Climate change and inequality

This discussion was inspired by funny_potato of Cheam Fields Primary Academy in the UK. Well done, funny_potato, you have won five stars for having your idea published!

In another discussion, funny_potato wondered whether people do not change their behaviour to help climate change because they can not afford to make those efforts.

For example, it’s often more expensive to buy an environmentally friendly product, like an electric car.

This got us thinking…

Who is responsible for helping to stop climate change?


= Everybody


= Only wealthier people

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  • I believe that everyone is responsible for helping to stop climate change. Wealthier people can donate lots of money to fundraisers for climate change, and although that helps significantly, sometimes it may be better to help hands-on. People with any extent of money can plant a tree, recycle their bottles and cans, or sign up to volunteer to clean up trash in a park or beach. Even if you're extremely poor and live in a lower economic country, you still have the option to look for seeds and plant new trees or flowers.

    1. I agree because climate change is a broad issue that affects everyone regardless of their income, location or wealth. Of course, some people have more resources to make a difference, but that does not mean that we should assume that poorer people cannot help in reducing climate change.
      I think that everyone has a role to play, and that we all need to lower our carbon footprint, use renewable energy sources, and support green policies and initiatives. Some might claim that only wealthier people and countries have the resources and the duty to address this global challenge, and that they should pay for the damages and the solutions.
      However, both views have some problems and limitations. Climate change is a complicated and interrelated problem that requires collective action and cooperation from all levels of society. No one can solve it by themselves, but no one can disregard it either. We all have to do our share, but we also have to acknowledge the different abilities and contributions of different groups and regions. We need to find a balance between fairness and efficiency, between individual and collective responsibility, and between short-term and long-term goals. Only then can we hope to stop climate change and create a more sustainable future for ourselves and the planet.
      Even students can help because in subjects like science where they can learn about topics like afforestation, they can do a project of planting trees and at a young age they will help reduce climate change.

      1. I wholeheartedly agree with reasoning_knowledge that climate change is a global issue that requires collective action from individuals, communities, governments, and corporations alike. It's inspiring to see that everyone, regardless of their background or resources, can contribute to reducing climate change. Encouraging students to participate in projects such as afforestation not only instils responsibility at an early age but also empowers them to become part of the solution. By promoting a culture of environmental supervision throughout all sectors of society, we can work together towards a more sustainable future.

    2. I agree because... I believe everyone shares responsibility for climate change as almost all humans play a part. It's crucial for everyone, no matter their social or financial status, to care for our climate. Change starts with each individual, so even if someone is not wealthy, they can still make a difference in protecting our environment. The less fortunate can help by halting deforestation, minimizing bush burning, and educating others about the perils of climate change. We all have a role to play in preserving our planet, and by making small changes, we can collectively make a big impact.

    3. I agree with you completely, charistmatic_squid. Especially when it comes to the streets of the U.S.A, many streets can found with tons of trash from everyone. Wealthier people could definitely step up with many donating to environmental groups as well as how every day people can just make seed bombs as they say. Such as a middle-class family buys fruit weekly while a wealthier family makes 1,000$ per week off of the fruit, both families can contribute to help replenish the Earth by the lower class family replanting the seeds of all those fruits and the wealthier family donates 25-15% of their wages for the week to different environmental groups. In this way people from both sides of the economic scale are helping Earth by both hands on and funded contributions.

      1. I agree because... Climate change is the global problem which takes place due to pollution , deforestation ,burning of fossil fuels etc and everybody is responsible for the climate change because neither only wealthier people creating pollution not only common people but I think there are equal contribution of each and everybody who are living on this planet and doing the activities which leads to climate change. A recent news about Mumbai is that most part of Mumbai can sink underwater in 2050 due to climate change.

    4. I agree because... when the planet is safe it is for the good of everyone both the rich and the poor and when it is bad it will also affect everyone both the rich and the poor as well, so to keep the planet safe is the work of everyone not only wealthier people. The wealthy people will only help in raising some funds and buying some equipment that will help in controlling the climate changes and also building some recycling companies and many other things that has to do with money.
      Mainly, the work of the wealthy people is to help in terms of money while giving a helping hand to stop the climate changes is for everybody at large

      1. I agree with you that when the planet is unsafe it will affect both the rich and the poor because we are all in the planet. We all have to put into consideration that the planet is our home, it takes care of us by protecting us from the ultra-violent rays of the sun, it provides us with the resources used in our everyday life. I believe we are like the children of this home and so we should be like true children who will not see their home being destroyed and leave it to be harmed. As children of the planet we should not care about us being rich or poor but should focus more on doing even the smallest thing to fix our planet and home. It could be as small as even planting a tree at our backyard or puting recyclable waste into a recycling can or if we have the resources, we could go as far as making use of electric cars.

        Thank You.

    5. As far as I am concerned, the solution to climate change is not necessarily planting trees. Vegetation does indeed absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and that is beneficial to the environment, however the amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted each year far exceed the capacity of forests and woodlands to absorb those emissions, even if forested areas are significantly expanded. I consider the problem to be systematic. People, especially in the Western World, have been continuously emitting large amounts of CO2 and other harmful substances into the atmosphere since before the 50s, due to the fact that the production and consumption of goods is the backbone of our economic prosperity. Therefore, it is our responsibility to alter our habits thus preventing further degeneration of the existing environmental crisis rather than trying to make up for our ongoing unsustainable lifestyle.

      1. Most people think that tress produce most of the earth's oxygen but that is just a myth. The ocean is what does all the work. Most of the oxygen in the atmosphere comes from the seas and oceans. In my country, especially the riverine areas, there is abundance of oil. But this oil spills into the water bodies and causes a lot of damage. Oil and gas production is the most lucrative business in my country, which means it is really important. This has adverse effects on the environment because the oil pipelines are not being properly managed. This brings me to why i brought this up.

        1. Yes, i can see where you are going. Most of the rich people who go into the oil business hurt the environment because they really don't take care of the pipelines and this leads to spills. This is really not good as it affects the indigenous people. The rich people should at least be able to maintain the infrastructure if they want to use the resources, right?

          1. According to the topic, everyone should have a role to play in battling climate change. In the situation of the oil spills, i think that the rich should act more actively than the indigenous people. These are the reasons why:
            1. They are the ones using all the resources for their businesses so they should at least try to maintain their infrastructure well. Even if the oil spills, they should fix it because they have the funds to do it, the indigenous people don't.
            2. They should use what they have to fix the problem because the adverse effects will affect them too. They live in the same state, which means the problem that the problems the indigenous people are facing will soon become their problem too.
            After considering all the facts, i think that everyone has a role to play but the rich folks will have more resources, influence and funding to work effectively towards battling climate change. The best thing the other people can do is to try and adjust their lifestyle to battle climate change but the rich folks can go a long way if they decide to.

    6. I agree because... a climate change is a change in global warming or regional climate changes or pattern. Everyone including the wealthier ones should contribute to be able to control the climate changes that is happening now in the whole world. Everybody should participate in a role like they wealthier ones should provide or donate money for the improvement of the world and society. If they ones that are not rich, should come out to do the ones that they can do, for instance, like you said they should go to the park or beach to recycle the waste that we dispose on the ground and in the water, also clean our environment especially along side on the road and not to trash any dirt on the road. Also government should contribute in work, they should provide rules and regulations that regulate the trashing of dirt on the road, if they catch the will be punished for the betterment of the country and everything around us. That is why I agree with you on the point you have shared with us.

      1. I think that aspiring to save the planet is really superb. Taking action to do it is even better. But we can't deny the fact that we need funding if we really want to make a change. This is where the rich people can really help a lot. They can provide donations or help develop technology that could help. But just because they contribute does not mean they should continue to live a life that harms the environment. They should help by donating funds and also live a lifestyle that will help to effectively save the planet. This is our home which means we have to protect it, rich or not. We should all work together to make a change. Rich people shouldn't just contribute and then sit back to relax. They should contribute and effect the change they want to see.

