Weekly Competition #15

21 December 2018

knowledgeable_pigeon and interesting_crab

There were some really brilliant entries this week and some sage advice was given! Our winners really stuck to the brief and kept their advice concise, focused on spending (rather than asking for presents) and aimed at a particular age group. Well done to knowledgeable_pigeon who gave ideas that included budgeting and saving, which were very sensible! We also enjoyed the suggestion for elderly people from ineresting_crab which explained that spending quality time with family is priceless. You can read the winning entries in the orange boxes below.


People sometimes feel pressured at Christmas time to spend lots of money on presents. Shops and adverts can make people feel like they should spend more and more on their loved ones. Occasionally, this results in people making bad decisions about their money and spending more than they can afford.

This week, we'd like you to suggest

Concise Christmas Spending Advice!

Your advice should be

  • Aimed at a certain age group: adults or young people
  • Communicated clearly (which is the 'storytelling' skill)
  • Concise. Keep it short but sweet!

This is the final competition related to the Financial Crisis. Winners will be announced next Friday. Good luck!

Comments (75)

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  • I would give advice to children about what they should do during Christmas time. This is because children usually want a lot of presents during Christmas.
    • First of all, remember that your family can not buy everything you want.
    • Secondly, avoid watching adverts based on toys or clothes since you might want to get these on Christmas.
    • Thirdly, try saving up pocket money to buy gifts you want.
    • Fourthly, try to choose only one present.

    Most importantly, stay in a positive attitude.

  • i agree because it is a lot of pressure to buy presents and decorations especially for big families . Also people get pressured when they do not have the funds to pay for the meals , and because Christmas dinner is very popular they cannot do it because they do not have the money.

  • My advice for buying Christmas gifts for children is to not spend more than you can afford which i would say could be £5-£70 for an average family to spend on their child/children but it should not matter about money anyway, it should matter about the love and effort you give into the present for your loved ones.

  • I think that its good to spend money on your loved ones but i think there a age restriction if your you 5 to 14 it should be no more than 30 pound

  • Honestly I think that if you celebrate christmas you should buy presents to a certain limit where you wont go bankrupt and is appropiate for a certain age group so you dont spend much money on presents.

    1. I agree because its your life that depends on money only because its lovely to have feelings for people but you have to relies your future thinking about your health food and water to keep you living and hydrated.

  • On Christmas many people feel pressured about what gift they are buying. But deep down they should just buy a present that they think would be suitable to the person they are buying it for. They should just buy the gift from their heart. Also people aged 5-16 shouldn't buy gifts more than £35.

  • In your Christmas break your parents have a really busy time because loads of guests would be coming if you celebrate Christmas and your parents will have to spend a lot of money on the food and loads of shops would be closed early so the parents should give their kids equally all the same money so the kids don't start getting upset if their present is rubbish or their sibling's one is better than their's and not the parents don't have to worry about the children's present and don't have to spend that much money.

  • I think when your buying things on Christmas, don't go on a shopping spree without knowing how much money you've spent or how much you have left. Always have a budget when spending, I would say to just spend £75 max on a average family on Christmas.

  • If people cant afford many things for Christmas such as : iPhones,iPads or many other things, they might as well buy things that can probably help them in life.Christmas is a celebration for the people that believe in Jesus.The Christmas day was when Jesus was born . This means a lot for some people whereas some people like Muslims don't celebrate Christmas but they have a different celebration called Ramadan were children and adults get presents .I think that spending money on Christmas is good because shows that people actually care about the religion and that they respect it.

  • I think that lots of people feel pressured when its Christmas because they feel as if they don't know what to buy for there loved ones so i feel they kind of over think it and they should just get something that feels suitable for the person and try budget yourself at certain amount of limit to spend for them because you might end up spending too much

  • I think it's fine to spend money on the loved ones..Why? Think of it you only have to spend money on you're cousins, and other family once a year on Christmas.

  • My advice for adults would be :
    - If you have children you only have to get them the items they want the most ( they will prefer that to lots of small gifts),
    - Do not feel that you have to buy someone something because an advert says so ( remember they are trying to get you to buy it),
    - Often, giving money is the best option as the person can spend what they like on it and this sometimes will be cheaper.
    If you do these things, Christmas will once again be a thing of happiness.

