditions in prisons might not be effective in achieving rehabilitation.

          A more rehabilitative approach involves providing inmates with access to education, job training, and mental health services, aiming to address the root causes of criminal behavior. Creating an environment that fosters personal growth and change is often more successful in reducing repeat offenses.

          Sending individuals to tougher prisons with stricter measures can lead to negative consequences, such as increased violence within the prison environment, psychological harm, and limited opportunities for positive transformation. Additionally, focusing solely on punitive measures may not address the underlying issues that contribute to criminal behavior.

        5. I disagree because, as everyone knows, a jail is a place where crimes are punished, and being a prisoner is already a form of torture. People commit crimes for a variety of reasons, such as social or financial difficulties, knowing that their acts may have an impact on other people. They are also afraid of the consequences of their actions and sometimes feel guilty about them. Prison terms shouldn't be more severe.
          Rather, I believe that one method to lessen crime is to comprehend the intentions of others since, as the phrase goes, intention counts.

        6. I strongly agree with you. People need harder consequences. If the normal punishment is begin given always, they are not going to take the laws serious because all that happens after committing a crime is staying in jail. They would eventually get used to it especially if they are granted amnesty. They must get consequences that no one would ever like
          Example: Cleaning the streets.

      4. I concur with you brave_plantain because a prison is a place used to punish offenders and rehabilitate and help them realize the consequences of their actions and help them to change their ways.
        As you said, "Its for the societies safety but also for the future generation who might think the other way and think that if we do some sort of crime they are going to prison us but still we can escape easily."
        So, if prisoners are let free there won't be laws guiding criminals and criminal offences and behaviours which could bring about terrible aftermath to a nation and later on to the world at large.
        Crime should be always seen as a terrible thing and I would advise that if you think of commiting a crime at all, please always think of the consequences attached to that crime and resist from it.
        THANK YOU!!!

      5. I disagree because there is no need of going to prison for correction I you eventually don't learn anything from your stay in the prison so I would say that there is no need for prison if there is nothing to learn from your stay in the prison or any repentance choice to make,rather you go to the prison to enjoy.

        1. I disagree because prisons teach people a great deal of lessons. Many people go to prison and come out better. I do not think you are being reasonable with your thoughts. The is nothing to enjoy at prison yet you suffer and make a promise to make your life better. For example, Wes Waston was a popular youtuber that went to prison and came back changed his life and used his prison experience to earn more views.

          1. You say, "I do not think you are being reasonable with your thoughts". Do you mean to say, "I do not I agree with your reasons"? They are two different things, even though they sound similar, and it's important that we show respect to everyone in the Topical Talk community.

            1. Thank you for the notice, I am gravely sorry for my behavior and way of speaking. I will and surely must work on how to speak and interact with people well. And I apologize to prodigious_globe for my disrespect. And thank you Olivia for correcting me with your notice.
              Thank you!

          2. I disagree because... we all know that Fito has been to prison more than two times and yet he learnt no lesson. Some people want to be in prison for company. Prison does teach some lessons but not everybody gets adjusted.

            1. I disagree because change takes time, I understand the point you are trying to make but it is not that clear. Does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly in one day?
              You cannot say just because someone has had more than one chance so they will not be able to change,all he needs is rehabilitation can change his life.

        2. I strongly disagree with you,because if an offender is not taken to the prison, there is a possibility that the criminal is likely going to do the worst part of crime. Secondly, I think the prison is a reformation centre where criminals are taken to be corrected and I also want to let you know that there is no enjoyment in the prison but the prisoner can only enjoy if they are given the opportunity to do that but it is not supposed so.

          1. Lets be practicalistic, If they were no enjoyments in prison, How was Feto able to shoot a music video in his cell, and in the music video, we see how decorated his room was. Secondly it is certain that one will do more crime if not corrected, and there comes the essence of prisons, and like in Feto's prison which I'll say isn't very functional corrections cant be made........

          2. I strongly agree with what you are saying talented_cicada that yes a prison is a reformative center for them to change from their crimes, but I have a question for you, if a prison is so, why do people escape from prison and also sometimes go back and continue to do the wrong things?
            In conclusion what I am trying to say is that, yes a prison is built so as to reformat the minds of the criminals, which is very correct. But my question is if a prisoner is able to escape what is the need of that prison to the people. Thanks.

        3. Yes, you have a point. Some prisoners spend time in prison but never really learn anything. But another function of a prison besides correction is protection of citizens from criminals. Prisons will keep the criminals away from the citizens and maybe for a little while, reduce the crime rate. A criminal will not change if they don't want to but at least the other purpose of a prison would be achieved. We need to actually make then realize hey need to change while we keep them away from society until they are finally ready to rejoin as responsible citizens.