    7. I will agree with your point of view , because in my country there's a lot of philanthropies trying to save forests from the wildfires that occur from our rubbish. They help the forests by having volunteers go into forests and plant seeds or trees. They also check for remaining roots because that can help last minute trees to grow again.🌲

      1. Wonderful comment charismatic_squid , I totally agree with your comment both the rich and less privilege should contribute in planting more trees. The rich can donate trees the can suck in carbon emissions , which help amke soils fertile for planting. Seedlings can donated by the rich to help the increase in trees. The wealthy can use their power and status to help bann deforestation. The less privilege can help by volunteering to plant trees in local parks, and streets. Protesting against cutting down can save trees and reduce global warming. Furthermore, I believe there is more we do for the planet , daily cleaning of streets and local parks can help reduce drains from choking. Reuse plastics and recycling them can help save the economy money and help reduce land pollutions'. Rising awerness to stop illegal minners from mining our land and polluting our waterbodies can help save lives and live safer. Planting more trees can help smoke and fumes and rather provide more oxygen for us to breathe.

        1. I agree because... We need oxygen for our survival so we need to plant more trees to get oxygen.recycling materials can also be used to reduce poverty.planting trees reduces global that's why I agree with you.

      2. I agree with your comment, it humasn resposibility to care for the planet whether wealthy or not, the wealthy can help save the planet by providing communities with trees ,recyclebins . Wealthy can fund thier money into projects that can regrow the forests that have been deplited, protecting river tha have polltued by illegal minning, sensitize people to be more responsiblein polluting water bodies with garbage. The less privilege can help save the planet by saving water, instead of throwing scraps ,people can use these scraps to create pipes, drains and water pumps fro communities that have troubles with water supplies. Planting trees in barren areas can help build ecosystems and help provide shade for humans who go running and decrease carbon dioxde and increase oxygen. People can help by reducing the ammount of times they use cars insisted having walks and riding bicycles 🚲 can help reduce carbon emissions.

    8. I agree because... We all have a responsibility to take care of our climate, regardless of our status. Wealthy individuals can help by investing in alternative sources of renewable energy and providing support to rural areas in need. This allows people, especially the less fortunate, to access these resources. Additionally, they can educate others about the importance of stopping harmful practices like bush burning and deforestation. By encouraging the use of alternative energy sources provided, both the rich and the poor can contribute to protecting the climate. It's a collective effort that involves everyone working together towards a common goal of preserving our planet for future generations.

    9. I find it hard to agree with you
      When a person is in is in a state of penury I don’t think they should be in the position to worry about the climate because the only thing that would come to their mind is “money “ .Their in a very difficult phase of their lives Where they have only the mindset of what to gain from their services you can’t tell me someone who is financially unstable would care about the climate , don’t get me wrong their predicament would not cause them to be inhuman but they will not be in a condition to be aware of problems surrounding their environment but they would rather be lost in their own world of thought . You cannot tell me that someone who is unemployed would worry about the feeding of homeless people that would be the least of their problems. Am sure they would have a list of priorities which would make them worry less of the climate because if the economic state of their country is at a very poor condition they would not want to be give out to the society if they have nothing to gain. So the wealthy people should be responsible for the actions pertaining to climate change

      1. I think everyone can take action when it comes to climate change even when they don't have much. There are even some ways they can try that will save them money and still save the environment. Some examples are:
        1. Plastic bags really hurt the environment so by using reusable bags, they could reduce the use of plastic bags as well as cut down the cost of having to buy a bag every time they go shopping.
        2. In my country, fuel for cars is quite expensive. The fumes from the cars hurts the environment. By walking or taking a bike once in a while, there will be less exhaust fumes and the cost of having to fuel up your car will be reduced.
        3. By simply keeping their environment clean and avoiding pollution, they could contribute to the global welfare.
        These are some ways they can help out without having to strain their pocket in any way. Rich people will be able to afford buying electric cars and gadgets like solar panels that could help reduce their carbon footprints but at the same time, the poor ones can help in their own way without having to worry about how much it costs. Everyone has a responsibility to take care of the environment.

    10. I agree with you charismatic _squid. There are other ways that the Government can help the lower class people in the society. In Nigeria, the low income people use firewood to cook while the Government could provide kerosene stoves, hot plates, and even stove top burners. The Government can also provide transportation like busses and trains. In Nigeria, there are train tracks, but no trains to run on the train tracks. If the government can give electricity 24 hours so there will not be need for generators exhaust. The Government can also provide incinerators so the people will not dump their trash on the ground. The Government could provide recycling bins so people can know that things are recyclable, and reusable. In Nigeria Government could provide a sustainable water supply to each house. The Government could put stronger pipes to stop people from stealing the crude oil from the pipes. Even now the anxiety of wearing a mask because of air pollution, viruses and so much more.
      There are so many opportunities for federal, states, and local Government to help the people as a whole to deal with eco-anxiety.

    11. I concur since... Though their duties may vary, I believe that both the rich and the poor have responsibilities to combat climate change. Rich nations and people have a major obligation to cut emissions, switch to renewable energy sources, and aid in international efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change and adapt to it. Additionally, wealthy governments and people can help less developed countries adapt to the effects of climate change by giving them financial and technological support. By implementing sustainable habits, supporting climate legislation, and taking part in community resilience-building initiatives, impoverished nations and individuals can make a positive impact on climate change.
      Regardless of wealth or income level, addressing climate change requires cooperation and collective effort from all societal sectors.

    12. I agree with you because yes everyone is responsible for climate change. You may not have the money but you can still make a difference. You can do things like picking up litter and water. These are little things you can to make a difference.

    13. I agree because... everyone is affected by climate change, even if they are not conscious about it. Therefore, we must all put an effort to subdue the effects of climate change. We contribute to climate change therefore we must have the capacity to stop it. It is we humans who pollute our planet; We can also recycle and generate new ways to eradicate pollution.
      Being wealthy doesn't make you above climate change. Use your wealth to stop climate change instead of adding to it; don't spend, consume and then pollute; consume and recycle. Protest and enlighten others on climate change.
      Thank you.

    14. I agree with you to a point....
      But don't you think that poor people can't stop using machines that use chlorofluorocarbons because of the inability to purchase otherwise.
      But the rich could also buy for them selves and for the poor too!
      What do you think?

    15. I strongly agree with you while our world's people should be helpful and aim each other to protect our world while the rich people can make charities or companies to protect the environment and the rest of the people can donate in this case all of us will take place by the ability of each person to use their money in good thing to protect the world.

    16. I agree with your perspective, addressing any issue effectively requires a collective effort.

    17. Well said charimatic_squid, I strongly agree with your comment, Wealthy people can fund their money into projects can help regrow trees, restore ecosystems, clean up water bodies etc. The wealthy can help save the planets by donating items to communities to help clean thier environments, also donating recyle bins ♻ and seeding to localparks and playgrounds to help beautify these environments and also provide human many positive results around them. The people with less money can help by planting trees at places where deforstation hsa occurred, they can help by properly dis posing of trash rather than littering and just walking away. Avoid leaving water 💦 running , it can causes droughts, and many water bodies to go extinct. Recycling plastic and reuseing them is an efficient way to save the planet and save money at the same time. People with less money can also help by volunteering in cleaning communities around the world and showing them effetive ways to take care of the planet 🌏. We are all connected to planet , whether welthy or not we all have a part to play in save our planet , whether it picking up trash daily to spreading efficient ways to help stop cilmate change , in all we are all important and working together a a team we can all save the planet .

    18. I also think that electric cars are expensive but by only use of electric cars climate change will not stop the pollution also make climate change . If anyone can't afford the cars then they can use bicycle and many environmental friendly vehicle and to stop climate change we should also focuse on pollution and we should make our earth clean and pollution free.