  • My advice would be to children
    Be careful with how much you are asking for and how much you want
    Remeber that money doesn't grow on trees
    Although we think santa buys what we want he can't buy everything there is a lot of people in thebworld

  • This is my advice to children (I'm addressing it to them):
    - When you write your wish-list, make it quite clear which items you REALLY want and others not so much ( By numbering them 1-10, for example)
    - Remember that there are LOTS of people in the world, and Santa needs to deliver all of their presents in just 1 night! Do him a favour and only ask for maybe 5 (max) presents...
    - Maybe ask him (Santa I mean) to choose; don't feel pressured (as I often do) and say "Arghh, what should I get?!"
    This would be my advice to parents (again, I'm addressing it to them!):
    - Remind your children that Santa is just like them; only human, with magic powers or not, and so to be easy on him
    - You can tell your child that Christmas is a time of celebrating the birth of Jesus, not JUST for presents
    - Maybe tell them that Santa has rules e.g. max and minimums for prices or how many presents
    I think that this is good advise because it helps parents who are struggling still fulfil their loved ones (here I'm talking about children) wishes...

    1. I love the way you have have advice to adults and children and you have backed up your points that is a reality good technique i feel that if you carry on using that literature language then you will definitely get far in life well done again ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😊😊😊😊😊

        1. Okay you know you can't lie it was brilliant

    2. Jesus wasn't born on Christmas though in my beliefs i don't know what you believe and I am not trying to disrespect you in anyway so please don't feel like I am

  • I would like to give some advice for young adults. I would like to state my advice for them:
    -Don't feel you have to spend so much money on presents, just choose what you feel necessary.
    -A present isn't to make others feel happy it is supposed to make the person receiving it feel happy.
    -Adverts are just there for people to see things they need (I would like to put emphasis on the word 'need') so you don't have to buy them
    -Remember the reason for the season; Christmas is a time of happiness and joy and certainly not about splashing money on unnecessarily-expensive gifts.
    Thank you and please reply to this comment...

  • Now teenagers be careful when it’s christmas and do not spend too much money ,because like this emoji 💸 money can fly away - you may want to spend a lot money just for fun to get something trending like shoes but always think that can spend that same amount of money and get something you want or need and would be more worth it and useful remember cheap is cheerful!

  • My advice is to not be pressured whilst spending and that christmas it a time to spend with family not with presents and not all gifts are made of moneys you can get a gift that shows heart

  • this is my advice to the children of the world:
    - be precise on what you want don't go to extreme
    - remamber that you have to be careful for what you wish for.
    - santa has to deliver presents in 1 night.
    - before wishes make a wish list
    - your wishes could be for childen that are homelss or are refeeges....
    - make sure you get something for someone or it could be happines, love... as a present
    - don't spend your money on something that is to expensive and your parents can't afford to buy , buy a simple thing like a toy for a little child
    - go to see santa and wish
    - wish

  • To kids,
    I am here to give advice on the jolly holiday that is Christmas, this is to make sure not too much unnecessary money is spent.
    -When you make a Christmas wish list, only ask for things you really want and not things that you will just throw out after a week or things you will just say 'meh' to when you see them.
    -Another thing you could do is not pressure other people to get you everything you want, this will make your parents/ older siblings/carers feel like they have to take loans out to pay for all the things
    -Finally, be grateful and say thank you when you get presents, it will make present buyers satisfied with themselves

  • My advice would go to adults. They may be mutured to spend money wisely but we're all humans, there'll be something inside us which encourage us to complete our needs by getting our favourites and it's unprotectable.

    My advice:
    .Christmas is all about happiness and spreading joy. If you worry too much about presents and you can't afford it, then that won't give happiness.(For you to be happy do the thing that makes you happy, if money makes your happiness decrease then don't give it a value. Just value your happiness).

    .Show others what money can't do but you can do. And show that you have a greater value than money. It will inspire them which makes everyone happy in the end.

    .Finally, it's not bad to buy gifts for others. You can buy within your badget and if you want to give more buy a sentimental gift because usually they either don't cost much or don't even cost a single pence.

    So be HAPPY like you should be at CHRISTMAS time.

  • To teenagers:
    You don't have to fret when it comes to Christmas. You don't have to worry when it comes to your loved ones and their presents. I am sure your loved ones love you as much as you love them, so if you put your heart into your present no matter how big or small it is they will love it. It's the thought that counts.
    If you are walking in the stores, take a look around, see if anything makes you think of that special person. It doesn't have to be the latest phone or laptop. It could be as simple as a necklace or a keychain. Don't spend all your pocket money for something that they might get bored of in the future. However, if you give them something that really shows your love and doesn't cost that much, then they will treasure it forever. Keep calm and be sensible.

