#10 - Brain-stand! Winners Announced

15 November 2019

Openmindedness for competitions

#10 - Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who took part again this week. We are thrilled at how many of you are entering each time - keep it up!

Stars were awarded to posts which showed open-mindedness by giving reasons that countered their own opinion.

Our Primary winner is patient_parrot of Noel Park Primary School. Patient_parrot gave a focussed argument against the International Space Station, before providing strong reasons why it was also worthwhile. Well done for giving such a thoughtful answer!

Our Secondary winner is inspiring_penguin of Graveney School. They looked closely at the preparation needed, and consequences of, space tourism and concluded it would not be worth it, but then gave a firm rebuttal of this view - suggesting it would open up new opportunities.

Another competition will be posted shortly - make sure you give that one a go too!

If you have begun your space sessions at school you will have learnt some new knowledge and started forming opinions too!

This week's challenge:

FIRSTLY: Give an OPINION about space. An opinion is something you THINK that others might agree or disagree with. Your opinion might be saying something is a good or bad idea (like Trump's Space Force or Space Tourism), or about exploring space in general.

THEN: Imagine your brain has been turned upside down - you now think the complete opposite! So now disagree with yourself and give reasons for the opposite view!

We'll be looking for answers that give good reasons on both sides!

An example:

One opinion I have about space is that space tourism is a very good idea, because...


However, if I disagreed with myself, I would say... because...

The competition closes at 10:30am on Friday 15th November. Good luck!

Comments (106)

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  • One thing that i have learnt during this session is that going to space costs a lot of money like over 2 billion pounds.I think this is a good piece of information because it tells a lot about how much money pay to get to space.Also how they spend a lot of time gathering that money.

    I think that this is also a bad idea because 2 billion pounds is a lot of money for people to give or gather up.Some people have more important needs that need to come first instead of going to space.I got this information from posts other people have created.

    1. I agree with you too space is worth billions six Indians went to space and it was about to land but hit it and then they bounced and died that’s why I agree with you

      1. I agree because you never know whats going to happen to you when your in space

    2. I think that going to space is a great way for people to explore and learn new things outside of Earth and see how space is a lot different from life on Earth. However, I also think that a lot of money is being used into this and you never know what could happen- it could be dangerous.

  • In my opinion i don't think its worth it to go to space because say if you went to space and your rocket broke down and you had limited air you would basically die that is why i think its not worth it. Space has no air and is really cold like you would literally freeze to death and that is when space suits come in they give air.

    1. I agree because it might happen and you have to wait until someone helps you

    2. I agree with you because going into space, you would be risking your life and a lot of money is spent on it when it could be used for other things such as people's health which I think is much more important.

  • I think that the most important thing we have learnt in BNC is the cost of space exploration because it teaches us how much it would cost to explore a part of space,


    On the other hand, this is a bed idea, because it makes people not want to complete their dreams. This is a bad idea, because the people who did want to be astronauts will be put off their dreams! This will be very bad, people will not be employed!

  • Remember, your opinions are things you think that others could agree or disagree with - like "I think space tourism is a really good idea" or "I think we need laws and rules in space".

    These are different from a facts, which are true and cannot be argued with!

  • I believe that space exploration isn't as necessary as we make it out to be; instead of focusing on finding other planets and creating more space junk that could set us back, we need to focus on Earth and closer developments in more relevant engineering than astronautical engineering.

    However, if I had the opposite opinion, I would say that space travel is vital to us both as development as a species and also because it means we could make even better developments on technology such as satellites that we need today, especially for making developments on Earth.

  • I think that Donald Trump's space force isn't necessary because at the moment, we aren't going up into space-apart from trained people- and therefore a waste of money,time and space. Maybe in a few decades though.


    i think that Donald Trump's space force is a brilliant idea and is very necessary: in a few years time we could send some not properly trained people up into space and if something were to go wrong then there would be some on-hand, easily-contactable people- who are trained- to go up quickly and help.

  • I think that Donald trumps space force is a bad idea because personally I think there is nothing to protect from space and how is he going to train all those people that he is sending up into space and it is going to cost a lot of money to train all of those people so that is my opinion.

  • ps: I forgot to add brainstand

  • I believe space exploration isn't a good idea because it is a lot of money and the journey could fail by rocket failure.

    1. I agree with you and partly disagree as space is somewhere to explore and learn new things . Many people, who are now famous astronauts , have traveled to space .Of course as mentioned before there is the risk of rocket failure but there are many other risks as well. When going to space it is a completely different experience as there is no gravity and that will make things harder for you to do .This dose not stop you in any way from going to space as many people have tackled this obstacle before. Space is an incredible thing and I believe it was mad so that humans can get a different experience and be able to tell the difference between earth and space.

  • I think space tourism is an amazing idea as it can bring joy to people who don't work for space related things

    I think space exploration is a good idea because it will give us a wider knowledge on space
    I think space exploration is a terrible idea because it is a waste of money and were already ruining earth we must make earth better before we start thinking about other planets

  • I think the idea of launching space tourism is a great idea as this can give people the opportunity to explore the elements of space and discover many beautiful scenes of space like the Moon's craters and Saturn's moons which look like a ring. This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for many people.