    19. I agree with your comment strongly, there is a saying that goes "many hands makes light work", meaning whether rich or not we can all play our part to help the planet. The wealthy can help providing resources to help local communities, by using eco-friendly equipment to build houses and shops. Using natural energy such as wind, sun, water to power systems and provide electricity's efficiently. Donating seedlings to local schools and communities can teach children the benefits of planting trees and help stop carbon emissions. The wealthy can help researcher's find way to help protect the planet by studying the soils, the wealthy can help prevent other wealthy people from cutting down trees rather impacting them to help regrow trees can make a huge impact to the planet. The wealthy distribute movable bins to help picking up trash from the streets, parks and walkways. This can help people who are picking up daily make their work less stressful. The wealthy should use more of the electric vehicles, like the Tesla and other vehicles that use electricity, this can help stop fumes and smoke from reaching the atmosphere.
      The less privilege can also contribute to help stop climate change, reusing and recycling plastic can help stop water pollution and land pollution. They find better ways to dispose of trash rather than burning and bumping them into waterbodies. Planting more trees and using leftover vegetables and fruits can help create fertile soils for planting more vegetation's. Using scraps from junk yards to fix brokens drains and pipes left for the government to fix can help save waterbodies. Protesting against illegal fishing and mining ⚒ can alter government and people of high to Ban these illegal businesses that are trying to destroy our planet 🌏. Parents allowing our children and yourselves to reduce the time you use devices can stop Carbon footprint. Using bicycle more in big cities and little communities can help stop global warming , less Deisel vehicles can help reduce fumes from affecting the air we breathe, taking walks too is one effective way to help restore our planet. Whether wealthy or not we can all do something that make a huge impact on the world , and our actions will help make a better place for the generation to learn.

  • I think everybody is responsible for helping in stoping climate change. But not everybody can help due to lack in money. As in example in my country to get an electric car you need to be from the wealthiest of the wealthy people. So I think that wealthy people should donate some money and non wealthy people should help in some other ways. And I think that governments should help to let people afford eco friendly products

    1. I agree with your comment because there is that goes" Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success." I believe that everybody has a role to play in saving the planet. The wealthy can donate money to rise awerness for waterpollution and endagering marine creatures. They can also donate a lot of recycle bins . The wealthy can contribute by giving seedlings to plant new trees. I reaserched about mangroove , and how it can beenfit the planet. Mangroove can take in the carbon we produce to make soils rich for farming, so I believe the wealthy can donate a lots of mangroove so carbon emissions can reduce. Other People can help save the planet by banning the use of pesticides and dangerous chemicals for farm and fishing. People can help by replacing plastic bags and use more of paper bags . Teens can reduce their screen time and rahter spend more time reading to help reduce carbon footprint. People can reudce the the use of cars and rather using bicycles can help save the ozone layer and is an effective to move from one place to another. I also believe prisoners can help in saving the planets by doing more of community services , this ways drains , streets and roads will look clean and prevert floods when the rains arrive.
      Thank You.

  • For me everybody is responsible for keeping the environment safe. Yes somebthings can cost a lot like solar panels, electric cars but there are also some things we can do in our everyday life that cost nothing. Go plant a tree, recycle things you don't need, walk, close the tap of your washbasin when you don't need it, switch off the lights when they are unnecessary. There are small acts every person can do and if each one of us understands it, imagine how everything would change.

    1. I strongly agree with your comment. Everybody should contribute to saving the planet; after all, it is our home and our responsibility. The wealthy can donate more recycling bins to local areas and communities, and funding money for eco-friendly devices can help reduce carbon footprints. They can also enhance the spreading of the word to stop climate change in advertisements and commercials, posters, and even talking on live TV reality shows. Advising young children about climate change and how to stop it can help them come up with ideas to create more eco-friendly devices. Donating seeds to communities can help rebuild forests and ecosystems. The wealthy can stop other wealthy people from damaging trees and waterbodies and producing more waterbodies. The less privileged can also help save the planet 🌏 by use the leftover seeds to plant more trees in local parks and communities. Picking up trash in parks and communities is also an effective way to help save the environment. Using scraps to repair broken drains and pipes can help protect waterbodies from being polluted. Using water in moderation can help reduce drought. The less privileged can have conversations with people and come up with effective ideas to help stop pollution. In my opinion, I think everyone can help save the planet if everyone works together and does his/her part diligently.

    2. Hi friendly_song, I agree with your comment. I agree that not everyone needs to spend big money to help the environment. Little actions like those that you listed, can make a change in the environment. People can also start a little group event with their friends and start picking up garbage and plastic around their area. So not only are you only helping the environment, but you also get to hang out with your friends too. It doesn't have to be something huge or big at all.

  • I believe everybody is responsible for helping to stop climate change. This is because money and wealth does not define who may help or damage the environment more. Anyone can pick up litter. Anyone can try to recycle, reuse and reduce waste. It may be easier for wealthier people to gain the resources to make being eco friendly easier but this does not make them the only responsible ones. Every little positive action can help the environment so we should judge or think of how people are helping by their status or how much they have.

    1. Absolutely, powerful_huckleberry.
      I couldn't agree more. Taking responsibility for stopping climate change is something that everyone can and should do, regardless of their wealth or status. It's not about how much money someone has, but about the actions they take to make a positive impact. Every small step, like picking up litter or practicing the 3 R's (recycle, reuse, reduce), can contribute to a greener future. We shouldn't judge or measure someone's efforts based on their resources, but rather celebrate every effort made, no matter how big or small. Together, we can make a difference!

    2. I agree with your comment because just because you do not have many resources, you can still reuse them to slow down the pollution and climate change epidemic. Although wealthier people can help more to be eco friendly, that doesn't put all the blame on them for not trying to help.
      thank you.

  • I think that everyone should help for stopping climate change. We are destroying our planet. The climate is changing for us . We live in this planet. This is like our mother.Therefore, we should all help prevent the change of nature. This is only our responsibil. If we want to live in this world safely. We should save our planet. Don't forget that this is everyone's house.

  • I believe that everyone is responsible for this situation stopping climate change. Citizens can start to regulate the use of fossil fuels in our country, recycle their bottles and significantly more to help climate change stop. Moreover, wealth doesn't have to do anything in this situation, but they can try to stop climate change by using renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, reducing air travel, and supporting sustainable businesses, and the effect on carbon emissions will be very significant. Climate change has been very complicated in many places but no one can solve it at all unless everyone takes action right now. Everyone on this planet has a role to play to stop climate change and we must acknowledge everyone and this can produce a more sustainable future for everyone.

  • According to my thoughts, everyone is equally responsible for destroying nature and thus it is the responsibility of every person on earth to help in climate change
    Not only can wealthier people help the climate change problem but also a normal person can help by cleaning nature and its resources by taking steps like walking for short distances, using cycles, going on for electric vehicles and transferring power to solar panels. Whereas some tycoons can donate a lot of money to help people to fight this problem. In this fight, everybody must be united only then some solutions for normal climatic conditions can be reached.

    1. I completely agree with you, unparalleled_raisinEveryone bears responsibility for the state of our environment, and it's up to each and every one of us to contribute to addressing climate change. It's not just about wealthier individuals, but also about everyday people making a difference. Simple actions like walking or cycling for short distances, using electric vehicles, and harnessing solar power through solar panels can have a positive impact. And you're right, even tycoons can play a role by donating money to support initiatives that combat climate change. It's crucial for us all to come together and work unitedly to find solutions for a more sustainable future. Let's keep fighting for a healthier planet!