  • With Christmas being an enjoyable festive time for many of us , we also start to brace ourselves for the subsequent financial shock, when the credit card bills land on familys doormats and in our email inboxes in the New Year. Of course, there are a range of things you can do to help turn Christmas into a financial success rather than financial excess. Here are my top 5 tips:

    1)Set a budget for your Christmas spending.

    First, draw up a budget for your Christmas spending – not just presents, but the additional spending on food, drink and socialising. Embed this Christmas element of your budget within the rest of the household budget, so that you can manage the overall effect Christmas spending has on your finances over a number of months. Try not to allow yourself to be pressurised – even by your children or close family – into spending more than you can really afford.

    2) Use savings wisely

    Make sure you know how your extra spend is going to be financed. Perhaps it means withdrawing funds from a savings account, in which case make sure you access the money from the account paying the least interest.

    3) Shop around and look for deals!!!

    This might be the number one advice anyone would share with you. When it comes to shopping, further good rules apply. Shop around and look for deals – many retailers are discounting their prices even as the festive season gets underway and there are good deals to be had. Fashion retailers have had a difficult few months, as the warm autumn has hit spending on clothing designed for autumn and winter – many are discounting prices to get customers through the door. Additionally, providing opportunities to secure your Christmas shopping at bargain prices.

    Take this advice and ensure your Christmas is enjoyable... ( and doesn't go over budget!)

    1. Great reasoning and logic cheerful_leaves!

    2. Hey @cheerful_leaves, I really loved this! I liked how you explained (sort of..) how you will do this! Well done on the star too!

  • To kids,
    I want you to have a happy Christmas. Please remember these things;
    ~Remember that your parents might not be able to get you everything you want.
    ~Also don't ask for things that you are going to not want in a few months, please only get things that you really want.
    ~The last thing is , don't put pressure on parents/carers/older siblings and other family members.

  • I feel children spend a lot of time wishing for presents, technology and toys (+ more) and they forget about their family and friends at Christmas! Well to make a Christmas More family related then you could take their technology away for at least a week if generous (if needed a few days) and just tell them all the bad things technology can do to you! And you could also tell them that Christmas isn't all about toys, technology. (+more). Talk to them about family and friends and that you may not be able to see u family all the time and it's a good thing to see them at Christmas as that's what it's all about! 😊🎁

  • This is directed to kids,
    What I think is the people who buy you the presents should be thankful for what you have because they really put thought into what they bought for you and try hard to satisfy you.
    My second piece of advice is you shouldn't tell your parents or who ever is giving you a gift that you want over lots of them as they would have use a large sum of money on presents but then they can't focus on very important things like taxes, maybe rent or a loan like a mortgage.
    My third and piece of advice is always think about who ever is giving you a gift as they used their time, energy and money to give you something you like or enjoy.
    One more thing is enjoy Christmas and have a great time.

  • To parents,
    If you want your kids to try to use less money try telling them to pick one present also don't pressure them try to ask them what they want a long time before you buy it for them. If they're talking about something that that maybe their friends have, try to buy that for them.

  • There once was a family which every year spent hundreds of pounds on buying new decorations for Christmas. Every year that made sure they had the best decorations in their neighbourhood. Unfortunately, one year the family didn't have the money to buy new decorations (they were bankrupt from all the money they spent previously) but had some left over decorations from the year before: they used it insted. Yet, they still had the best decorations in their neighbourhood.

    Moral: if you still have things that are useful reuse them to save money and the environment. Don't waste things!
    Direct to parents (mostly).

    1. I love how you put it into a story, with a moral, instead of direct advice, generous_recipe!

  • Kids here is my advice to make sure our parents aren't stressed at Christmas.
    . Kids remember your parents don't have loads of money just laying about not doing anything they still pay for food ,gas, electricity water clothes and a rent and that is a good cause .
    .Also remember they can't always find what you want s be grateful with everything you get for christmas.

  • I think adults should think about quality not quantity-buy presents others will enjoy not lots that they won't - many people do not have enough money to buy presents but still have great christmases with their families. It is my opinion that shops and stores should not advertise so much at christmas because christmas is not all about presents it is about love and family. Instead of spending money on presents, you could design something yourself which I think is more special because it is personal. You could also go somewhere with someone and just enjoy yourself.