    I also have a problem with this as this could be a very expensive project and only wealthy people would be able to afford this journey. In addition to this, a normal space rocket requires so much energy to take off and also releases so many harmful gases. This project will need to be made with green energy which seems very difficult currently. This may have to be done a few decades later with rockets being more cheaper and should use green energy.

    Thank you for reading this.

  • I think Trump's Space Force is an absolutely terrible idea as they are trying to claim it for themselves to enforce Americas rules to space.

    brain standing

    It is an amazing idea because if someone is attacking other spacecrafts in the future they could stop the people being attacked from suffering a slow and painful death in the eternal void of space

  • I think Donald Trump's space force is unnecessary because people need to train first before they go into space and if they don't get trained, there is a possibility that they could die.
    I think Donald Trump's space force is a good idea because some people don't want to train for 1-2 years, they just want to go to space ASAP.

  • I think that spending so much money on the International Space Station (ISS) is unreasonable – especially the fact that it is the most expensive object ever made! I feel as though there are many more needs to address before we can worry about the outer atmosphere, and Space. For example, that money can go towards Cancer Research, or other campaigns for our health.


    On the other hand, we have a duty to explore space; what if the world ends? And even if we aren’t alive that time, do we really want the next generation – our children and theirs – to be wiped out? Finding out something like if there could be water on Mars could potentially save our lives – forgetting about vacations. This is where the ISS comes in. If anything – it helps.

  • I think that space tourism is a diabolical idea because what if a normal civilian who goes on a tour through space does something wrong and it could ruin the whole entire point of space tourism, or what if they ran out of supplies thinking they had enough but really they were wrong.

    I think that space tourism is an conceivable idea because it would teach ever single persona bout space and someone could figure something out that no one else could figure out space even scientists!

  • I think space tourism is a great idea because we will be able to see what will happen next and also see other planets if they are safe or not. Also, we will able to make discoveries to help us in the future.


    But on the other hand, it might be a bad idea because what if we did not know that Saturn had rings (example) and we will probably hurt the rocket in those rocks/ particles.

  • I think space exploration is not necessary as there are many things that are important on earth that we should be focusing on like dying animals and climate change and that 25 billion pounds alone are spent on space travel every year and even a little of that money going towards earth and the problems we are having right now would help so much.

    However, if my brain were to be flipped around I would think that space exploration is a wondrous thing as we can really see if there is any other beings out there and find more out about the universe we live in and if the earth becomes on the verge of dying we could try to find some habitable planet, especially if we give more money towards space exploration.

    1. I agree with what you put at the start and I disagree with your second part. I feel like if this planet dies and we went to a new one we will just do it again and keep doing it because space is infinite and humans might think that it will never stop so there will be a different planet to go.

  • My opinion on people going to space!
    Personally, i believe that when people go into space, it is a good idea because we can explore and discover new planets and maybe a new creatures. We can also help the creature because of how advanced our technology is, however if they think we don't come in peace there could be potential danger. My main reason is that since 50 years back people have enjoyed space and many individuals have been to space and had many memory's and if somebody says it was useless, we have robots, it their opinion!

    If i was to turn my brain the apposite way, some reasons for the other opinion would be that some equipment have cost over 150,000,000,000 dollars which is an unbelievably high amount of money to spent on something. Another reason why is because they can damage the earth and it takes up a lot of space.

  • I think that space tourism is bad

    However, I think that more people going into space would help us understand how an average person would be changed by being in space. It would help because astronauts have 6 years of training before going into space so it would show how an average person would react. Also, people being in space more often would let us study the science behind being in space more.

  • I think that it would have been better to get a smaller space station and use the rest of the money on Earth.

    Although, making the space station would help us because in billions of years people might need to move to a different planet and having a space station would make it easier to find out the easiest way to do that. It is also better because there are experiments which would benefit us on earth .

  • as by hearing other peoples opinion, in my opinion, I think that space is in the middle because sometimes space c could be a dangerous place to be in
    that space is a good place to be in
    so thank you for listening to my opinion hope you enjoy goodbye

  • i believe space exploration is a good idea because its a chance to discover new things and the comparison between life in space and on earth.

  • I think that exploring space is a good idea because we can get more things to help our planet and find new stuff that can help the people in need that are barely surviving.
    On the other hand,
    We need to help our planet before thinking about going to other planets. We haven't explored all of the planet we live on yet so I think we should finish exploring this planet then go on to another one.

  • One opinion I have about space is that the international space station is not worth the amount of money ($150 billion dollars) that has been spent on it. This is simply too much money to spend on one single thing, especially something that does not have a direct impact on life here on Earth. This money would be better spent on improving people’s lives here on Earth, for example by providing developing countries with the resources to overcome disease or by funding projects that might provide all countries with clean water and sanitation.


    However, if I disagreed with myself I would say that the international space station was well worth the money. It is essential for the future of space exploration and, in NASAs own words, is an essential component of its journey to Mars. The ISS allows us to test out how humans live in space as well as giving us opportunities to observe changes to people’s bodies and health.

  • I believe that space exploration is one of the key movements in the expansion of the human race because of the amount of resources and materials we have discovered in space .

    I believe that Trump's space force is a terrible idea because it could space war , and more destruction is the least we need right now.