    2. I truly agree with you unparalleled_raisin as every human is responsible for the destruction of the nature and every person must be responsible to contribute on helping the climate change. I really like the way you described the way a normal person could contribute. Walking for short distances, using cycle, use of solar panels are the real steps a normal person can contribute in order to end such world criticizing issue. It is indeed a fight which would take the unity of every people to normalize the climate

  • I believe my answer is A. Everyone is responsible for stopping climate change. It is not just the wealthy people who polluted the earth, so why should they be the only ones responsible. Yes, everyone has a role to play but we must ALL take responsibility for our actions. All humans have always had an obligation to preserve nature and its environment. All humans(not just the wealthy ones) are responsible for taking care of the environment. I can agree that the wealthier should also play their part because money is also important in helping climate change.
    The wealthy can help by reducing their plastic consumption and food waste, switching to electric cars and other carbon-neutral modes of transportation, committing to clean money, supporting carbon capture projects, investing in carbon credits, etc.
    Those who aren't wealthy should also not forget their role. As someone who does not have enough money to do an of the things listed above, you can reduce, reuse and recycle. You can help the environment by cutting down on what you throw away. You can also volunteer for cleanups in your community and educate those who do not know about climate change and the environment. You can help others understand the importance of natural resources and how to use them better. You can also conserve energy by watching your carbon footprint. If both the rich and the poor work together, we can all save the environment and make this earth a better place.

  • I think that everybody is responsible. I have heard how so many people blame the rich. They say that it is the rich people who need to make a change and that they are polluting too much. However, I don't believe that they are the only ones who need to make a change. For example, you will rarely ever see a celebrity throw trash on the ground, because it would ruin their reputation. So it is mostly average people doing that. If the rich people would be the only ones making an effort to stop global warming, I don't believe that it would ever be enough. I also believe that we are too divided. I truly believe that the more, the better. We need to work together, as a team if we wish to succeed.
    As for matters such as buying an electric car, I think that people don't necessarily need to do that. If public transport is good, then where's the need to drive your own car so often? If the government wishes to do so, it could buy electric buses, that do not pollute. I know that in some countries this is already happening. Another important aspect is that if the citizens stop driving around so often, the rich people should limit some of their activities as well. By that I don't mean that they have to go by bus everywhere they go. That is not possible, due to security problems. But they could definitely stop traveling with private planes so often. Just because they are wealthy, doesn't mean that they own the right to pollute the planet on which so many other people live. A plane can damage the ozone layer from our atmosphere so quickly, compromising the lives of the next generations that are yet to come. If anything happens, they have the money to live almost the same life. They won't lack water, as other people from certain parts of the world will. Neither will they be affected by the rising water level, as others will. So I think that they should be made aware of the consequences of their own actions.
    People from around the world have already started fighting climate change. However, they need everybody's help. Rich and poor, everybody can do something.

  • A because you can die from it and it can help people feel safe to the climate, can put you in the hospital because the climate can change the clouds into a different color, can be gray and smoke can get in your engine because populition it can be dangerous to the climate change.

    1. Hello unbiased_fight!

      I actually don't understand that what you want to express. But anyway I also think everyone is responsible for helping to stop climate change not only wealthy people. In our country, all the people are equally helping to stop climate change. Wealthy people are using electric cars, solar panel and other expensive items and other people are avoiding plastics bags, reusing and recycling the items.It isn't like that only wealthy people are helping, other people are also helping by eco-friendly activities. In Nepal, peoples aren't doing deforestation , throwing items which can be reused and all.

  • I think that everyone is responsible to help and stop climate change from getting worse. When one says that he can't help, he doesn't know what he is capable of. Everyone can take part in making a change! Wealthy people who can afford a lot of expensive things can buy solar panels for electricity. They can also buy electric cars for transportations. It doesn't stop here! They can also start a business regarding electric vehicles or environmentally friendly products. People who aren't wealthy or who have little money to do that much and can't afford environmentally friendly products can help in preventing pollution. They can use plastic bags, recycle their old stuff, and not pollute the ground by throwing rubbish everywhere. Some organizations start campaigns to help clean the sea and streets. They can take part in these too! So, people should look at what they can do to help make a change.

  • In my opinion wealthier people can of course help by donating money to organizations stopping climate change. However every person is responsible for our Earth. It is a collective act and only by this way we can change al l the negatives things climate change made. I have seem people throwing their rubbish at streets. It doesn't cost to throw it at the rubbish bin. I have seen people putting fires on forests. I can't explain it but go and plant new trees. I have seen people at the beach leaving all their packets of food cans there. Just go to the nearest bin and throw them there. These are simple and inexpensive actions that you have just to do it.

    1. I agree with your comment strongly, everybody is responsible for helping the planet, there is a saying "a little change can make a huge difference", so with everybody's contributions to helping the planet the world will help the change. The wealthy can contribute by donating money and supplying more recycling bins, seedings, and equipment for cleaning the local parks, streets, and drains. Wealthy can speak to the government to help stop deforestation and Ban any illegal mining and fishing that can harm the environment. The less privileged can help by planting more trees in local parks and gardens and recycling and reusing plastics. Avoid littering in areas where drains can choke when heavy rains fall. They protest against factories that are producing fumes and releasing dangerous chemicals in water bodies. They can help create plastic taps for communities that need water 💦. In my opinion, I believe can help save the planet if everybody does his or her part diligently.

  • I agree with option A with a small exception.
    I believe that everybody is responsible for helping to stop climate change.
    Yes I will not argue that the rich have the money and resources to make bigger changes in order to stop climate change. However, that doesn't imply that someone earning a minimum wage cannot make any smaller changes to a better future. It dosen't have to expensive to be significant there are some simple and easy ways to curb the problem of climate change without spending so much money. Some of these include:
    1. Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.
    2. Do not litter.
    3. Dispose of plastic properly.
    4. Compost your food scraps.
    5. Do not waste food,etc.
    All these are simple changes that anybody can make to reduce climate change.
    However, there are some who are in poverty and are unable to do some of these things entirely, I believe that an exception can be made for that class of people in the society.

  • I think it is A. Everybody should be able to do something to contribute to the earth, even if it is small. Wealthier people depend on non wealthy people too. Without non wealthy people, then wealthy people wouldn't be able to make the money they are making now and they wouldn't be able to help stop climate change or do anything at all.
    If it is only wealthy people making a change and action about climate change, it would all be too slow and it'll be worse for everybody. Non wealthy people shouldn't make any excuse about not being able to help because they are poor. They can do small things like recycling, advertising, planting, or using public transportation.

  • I believe that everybody is responsible for helping to stop climate change as we are all affected by it. It's deceptive to think that it's enough if only the wealthy do something about climate change. At first I thought about that, too, and it makes sense, because who has a lot of influence in the world? Right, the wealthy. Are people for sale? Yes. And lobbying is also a well-known phenomenon, which allows the wealthy to have a lot of influence in politics. So, the rich probably have the better influence after all. But that's not always the point. It's also about not buying plastic-wrapped vegetables, riding a bicycle to get to work, not flying off every vacation, consuming fruits, vegetables or in general products from your country, separating the waste, not wasting water, etc. It's all about the small actions that we can already do in a small community. Additionally, everbody means everybody, so the wealthy are included as well. That means that the power of those who have large access to money and the small actions everyone can provide can work together leading to the desired objective: to stop the climate change. Long story short, everyone is affected by the climate so everyone has the responsibility to stop it.

    1. Hello, aware cranberry! You bring up some very important examples of choices everyone can aim to make in support of stopping climate change, like cycling to work. However, making certain choices, such as buying ecologically produced food, might be more expensive than opting for a non-ecological option. Everyone might not have enough money to choose the eco-friendly option, even if they wanted to. Do you have any concrete ideas how the government, or surrounding community, could help level the playing field, so that everyone had access to the more eco-friendly option?