    Children should do the same and just love your parents, they always love you no matter what they buy you. You need your parents, they help you so much. You could draw them something personal if you want but just enjoy yourself!

    If you do however want to buy someone something, and find something ,look for it somewhere else-it might be cheaper! Decide who you want to buy presents for and estimate how much you will spend. If you do go into debt remember how much you owe, try not to owe more than you can repay and do not let your debts build up. Overall presents aren't everything so enjoy christmas.

  • My first idea is that you should always keep a good amount of money that you will spend on buying presents for you and your family if you don t then when it comes to this special time of year you won t be able to buy any presents for the people you love. If more and more people would not keep money for Christmas then that will cause the special time of year not that good for younger children who will really want present they will be upset and that would be bad but not only for the kids but also the adults as they would like to see there kids happy. Sometimes if you would spend on junk things at the end you wouldn't need the stuff you would just get drawn in things like half price offers.

    My second idea is that it is not really ideal that you save all that money that you would want to spend on Christmas and you don't spend all that money only halve that is for good and the other halve you would just think that I might as well spend it if i got it,and that will probably not be useful just a waste of money.

    Idea number 3 is that people should be safer with there money this Christmas as there are a lot of rip of that will automatically go up in prices at Christmas time because people will want money.
    Remember stay safe with your money this Christmas!!

  • Idea 3 redone sorry
    I meant that people should be safer with their money as there are lots of rip off deals and the prices would automatically go up as the retailers want more money. And Christmas is a good time for people to buy unnecessary things.Remember to keep your money safe this Christmas.

  • This advice is aimed to teenagers/young people.
    If you want to manage your money you will have to:

    - Only buy necessary things - Designer clothes add no value to the things that you wear. They are exactly the same, I repeat, exactly the same to the everyday casual clothing that you wear. Do you really want waste your money? If you want to live a life that lacks financial struggles, I suggest that you buy the things that you need; they don't have to be designer!

    - Don't care about the opinions of others - Your gifts do not have to be 'trendy' or 'in this season'. As long as you are satisfied with your present, get it! When others say that your clothes have to be looking like this and that, ignore it.

    - Have a budget - I know that there are people out there that love to have lots and can not control themselves from buying and spending but sometimes you have to let it go. The money you spend can go up and up and up if you don't do something. But what? Budgets. Have a certain amount of cash that you want to spend and stick to it. If you do not make a change now, who knows what can happen.

  • To save money for Christmas, you will need to limit the amount of presents your child gets, and also have a price range for each present.

  • To save money on Christmas you can do the following:
    Remember that you don't have infinite money so choose your gifts wisely,
    Find discounts online,
    Don't by gifts online because of shipping prices ( if stores run out of the gift you want but online),

  • At Christmas, it is a time to relax and enjoy. The last thing we need to do is panick about buying presents. Presents are supposed to bring happiness and joy.
    Here is some advice:
    Don't spend too much, money isn't easy to earn, so don't waste it so carelessly.
    Your friends or family won't be disappointed if you don't spend a large quantity of money.
    Think about possible consequences ahead if you spend too much.

  • I feel like parents should give their children a certain amount of money each year and they can't go over a £10 limit. This would show that parents can just put a certain amount of money away each year and it will prepare them for the christmas month and they can then try to get the presents that their children wanted but still remember you must be grateful of what you get. Parents will try to please their children so these are easy steps for Christmas
    - be grateful
    - always care for everyone

  • I think that if you are a child that wants to give everyone in your family a present then start a savings account , jar ect and put a little amount of money every month until Christmas. This will help as you wont need to worry around the time about the amount that you are spending. This also helps by not spending more than intended because some people spend more than they can afford.
    Another idea would be for certain age limit to have a certain amount of money to be spent on each person. An example of this would be for a 5-13 year old age group to spend a maximum of £30 on each person.

  • My christmas advice:
    Write a list of the people you are buying for - writing a list is always a great idea so that you know exactly who to buy for then you would never buy to much or too little.
    Have a budget - having a budget is always a great idea so that you know exactly what you are going to spend and you understand the cost because sometimes it is easy just to buy things at different times and not know how much it costs.
    Do not get reigned in on deals - in advertising it is proven that people buy more if they see a deal. This can also be helped by having a list and a budget.
    Support the local high street but find the best deals - The local high street is failing so by buying from the local high street you will be keeping alive the streets. But you must try to find the best deals as this will save you lots of money.