  • One opinion I have about space is that Trump’s Space Force is a positive thing. I read a comment on a BNC article that talked about the importance of satellites for communication. It is possible that other countries could maliciously try to disrupt communication by destroying the satellites, and this would cause complete chaos. If a space force was in place, it would allow countries to defend their satellites and prevent this from happening.


    However, if I disagreed with myself I would say that Trump’s Space Force was a very bad thing because it could negatively affect relationships between countries. Putting weapons into space might even bring about war because it could lead countries to assume that their satellites were at risk of being destroyed.

  • I think that space is great for new pairs of trainers because people want to be feeling weightless on their feet so that they don't have to lug themselves around especially if they have a long walk ahead of them. This would lead to people leaving their jobs and money wasted.


    I believe that people need trainers aren't needed from space because people just have to deal with footache and wait for a raise.

    1. well, technically there are side effects to long-duration space missions, such as your back stretching, dizzinesss and flashes as cosmic rays slash through your brain.

  • Space exploration is a good thing but to a certain extent; but it can wait a while before we figure out what this Earth needs and actually help it. Mankind can explore space at any point, and I think that as we technologically advance space exploration can be improved by miles therefore making it more worthwhile.

  • I believe that Trumps space force is a bad idea because you can't own space and having a force up there may leave them with less defence if an invasion happened because lots of their people would be focused on taking space from all of the other countries but none of the other countries have any interest in fighting over space. We all want to achieve the most and discover the most about it but none of the other countries are interested in taking over. So it would be pretty much useless.

    On the other hand it may be helpful if we do decide to fight over space and owning space would really help them have lots of power. It would also help America to develop if they were the ones with full access to space. They may help all of the world to develop. If they did manage to find other life and they decide to invade then having Trumps space force would be helpful.

  • One opinion I have about space is that humans should not be travelling into and exploring space. I believe this because, at the moment, humans can’t even look after Earth properly- they are constantly creating more pollution, destroying habitats and involving themselves in wars to the point that, at some point in the future, I feel that our world and our home will be destroyed completely. If humans can’t look after their own planet, how can they be trusted to look after the rest of space. If we are travelling into space and exploring other planets, we have a responsibility to make sure that we look after them. Until we can prove we can do that here on Earth, we should not be allowed to further explore the universe.


    However, if I disagreed with myself I would say that humans have a responsibility to explore space further. Space exploration is important so that we can learn and discover more things about space so that, if something happened to our planet that we had no control over (for example a meteor hitting Earth) we would have enough knowledge of our universe to find another home to ensure the survival of the human race.

  • One opinion I have about space is that space tourism shouldn't be a thing.I think is because we would be spending lots of money on sending untrained people to space whereas we could be spending it on trying to help save our environment. I also think that space tourism should not be a thing as it wouldn't help the Greenhouse Gasses surrounding our planet.


    However, if I disagreed with myself, I would say that space tourism is a good thing as people can experience something they wouldn't normally be able to. Visiting the moon would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone, especially as life onEarth is very different compared to the moon.

  • Space takes a long time to get there and a lot of money

  • I think people should lower the prices of going to space as they cost around 150 billion I mean even rich people can't afford going to space👽.l think this because all people should get a chance to go to space as right now people don't have a chance as they don't have billions in their pockets

  • I think that it's a bad idea to go to space because it's just a waste of your money if something doesn't go as well as planned. We need to find out even more about our world since we actually know more about space and other planets than our own oceans! This is very worrying. This is our own planet in daily life and we don't know everything about it yet. According to some information, we have been searching for space for about thousands or hundreds of years and it's disappointing as we left knowing less about ur Earth. Did you know that we actually know more about Mars than our own Earth? That tells us that we don't know very much about it. There could be hidden things from the ancient times that we don't know or danger around that we haven't known about for years that is hiding there in the deep. What if there are new creatures that scientists or anyone has never heard about. But on the other hand.....


    Overall it's a good idea to explore space because we can learn more things about something new. We could discover life on other planets. We can find out new creatures on Mars or other places. We can learn about new stars that could be more than 4,000 to know. There can be a small new planet or another universe to find. It's worth the money for a journey to space!

    For inspiration for the first paragraph, I used the website: https://www.quora.com/Is-it-true-that-we-know-more-about-space-than-our-oceans-If-so-why

  • In my opinion going to space has good and bad sides like: you spend so much money(£250000)and it might fail however it might work and you can explore more than certain people.

  • Topic:tourism and a hotel on another planet

    Why it would be bad: it's REALLY dangerous,the spacecraft could run out of air,someone could try to go outside without equipment or not have equipment on properly,the space craft could crash,they could run out of food,very expensive

    Reasons why it would be good:a whole new place,a lot of tourism,curiosity,good for making money,inspire others . There is multiple reasons as to why it would be good and bad but personally I think we should have a space hotel.But I can also see as to why it would be bad no one has unlimited money.

  • I disagree I believe that 15b could be used for greater good

  • But also I believe we are retrieving infomation that could valuable info

  • I think going to space is worth the cost because there are so many things waiting to be discovered, like whether there is other living species living out there and whether other planets will have resources we can use when our resources run out.