      1. Hello Miranda
        It's not always about buying expensive things that will help you reduce your resources or create less waste. Change is not something you can buy in a store. To change you need to take steps towards a more sustainable or more effective lifestyle .When we ask people to transition to sustainable lifestyles we don't mean to go to the store to buy vegan meat or go to the market to get a Tesla. Did you know that there are many affordable and sustainable ways you can help reduce climate change and make a difference? Small steps towards a sustainable lifestyle can be turning your waste into something or walking the distance. These tiny steps can mean a huge deal in the coming future. Change doesn't come in a day or happens in an instant. While it's true that products associated with a sustainable lifestyle or marketed as eco-friendly are often expensive and not easily affordable, it's important to recognize that you don't necessarily need to purchase these products in order to make a difference or transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. That's why I strongly believe you don't need to be wealthy or you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to create a sustainable Lifestyle there is a lot of alternative ways there is a lot of Sustainable ways that you can lead your lifestyle without burning your cash

      2. Hello Miranda, Lawyer@ Clifford Chance, The question posed is indeed very mind-boggling, but I did come up with some ideas. You see, choices, whether present or past, negative or positive, affect us, be it the environment, the people, or even the leaders. With expensive coices made, I think its only fair that the ones who can afford them should dominate in that food. Recently, on a trip to some urban communities in my country, we asked the citizens why they don't recycle their plastic, cardboard, etc., and they said because these things make up part of their everyday utensils like plates, pillows, amongst the rest. Not all of them are privileged to have utensils, so they make use of what they have. To add to that, making sure everyone has access to eco-friendly options is really important for helping the environment. One way to do this could be through government rules that make eco-friendly stuff cheaper. They could give discounts for buying green products or give rewards to businesses that use eco-friendly methods. Also, local communities could set up things like community gardens or shared programs where people can get eco-friendly stuff at affordable prices. By doing these things, governments and communities can make sure everyone can do their part for the environment, no matter how much money they have.

  • I think that everybody is responsible to stop the climate change. Most of the people belive that only wealthier people are responsible save our planet but it's not true. Everyone should be involved for helping to stop the climate change wheather they are rich or not. It is not only the responsibility of rich people only but also the responsibility of everyone. Without the teamwork of everyone we can't stop climate change. Therefore, teamwork is very essential to stop climate change.

  • I agree with option A because we can make a significant impact when we cooperate. We can help by just taking some little steps.
    1. Earth-Friendly Crafts
    2. Weather Watcher
    3. Recycling Explorer
    4. Plant a Tiny Forest
    In conclusion we need to work together to protect our planet and make it a better place.

    1. I agree because... by working together we can all brainstorm different ideas to help reduce climate change. I like the ways you listed:
      _ earth-friendly crafts if we make them they will not harm the planet.
      - plant tiny forests by planting trees the trees will absorb all the carbon dioxide from industry
      - recycling explorer by exploring different types of recycled ♻️ objects can help us
      - A weather watcher can help by watching the weather forecast and help us see if it will be harmful to the climate.

  • I believe that everyone is responsible. You don't have to be wealthy to do things for the planet. For people without the money to save the planet, they can pick up litter, not waisting water and walking or cycling instead of using a bus or car. Do not think that because you don't have the money you can't help the enviormnent.
    I've got a question. Are the people with more power more responsible than the ones with less power band why?

  • HELLO!
    I agree with opinion A which is everybody because, if you leave it to the wealthy people they will just donate money but if poor people are involved they will do more physical things to save the planet like starting a protest and so on. Another reason why i said everybody is because. Everybody contributes to climate change both rich people and poor people it shouldn't be only left for poor people or rich people climate change should be solved by everyone

  • I'd say that everyone is responsible to stop climate change to the planet. I say this because climate change is happening all over the world and wealthy people are only a small fraction of the population and while this portion of people can help by donating money and their time, it's not enough to stop climate change. But, with everyone helping to stop climate change, it would be easier to reduce climate change opposed to only wealthier people helping.

  • I believe that everyone is responsible for saving the planet because we all live on it, so why shouldn't we all help to save it. It is also all of our faults that it is dying. Anyone with large amounts of money can do basically anything they want but that is not what matters. People with large amounts of money can ,yes , do more to save the planet but everyone should do what they can. It is the thought that counts and each act, whether it being recycling or building a green eco-house, matters just the same because at least we are trying. Everyone is responsible for our planet. The people who help the most are the people who do not state or brag about what they have done, they just do it, and everyone can do that, rich or not.

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm agree with A. I'm a firm believer that each and every one of us can make a significant impact in the fight against climate change. While some folks have the means to make big changes like purchasing electric cars or setting up solar panels, there are countless ways for all of us to contribute. Simple actions like recycling, composting food scraps, being mindful of energy usage by switching off unused switches, and reducing our reliance on plastic may seem small, but they collectively create a substantial positive effect. Let's team up and work hand in hand to build a planet that's greener, healthier, and more sustainable for all of us!

  • In my opinion I believe everybody is responsible for helping to climate change. Wealthier people can donate lots money to fundraiser for climate change , they can also contribute equipment's that help stop pollution like more seedlings and more recycle bins. People with little money can actually plant trees at places where people have destroyed. People can reduce using vehicles and rather use more of bicycles and walks, and can also reduce throwing plastics and rather reuse. People can help Ban the use of DDT for fishing and uses. Teens can help stop reduce climate change by limiting the time they use their devices to stop carbon footprints. People can help Program AI to help filter water so people can drink fresh water. Stopping the use of plastics can paper both can help save both humans and animals.

  • In my opinion, everyone is responsible for helping stop climate change. I feel this way because there are more lower class people than higher class people according to researchers. I say this because, if everyone were to pitch in to help, there would be more helping hands than only those of wealth and fortune. If there is more help then climate change numbers will begin to drop faster. Also, I understand that most people don't have money to help or can't afford to make changes to their lifestyle but maybe they can do things that are free of cost.

  • I believe that everyone is responsible for helping to stop climate change, by reduce emissions of greenhouse gases that results because of using fossil fuel and burning wood for heat furthermore emissions from factories are so dangerous for the planet, so everyone can help by replace fossil fuel with renewable sources which can not cause climate change all countries all over the world overlooking sea or oceans or any source of water we can use it to generate huge quantities of electricity which can use in many fields rather than fossil fuel or any other non renewable sources which increase greenhouse effect

    1. I agree with you. I think climate change disproportionately impacts marginalized and vulnerable communities who may not have the resources or means to adapt to its consequences. By solely placing the responsibility on wealthier people, we risk exacerbating existing inequalities and leaving those most affected without adequate support. Therefore, it's crucial for everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, to take action to address climate change and ensure a fair and just transition to a more sustainable future for all.

  • In my honest opinion, I belive the idea that everyone can make a change is something I agree to a certain extent. Throughout history we have been in a constsant battle again climate change to make changes to combat the problems provided by this such as global warming causing forest fires, earthquakes causing tsunami and many others. The cause of climate change dates back to the 1760 - 1840 where we saw the drastic increase in factories, coal mines and other things like mills and the advansments of ships. These factoies released lots of CO2 and fossil fuels into the ecosystem eating away at the ozone layer causing the very start of climate change. This continued for decades until we relized this danger until 1956 where the theory was created by a man called Gilbert Plass.
    Now when we think about this we depend alot on future genorations to fix this as we come to fix this without relising who caused this in the first place. Richer people profited off climate change for genorations and many still do using propaganda and other ways to manipulate us. The more poorer people are now the ones trying to combat this problem with what we can but we just cant afford be more eco friendly and safer for the enviroment. The best we can do is have the odd solar panel but it truly is up to the richer people. The goverment must choose combat this by investing into sar power, wind power, rubish picking and cleaning oceans. Richer people have to pick up the mistakes with us than behind us having fun.
    In conclusion, I belive everyone must help cobat climate change but also the richer to invest more into the problems of society.

  • I believe that, although everyone is responsible for climate change and reversing what we've already done, those who are more fortunate and have more money and resources to spare should be more active and present in the discussion of climate change. Those who are less fortunate usually barely have enough money to get by without sustainable alternatives. Despite this, using more eco-friendly alternatives may actually help those who are less fortunate be able to reuse their necessities. Overall, everyone should try their best to be more eco-friendly.

