#39 Pick one!

18 June 2021

Skill Description Competition Speaking

Winners Announced!

The standard of your entries to this week’s competition was particularly impressive. Thank you to everyone who entered for putting so much effort into your explanations! However, as always, there can only be two winners. This time they are…

fierce_tangerine of The Ruth Gorse Academy, who said that Opinion C was the one they agreed with most because opinions are important for creating change in a democracy


tidy_bassoon of Bruntcliffe Academy, who said that sharing opinions is important for “educating people on the other side of the argument”.

Well done to you both. Keep up the fantastic work everyone!

We hope you're enjoying the new Issue! This week you've got an opportunity to share your opinions on cancel culture so far.

For this week's competition, we would like you to tell us which of the following opinions you agree with the most and why.

You must PICK ONE:

OPINION A = "People should say whatever they want, whenever they want."

OPINION B = "People should only say things that won't upset other people."

OPINION C = "You should always tell someone if you disagree with their opinion."

The best entries this week will include the word "because" and two or three clearly-explained reasons for your choice.

Use this sentence structure to help you get going:

I agree with OPINION A/OPINION B/ OPINION C the most because...(insert reason here). Another reason I agree with this opinion is... (insert a different reason here).

Comments (52)

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  • I agree with OPINION C the most because if we don't disagree, we will never learn about different views. If we don't disagree, no new thoughts will really generate as you could need many perspectives to decide whether to do something. Another reason I agree with C is that it gives people freedom of speech. It's fine to point out things, as long as we don't talk in an accusatory tone. Besides, should we be refusing others the chance to talk? Opinion A would be fine but there are many people who either can't control what they say or are being deliberately mean with their freedom:so I don't agree with it.
    Option B not only denies people freedom of speech but sometimes the truth can be hard to listen to and can hurt feelings. We should still be honest, whatever the consequences. Therefore, I agree with C.

  • I agree with OPINION B the most as when you are having a discussion, you do not want to offend the other person and make them be rude to you. I also believe this because when you disagree with someone else it may be part of their culture or religion and if you disagree with that then you would most likely end up offending then and their culture/religion. One more reason. If you were having an argument with your best friend, you wouldn't want to make matters worse than it already is so the most sensible option is to apologise and continue like you normally would. I still believe that people should share their option but not if it is harmful to other people.

  • I agree with OPINION B because you should always make sure that what you say doesn’t upset someone because imagine if that happened to you and someone said something to upset you it would be quite rude as they could have formed what they are saying into a compliment. Another reason I agree with this opinion is about religion. What I mean by that is that someone could disrespect someone else’s religion and if a country said something like a racist comment (or just somethings BG to upset them) then there could be a huge war which would impact many people.
    - buzzing_grapefruit

  • Also to add onto what I said I don’t agree with opinion A because you could disrespect someone and say a rather nasty comment without even knowing; I disagree with opinion C because let’s say someone’s opinion is they believe about god then you might say that you don’t believe in God because you think it’s silly, it’s fine to have that opinion but you don’t go around saying that to people who believe and respect God because although some people daughter with each other we still have to be respectful.

    1. I think the auto-correct changed "disagree" to "daughter"!

  • I agree with OPINION C ,adding in to self assured's point, you may say something that comes across as hurtful, but could be true. For example, someone could say the country's finance has been doing terribly, and maybe that's because they have evidence to back up on. Evidence is key in debates, like statistics. And yes, we must talk in the right tone otherwise other people's opinions will never be heard. Another reason I agree with this opinion is because telling someone you disagree with something could really change things for the better. Remember when Niko Omilana ran for Mayor of London. Yes, he was seen as a joke for his humour and most of his votes were from youngsters and he wore stupid children's glasses at the BBC and insulted Boris Johnson, however, he made some interesting points on the London transport fees and about young children's voices being heard. It's saying little things like that, that could really deepen and change people's perspective of things and motivate them to do something right. Like how Rosa Parks knew there was something wrong with black people having to give their seat up to white people, when we are all human and each deserve the same rights as each other. She disagreed, she ended up in prison, but she knew something was up and by her disagreeing really helped shape our modern day society. If it wasn't for her, segregation would've been very common nowadays. OPINION A is good in terms of freedom of speech and human rights, but it must be done in a respectful tone. We can obviously verbally or physically say things, but we can get in trouble. Always think before you speak. So that is why I agree with Opinion C.