    I disagree with my opinion because going to space cost way to much and what if there are no other life forms to be discovered so it would be a waste of money. Also our resources are being wasted

  • I have 2 opinions that are positive and negative.
    Space exploration is very extraordinary! We can look deeper into secrets about space and learn how space planets and much more can be understood. Neil Armstrong was the first man to step foot on the moon. We all know that don’t we? Do aliens exist? We can answer that question by looking deeper ! I think space exploration is very exciting! There are so many things to be discovered! Maybe one day we’ll find a space plant! Or a space animal!! We can also find essentials that are necessary for human life on Earth!

    Maybe space exploration isn’t really necessary. It’s very expensive . Maybe astronauts are wrong about living on Mars in years. It might not work and we could all die and our precious money would be wasted. Space tourism does sound cool but I don’t think they’ll ever accomplish that.The international space station is the most expensive object on Earth! All that money could be used for useful things on Earth.
    Thank you for ready and have a good day.

  • Did you know that you can experience zero G and get a feel of what true weightlessness is really like? Look it up on Youtube, it looks amazing! This flight is called ‘The Zero G Flight’ but they are better known as ‘The Vomit Comet’. As you can guess by the name, the flight experience can make you feel very sick! Despite this fact, I would still love to know what it’s like to float around and back-flip in the air just like the astronauts we see in space!

    However, if I had tell myself it’s a terrible idea, I would say it costs at least $5,400 + 5% tax for a 90-100 minute flight just so the plane can go up and down 15 times and each time it goes up, you will experience weightlessness for ONLY 25-30 seconds. Now think what you can do with that money and the people you can help. But not only that, we have a serious climate crisis and we just can’t be too frivolous.

  • One thing that I know for sure about space is that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin collected precious rocks on the Moon. Some of them were used to make valuables and everyday needs. But there are still much more to be discovered. Happy Birthday Moon landing!

  • Oops. I forgot to say BRAINSTAND!

  • I think we could and could not inhabit Mars because Nasa hasn't fully explored it and due to the water on the planet it is very possible their could be unidentified life forms which could possibly be dangerous. If mars has at least some kind of oxygen, probably not , we would most definitely be unable to live there. But there is possible chances and we will find out as scientific research continues. Recently, 3-4 female astronauts were meant to go to Mars but Nasa hasn't made the suit big and strong enough to with stand the air pressure and could not hold enough oxegyn. But it is obvious Nasa is trying to discover more and I think they are on to something, something big.

    It is most likely the next inter galactic mission will be taken to Mars with the correct equipment to withstand the circumstances. Lastly I think we would not be able to inhabit Mars due to the sudden storms and unexpected weather conditions. It is possible scientists could figure out the weather in Mars using the equipment usec on Earth ut the weather and signal could affect the outcome and we would not be prepared.

    In summary, I believe we could NOT inhabit Mars..

  • In my opinion, space competition or rivalry is a bad idea. This is because, people create mental wars towards each other it makes hatrid and stops countries from getting along.
    Space rivalries and competition is a great thing because it encourages people to advance their technology and to continue to grow in excellence about finding new ways to enter space

  • I think space tourism is a satisfactory thing as lots more peaple can go to space.

    I think space tourism is not a acceptable thing even though peaple can learn about space. It costs millions of pound so not many peaple can go to space

  • I think space exploration is good because we can discover much more new things that could help us with Earth so far we have discovered lots of new things in space! It has helped us make new things and the more we discover the better and it might help us make new cures for space.
    I disagree with myself space exploration is BAD for us because we have a lot of issues to deal with here on Earth and instead of wasting time on exploring space we could be trying to stop current issues like; pollution,climate change and diseases like malaria and cancer. We have to save our planet but if we keep on focusing on space Earth will become a mess. The ISS cost 150billion dollars but if we didn't spend all that money for the iss we could be helping the poor or providing clean water for those people going hungry.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this!

  • Since l’ve joined Burnet News Club l’ve learnt that it is BAD for us to go and explore space because for a ticket for the ISS is $150 billion dollars . We can first solve problems on Earth then worry about space afterwards we have problems like pollution,starvation(people missing out on victuals),World Economic Forum and ect...
    I appreciate your cooperation

  • I think trumps space force is a harm to space because it can distroy satlits and important thing that are in space but then space exploration is the best for us humans and are futer generations and help us to find are new home and another thing that space exploration can help us whith is inventions that help us in the world like baby formula and sport shoes and even more this space exploration is the best humanity has thought off

  • Space exploration is amazing because it lets us know about the huge universe around us and it lets us learn more about our earth.
    Space exploration is dreadful because it ruins our planet with all the dreadful gasses the rockets release. It is also too expensive as all that money could be going to healthcare or educational purposes!

  • I think Space Exploration is good so we can learn about the Galaxy we live in.
    Also,we need to learn about other planets just in case we kill ours.

    I disagree with myself because it damages the O-Zone layer and costs a lot of money.
    Also, it has caused a lot of commotion between countries with "The Space Race" and could have caused war.

  • what i realised that space ships take a long time to make.

  • I think space exploration is an excellent idea because people on our earth are fascinated by the discoveries of the endless space and travelling could open all of our minds and realities. It could realise the discoveries and worries of us and before us.

    But on the other hand, the expeditions cost too much that the money can go towards charities or funds that need it for important things. It could be mental health or more houses, anything that is needed.