        4. Exactly,if prisons are not a serving the purpose they were designed for there is no need for it’s existence , you cant tell me that a person wil spend12years in prison and they would come back to the open world and still remain the same that clearly shows that the jail term is was just a was a waste of time because if the person is not reformed the prison is not useful .that’s like sending a child to school and after 12years the child learn nothing meaning there is no need for school if the child didn’t learn.

        5. I have to disagree with you prodigious_globe, the reason being is that even though you eventually don't learn anything from your stay in prison, the important part is that you are being punished for your misdeeds. Prisons are institutions for the confinement of a person who have been convicted of a crime. Moreover, the public is safe from these prisoners.
          Thus I will have to disagree with you because if a prisoner doesn't learn any correction from their stay in prison, the good part is that they are serving their punishment and the public is safe and there is a slim chance of the same person committing the same crime.

          1. I disagree because in this case there were no punishments for Feto; Rather there were decorations in his room, a smuggled phone, a room for filming music videos, and a room for escape! There was indeed no punigments fo Feto to atleat learn some lesson.
            And i heard you say " if a prisoner doesn't learn any correction from their stay in prison, the good part is that they are serving their punishment and the public is safe" well, that's a kind of incorrect for me because if they dont learn when they're in prison, when they're released they'll do worse! And by so doing, the country's still in danger!

      6. You are spot on brave_plantain. Letting prisoners go just because the prison is bad won't help anyone, not even the prisoners. It will only assure them that if they do something bad, they won't be sent to prison simply because the prisons are not competent enough. That doesn't even sound logical. If the prison is bad, it should be worked on. The entire point of a prison is to punish and correct wrong doers. If prisoners are just released, the society will suffer the consequences. Prisoners should be kept in prisons, that's why they're called prisoners. I am not trying to say that prisons should be inhumane, prisoners are humans too. I'm trying to say that if the prisons have challenges, the government should work on them so that they will be competent enough to handle and correct prisoners. Imagine walking on the street and seeing a dangerous prisoner being released because he saw a rat in his prison cell. If a prison has a problem, fix it so that the prison can fix the prisoners.

      7. Hello,
        I agree with you that prisons should ensure the safety of others in the society, but you said something which i do not agree with which is " prison should never let go of a prisoner". In my opinion "Never" is a powerful word and using it in this context is saying that prisoners should never be let go by the prisons. I believe that prisoners should not be given the mindset that they will never be let go instead they should be given hope that if they change they would be freed and be allowed and accepted into society. Using the skills they have acquired in prison they can also make a living and have normal lives.

        Thank You.

        1. I agree because... many prisoners are reformed after their experience in prison. Telling prisoners that they are "never" going to get out may cause them to be discouraged in trying to get out of jail.

      8. Hey!
        I strongly disagree with you because when you punish them, they would repent and become good citizens and then they could be set free from prison cell. But if they don't repent then the prison officers can hold the prisoners back. But i am asking myself how the prison officers can know a prisoner that has repented. Who knows please?

        1. Hi,
          Yes I agree with you no crime should go unpunished and justice must be served. Also you asked how the prison officers can know that the inmate has repented. There are many ways in which the prison officers can know that the inmate has changed such as improvement in behaviour of the inmate, active participation in prison activities, psychological assessment of the inmate and so on. I also believe that prisoners should not be kept permanently in prison especially if he/her is showing signs of change.

          Thank You.

      9. I agree with you because all prisons are not to let prisoners go away, instead they are to keep the prisoners and change them into becoming better and useful people in the society before they could be free. Yes, anyone who commits an offense to the law should be locked up in jail. So, that should be far away from our actions and should never be a way of feeling big, neither should it be our priorities or our inspiration to others.

      10. I disagree with you because you have written prison should never let go of a prisoner instead you have to wright prisoner should never let go of a prison.

      11. I strongly agree with you that prisons should never let go of prisoners for little or irrelevant things because if they do, they tend to continue over and over again and because of that, it can lead to serious destruction in the community or even destroy the lives of young one's, because as a lot of the young one's grow older, they begin to see and thereby follow the wrong path which is bad . Yes, it should never be an inspiration to anyone, anywhere but should be seen as an evil act which is offensive.

      12. I firmly believe that prisoners never be released due to their threat to society. With the current
        situation, you are continued in creation is essential for public safety. Using them could inspire others to commit crimes, keeping prisoners in jail sent a strong message to potential criminals. Initially young people, about the consequences of unlawful actions in conclusion, maintaining in creation is crucial for community safety and deterring future criminal behavior.
        Thank you.