    By following these steps you could save money, stop buying things you do not need and be aware of how much you are spending.

  • My advice is for young parents.I suggest that young parents save up money than spending it on their children and on Christmas presents and food for Christmas,i`d simply just save it for food for breakfast,lunch and dinner all the original stuff.

  • My advice is for elderly people because they need to spend money on electric, food and water, therefore rather than spending money on their relatives by buying lots of presents, they could look after the little children.

  • This advice is aimed at adults. If you want to keep your children happy and save your money you will need to:

    not spend your money on things that your children have just mentioned,
    don't use money on your nephews and nieces because that means your brother or sister need to get presents for your children and that could put unnecessary pressure on them.
    set a tight budget that you can afford - don't go over the budget or be tempted to use credit cards or catalogues.

  • My advice is for young parents.This advice will help you with keeping your money from spending it on Christmas presents:

    Don`t spent it on children that really want it.
    Don`t let them have it,if they cry for it try to persuade them to have something cheaper.

  • My advice is to elderly people . Most grandparents would spend their savings on Christmas presents however they could invite the grandchildren round to their house and play games with them as most people would enjoy this and it is more important to spend time together than to spend lots of money on gifts that most people would not remember them when they are older . The most valuable thing at Christmas is making memories with your family.

  • This advice is for elderly people . I suggest that elderly people do not spend all of their savings on Christmas presents. This is because if the people they are buying for do not like it or only use it once they may be spent on better thing. After they spend all their money they will not be able to pay for food,bills,rent and it is winter so they need heating to keep warm.

  • I think that each child should get 7 presents each so your parents don't have to pay too much so then they can buy food, water, bill and look after you kids. The most important thing to do on Christmas is spend time with your family.

  • I would give my advice to mid aged people because they have more spirit to buy presents during Christmas time.

    you should not focus on presents throughout Christmas as Christmas doesn't require presents for it to be joyful.Most people worry about giving gifts in return and they want it to be expensive so no one could judge their state in money. But anything like that can go under budget because a real gift at Christmas is celebrating, spreading joy and being thankful for gods gift to us.

    Days before Christmas provide you the time to save money and buy presents in the saved amount.

    How to save money.
    In this modern society, Christmas cards our something that we give for a long generation, so why don't we save the money that we spend on buying Christmas cards for gifts. And you can give cards but maybe home made.

    Secret Santa
    While playing things like secret Santa, especially within families, you can discuss with others about either going with a budget or think about buying only one present.

    Christmas is the perfect time to look out for sales in stores. That provides a high opportunity to buy presents with a lower amount. Which then saves a lot of money from us.

    Online shopping
    A stronger request is to not shop online because it will result in spending further amount than planned.Normally shopping online would have expensive items. Also, the delivery money costs extra.

    Following these things could result in making Christmas filled with fun and joy.

  • I am going to give advice to younger parents, these are my opinions on how to manage your money when spending money for your children/family members. You should:

    ~ Give yourself a reasonable budget (at least £50 -£100 per family in your family)

    ~ If you have a younger child - aged 1-5 - you shouldn't spend a lot of money as they won't give you the recognition you deserve. I would recommend buying these sort of gifts for older children/teens

    ~ Instead of wasting 100's of pounds on presents for your entire family give only 1 or 2 gifts that the whole family would enjoy, this way you are not spending as much money and you are buying presents that everybody loves.

    ~ Also, if you are having some money issues then only buy a few presents, if your child is feeling left out due to their friends having a greater amount of presents you could reinforce that Christmas isn't all about presents its about love and kindness.

    If you followed this piece of advice then Christmas will be a lot more fun and less expensive.

  • I would like to give advice, from my own prospective, for adults whom have been parents for a long time:

    You might have given your child a memorable Christmas last year which you need to deliver again. Don't worry too much on buying your child(ren) the presents that they wish for because a popular saying says, "It's the thought that counts". This means that you could create a homemade gift, including a thoughtful, lovely message, which I think is definitely more effective than buying them an overly expensive gift. Also, if your children are capable of understanding and if you really cannot afford buying your child(ren) their dream present, I would suggest having a serious, sensible conversation with them as it would let them understand the financial problem you are in so that you could keep your money for essentials. On the other hand, if you do not feel comfortable talking to your kids about your insecurities, you may want to purchase a present with a reasonable expense so that you can save some money whilst your kids are happy.