  • I strongly agree with OPINION C because everyone deserves the right to disagree with what ever they like. If not, we may never understand another person's reasoning/views. Refusing to disagree will stop you from learning new things, you would just be following the crowd and not standing with your own thoughts. OPINION A would never work as there are many disrespectful people out there who can't simply be kind. OPINION B allows people to speak their mind but in some cases that isn't always the best answer.

  • I agree with both opinion c and b, I chose opinion c because if people don't disagree with your idea that person won't learn about the different views that people have. It could also be good to disagree with a person's idea because they might of not thought of what you were thinking and they might change their minds because of that. Another reason i agree with c is that it gives you a chance to speak. I also agree with b because sometimes when people say something it can be offensive to another person that they might be upset. But some problem can form if people say what they like for example fighting and aguments. So therefore I agree with C and B.

  • I agree with OPINION C the most because if no one ever spoke up and disagreed, the world wouldn't be what it is today. If you speak up and disagree and teach others about why you disagree, you could change minds and lives. This is what protesting is about. Another reason I agree with this opinion is that it gives you a chance to express your opinion instead of being left in the dark. If someone says something and no one disagrees with it, that means the matter is over - no debates , no further conversation about it because it has been decided unless someone protests. As well as OPTION C, I also agree with OPTION B ( just less than OPTION C) because I think that you should say whenever you want but you shouldn't offend someone, whether by accident or not.

  • I agree with Option C. This is because you have the right to disagree with someone. When you disagree or ask things, you are most likely to learn something new. Also when you look from other people's perspectives, you will understand. Its like the saying called '' Put yourself in the person's show '' . If its about a belief like they believe in this specific religion and you don't agree then you cant really say anything because its their belief and you should be able to respect it as a normal human being.

  • I agree with opinion C because some people might not think the same as another person and if you don't disagree with someone then you won't get to share your opinion with them and they will choose their opinion. Another reason I agree with opinion C is because it's up to you if you agree or disagree with someone else's opinion because sometimes you could think someone is correct with their opinion and someone is incorrect with their opinion. Also if you disagree with someone's opinion they can't decide if you agree or not and you won't be able to get your opinion shared with other people

  • People should have the ability to say whatever they want whenever they want. This is because some may say hurtful comments but society cannot develop and change for the better if people cannot express themselves or state their opinions. For example, in our school we are able to express our opinions and what we want to change in order for our school to progress.

  • I agree with option C because when you disagree with someone it shows you know there can have more than one opinion. That means there are more sides to pick and different voices can be heard. Another reason why I agree with option c is because of the fact that when we say our opinions, change can happen. We live in this democratic country were freedom of speech is a human right . My last reason is that when you share your opinion you teach others new things and learn things yourself. This is because not everyone agrees with everything one says you need and open mind to be able to continue saying what you think about all situations.

  • I agree with option C and B, because, if you're constantly disagreeing with someone, that would have a negative affect on their mental health, but also a world with no disagreement would be a world where there's no progress because for example, if somebody tells you 'You'll never be a great scientist' you strive to prove them wrong by becoming a great scientist.

  • I agree with opinion A because people have the right to have their voice heard and freedom of speech. The quote ''whatever they want, whenever they want'' highlights that people will always speak when they want especially in the current generation and century we live in, technology is at a constant progress and the internet does not limit how much a person can say or spread and you can always say your opinions and arguments at anytime and any day.

  • I agree with opinion C because everyone's opinion is very important and everyone is entitled to different opinions - everyone. Having a little debate is awesome and it just introduces you to see someone else's point of view. You and your best friend might have different opinions but that doesn't mean your right or even wrong! You might even change your mind about your opinion because different people think differently! We can even express to people how we feel by using our opinions.

    (At the same time, I don't think you should say opinions that are offensive to so many other people.)

    This is why I agree with opinion C!