  • Hello everyone,
    I believe that everyone is responsible for helping to stop climate change. Firstly, climate change is the pattern of weather in a particular region. While the extent of individual effect may differ, everyone can make a difference by avoiding the dairy products, stopping deforestation, and supporting the renewable energy sources. Cooperating and shared responsibility are essential to addressing the challenges of climate change especially.

  • I agree with option A. I believe everyone is responsible for helping to stop climate change. Even if someone isn't that rich, they can contribute by making small changes. For example- instead of throwing wrappers or packets on the street throw them in the dustbins, do not waste water, give plastic or other materials for recycling rather than just throwing them away, using cloth carry bags and not polythenes etc. I believe even such small changes can bring big changes. If each one of us makes these changes that is all the 7 billion people on Earth, we can make our planet healthier and better. Even if you can't make big changes like using an electric car, you can contribute by taking small steps.

  • I believe that all people are responsible for helping our planet even we are rich or not . We all know that our planet is our home and each of us should behave accordingly. Small daily acts can lead to better results and If we support our environment collectively we can raise awareness to everyone.
    Wealthy people can play their role too by funding environmental projects and organisations. They can set a good example to all of us and make us believe that even wealthy people are working towards the benefit for all people

  • I want to choose option A because it is not only the responsibility of ones or wealthier people. Climate change is the problem created by all human beings not only a wealthier people. Everybody can help in stoping climate change by we can plant trees to maintain the temperature as global warming is increasing day by day.

    1. Hi , capable_pie @ topical talk.
      I agree because... we should not only depend on those who are wealthy for our source of help. It will be apt for everyone in the society and community to participate in societal and economic development. I agree that wealthy people are to play a major role in the society as to support the society financially; but others can help the society in forms of creating awareness about how to stop climate change, planting trees, focusing on planet friendly investments and more. In conclusion, I feel everyone should participate in the responsibility of taking care of climate change as an issue in the society and together we will achieve a lot.

  • Option A: Everybody

    Everyone has a part to play in helping to stop climate change! That means all of us, no matter how big or small we are. Even though we're just little kids, we can still make a difference!

    Using Less Energy:
    We can all try to use less electricity by turning off lights when we leave the room and unplugging things we're not using. This helps because using less energy means fewer greenhouse gases going into the air.

    Planting Trees:
    Trees are like superheroes for the planet! They soak up carbon dioxide, which helps to keep the air clean. We can all plant trees in our neighborhoods or join community tree-planting events.

    Reducing Waste:
    We can all try to make less trash by reusing things instead of throwing them away. For example, we can use reusable water bottles and lunch containers instead of plastic ones.

    Spreading the Word:
    Even though we're just kids, we can still tell our friends and family about why it's important to take care of the Earth. We can teach them about recycling and how to be kind to the environment.

    So, you see, everybody, including kids like us, can help stop climate change by doing small things every day to take care of our planet!
    Thank you.

  • I chose option A as everybody is responsible for helping stop climate change. If we think about it, the climate crisis is not the doing of any one part of society; it is the result of the actions of society as a whole. Therefore, everybody is responsible for helping make things better. As a part of this planet, whether it is our fault or not, we should work together to make things right. This planet has always given us more than enough and has been generous, so just as a token of gratitude, we can help the planet too. One more thing to keep in mind is that helping stop climate change is not expensive, so everyone can do it. For example, we could change our simple daily actions like using public transport for travel, turning off things like lights and taps when not in use, carrying a cloth bag while shopping, using bicycles for short distances, and most of all, speaking up about it! These are just small changes that help make a big impact. We should not depend on the wealthier classes of society to solve this problem; we already have ways we can stop it, and as citizens of planet Earth, we should start implementing them.

  • In my opinion,everyone can help to stop climate change.People who have low economic standard can plant trees,create awareness programmes,encourages people to not to use petrolic or dieselic vehicles,etc.And wealthier people can invest money in the organisations which are conducting different programmes related to climate change and its effects.Wealthier people can buy electric vehicles instead of dieselic or petrolic vehicles.I hope you will rate my comment.
    Thank You

  • Good Day,
    I believe that "Everyone" is responsible for helping to stop climate change and not only the rich. One thing we should understand is that we cannot only stop climate change by buying electric cars, wind vanes and other expensive technologies but we can also stop climate change even at a small level by watching the way we dump waste, control open air burning, cut down trees and even when we cut them down we should plant a new one and so on, which does not require a lot of money do.

    Thank You.

  • In my opinion everybody should be responsible for helping to stop climate change because not only wealthier people contribute to climate change, we also contribute to climate change by polluting the environment,cutting trees,usage of plastic,wastage of food and more ,it's not fair to say that wealthier people should take the responsible for helping to stop climate change..what I'm saying is wealthier people can contribute more money to stop climate change and other people who's not wealthier can help by stop doing the actions which causes climate change,so that we can reduce the climate change..

    Thank you!!

  • Hi,
    I think that option (A) is the rightful winner of this debate. I say this because... no matter how rich or poor you are you can still contribute to the climate. People that don't have enough money to afford things with great impact, can as well do simple things that can help the environment. Things such as:
    1) Turning off some lights.
    2) Walking or biking somewhere they would normally drive to.
    3) Planting something.
    4) Taking a hike.
    5) Cutting food waste.
    6) Reading etc.
    hence, improving the society by just the most minimal actions at home.
    Then when it comes to the wealthy people, they can make bigger donations and contributions to charities of the environment because... they have the capacity to do such.
    In conclusion I think that everyone is responsible, but the wealthy should grant more than the less wealthy after all they are wealthy for a reason making a balance and helping the planet.


  • I agree with A more because, I don't think that we should just put all the weight on one group of people to stop something as big as climate change. For example your average civilian could do something like volunteering without having to be very rich and wealthy.

  • I believe everyone has a responsibility to stop/hinder climate change. With a quick google search it says that save energy at home, eat more vegetables, consider your transportation, throw away less food, RRR, and change your source of energy(to solar energy.) One I did not mention was the change to an electric car, which is somewhat expensive for some families and the cheapest( goes for 27,495 on the market. This may be expensive for some families who don't have much. But the others I listed are perfectly fine for both rich and people with not enough money. Rich people aren't the only ones responsible for stopping climate change. They can do more but that's really it.

    Note: Don't trust my statistics 'cause it comes from a .com website. TY :[)

    1. It's ok to trust .com websites -- the important bit to check is the first part of the website name. For example, is it linked to an organisation with expertise in this area? Or might it be written by someone who isn't an expert?

  • Hi,
    I think that we can only tackle the huge problem of climate change by working together. There is a proverb that says, "Two Heads Are Better Than One". I have noticed that when many people do something together, like a viral trend, it gets more attention than when it is done by one person or group. Wealth and fame do not change the fact that our environment is suffering, and we need to face this reality and cooperate to find solutions. I believe that the rich buy expensive eco-friendly products not to show off, but to do their part in the fight. Not everyone can afford these products, especially the poor, but there are other ways to help without spending money like dressing climate smart, eating plant-based diets, replacing a car ride for a bike ride and so on. For example, in my country Nigeria, many schools have started involving young students in projects that aim to create climate solutions, and this has led to inventions like the Interlock plastic etc. All these are done to impact change and make a difference. So if we collaborate effectively, I envision a better and more livable future.

  • I believe the wealthier population would be more substantial towards being eco-friendly. This is because as mentioned by funny_potato, perhaps the common and majority of people really can't afford to donate and buy more eco-friendly products. A lot of eco-friendly products are new technology and or cost more since plastics tend to be cheaper to produce, and so they cost more money. The wealthy can afford to be a catalyst in starting trends towards these products, and influence the common people to imitate them and encourage the more eco-friendly products to be more affordable. Tabs are always kept on those high in wealth because humans like to imitate having what they don't have, and emulate famous people they like or look up to. So, wealthy people would be more substantial in moving towards green futures.

