#24 Success stories!

10 March 2022

Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who entered this week’s competition! It was great to hear about all the wonderful things that your countries have accomplished. Our winners this time were chosen for their clear explanations. They are…

blessed_peach of Usra Academy, Kaduna in Nigeria, who wanted to celebrate how children are being given money towards their education in Jigawa


congenial_hyena of International Community School in Jordan, who is proud of how their country is making a big effort towards ending gender inequality.


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The Competition

Success stories

Gender inequality is a problem that the whole world must work on and throughout this Global Conversation, you'll talk about how this could be done.

However, there are lots of things that countries have already done very well.

Your challenge this week is to explain ONE big success that your country or local area has achieved. For example, have any problems been solved? Has anything special been invented? Or what else makes you proud of where you live?

Don't forget to come back to read about what students from different countries say!

Top Tips
  • Read the other competition entries first so that your idea is original
  • Make your entry personal to YOU
  • You could structure your entry like this: "My country/area is successful because... . I am proud of this because..."

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  • My region is successful because: We have many beloved people in the world such as (Mahmoud Darwish, Mona El-Kurd, Mohamed Assaf, Azza Zaarour)
    I am proud of this because even though they are famous and busy with other things, they never forget to talk about their country and their popularity..!

    1. Thanks for your entry, efficient_explanation. Thinking about the theme of our current project, can you think of any ways in which the people you've listed have helped to fight gender inequality?

    2. My country is successful because it has come up with posts in the government that represent both male and female rights.The post that represent women is led by a woman while the post that represent men is led by a man.
      I am proud of this because these leaders have made sure that both genders have equal rights in the society.

  • My country is not a very advanced country, but there is something I love, which is that our jobs are not based on prejudice, and there is work for women before men, as a person, whether male or female, has his voice and his opinion.

    1. Yes women's should treated differently from men because we aren't equal but we can sometimes be bias to women sometimes

  • My country is successful because we produced the first female director general of the world trade organization Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and I am proud of this because this shows that when women are given more opportunities to participate in building the economy, it gives rise to benefits, helps to reduce stereotyping and gives hope to others.

    1. Thanks for your entry, incredible_trumpet. Dr Okonjo-Iweala is definitely an inspiring, accomplished woman. What do you think are her greatest achievements, and how have they changed your country and the world?

  • My country is successful because of its preservation of cultural heritage, on thing Africa is good at is preserving cultural heritage we do things like the Calabar carnival which takes place in December. We attract a lot of tourists yearly, in 2018 Nigeria attracted over 13,000 tourist. I am proud of this because a lot of country's are starting to forget their cultural background or start calling it "old fashion" but not Africa and Nigeria so I am very proud of this achievement

  • One of the things am proud of my country for was introducing the National Poverty Eradication Programme in the year 2001 and it was introduced by retired General Obasanjo. This is a great achievement because both men and women are involved in this programme and both men and women are given equal opportunities. This has reduced poverty in Nigeria and it reduced the rate of gender bias.

    1. It's really a great job with positive results

  • In the past years women were discriminated in my country especially in politics, but the problem was solved when we realised that ending gender discrimination against women is a basic right. It is crucial for a sustainable future; which has proven that empowering women and girls helps economic growth and development.That is why I am proud of my country.

  • My country is successful because the people are intelligent, hard-working and are known for their “can-do” and “never-say-never” attitude, which is complimented with a friendly and accommodating spirit. Nigeria is a multinational state, as it is inhabited by over 250 ethnic groupings, of which the three largest are the Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. Together, these ethnic groups speak over 500 different languages, have diverse cultures, and exhibit unique art. A rich array of cuisines, fashion styles and festival exist across different tribes. For example, the 'Argungu Fish Festival', "New Yam Festival' and so much more.

  • In the area where I live women have their rights respected, if a woman is disrespected by any man both men and women come and stand for her. When I was little all the community heads were males but as time passed the women went for a protest and their voices were heard and now females are part of the elections and meetings.
    Also in my community jobs were only given to males but now they have built shops that women can use to start-up businesses.

  • My country is a successful region, although it is a developing country, but there is no discrimination or inequality between the sexes, and I am proud of its success because I have accomplished some inventions, including a solar-powered car, a gas-producing device, and an electronic medical device that works through messages and social media.