  • Personally, I think that we will need to invest money into space travel, so we can potentially move to a different planet to live. Because ours is deteriorating swiftly (climate change) as we looked at last issue.


    We need to save money and invest in cleaning up our planet, as if we can do that, we do not need to move to another one. I think this as it is a cheaper alternative than space exploration, and also when we send up rockets to space that burns up a lot of oxygen, creating lots of gases contributing to climate change.

  • I think that space tourism is a waste of time. It is simply a waste of money. Building up to 390 million pound rockets that will go to space carrying few tourists will be a waste of money. We could spend this money on all the poor people in Africa or even just to solve homelessness or poverty in the UK. What is the point of sending a few tourists into space? Just to take a few photos? It simply cost us too much time and money. Even if tourists had the money to go to space, (which they are very unlikely to) it costs to much time and effort.

    On the other hand, sending tourists into space is an amazing idea. It means that other people can experience things not many people can get a chance to do. This is a good development, sending the ordinary into the unordinary. Why not give people their dreams?

  • A 2011 survey tells us that 58% of americans says that it is essential that the U.S be a world leader in the space exploration,My opinion is that the U.S believes that they.The United States Space Force, as proposed by the Trump administration, would be a new branch of the military by 2020. The bad side of Donald Trump's air force is that he may destroy space,ruin satellites. so far there is no independant military on space,yet. in Pence's speech he asked congress to approve 8 billion dollars over 5 years for space security systems.

  • I think that space tourism is a bad because its a waste of time and it would cost a lot.
    On the other hand i think it would be cool for everyone to get a chance to be in space.

  • Personally, I think that we should invest more money into space exploration. If Global warming was to suddenly get out of hand, or something drastic happened to the earth and we couldn't fix it, we may have to try and find a planet that would replace it and keep us alive.


    However, if i was to look from the opposite point of view, i would say:
    I think we should invest more money into finding the solution to global warming, we have lived on this planet for millions of years, and none of our ancestors had ever caused a problem that has caused this much damage to our ecosystem. this is our home, the least we could do is look after it.

  • I think that if you go to space for money it will decrease the amount of people wanting to go space .Also nobody owns space so space should be free so everyone gets a chance to see the world outside earth

  • i think that space exploration is good because we can expand our knowledge about the universe and try and find new homes in space and "journey where no man has gone before"

    I Don't think space exploration is good because we can destroy important things like the ozone layer of other planets making them unable to be inhabited by other species.

  • Space tourism in my opinion should only be attempted when our technology is at a higher standard. Right now when we have only just have got our heads around space stations, it would be: Uncomfortable and not particularly interesting as there are no such things as 'space tours' as the technology does not exist to have multiple people in one small space vehicle with a limited amount of oxygen that travels around in space for the pleasure of its passengers. Even if the was the technology did exist (which is does not) it would still be expensive and would use a lot a fuel. Also it would be very pricy to buy a ticket to space and it would only be available to the upper class who can spent 300,000 pounds on a holiday.
    Brain Stand.
    On the other hand it would be very exciting to go up to space as that is usually an experience that can only be enjoyed if you are an astronaut and it would be a huge privilege for you to go up space when you do not work for a space exploration company.

  • I disagree with the idea of Donald Trump's Space FOrce.
    For starters, what is the point, of a space force for warfare in space, when there is no war in space? This would just waste resources and possibly create wars! Why would you want to put your own country in danger?
    Trump's Space Force, is a good idea because other people can se ehow powerful america is, and how much warfare they can afford.

  • If you keep adding the price of space ,less people will want to go there

  • I believe that space tourism should be postponed until we have got a through the Artemis program and got a man on mars because we need to know that we can achieve stuff like that. To add to that, currently spaceflight is incredibly expensive so if we want to do stuff like that we need to get the exploration over so that we can finally book a holiday to LEO.

    On the other hand space tourism would give space agencies more money to handle, meaning that they could explore even more.

  • I think that space exploration is a bad idea as it causes too much pollution, however it, in some cases , it can be an opportunity to advance our civilization and expand our knowledge of the universe around us.

  • I think that we spend far too much money on space exploration without giving a thought to how much carbon is burnt. They are destroying our planet too send giant lumps of metal into space, and quite often if they are satellites they just float in space. Not only are they destroying our planet they are destroying other planets.


    However if I disagreed with myself I Would say that it is because our climate is changing that we should be finding a new planet to live on.

  • I think it is an amazing idea for space tourism because other people around the world especially African people kids and adults which are less fortunate than us.People around the world can know ten times more than what they already know.I disagree with this idea because humans which doesn’t even have experience to go to space will definitely not know what they are doing so they can cause a crime or even do something really bad that they can harm their selves or even die!!!

  • I think that sending robots to space is a bad idea. This is because , if they go to Mars for example, the time delay is 20 minutes. This means that by the time the programmers have seen a crater or cliff, the robot has probably fallen down it. Also, there is always the possibility that the robot will malfunction. This means the research would be lost.
    However, there are reasons why it is a good idea. Humans cannot go to most planets so we need to send robots to those. Also, there are serious risks to sending humans into space. For example, there is spaceflight osteopenia which affects humans badly.