  • Although I think we all can do more to help our environment, rich people definitely have more access to things that can help than poor people. While poor people, or less wealthy people, are already saving energy, rich people are buying NFTs. If you don't know what NFTs are, they're basically images, usually randomly generated using AI, that people buy for a lot of money even though you could easily screenshot the pictures. Along with the practice being shallow, it uses so much energy to the point that it harshly affects the environment. While they could be buying organic products and electric cars to help the environment, they decide to make the problem worse.

    Along with buying useless NFTs, rich people give into consumerism. You may be wondering "How does buying a lot of things badly affect the environment?" Well, my friend, buying many cars that use fuels that are bad for the environment isn't the best thing. Whether you use all the cars or not, you still bought them, meaning that more will be made since you continue to buy that product and make it more successful . The making of anything in a factory can badly affect the environment, really.

    Rich people can buy electric cars, buy naturally grown food, and so much more to help the environment, but they choose not to. Of course, we all hold the responsibility of keeping our environment sustainable, rich people can and should do more. We all should try to do more.

  • I personally think that everyone is responsible for helping to stop the climate change . For this people should plant tree, recycle the usages things. People must use the electrical vehicles rather than petroleum vehicles which helps in climate change. It also benefits the climate as well as all the living things.

  • After seeing the questions I believe that everybody is responsible for climate change. When you were the ones to cause it because of stupid radioactive power plants. And even though the gas is everywhere and global warming is still around we could have the wealthier people chipping in and donating money to people who are currently trying to stop climate change. And people who run power plants could probably learn how to stop the climate change due to their work or at least do their work and try to not cause any climate change. So to my conclusion I believe that we all are responsible for climate change and should help to fix it.

  • I choose option A, this is because not everyone has wealth and riches like other people, even though wealthy people can help stop climate change unwealthy people can too, they can do this by not littering and doing other activities that can make the climate change worse. These unwealthy people can stop the climate change by doing other stuff that won't affect everyone due to the climate change, and if wealthy people can afford stuff that will help stop the climate change, unwealthy people too can stop climate change if they change their previous actions which caused climate change.

  • I think everyone has the responsibility to help in stopping climate change not only wealthier people because it is an individual problem so, all of us need to help in stopping climate change, and some major actions can be taken for this.

  • I think everyone can help fight climate change as we can all do something simple such as recycle and not litter .

  • I believe that everyone is responsible for helping to stop climate change. Climate is not a belonging of wealthier people; climate is important for all of us. As everyone will face the consequence of climate change similarly everyone has the responsibility to protect the climate whether rich or poor. I think we don't need much money to take little but important steps to protect climate change. All we need is the motivation, thirst for protecting the climate and a little bit of consciousness about climate. To protect the climate, we don't need to change our full lifestyle. We just need to make adjustment of our daily lifestyle to make it eco-friendly.
    For example: Earlier you throw away your kitchen waste in dustbin but now you are using those waste to make organic fertilizer for plants. Then earlier there was an empty land beside your house, but now you have planted trees on the land. In addition to that, in the past you could use vehicle even if you have to depart a small distance. But now after being conscious about climate you are walking to your destination rather than using any vehicles. You this change of habit will not only save the climate but will also help you to keep fit. In this way, through small but valuable changes you can contribute to protecting the climate. So, we should clear this misconception that if we want to protect climate, we need a lot of wealth. All we need is a little bit consciousness and shifting our habit to an eco-friendlier habit.

  • I think that everybody should have a part in helping the environment and doing their bit to try to stop climate change. Most people blame the wealthier people for polluting the planet but I don't think that that's fair. In fact richer people have more resources and options than people with less money. Wealthier people can donate money for trees and flowers to be planted and pay for more materials to be recycled. Another point is that do you ever see wealthy people and famous people dropping litter.NO! Because it disrupted their reputation. For people who live in poorer countries and have less access to resources can take part in cleaning up their local area from litter. Even the takes part in helping the environment, he has a car that runs on cheese and wine. So that proves that anybody can help. SO WE CAN PUT A END TO CLIMATE CHANGE IF ALL DO ARE BIT!!!!!

  • The responsibility for combating climate change falls on everybody, not just wealthier people. why everybody, not just wealthier people, because wealthier people is responsible for combating climate change is that everyone's actions, regardless of their socioeconomic status, contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and environmental degradation. From everyday activities like transportation and energy consumption to consumption habits and waste management, each individual's choices play a role in shaping the climate crisis. Therefore, it's essential for everyone to be actively engaged in mitigating climate change to ensure a sustainable future for all.

  • I agree with caption A .
    We live in this planet. I am a student. I live in 'Bangladesh'. My school ("Ranibilashmoni Government boys' high school") is working on saving our planet. We recently made a community for cleaning dust and plastics from any where. We work on it every Friday and Sunday. We always try to keep clean rivers and lakes. But, many people don't want to make our planet plastic free . They sometimes forget about it. So, all this reason I think everyone is responsible for climate change. So, we all should work on it.

  • hello everyone,
    I think everyone has an equal right to protect the environment. The rich will not get more rights and enjoyment. The rich will use their funds to significantly help the poor and homeless. Given this, the rich-poor disparity will be reduced and everyone's rights will be guaranteed

  • Due to the rapid climate change caused by people, I don't think all those people are only wealthier people. And since they are not only wealthier people, why do they have to take responsibility whiles it is not fully their fault. We all have to take responsibility, even if you do not have money. The smallest things such as turning off switches that are not in use or hanging things to dry instead of using a dryer can help climate change, you do not need to have millions to help the environment.

    1. Can you outline ways in which people can help the environment?

  • I believe that everyone should help. Just because wealthier people have more money and can afford more expensive things to help the planet like electric cars, that isn't really helping at all. Although people might be buying electric cars they might at the same time not be recycling or not saving water which means they still make more negative impact on the world. Also there are not as many rich people in this world as there are to humans. This means that even though they are buying things to help the world , it's only a few people helping meaning it probably won't make much of a difference. But the thing is people don't need to spend money to help the world, they just have to be willing to help by recycling and many other things that don't require spending money. This is why , if we all work as a team to help the world then we will make a huge impact on the world. This is why I think everybody is responsible.

  • In my opinion I agree with option A because, everyone have one or more part to take in making the planet a better place. It is not the job of some specific people either rich or poor ,because we all are living in the planet. In Nigeria most people don't care about climate change and how it is affecting us but we all need to find a way to help the planet and we can do it if only we comply with the rules of the government both to individuals and factories.
    1. Nobody should dumb trash on the streets or in flowing waters.
    2. All factories should avoid release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.
    3. Individuals should learn to recycle the already used items.
    4. Putting limit to deforestation.
    I'm sure that if these rules can be obeyed there would be change in the effects of climate change in Nigeria.

  • In my view, collective responsibility for our planet should be acknowledged by everyone. Nevertheless, it can be argued that individuals in higher social classes have historically and currently contributed more to climate change than those from working-class backgrounds, primarily due to their unsustainable lifestyles. Consumerism is a significant factor impacting our climate, as the production of utilitarian objects requires the extraction and processing of raw materials, leading to carbon emissions.

    Beyond their responsibility for environmentally unfriendly lifestyle choices, the affluent society also reaps the greatest benefits from our economic system. The prevalence of capitalism as the global economic system relies on continuous production and retailing of goods, a model that has proven unsustainable in the long run due to the depletion of natural resources and the exploitation of labor in less developed countries.

    Given these considerations, I hold the opinion that, despite the shared culpability for the imminent global catastrophe, wealthier individuals bear a greater accountability. Consequently, they should be at the forefront of taking more radical steps to mitigate the worst repercussions of global warming.