  • My country is successful because of how diverse our cultures and traditions are. I am proud of our cultural diversity because it shows our resilience, our level of humor portrayed in the film industry (the second largest in the world). I love our flamboyant weddings, our ability to adapt and stick together as a nation in spite of the difficult circumstances, our affluent arts and culture and above all our ability to love and be happy; I cannot wish for any thing more except that we continue to live in agreement and harmony.

  • My area is successful although it is not advanced but there is something I love about it! ; Because its residents speak Arabic, English and Hebrew! It is also a center of tradition, and because it is famous for its small establishments! I'm so proud of that because she's getting ahead of all these things!

  • Good comment, tough_cicada. Could you say what you mean by "work for women before men"?

  • Not everyone in my country can read and write. This fact has made us victims of scorn and ill treatment from other countries. Nevertheless, this same country has been able to produce a female writer who has helped prove to those other countries that Nigeria is not backward like they see her to be. This female writer is none other than Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

  • Hi, well am from Benue state, Nigeria. Benue state is a nations acclaimed food basket because of it's rich agricultural produce which include yam, rice, beans, cassava, millet, cocoyam, soybean ,sesame , pawpaw ,mango and so on. It is also known for mineral resources such as calcite, natural gas, kaolin, gemstones, magnetite and salt.

  • For so long females kept calm, like they depended on eating from the men's palm, then came a break through, then came a problem swallowing my community whole, children dying , parents crying a child's disease that bad, consequently a small girl's secondary school felt sad, research and study they found out what was wrong, before then women were not hired in our small hospitals but during the incidence all those little girls found out what giants could not that connecting our water system to that of our soak away system could cause diseases, I am proud to proclaim that now these girls are assured employment from the governmental health office after their graduation.

  • The city I live is very populated, with millions of people living in it. Because of this, lots of people need to move around the city to get to school or work, and my city has tackled this problem very successfully by creating one the most efficient public transport networks in the world. Bus and train stops are spread out evenly and the vehicles arrive at just the right time for everyone to travel around the city safely. This impacts me because without a good transportation system it would be harder and longer for me to get to school on time.

  • Although the state is an occupied country, this did not stop as an obstacle to the achievements in Palestine.
    Teacher Hanan Al-Hroub was awarded the best teacher award in the world in 2016. This teacher came to be a glimmer of hope in the Palestinian education sector, because education in Palestine faced obstacles and challenges, most notably the occupation.
    Hanan Al-Hroub got married at the age of 18 to fulfill her father’s desire after he prevented her from completing her education, but after 12 years she decided to start realizing her dream, which is to complete her education, as the main reason was to restore her hope and her desire to complete her education and teach the basic stage, especially her children.
    After she put a game corner (created by herself) and imitate it.Especially for her children, she noticed the positive results of that. At first, she worked to spread this among the rest of the neighborhood’s children, until her house remained a distinctive sign in the neighborhood, which the neighbors presented and imitated.
    After fulfilling her dream, starting the journey of the teaching profession for the primary stage, she wrote her own curriculum "Play and Learn" that contains educational games.
    This teacher received the Medal of Culture and Science at the level of creativity in Palestine, she is the honorary sponsor of the British Friendship Organization, one of the jury of the Arab Reading Challenge
    This is one of many Palestinian achievements.

  • My country is successful because we have a queen who helps and supports many women in my area and she visits and encourages them and I am proud of that because if we have a queen like her she sheds light on women and their rights and this is a good awareness for us as citizens because she is a wife and a mother, Queen Rania works with all her energies to improve my standard of life through Support their endeavors and contribute to finding new opportunities for them.

  • I am proud of where I live because we respect and appreciate our culture. In Africa, Nigeria is the 3rd most culturally diverse. Nigeria has over 521 languages and over 1150 dialects and ethnic groups. Nigeria is well known for her tremendous achievements culture wise. Every culture in Nigeria has unique diets, mode of dressing, mode of production, language, greetings, marriage, mode of socialization, political systems that could be annexed for development. I am proud to live in a country that appreciates its culture. I am a proud NIGERIAN.

  • I think all girls should hear the words, a girl is human, and every human has rights, we must demand these rights, as a girl, you must claim your rights, you have to show your role in society, your importance, your position, and everything.
    So, how would society be if you did not demand these rights ?
    Being a weak and submissive , affects the family and children, and the refore the whole, it will be a submissive society, these words are important, becous ; your role as a woman is very important in society, it will be strong with your strength, and weakened by your weakness, you are half of the society, and the first parameter, and the men's factory.