    1. I agree with you that sending robots to most planets that humans aren't able to go on is a great idea because that way the robots are able to do the research in space and people could still get the information from it. However if the robot is there alone, you never know what could happen to it.

  • It is an amazing idea 💡but is it worth it??😕

  • Space tourism will be fantastic but the cost is way too much also nobody owns space so going to space should be free so in my opinion, they are just trying to make money and it is only for one day.

    1. I agree with you because nobody owns space.

  • I don't think exploring mars or any other planet would be good.This is because the temperatures would be too harsh for the human boy.. In addition to this somebody might get affected in the making of a product in making an item for humans to land on Mars.
    Therefore in the near distant future humans will not be able to inhabit mars.

    However if they all band together a use an AI that and the temperature of a human body it might work. Luckily if they do get to mars the things they used for the experiments might help in everyday life.The might revolutionize capability of doing things and it will be leap in space history.

  • I believe space tourism is a bad thing first reason being we should not go because technically we pay for space tourism research shows that a little more than half a penny of every federal tax dollar ends up at NASA. That means that a family with the median household income ($49,777 according to the U.S. Census Bureau), which pays $6,629 of federal taxes, pays the space agency $33. Another reason is the cost of space tourism it cost $500 to $700 million and when each tour is set up the amount of gas produce can put our earth in more danger economically.


  • I think that Space and exploring all that is in it is a good idea. I think that human curiosity makes us want to learn and discover more and more. Some of this curiosity has led to amazing things like the invention of water purification systems - a discovery that has led to save the lives of millions of people every day. People create amazing things by asking questions, challenging things, and trying to find out new bits of information. Without this, our world would still be at stage one. How could we find food if the first hunters had never asked themselves "Hmm... what would be better to catch animals with than our hands?"

    Then again... we only have so much money. After leaving the EU, we might have less money to spend - money that we do not have, and looking at and using that money on a subject like Space that we are looking at mostly out of our curiosity seems like a bit of a waste of money. Space certainly won't give us a solution to all our problems at the moment, and only with a lot of work, effort and money that we do not have, will a small amount of people be able to benefit from this. Surely we should look after what we've got, and not always find something else we can use instead? Surely being reckless and not very careful with what we have can lead us to a situation even worse than the mess we have already got ourselves into?

  • One opinion I feel about space is that the sun isn't what we think it is. This is because humans and their drones cannot go close enough to the sun to be able to take a sample. Therefore, how do we know that there is a specific substance the sun is made of? "Unearthly" is a common phrase used to describe something that is so extraordinary, the earth isn't metaphorically capable of creating it. So, why do humans assume all laws on earth are the same for things outside our atmosphere? Why should things be the same on other planets? I believe they shouldn't. I think that there is some unearthly material or substance that is on the sun that allows it to be so hot and constantly on fire without burning itself up. Humans are a wonderful, intelligent species, but we are limited, with our technology and adaptions. It is very possible that we have our whole perspective on space wrong,

    On the other hand, it could be argued that humans are correct in the view on the universe and their perspective on the sun as humans have been on this earth for quite a long time, and over the decades, we have come up with many theories, each better and more scientific than the last. we have worked out that the universe could very well beexpanding.

    But still, it's a thought :)

    1. I agree, humans are capable of doing many things outside of Earth and there is a chance that there may be unearthly things such as substances or materials out there that are yet to be discovered. I think going to space would give people lots of great opportunities to discover a lot of information about how things outside of Earth work and much more.

  • One opinion I have about space is that space exploration is not worth the cost. The ISS alone has cost US taxpayers $50 billion dollars since 1994, with maintenance costs of approximately £3 billion dollars each year! Think about what else you could do with this money! What has the ISS done for us that can possibly justify these costs?


    If I were to disagree with myself, I might say that space exploration is worth the cost. This is because space exploration might help us make new discoveries about planets and our solar system as well as developing new technologies that could help our lives here on Earth. So far, there are many inventions and technologies that were made as a result of space exploration, for example wireless headphones, baby formula, athletic shoes and CT scanners. With decades of exploration ahead of us, just imagine what else we could discover…

  • I don’t think it’s worth going to space because what if there is a problem in the space shuttle? Further more, if you go to space there is no way back because it’s a one way travel so we are not able to come back. This isn’t the only thing, what if there is a virus that can get you very ill or can give you a slow painful death?

    On the other hand, we should go to space because maybe we will survive and provide information to make us smarter. Not only that, we could get more education from planets like Mars. We in the future might just be able to go to space which would make us discover a new environment. We might just be able to be one of those that help get the space education and become famous.

  • I think that space cost over 3billion pounds .i also think by going into space could make you popular because you go on tv and on the news and also on many devices around the world.

  • I think space tourism is a good idea because it allow people to understand what is happening in space and can be helpful for educational

    I think space touriss

  • I think it is good that we go to space because then we can know if we have a place to restart life. If Yuri Gagarin did not find space and the sun was going to explode where would you live then ? Nowhere because we would all be dead.

    I disagree with myself because when your stuck in space you’ll have nobody to contact. Space is deadly it is not worth going to space just because you are rich and because you want to be famous.