    I hope this helps you!

  • I want to give advice to parents, specifically young or new parents on spending money for Christmas presents.
    I would recommend :

    * Give yourself a budget, it depends on how much money you have to spend, but maybe £30-50 per person.

    *If your child is between 1-5 years of age, don't worry about buying them expensive gifts as they will not appreciate it as an older child would.

    * Others could be spending more in your family if one has a larger family than the other, you could come to an agreement on not buying presents for certain people.

    *Lastly, you do not always have to buy gifts, you can simply just invite your family over and play fun games and spend quality time as a family, to some that could be considered as the most effective gift of all.

  • I would like to give advice to parents and adults:
    Many people become quite stressed at Christmas time as it is a time to deliver to kids and make them feel happy and many people want every Christmas time to be as memorable as the last.
    Many adverts urge people to buy their products these things might be a lot of money. Also if your children are teenagers, social media may be a big thing for them they might want something expensive that they have seen on an advert and the parent may have other children and it would be hard for these parents to buy things for the whole family.
    These are good tips to, do like:
    •See if the brands that the person wants are on a cheaper website.
    • You could do a save up for the Christmas period then you can spend some of the money during Christmas.
    There are many more things you could do.

    For Teenagers and Children:
    If a child gets money for Christmas (as the person didn't know what to get them) they might want to spend it on designer clothes or many other expensive things; a way of making sure they get what they want they can look at online sites like: Ebay or Amazon. Then they can still get what they want but for a lower price this means that, hopefully, pleases children.

  • what I would do is tell the parents and children to save some money on Christmas sometimes u don't have much money and your child ask for it you might ask the bank for money but then u cant pay it of u wont have not have money or have a little money

  • To the parents:
    Your child has a Chrismas list,
    Hanging on the wall,
    Full of big expensive things,
    Well mostly long and tall,
    They beg and beg and beg,
    When they see toys on tv,
    They say 'Oh mum I want this toy!'
    When you know they will never use it,
    You say 'maybe,darling'
    And then they have a fit,
    You try to calm them down,
    But their face is still a frown,
    Later on they go to bed,
    And you think of earlier on,
    You think of what you child said,
    You think of what they did,
    Don't stress about you gifts for Christmas,
    Get them something you know they would love,
    A present from the heart,

  • I think buying presents for family won't show them how much you love them give them something which they will truly love from the bottom of their heart. Personally, there is no need to buy all the expensive things for your family just show them how much you appreciate them. As on spending money, on the Christmas presents you see on advert, those are their to advertise
    but if you wish to buy things on adverts its truly up to you.

  • This advice below shows how you adults can still buy Christmas presents for your loved ones but spend your money carefully and wisely:

    1) Don’t always go for branded products!
    Customers usually buy branded products when getting presents as they might think that the branded product is more reliable and better quality than the supermarket value products just because the brand is well known and popular. Branded products are usually more expensive, but just because it is expensive does not necessarily mean that it is better quality. A TV show ‘Shop well for less’ indicates that supermarket value products or products with a less well-known brand could be just as good as or even better than a popular branded product.

    2) Compare products
    Research online for different places that might sell the same product for a better price or the same price for a product with even better quality. Also compare product between different supermarkets; two supermarkets could be selling the same product for different prices.

    3) Look out for deals all year round!
    Christmas shopping for presents can start as early as just after Christmas for next year. Try to shop all year round so you can buy presents in various sales such as: boxing day; black Friday; etc. Prices tend to get higher just before Christmas (when most people buy presents), so you can spend a lot less if you buy presents all year round.

    4) Plan your Christmas List and have a budget!
    Another piece of advice is to plan your Christmas list before you buy your Christmas presents. This will help you to spend your money wisely since you will know what you want to buy and you will not be carried away in buying more Christmas presents at the last moment for your loved ones since you feel that you have to buy it for them.

    5) The presents do not have to be shop bought
    Something you should consider this Christmas for your loved ones is that not everything has to be shop bought. You can still show that you love your loved ones by making homemade products at home such as: ginger bread cookies, jam or it could even be making a homemade fudge. This product will be an even better Christmas present because your loved ones will know that you have made it for them since you want to show how much you love them.

    6) Buy in bulk
    Another way to save money when buying Christmas presents is to buy more than one of the same product to get a large discount.