  • My country is successful because we make women see how significant they are in the country, show them that without them we won't be able to have a better understanding of the social structure.
    We also expose our women to platforms with equal opportunities and also encourage them to pursue their aspirations.
    And lastly, we are successful because we educate women in rural areas and later make them employable in both private and government organizations.

  • My country is successful because we were able to produce crude oil

  • My country is succssesful, as I believe we(England) have been able to allow women to enter this country with open arms as there is no wrong or right in any type of woman or a person in general. All of us may have our differences but if you are to really think about it, all of us are equal and beautiful just as we are and we should not have to change in any way,this is why I truly do love my country and why i will continue to love it for as long as i can.I hope you agree with my answer as there truly is nothing wrong with just trying to be YOU as you are beautiful

  • Based on on info from Statista, Nigeria is among the countries with the highest literacy rate in West Africa. This is a great achievement because education is one of the areas where women face the most inequality and in many countries, the education of the female child seems like an insurmountable task. Along side the fact that the literacy rate of Nigeria is one of the highest in West Africa, steady progress is being made to continuously empower the Nigerian female and this reflects in achievements such as the appointment of Dr. Ngozi Iweala as the director general of the World Trade Organization.

  • My country is successful because it has some of the world's greatest writers such as Wole Soyinka, who was the first African to be awarded the Noble prize for Literature, Chinua Achebe, Femi Osofisan and many more. A book like Half of a yellow sun has educated fellow Nigerians on the dangers of war, conflict and separation caused by political struggle. This book, written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has inculcated moral responsibility in the minds of citizens and encouraged us to avoid political violence in Nigeria.

  • Nigeria is the most populous black nation on Earth. It is home to the second largest film industry on the globe whilst also being the fashion, technological and creative hub in Africa. Nigerians are known for their vibrant and friendly energy expressed through diverse creative expressions.
    I am proud of this because, it has aided in making we the citizens entertained and Nigerians are proud of who they are and they love to express them selves in the things they do. It is this sincerity of who we are, who we have become and what we would evolve into that makes us unique.

  • Recenltly in my village, the number of women in the municipality council increased and women's voice is finally taken into consideration when making decisions. I'm very proud of this because for years, women here we're just a background and men are the one's leading the scene

  • My beloved area, Gaza strip, is not a very big or modern one, it is even a besieged one, however, I am very proud of the new law that the government has passed . The new law endorses that no man nor woman can marry unless they obtain a marriage license after completing an educational course in which they learn their rights and obligations according to the Palestinian law and the Islamic instructions . This Kind of courses will enhance women's awareness of their rights, therefore, they will be able to accomplish the best in their lives,

  • Palestine is an occupied country, but this does not prevent it from being a successful country.
    Our country is successful because we have many successful people inside and outside the country, for example: Ahmed Sajeda, Ahmed is a student at Birzeit University, his arm was amputated during the confrontations against the Israeli occupation, but he did not give up, and after less than two years, he challenged the occupation with his friends, and they left an arm A prosthetic that performs some of the functions of a natural arm.
    I am proud of that because he did not succumb to the occupation.

  • I will talk about the national dialogue on Women, Peace and security.
    Gaza worked with with GUPW (general union of Palestinian women) with support from the government of norway. And they held annual of the "open day" in order to celebrate of 21th anniversary of UN security resolution 1325, and the event involved a lot of women (including young ones) from all over Palestine, to talk about gender equality, give different ideas, opinions and preservatives. And to talk about struggles that face them as supporters of gender equality, which was a rare event for them to meet.
    That led to Palestine committments to further WPS (women, peace and security) agenda, and it was the second arab state to adopt a NAP (national action plan) in 2016, and it also adopted it second NPA on the end of 2020.
    So women and girls got the chance to be a part of building peace and security in their society.

  • Despite the fact that my beloved homeland Palestine resins under occupation and suffers from the highest average of poverty and unemployment, I am very proud of it and honored to be a young girl on its lands. My pride comes out of the fact that lots of women have respectable positions in the different institutions . for example, the minister of the ministry of health is a great well-educated woman. it's just one example of many others which make me smile with hope when I think about the future of me and my daughters

  • My country is successful because all of our races are at the same level. There is no prejudice despite the belief of many that when a woman wears the veil, there is prejudice and prevents her right to freedom, but this is not true. Rather, the veil preserves the precious treasure, which is the woman.