    1. Thanks delightful_effort! I have edited your entry slightly as it contained a sentence that might upset other people.

  • In my opinion, I actually agree with opinion A, B and C.
    I agree with A, because sometimes you might have to say the truth, even though it can hurt people’s feelings; but at the same time you could also help them improve as well. Or you might have to defend yourself from someone else that’s upsetting you, because then they’ll think that they can keep on bullying you.
    I also agree with opinion B because you should always make sure that what you say doesn’t upset someone, because if that happened to you and someone said something to upset you, you will probably be very angry and upset. But If you only say things that won’t upset other people, then everything will be peaceful, happy and friendly which is a great environment to be in for everyone.
    Finally, I also agree with opinion C because if we don’t disagree with people, then we won’t know different points of views on arguments and decisions. For example, the government is a group of people that helps make the Prime Minister make decisions for our country. In addition, if we get our voice herald, we can really change things for the better, all we have to do is agree, or disagree.

    1. Thanks for sharing these great ideas, discreet_drum! But this time, to enter the competition, your challenge is to pick just one. Which opinion do you agree with the most?

  • eager_reflection here,
    I agree with option B the most, even though I don't fully agree with it. This is because something that someone says about someone can really hurt their feelings, even if they are trying to help them, for example through criticism. They have to think about how they would word their feedback. Something blunt or rude can offend someone, but being polite and explaining ways to resolve the problems can really help them. People should take into consideration others' feelings and should definitely not be deliberately unkind to someone. If someone posts something rude or unkind, they could make others agree with them. This could result in one post changing to, in extreme circumstances, a global movement. When a famous person posts something that is rude or unkind, people may look back at this even many years in the future. This could possibly end their career or have bad consequences. On the other hand, it restricts people's freedom of speech. They could really be trying to help someone.
    Thanks for reading.

    1. Interesting ideas, eager_reflection. Be careful how you use the words "freedom of speech" as this refers to the right given to you by a government rather than whether you choose to say what's on your mind or not. For example, in the UK we have the right to free speech because that is part of the law - so even if I chose not to say something rude, this still would not take away my right.

  • I agree with OPINION C because I think hearing other peoples perspectives helps us have a wider mindset since we listen to their point of view. If we only ever think one way we will have never have even thought of the other side of the argument. Also, everyone has different opinions and we're not going to always agree with one another. I think everyone deserves the freedom of speech but always watch out for what you say so you don't offend anyone.
    Would you rather be told the hurtful truth or a kind lie?
    I myself would always pick the hurtful truth.
    Thank you for reading,

  • I agree with OPINIONC because in my opinion, I believe that we should always say if we disagree with someone, we share our planet with billions of other people, many people understand the world differently from you. So it’s beneficial to understand other people better, as that means an improved understanding of our world. When you disagree, you come out the other side learning a new way to do something, which could sometimes be better and more efficient. Disagreements also help you think creatively. With the little experience you have, it’s not possible to have an answer to everything right away. For example, by discussing the situation, listening intently, and finding the best possible solution, you gain an opportunity to think critically and challenge your own assumptions, which helps you learn and grow. The difference of opinions can lead to better work outcomes, disagreements can fuel better work relations and performance.

  • I agree with option c because, if you agree with someones opinion you cant just shout at them. You can just tell them calmy and say ''uhm i dont agree with your opinion can you please listen to mine and see if we both agree with mine.'''

  • I agree with opinion B as If you say something offensive it will upset someone

  • I agree with opinion C. This is because people will not consider other's views if nobody disagrees. However, people will need to give feedback to others when they share their opinion in a supportive way that will not hurt their feelings, so that they can take the feedback into consideration. Also, if no one disagreed with others in major places, such as Parliament, unfair laws and biased laws would be created that only a few people agree with. This also applies in other situations that are in smaller places, such as school councils. Overall, disagreeing with others in a supportive way will make situations more fair, and it will inform people of other's views apart from their own, which will educate people in the other side of the argument.

  • I agree with C because you should always speak up and share you're opinion, but I also agree with B, because you should not harm others feelings or thoughts, and shouldn't be mean or selfish.

  • option b because you can't say anything that rude but only if it's baby rude words then maybe if you have a reason as if it was real rude years later when your famous you may get cancelled

  • I agree with C because it is the most likely to be sorted out it won't break into something big that could lead to such things as injuries or even worse BUT nobody would ever want that to happen ( or lets atleast think that ) The first option A means you could be racist and nobody should care .