    With my advice, you adults are definitely not going to have a surprisingly large debt to pay after buying the Christmas presents this year. Taking a LITTLE BIT of effort in listening to this advice can help you save A LOT of money and keep you out of debt. SPEND WELL THIS CHRISTMAS!

  • Dear Adults,
    Its 7 days till Christmas, you have a budget for $20,000
    in my opinion, ill spend 50% and the other 50% to keep meaning $10,000 for gifts
    Now, your feeling stress and you don't know what to do buy for you lets say 6 kids

    Find a really cheap store which there products are actually $1000 extra, Now the prices are $10-90

    Buy something you know which cost a lot of money you child will think you spend about $2000 on each of then

    But no matter what I hope you have a wonderful Christmas

  • advice for children should be:

    1 you are creative make a handmade card
    2 set a budget for each person you are

  • If I were to give advice it would be to an adult:
    Remember how adults always stress over Christmas:
    . Firstly, never stress over buying everything on time.
    . Secondly, listen to your children and what they want for Christmas.
    . Thirdly, never go over board especially a week before Christmas.
    . Fourthly, every one is around you to support you is well.
    Now remember Christmas is time to be happy so spend it with loved ones around. Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. So take Christmas at an ease. Merry Christmas everyone.

  • It is true that most people find Christmas a hard time;they feel that they must buy people gifts. Lots of people don't have enough money to buy all their family some gifts, and some people think that every one expects a present.
    Then they get put under pressure because they don't have much money. Some people even go so far that they pretend to be ill so that they don't have to meet up.
    If you are one of those people, don't get worked up about it; people won't be mad just because they didn't get a gift, it only matters that they spend time with you

  • on christmas people should have been able to buy people gifts and receive gifts from others instead of it been a hard time for people

  • My advice whud be to stick to a lime like a 200 pound stick under two hundred pound and only ask for the ones you real want

  • my advice to parents is to not go overbuard with gifts at christmas
    buy what you can afford for your children,niece,nieces,grandson or granddaughter.
    don't waste your money on gifts because, you might come to a time in life were you need a lot of money(bills)
    be your self don't try to impress anyone.

  • My advice to parents is try not to get carried away trying to impress your children.
    Buy what you can afford for your children.
    Get something that is needed for ,don 't just waste your money.
    Your children love you they adore you all they need is some spending time with.
    You could paint with them make pictures with them.
    Get a budget for your children/child each year and use that money to get a low offer.

  • kids will wake up with no presents and be depressed so don't trust the bank and if you have no house that's gonna be worse than having no presents if you run out of money then you will have no food and no water and then you will start to die

  • My own advice to a parent is to try no too go over board and buy everything your child want , yes it's important for a parent to give their child a present on christmas but some times parent must know their limits and set that straight to their children. Each year if you calculate how much parent spend for their children on christmas it more than the money they get paid each year and that is also what causes the financial crisis , so I think parents should only buy what they think is necessary

  • My advice to adults would be to either find something to buy the person that is not too expensive ( for example dont spend more than £25 for per family member, and £15 for per friend) but not too cheap, or you can make something that comes from your heart that is really nice. I did some research on how much money an average person spends at christmas and it is £567 according to the Deloitte Christmas Survey. If I stuck to this rule of £25 per family member and £15 per friend I would only spend a maximum of £195. MUCH CHEAPER!


  • I would give advise to children about Christmas and all the presents so I would say: don't worry about buying flash because it cots a lot of cash. meaning: don't worry about how great the present has to be, because its the thought that counts not how much money it costs . so have fun and games just relax on Christmas day! I would give advise to parents and say: spend a bit less for it will make a mess. meaning : if you spend average £30 per family member and £20 per friends then it would be a lot more cheaper than £50 per family member and £40 per friend because that would come up to about 1,201,500 max and for £30 per family member and £20 per friend would be about 360,000 max so don't buy flash because its a lot of cash!

  • I am aiming this advice to adults of any age. My advice is that parents should distract their children whenever a toy advert comes on. Like for example:
    Play I spy
    Tell stories
    These are just a few that I thought of. And remember you don't have to spend that much money on your loved ones!!!