    1. I completely agree with you. Being in space isn't always safe and I think that doing it for fame and money is definitely not worth it because you don't know what you are getting yourself into and something may happen to you. You would have no one to contact and no way to get help. In my opinion, there should be a machine that helps the people on Earth track you and use a signal when your in trouble so that you can get help as quick as possible.

  • I have learnt that space is too expensive

  • I believe that space tourism would be a risky move because it would cost billions to start and for this reason only the higher classes would be able to afford it. In addition, they would have to go through years of training (mental and physical) to be able to cope with possible emergencies. Also, in this day and age, with climate change becoming a pressing issue and decreasing our carbon footprint being so vital, would the massive amount of greenhouse gases being released really be worth it? My belief is no because we really should be caring more about saving our own planet than ruining it to find others.


    Space tourism is a must for our future; it would allow space travel companies to prosper and open up new job opportunities for the unemployed. Furthermore, the participants would not need training because they would have professionals on board to help. In conclusion a great opportunity.

    1. I think that you are right. Saving our own planet is definitely much more important than ruining it just to get more opportunities such as being in space.

  • I think that it is worth the dangers of human space travel to explore space with people because it could mean finding another place for humans to go if the planet became uninhabitable due to climate change, as it could save thousands of people, whereas not sending humans into space would only protect a few. Also, it is their choice whether they go into space, an if they are prepared to take the risk, are the right people to send, and we have the technology to keep them safe, then we should send them, as it is useful to have humans in space instead of robots, as they have naturally more inquisitive and creative minds.


    It isn't worth it to send humans into space as it could endanger the lives of the people being sent, and it would be really expensive, so we could save many more lives by finding technology to and working to stop climate change, rather than trying to protect humanity by finding somewhere else for them to go, which is much less likely to produce a useful and worthwhile result than space exploration with humans.

  • I think space exploration is a good idea, as it is great for testing cures to medical illnesses, it is interesting and it is important to learn about where we live on the wide scale.

    However, I believe that there are certainly more important situations that need the money instead. Obviously, it costs a lot of money to go to space, so if you put that money to other things (such as poverty) many more problems will be solve worldwide.

  • Space exploration costs quite a lot of money (1.3 billion) and may be too much and that money could used on trying to save the earth from destruction(climate change, wars and sucking out all the minerals in the earth). People also talk about when we have found a planet to live on when earth dies we will just go to it and live on it.

    However most bottom class people and middle class people won't be able to travel as we would not have enough money. I think we should keep on our space exploration however still have enough money to keep our planet from dying.

  • I think that space tourism is a good idea since we 'ordinary people' -by which I mean those who aren't astronauts- need and want to learn more about space and discover what those that work with space have revealed. Also, it's a choice. It's not by force. Mainly, it's whether you have enough money, and if you do, you may choose to not want to go to space. I also think it's a good idea as learning about space could potentially help humanity.

    I now disagree with space tourism for non astronauts going into space is too risky. This could basically cause death. For example, a group of people, non astronauts, in space. You don't know, something might be wrong with the rocket and you may crash, therefore, resulting in death. Although, it is very unlikely, it's a very good idea to take precautions so as not to have any problems regarding people who go to space.

  • I thik that space tourism is a 50/50 because how are u go ing to get food see what i mean

  • But you can explore more planets

  • My opinion's on space is that it seems very amazing because there is so much to learn about like: first astornaut to walk on the moon and that was Neil Armstrong and the first brave man to go to space on christmas was Buzz Aldrin, i think this was a brave m0ve from Buzz Aldrin beacuse normally people wanna be with family on christmas. One other baffling fact is that the moon is the hottest planet in our solar system is 450°, and space is completely silent and that nobody knows how many stars there are in the moon.

  • My opinion on space exploration is that we should try to get to Mars by 2100 and instead of having many different space exploration companies ,we could have one big company with Elon Musk ,Jeff Benzo ,ect .It could have trillions of pounds going towards one massive space exploration missions instead of many other ones competing with each other

  • space is a big place and I do not think we should be sending people to radioactive planets so we can see what happens i think we should wait until we are 100% that they will come back

  • I think that space is bad because if to many people go to space all the rockets will crash and they will damage space and thats why I think space is bad

  • i think spase is bad becase if you do not have an astranort surte on you will not be able to breath.

  • I think that exploring space is a good idea because we could find new life or new planets 👽👽


    I think its a bad idea because its dangerous and risky for the astronaut who is going out.Its not cheap either because sometimes the price of space equipment can go up to millions of dollars/pounds/euros.

  • The space force is a GREAT idea (first in a million) from trump

  • I disagree with joyous potato, no one is stupid enough to go to space without a helmet!

  • After learning about space and tourism, I think that we shouldn't go to Space because you won't have any contact with the Hospital if you get ill or injured so you could be in big danger. You might not have enough food supplies, there has to be lots of other people there to protect you such as nurses and doctors. You could also learn about it on the internet rather than using hundreds of pounds just to go to Space and learn about it. A lot of research has already done. Do we really need to know that much about space?

    If I was to disagree with myself, I would say that we should go to Space even though it could be risky and harmful because you would get more experience by looking at it face to face, you would experience something new and exciting, you would go somewhere that very few people had been and we might find out something really important to help us understand our Earth and solar system. Therefore, the benefits could out weigh the cost.