  • option c because you have a voice and you need to use that voice at the same time though you should not say anything that will affend someone.

  • I agree strongly with C, You should always tell someone if you disagree with their decision because I believe you are afraid to speak up if you don't say your feelings, you need to be brave to speak up and let your opinion into the world However, sometimes You can't express your feelings to some decisions and some are too god to argue with. I believe you need to speak up.

  • I agree with option C since option A and B are not accapltable. Option A states that you can say WHATEVER you want even if it rude. However, for option A it could be very nice and then that would make people glad.

  • I think option c because you should never be scared to disagree with someone because your opinion maters however you should never tell someone their opinion is wrong because that is was they think and it cruel to tell them they are wrong.

  • I agree with OPINION C the most because you should be able to speak your mind. However, you might offend someone, but this is fine because people should have the decency to not offend others. Another reason I agree with this opinion is all opinions are valid, and some should be contradicted if they are wrong.

  • I agree with Opinion C because everyone should speak out and say what they believe. I think it is important to tell everyone what you personally think. Furthermore, I think you should stand up for what you think or you might live a life of misery. However, I also think that you must not express your opinions to harshly as to upset someone so you should think about the word choices you are going to say and say something in the right context.

  • I agree with Option C, due to the fact that, if everyone agrees that something is good, even if it isn't, nothing would ever change and that is why things like slavery and racism lasted so long, as no-one objected. Furthermore, this means that new ideas could be created that will help, and please, people from both points of view. However, conflicts could arise if two people hate the other person's idea, which pleases nobody.

  • I mostly agree with option B, yes of corse you have the right to speak but not if will hurt someones feelings or offend them in anyway. It is not right if someone has darker skin than you to point that out in a rude way that is called racisum - which has come up many times in my life. I think this is very important topic thervermore, we should respect other people. I think this because you never know what people are going through so if you be mean to them or be mean to you, you should never be mean back just say things like- thats nice - I know.

  • Option C, this is because you need to accept people have opinions and should be allowed to say them and so people should be allowed to disagree. Furthermore you need to tell someone if you disagree though, it is always helping other people to disagree as it constructs on ideas. However it can offend somebody sensitive or if the thing you are disagreeing with is something like racism is bad.

  • I agree with option B because if you say something unkind, then it can easily hurt someone's feelings. Furthermore, if you are telling someone your opinion, you have to be careful about your words, because you can also insult someone's opinion. However, for option C, if you are mindful of what you are saying, then you can follow option b and c.

  • I agree with OPTION B because it is important to make sure you are not insulting people when you say things. Furthermore, you may have something in mind that could give you a bad reputation from a certain community of people for doing so and be cancelled even though you may have done something good in the past. However, it is always important to express your own opinions on a certain matter and defend your own answer.

  • I agree with OPTION C so that people know your opinions or to tell people what your opinions are . This may change people's opinions aswell . I believe that we should all listen and share your opinions so that we can learn from them . However , you never know if you were being offensive to people which may hurt their feelings .

  • I agree with Option C as you should tell the people the truth and not lie. I disagree with Option A as if they say something about their skin colour that is races.

  • I think people should be able to say what can but has to be kind .Also people can't say what they want because it could be rude and races.

  • B would work as nobody would get hurt but also C could work as someone could be saying something hurtful or offensive but it could hurt the speaker as well

  • I feel that option C (you should always tell someone if you disagree with their opinion) is what I agree with. This is because you should not pretend that you agree with something that you do not. Also you may be able to improve what you do not agree with by giving some suggestions. This option dose include the possibility of hurting somebody but they should be able to know that people have different opinions. However, option A will be to allow people to give free opinions. I did not chose that option though though because they might say something rude or inappropriate.

  • I agree with Opinion C because you should always say if you disagree with someone so they understand your point of view. Furthermore, you will understand the opinion of the other person. Another reason is that we have so many people to talk to and we should keep with what we think but not be close-minded either. To add on, saying you disagree don't in a rude way might offend someone and everyone should try to make sure what they are saying doesn't hurt anyone. Option A would work but there are so many people out there who want to say unpleasant things to upset people. Opinion B is right but sometimes people get upset over silly things and you just shouldn't have to be scared about not upsetting anyone. Therefore, Opinion C is the best.

