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The ice is melting ,the Earth is crying:this is climate change. Weekly Competition #35 03/6/19
Yes Weekly Competition #35 03/6/19
Brexit is like a bar of chocolate because one minute you love it and the next minute you feel... Weekly Competition #25 15/3/19
I chose B because if there are more youth centres and community centres children or young adults... Weekly Competition #22 18/2/19
Salon offers a haircut for homeless people: I think this is a good story because homeless people... Weekly Competition #21 15/2/19
A girl raises £62,000 for care home residents: this story made me smile because lots of care... Weekly Competition #21 15/2/19
Boy who is 4 shares gifts with dementia patients: this is an uplifting story because people with... Weekly Competition #21 15/2/19
Cleaner enjoys a holiday payed by students: I think this is a good story because cleaners don't... Weekly Competition #21 15/2/19
Refugee child plays piano in a charity shop: I like this story because refugee children can come... Weekly Competition #21 15/2/19
Girl with cancer gets to fulfill her dream of being a police comes true. I think this is a good... Weekly Competition #21 11/2/19
Violent crime is increasing as people join gangs and they do bad things which increase violent... Weekly Competition #20 08/2/19
Solutions could be: educating children in schools about gangs. This can be a soloution because... Weekly Competition #20 07/2/19
I choose B this is because I think this is the most sensible idea. Reasons why I think this: if... Weekly competition #19 28/1/19
I am most sceptical about the headline that says things about the Plan B for Brexit. I am... Weekly Competition #18 21/1/19
I feel alone; I have no friends. I have isolated myself from the world. My friends bully me, we... Weekly Competition #17 14/1/19
I would like to give advice to parents and adults: Many people become quite stressed at... Weekly Competition #15 17/12/18
Banks are safe? Weekly Competition #14 11/12/18
Don’t take out a loan. If you can’t pay back what you owe. Don’t make them your foe. Weekly Competition #14 10/12/18
Why are banks fun? Where did you find out about banks were fun? Weekly Competition #14 10/12/18
Money matters because then this means the government can pay for essential things like schools... Weekly Competition #13 03/12/18