  • Go Susan!!!,
    My country was victorious in 2018. My country was triumphant when their was war because individuals of Sudan did not like and did not feel comfortable with the government “Omar Al-Bashir.” Citizens of Sudan took of to streets and their was such going on even tyres on fire. Few months later Sudan won and that was their victory.(Sudans victory).

  • Palestine
    When the war intensified, we took refuge in Jordan We received Jordan and the original families in their homes, and they shared their food and clothing with us And all they have
    We stayed like this We are not the only ones. There is Syria and Palestine, and currently there is a war between Russia and Ukraine In the end, I thank the people of Jordan, the people of Palestine and the people of Syria Thank you

  • My country is successful because it has survived as a union intact is a miracle. Ever since Africa was carved up and the British claimed the Niger Area (Nigeria), the country has never been homogeneous. It is made up of myriad people who have a huge variety of cultures and languages. There is no such thing as Nigerian culture. Instead the Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Nupe, Efik, Fulani etc all have their traditional ways of doing things.
    Our people make me proud: the resilience, creativity, hard work and spirit of enterprise demonstrating time and time again that they can excel in spite of our difficult operational environment. The Nigerian spirit is like no other.

  • My neighborhood is successful because it reduced the distinction between women and men, and women can work as they want, and they are free to do what they like, so I think my neighborhood is good

  • Palestine is considered one of the most educated and least illiterate countries, and this in itself is an achievement under difficult circumstances. The Palestinians are always keen on raising their sons and daughters and raising a conscious generation... I will give you interesting examples Hiba Al-Shorfa, a Palestinian girl from Gaza with Down syndrome, and now she has become an assistant teacher.. I think she is a really great example, and this is proof that education in Palestine is not limited to anyone. Education for All... Another example of Palestinian achievements is Munir Nayfeh, a Palestinian atomic scientist and physicist, who is considered one of the most prominent nanoscientists. He has dozens of registered inventions in the United States, won many prestigious scientific awards, published more than 180 scientific articles and papers, and co-authored several books.....These were just a few examples and I'm sure there are many of them even if there are a bunch of issues, there is always a positive side.

  • My district is already successful because when I go to the UNRWA clinic, everyone stands in line for women and queue for men to get medical service, but what reinforces the inequality is that the employee applies equality between men and women equally, by allowing a man to receive treatment from the men's queue and then a woman to receive service from the women's queue Without discrimination between the sexes, thus everyone gets the medical service without prejudice, and it addresses the problem of the long wait to get treatment, and it has reduced the conflict between the sexes over roles, which makes me feel proud, justice and dignity and guarantee the right to treatment and impartiality and injustice, that is the highest image I live in equality and feeling Especially humanity

  • My area is successful, because we have a brilliant and innovative person who is Abd al-Rahman Awad, a Palestinian engineer who created Robert. I am proud of this because he solved the problem of children's difficulty learning and their dislike of school subjects and school, but after inventing a robot, he interacted with students to teach them physical techniques such as electrical circuits and help them memorize their lessons in School and endearing them to study and science, and he succeeded to the extent that the students do not like vacation days, because they long for Robert.

  • My country is successful because of the many contributions of different people, one of such is of this woman called Ladi Kwail. She was great at making pottery, this she started as a child as an apprentice to her aunt. She came into limelight when Michael Cardrew noticed her pottery and invited her to joined the Abuja Training Center where she became the first female potter. Her works were featured in many international exhibitions and galleries, she also gave demonstrations in different art exhibition centers and colleges in different countries. She received national and international awards, her face can be seen in one of our country's currencies. I am proud of this because she beat the odd and did not let her gender deter her from achieving greatness despite lacking a formal education.

  • I am proud of my city because it has been able to achieve the principle of cooperation among the residents and take care of their opinions one by one, even if a good opinion of unqualified people is considered and taken into account

  • My state has become a major development in the subject of equality and prejudice, where women in Palestine have become expressing their opinion and fighting injustice and inequality.
    Many women have opened institutions to support women and their rights, and institutions that help women if they are subjected to violence, injustice, or inequality, and also many men understand the situation and contribute to supporting, Now in Palestine, women are free, not like before, and I am very proud to be a Palestinian living in Palestine, and I hope that there will be a bigger and bigger development, our state depends on us..