        1. There is also a different point of view for this, the prison can not only be considered as a place for punishment but as a place where the person who committed the crime can sit and analyse his behaviour and calm down or get more focused and do something constructive . It is a place meant to have time with ones own self

      13. I agree because the prisoners should never be set free, because of the safety of the Community,but if the prisoners are set free the community will not live happy and the future generations will commit such crimes and even help the prisoners to escape.that why prison should never let go of prisoners.

      14. Hi
        I agree with you brave_plantain because you are right. The prison should never let go of a prisoner because when the prison lets go of a prisoner it will not be good for the community because the prisoner might think of planning something thing bad to the community and because of that, the community can never be safe and people will be scared to go out of their house.

    2. I strongly agree on this point of yours. Bad people should be punished accordingly for any crime they have committed, if people were not punished for there bad mistakes it will open doors for other people to commit any form of crime cause they know fully well that the will not be punished. Apart from punishing the offenders the are other ways we could correct such people, such as;
      Rehabilitation: Rather than modifying behavior through external negative consequences, rehabilitation aims to change offenders into law-abiding citizens through education, vocation training, and other programs. When successful, rehabilitation achieves long-term change, and offenders no longer require external constraints. However, some behaviors and individuals are more susceptible to rehabilitation than others. Moreover, not all programming is created equally. So people should be corrected for there bad mistakes as well as crimes to ensure the safety of our country

    3. I agree because if they become free because they escaped, then what is the point of taking them to jail in the first place. They went to jail for a specific reason, because they did something bad. If they are able to escape they could continue to cause harm to the community, to people, or to anything. It is better to take them back to jail so they could learn their lesson and learn not to commit crimes.

    4. I agree because... if the prisoners are released, this might lead them to think their actions are minor and they will take advantage and continue committing more crimes.

      1. I agree with you because if they are released, they will start taking the police officers for granted and continue with their in responsible act which can affect the society and put a lot of peoples life at stake. This might also lead them to think that their offensive acts are irrelevant, so, it is not a crime if they continue with it and then it becomes a lifestyle to them.

    5. I agree because a prison is only a prison if they don't let prisoners roam freely.It's for our safety but also a place where bad people go because of doing bad stuff.Just imagine seeing prisoners run around your city creating chaos everywhere they go.It looks bad.Really bad.This is why prison was made.Despite prisons are in poorly conditions have dreadful food,this is their punishments by doing bad stuff.Also,think about what would happened if the government allowed all prisoners out of their cells for a single hour,the whole world will be in absolute chaos,thousands of policemen will have to look after the cities,it will be crowded.

    6. Hello,
      I agree with your reasoning because if a prison is bad, then it needs to be improved. We shouldn't give up on something without giving it another go, and in this situation, giving up on that prison and prisoners will cause more harm than good because you will be giving criminals freedom when they haven't served enough time in prison, and will most likely continue making bad choices. It is not worth giving up when you are putting more people in danger.

    7. I agree with active beetle that if we set the prisoners free there will be dreadful and unsatisfactory consequences. The reason prison exists is to keep the people that deserve to be in prison hidden away and if we set them free there will be chaos. People will also think that they can do they desire and that will create havoc around the country. Therefore I believe that we should keep things how they are

      1. Interesting points intuitive plantain. Do you think all prisoners are bad people? Could there be examples of people who could be punished in more effective ways than locking them up?

        1. I do believe that in some cases that the need for prison is a bit much and could easily fixed with say 6 months community service but to the people that have say killed to set them free just like that would be a true crime

          1. Could there ever be circumstances where it would be right to set free someone who had killed another person?

        2. Hi Rebecca!
          I don't think all prisoners are bad people. There have been a lot of cases where the person was compelled and helpless, so they had to commit a crime. For ex- a prisoner who might have robbed someone might have had no other option because if they hadn't then their family might have starved or a person could have beaten someone up in self-defence but the court might have thought differently and sentenced them. Other than this, there have always been false claims too. So, no, not all prisoners are bad people.
          Also, yes, there are examples of people who can be punished in more effective ways than a prison. For ex-community service, fine, house arrest, inpatient rehabilitation etc. When a person is isolated in a prison for long periods they tend to lose sanity and this creates mental pressure on them which may result in reoffence. However, if a person is under house arrest, is fined or is doing community service then their chances of reoffending are less. Being with people and helping them might be better than being locked up. Rehabilitation centres help a person to get rid of their addictions, this might be a better way to reduce chances of reoffence than locking up an addict. Also, criminals who are mentally unsound might not become sound by becoming locked up. They will have to go to mental health hospitals. So I think in some cases alternatives to prison might be better than prison itself.

          1. great points forgiving_hedgehog!