  • climate change is caused by human activities, including the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, industrial processes, and agricultural practices.In my honest opinion,Everybody is responsible for helping to stop climate change.Everyone should be involved to stop the climate change wheather they are rich or not.There are Something that people can do without any cost.Like they can plant trees.They can reduce the using of vehicles and use more bicycles and walks.They can reduce throwing the plastic.They can raise awareness about climate change,its causes, and potential solutions.These are simple and inexpensive actions that everyone can do.And I think government should also help to let people afford eco friendly products.
    Thank you!

  • climate change is caused by human activities, including the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, industrial processes, and agricultural practices. Therefore, Everybody is responsible for helping to stop climate change.So it is the responsibilty of everyone to proactive measures to reduce emissions, limit environmental degradation, and work towards a more sustainable future for current and future generations.
    Those peoples who don't have adequate money.They can help by planting trees.They can reduce the use of vehicles and use bicycles and walks.They can throw the plastic and other waste materials in dustbin.
    And they can raise the awareness about climate change and its solution.
    Thank you!

  • I feel that EVERYBODY is responsible to stop climate change. Climate change is the long-term changes in weather and temperatures. Climate change can be solved in several ways but many do not take that fact into consideration. Some believe they do not have what is necessary to make an impact, but that is false. People can make changes without even spending any money. People can make an impact through doing such small things such as,
    - reduce the usage of plastic
    - recycling
    - picking up litter
    - care for plants
    - planting trees
    - consuming less meat and dairy
    The listed ways are just a few. They may seem such little things, but they can do so much for this society. Some people believe only wealthy people should be responsible though. Wealthy people being the only people to be responsible may lead to an increase and decrease in climate change at the same time. Climate change may increase due to not everyone taking part in the course of preventing climate change. Climate change may also decrease because due to them being able to spend money on trying to make an impact. For example, they can switch to an electric vehicle due to being able to afford to be able to.
    In addition, I believe EVERYBODY should be responsible because everyone should be able to work together in able to make an impact. Everyone working together makes it easier to reduce climate change, making huge impacts on society and Earth. Climate change is very serious and I believe not enough people are making a change, so I believe everybody should be responsible, not just certain types of people and groups of people due to what they have and what they can do. Everybody can make a change in many ways whether it's by recycling, planting trees, reduce their usage of plastic, begin using public transportation, consuming less meat and dairy, and many more. It is not just certain people who can make changes, EVERYBODY can, with the motivation to.
    I personally am doing some stuff to make an impact, not everything I can do though. Though I'm not doing everything, I am still putting effort, which is what is important. Everybody should be able to say that even though they aren't doing everything that they can do, they are still putting effort. No one should be able to proudly said they are not doing anything, climate change affects everyone, it should be taken seriously. People shouldn't take climate change as a joke and start taking action, and when I say people, I mean everybody. Not just wealthy people. The thought of being able to tell yourself you put effort in should be able to be achieved. According to "Google", it states that 2/3 of Americans are worried about climate change and believe it is a major threat. The amount of Americans worried are a lot, the number should decrease, not increase, and in order to see that result, everyone should make effort.

  • i think everybody is responsible for helping to stop climate change because we all live on Earth, and we all know two is better than one. When everybody does, all hands are going to be on deck, and this makes it more effective. We can't share the job and say only wealthier people are going to help stop climate change. What are the remaining people going to do? Watch the wealthier people try?

    1. Do you think that everyone has an equal opportunity in mitigating climate change? Some would say that wealthier people have the power to do more. For example, because they are wealthy enough to purchase an electric vehicle. Do you think this makes them more responsible?

  • I believe everybody is responsible for helping to stop climate change because it is we who pollutes this environment. So,it is our responsibility to stop climate change. It is true that all cannot buy electric vehicles, solar power system and other costly things, but everyone can do something better for the environment. The wealthier people can buy electric vehicles, solar power system and other costly things. On the other hand, all walks of people can recycle plastics which can be used more than once. They can plant more tress to reduce Carbon gas from the atmosphere. We all can use jute bag rather than plastic bag. Everybody can clean trash from their house,road,park etc.

    In Bangladesh, people are using solar energy to make electricity. The Government of Bangladesh also had a aim that 10% electricity of Bangladesh will be make from solar energy to 2021. We are using renewable energy sources. We are using public transports rather than personal transports. For cultivation, some people are using "Boira". Boira is a floated way to cultivate vegetables. By cultivating this way, they are protecting the planet.
    That's why, I think everybody is responsible for stopping climate change.

  • We agree that wealthier people would have a larger impact as they an make policy decisions and changes to companies to make them more green. However, everybody is responsible to a smaller level which includes picking companies and services that have decided to go more green and reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. Ultimately it falls on everyone to make changes but wealthier people can make a larger impact.

  • Hi!
    In my opinion, I think it's the contribution of everybody to stop climate change, the reason is that even though some people can't afford expensive products to reduce climate change, they can do some petty stuff like reduce bush burning, reduce the use of plastics, plant trees etc to contributing to stop climate change.
    Moreover, if only wealthier people contribute to stop climate change it won't work. This is because in order to have stop climate change which is a mega thing, there needs to be everybody participating as a whole to create a big difference; if only wealthy people contribute it won't create a big difference.

  • I believe that everybody should help stop the climate change but how wealthier people can donate or invest in projects to stop the climate change and stop using things that make climate change increase
    And individuals can also help by a lot of ways
    Like cutting back at flying or leave the car at home and etc but the ones who play critical roles is the government and all the countries mostly the rich ones should help

  • HI Amazing topical talkers
    I feel that everybody is responsible to stop climate change because sometimes everybody has to improvise. For example, in my country, when people have no place to put their trash, they sometimes end up throwing it in forest which is other animal's natural habitat. This will cause animals like maggots and worms to visit it which is unhygienic for people who live nearby. Just imagine that people get the plants there for herbs to make medicine and these maggots had damaged it so now they cannot use it for what they want to do because now it might become poisonous and they might not have any means of purifying it apart from boiling it which will be still bad to eat because it is spoilt. All this can cause climate change. I feel that everyone can help as little as they can by recycling the plastics they have and use less packaging. Another point is that in my country, people in the market who sell, are fond of packaging materials will many polythene bags which makes people not know where to place them which causes them to also burn it without thinking of recycling it.

    1. As much as wanted to correct you, I agree with every word you typed. Everyone can make a change. to the environment no matter your networth.Just recycling can make a big change to the environment.I also agree with you when you said: Another point is that in my country, people in the market who sell, are fond of packaging materials will many polythene bags which makes people not know where to place them which causes them to also burn it without thinking of recycling it,as I also come from the same country I understand and relate to what you are saying;if they try recycling it,they can make a change to the planet.

  • I think it is everyone's duty to take initiative on this particular issue because climate change is an issue that not only affects the poor or the rich it affects every person in the world. And if we don't work together to save it. Our world will disappear at some point so it is important for us to show our collective strength and efforts to save the world. You know people often don't realize how their micro step changes can lead to a huge difference in the world . For able to make a change you don't need to change your entire Lifestyle or you don't need to invest a lot of money .Instead take small steps towards a sustainable lifestyle such as turning your waste into compost or reusing it in some form of industry to recycle it .You know you can already make a difference just by planting some trees in front of your house or in your backyard. Therefore it's not about money in this particular matter it's about your initiatives and your small steps towards a sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle.

    1. You're absolutely right fantastic_song.
      Climate change is a global issue that affects every single person on this planet. It's crucial for all of us to come together and take initiative to save our world. Sometimes people underestimate the power of small actions, but those micro steps can truly make a huge difference. You don't need to completely change your lifestyle or spend a lot of money to make an impact. Simple steps like composting your waste or reusing it in creative ways can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. And planting trees, even in your own backyard, can have a positive effect on the environment. It's not about money, but about the initiatives we take and the small steps we make towards a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Let's continue to inspire others and work together to protect our planet!