  • I would aim what is about to be stated for adults .
    Christmas is a time of year where presesnts , gifts ,food and drink an be bought .
    . Make a certain amount of money to spend and stick with it
    . Make a list of people who you need to give presents to and write somthing sutible for them ( so that when you shop for the items you can save time and not waste money ).
    . Try different shops , prices can vary
    .Recycle and see what you can do with carboard
    . Use led lights to save power , electricity and your money
    . Make crafty baubles with paint and colour
    . And of course enjoy the festive season , Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!

  • If you are giving presents to some one it doesnt have to be expensive or cheap just a little somthing for family or friend that they will use and be satisfied with .

  • Christmas is a time of year when we spread cheer! However most people around 18 or over will feel pressured because most gifts are a lot of money. Millions of adverts , shops and TV shows make us feel like we need to buy more and spend more money, I think this is one of the reasons why the financial crisis happened. Do you agree? Christmas is a fun time of year, Happy children , we spread cheer. Remember not to spend too much money, Its supposed to be a whole load of fun, So don't always annoy your mum. Too many adverts make you feel like you need to spend more. Many people around the dinner table having a roast, As we gather by the Christmas tree we open presents. So just understand its the thought that counts not how much money it costs. If you spend more money than you can afford then, STOP! You should not spend more than you can afford because: 1. You will become poor because you'll get kicked out of your house because you cant pay the rent. 2. By then you will be on the streets and might not have enough money for food or water. 3. You could die! However you might end up living with one of your family members or one of your good friends. Please try and remember that its the thought that counts not how much money it costs! have fun. Spread cheer. Don't spend more than you can afford !

  • when Christmas time is near we all get exited (especially children) and everyone has to get someone something .Christmas time is a special time of year when everyone gets together ;it is based on Jesus' birth.We also need to be thinking about everyone.
    I would like to give advice to everyone because everyone gets really worried about presents and about decorating there houses with lights and other decorations.This is how we all waste money.So every person should understand that Christmas is not about presents it is about getting together as family ; you could make your own presents to give to someone special.We should all waste less money than usual.You should always set your self a budget so you know what you are going to get.

  • My advise to parents of younger children (aged 0-10) is that children don't really understand the cost of things and they don't care about brand names. If they want a scooter it means that you don't have to buy them the most exspenive one just the one you can afford. Your child will still be happy with the scooter.

    My advise to children is that parents don't show you their love through buying things because some children don't get anything at christmas but there parents still love them. Maybe you should think about what your mum and dad do for you the other days in the year. Like the feed you and keep you warm and safe everyday not just christmas.

  • here is advice for adults. Firstly reccomend your child/ren to write their christmas list twice so you have one and so does farther christmas. Also get them to tell you their top three things because of then you would probably have an idea of what they would like the most. Instead of parents spending hundreds of pounds give your self a budget so then you don't spend more than you have in your account.Parents can spend a little more on loved ones or they could be smart enough to think that every one is equal and they should spend the same amount on everyone.

    1. Great ideas proactive_reflection! I agree, everyone is equal, but you wouldn't spend Lots on someone you haven't seen in twenty years. You did well to see both sides.

  • Advice for Parents.

    Stick to a budget, don’t overspend money that you don’t have. No adults wants to face the misery of looking at their credit card bills. More presents does not equal having a loving time with family at Christmas.

    Having a regular conversation with your children will sometimes reveal what your children may want or need so sometimes a Christmas list is not needed, besides its always better to get a surprise!

    Advice for Children.

    As children we have little money to spend, so stick to a budget and make a clear plan. Sometimes its much nicer to give a personalised present that you have lovingly made yourself that will cost next to nothing. There are lots of tutorials online from making Christmas baubles to jewellery. Remember it’s the thought that counts!

    Christmas is when we want our family to be happy. None of us like to see our parents stress, so best not to pressure them into buying something you know they can’t afford.

    If its not the present you want, still be very grateful for what you have. Write thank you letters or at least write a thank you text! Older relatives love it!

    Remember most of us are lucky, presents are not everything. Spare a thought for the homeless person with no family, freezing outside with no shelter. Next time we are out, give money to a homeless person. Christmas is about giving and not just receiving.

    And, Merry Christmas to all!

  • Christmas, New Year, Birthdays and special occasions are very special and we have to give gifts to our loved ones to remember us and make them feel very special that day. Therefore, I strongly believe, we must not think much about money or buying an expensive gift, we only have to think about SPECIAL AND MEANINGFUL gifts and cards; you could buy an inexpensive but meaningful one or use your creativity to make one include a poem or drawing.