  • I think space travel is useful because we may be able to discover something that could help with climate change like another life source or a planet that is able to provide resources for human life, but I also feel like countries should think twice before they splash their money on space, because there are hundreds of people starving and dying worldwide.

  • I think that the International Space Station is a good idea as it allows us to perform research about the human body in weightlessness.


    I think that the ISS is a bad idea because it costed over 150 million dollars.
    This money could of been you used to fix more urgent matters such as climate change.

  • I think this space exploration is good idea but we should try to stop messingup the planet we have before we colonise another planet

  • I think it is astounding that we waste jaw-dropping amounts of money ( $32.8 billion- and that's just from the United States, India, China and Russia!) I am mainly surprised about India as many, many people are poor. As much as 73 million people! Not only that, but many bacteria and infections are pon the run and instead of finding a new life -aliens-, maybe we should focus on our current lives. Not only does India have a devastating dilemma, but there is one for us too. Recently, scientists have been looking for an antidote for cancer. Still, this mind-puzzling jigsaw puzzle is making scientists scratch their heads. Maybe, if we hadn't wasted large amounts of money then nobody would have to suffer.


    On the other hand, I feel that it is pre-cautious that we look at space. Because precious materials are out there in space and it could solve the world problems: Cancer, world hunger, etcetera. And if we hadn't even started reaching into the deep and looking into space, then how could we be who we are now? Also, there are charities for poor children so they get the help and medicine they need. Also, in a few billion years, the Sun could eat us up due to global warming which could include space debris into this. Luckily, scientists have come up with a way to cast out all of the unwanted junk into somewhere- the sun. Being the only source that alters our temperature, it can also disintegrate anything near to it- meaning we apply to that also. But, to accurately launch our rockets into the sun and not off outside our solar system, we'd need to make is going at a 30-degree angle, then decrease it by 12 degrees and we'd have it in the sun.

    Brain- Stand!

    However, doing this can lead to all of the debris falling back down to us - an astroid-. And, we do have unused but toxic elements and if one wrong mistake was to happen. We wouldn't be giving up on earth (When we move to Mars), but Earth will give us up. Sometimes, in life your going to have to take drastic measures just to have a nice future.

    Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day/night/afternoon/evening.

  • i think it is a bad idea to have a holiday in space because it will cost to much[250000 us dollars.] Also if people did come where would they keep their food /water and things like that.but also think how big a shuttle would have to be to keep all those people, also it will be cramp, to sleep in. Also it will cost 12000000 per suit and weigh 21 kg , furthermore it takes two years to complete a training to go to space,on the other hand they can see earth and the beautiful 8 planets of the world but is all the training worth the money. In my option no

  • In my opinion I think it's a bad idea to go to space because people have been spending a lot of money on the space ships and then the mission is failed to go to space that's we shouldn't go to space

  • However, I also think space is good because of space tourism, people can visit other planets and discover something new that they heard in the news

  • I think space suits are a good idea because they provide astronauts oxygen to breath with ,I also think it is an excellent idea because without space suits we wouldn't have discovered what have found out today and I also think it is a good idea because in space the lowest temperature can be up to negative 250 degrees Farenhiet and the highest it can go is 250 degrees so a space suit can protect astronauts from these temperatures .


    I think space suits are a bad idea because they cost $2,000,000 to get built! I also think they are bad because they just waste room in the small space astronauts have.

    That is both of my opinions, I hoped you enjoyed reading!

  • Since 1947, it has become clear that further investigation into space needs to be pursued. The world read about the incident at Roswell, New Mexico, and the hunt for hard evidence of alien life had begun.

    I am inclined to conclude that there might be intelligent life in extra-terrestrial environments, and I shall explain why…

    …I noticed that the dark side of the moon never shows. Although this is a natural phenomenon, space scientists agree that there are ‘objects’ on the surface of the moon, on Mars, other planets, and in orbit around Earth that cannot be explained, such as: The Black Knight Satellite, strange apparent man-made structures, as well as black holes and possible life-bearing planets in this galaxy and others.

    Zecharia Sitchen stated that there may be a 12th planet beyond Neptune - Nibiru - and that Nibiru might be a home base for aliens. This links in perfectly with the Black Knight Satellite conspiracy, which, if examined closely, will look something like a black knight in chess. Could this be some sort of UFO? Furthermore, could black holes be a secret portal to other dimensions? Do non-human entities possess the technology to travel through time? Are our laws of physics wrong? These are the questions which astro-physicists are pondering.

    Investing massively into cosmic research would be beneficial for humankind.


    Belief in aliens and conspiracy theories is unscientific and inaccurate. There IS no water-tight proof. People that investigate such matters clearly have nothing better to do with their time and their judgement is clouded by biased thinking.

    Recent pictures of so-called alien civilizations on the moon, Mars and other planets are over-pixelated forgeries and Photoshopped to appear like buildings we might see on Earth. Moreover, human brains are designed to look for familiar patterns and shapes.

    Black holes are still largely theoretical despite the media attention. Zecharia Sitchen was constantly ignored by the scientific community for his outrageous theories, and the Black Knight Satellite is most likely a piece of space junk.

    The immense cost of these programs at a time when the money could be spent on improving the quality of life on Earth is immoral.