  • I strongly believe that opinion B is important because if you say something insulting it may really upset someone.Furthermore, if you say something upsetting it may change people's lives.However,it is also okay and sometimes important to say out your opinion and what you think of it as long as it doesn't hurt their feelings.

  • I agree with Option C because - in my opinion - you should never be quiet and keep that sadness inside yourself and keep it to yourself, you should speak your heart and tell someone clearly whether you disagree or not. Another reason I agree with Option C is that if you don't tell someone if you disagree or not, you won't learn what the world is like. Being offended will make one braver than before.You have to speck up for yourself. This is why I chose Option C.

  • I believe that option C is the most agreeable because if this doesn't happen, we would live in a world where nobody could say their opinions and ideas freely, such a world wouldn't be as advanced as ours and people would be continuously frightened about saying their theories that could have changed the world for the better.

  • I agree with option B the most because being kind and not saying harmful things to someone is something that is morally right, and something that we should all do to each other. Another reason I agree with this is because saying things harmful to others can have a huge effect, something that may not always be realised. This option doesn't take away us being able to debate/say we disagree with something, and we should still do this, but as long as it is done in a safe kind way, along with the ideas of option B. However, in regards to C, it is not ALWAYS necessary to tell someone you disagree, however I do think that it is important as it helps us to develop reasoning and debating skills and see others opinions on a view, however this should be done along with the rules of B, to ensure we are not saying anything negative about others or hurting others feelings in anyway.

  • I think Option C is the most agreeable because if we don’t do this then people will not be able to think of other ideas and just have their own idea.If we never tell anyone that we disagree with them we will not be able to generate any new ideas or thoughts and you can also not know other peoples opinions and be able to see how they relate with our own.This is also very important for our listening skills and creativity skills and also speaking skills,this is because when we listen to why people disagree with our own opinions that is the listening skill.We achieve the problem-solving skill as when people disagree with our opinions and we have a range of different ideas and then we use this skill to link the ideas,and find out which idea is the best,why they disagree,and it is using this very important skill in a small amount.Also if we don’t tell people we disagree they will think that they are always right and you will also not be able to gain more knowledge as nothing new is coming in;you just have this single idea which is very simple.This is the part when we use our creativity skill,when someone disagrees with us,we definitely want to know why and we want to make our idea better and there is the time when creativity comes in,we use it to make our idea better.I find that Option B is also a very agreeable Option as when we are talking or trying to get our opinion through a really big difference can be made by just how we say it,if we don’t upset anyone and say it in a polite way then people will take our opinion into consideration and also like it.If we say it in a rude way they can think we are going against their opinions,beliefs and etc.E.g. if I tell someone, ‘that your work is rubbish’,they will not have confidence,they will think I am putting them down,I am being rude to them,but if I say it like ‘oh you have to improve here’ then they will work on those areas,become better,think I am a polite person,and just gain more.A single word can make a big difference.

    Thank you so much for reading this,I had an amazing time coming up with the theories of this competition.

    Thanks :)

  • I agree with ‘Opinion C’ because others feelings are valuable and to get your point across you shouldn’t have to make someone fell like they can’t speak. If you upset someone by saying something then it probably wasn’t right to say in the first place. To express your opinion is to share your point in an equal manner and don’t upset someone with your opinion if you can help it. Even though your opinion is YOUR opinion people don’t always agree and they also have to learn that not everyone thinks the same. Overall, I agree with the opinion and everyone should respect peoples point of view.

  • I agree with OPINION C the most because disagreeing with someone's opinion can teach them about the different views and opinions on that topic. This can teach people to be more open minded and to input other people's opinions to modify their own, which can improve their thinking and debating skills.


  • I agree with Opinion B the most because generally you shouldn't be aware of not upsetting people and you shouldn't be expressing things other then a general rule. However there are a time when there is a right to speak out against the wrong thing. So sometimes, that might mean challenging someone for an idea that you think is a bad idea or
    the bad decision.

  • I agree with OPINION A because people should have completely free will. However, I also agree that people shouldn't say something that won't upset anybody else but they shouldn't be restricted and not allowed to do it, whether it is wrong or right.