  • Funmi Iyanda (Oluwasfunmilayo Aduke Iyanda) is a TV host, a broadcaster, a movie producer, a journalist and a blogger, CEO of OYA media. She was among the twenty youngest powerful women in Africa, even though she lost her mum at a very young age she did not give up. In 2012 the governor of Lagos state honoured her for commitment to Gender Advocacy as she returned from at advocacy trek on up Mount Kilimanjaro that was organised by United Nations to raise global awareness on its campaign to end violence against women and the girl child. I am proud of her because she raises her voice and fights for the cause of women.

  • My country.... I am very proud of it. There are many content providers who contribute to raising and flowering Jordan, including Jihad Hattab / Ibn Hatouta. They present patriotic monuments to their country and to everyone... Thank them for this initiative..

  • Aisha Yesufu is a Nigerian activist and business woman. She co-founded the Bring Back Our Girls Movement over the abduction of 200 hundred girls from a secondary school. She was also involved in the movement against police brutality tagged End SARS. She is quoted as saying "I won't be an irresponsible parent and leave this fight for my children. I brought them to this world and I need to fix the world I put them in." She was among BBC's 100 women and she was also ranked by New African magazine as top 100 Most Influential Africans. One thing I am proud of is her resilience in making our country a better place for the upcoming generation and generations yet unborn.

  • My country is successful with so many great personalities, but I chose to pick from the life of Deola Sagoe who is an haute couture fashion designer. I am proud of this because through her achievements as the best costume designer in 2015, she made it clear to individuals that there are no limitations in becoming successful in spite of your gender.

  • My country is successful with stories of people like Ndidi Nwuneli who is an expert on African agriculture and nutrition, she is recognized as an entrepreneur, author, a consultant and public speaker. I am proud of this because through her works she has led the designs and executions that are focused on policies, ecosystem solutions and growth.

  • I am proud of my country, despite the siege and occupation, but women were able to preside over high positions and were able to be productive and talented, for example the committees of the Women’s Union in Rafah, led by Director Fatima Al-Khatib (and Mrs. Suhaila Shaheen, generations educator and activist in the People’s Assembly), who is the largest on the A great success story for a woman

  • My country is successful despite the siege and I am proud of it and its mighty people because:
    On the sixth of the month of Nine in 2021, 6 prisoners succeeded in wresting their freedom through a tunnel dug from the Gilboa prison to see the sun of freedom and taste the delicious patience of Palestine. Almost, however, this short period shook the occupation and restored hope and spirit to the mighty Palestinian people.

  • My country is successful because the federal government has introduced programs like the tradermoni and marketmoni schemes which has targeted female as the most beneficiaries. Females have been allotted 70% of the future beneficiaries. This will help females to attain financial freedom, independent and more female owners.
    I am proud of this because this had led to a tremendous development in my country.

  • Although my country is occupied, this does not constitute any obstacle for us, because we have been going through this for 74 years. We are distinguished by patience and strength, and this is what makes me proud of my homeland Palestine. Despite all the obstacles that my country has faced, it has brought out thinkers, scholars, writers and poets such as Muhammad Darwish, Fadwa Toukan and Mazen Qumsieh However, my country does not deny the right of a woman, as she is like a man, not like the rest of the country
    And the achievements made by my countrymen reach the NASA space center

  • My country is successful because there are a lot of males and females in Gaza work in
    private sector , but only a quarter of these businesses are owned by women . Few opportunities for women to participate in the labor force exist, either through corporate employment or entrepreneurship. Although 65 percent of Palestinian women have expressed a desire to launch a business, only 15 percent have done so (. In response to these challenges, A program was lead partnered with Bank of Palestine (BOP) to launch the
    Felestineya Mini-MBA program and I am really proud to have such creative ideas for women to have more places in these places.

  • I am proud of my country because we have excellent women in position of power, we have Dr. Amina Muhammad, United Nation's deputy secretary who was also the former minister of Environment. We also have women like Dr. Zainab Ahmad, minister of finance, Saadiya Umar Farouq, minister of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development etc, and all of these women are the role models to younger girls who also want to achieve great things in the future.

  • Am proud of my state (Kaduna state , Nigeria) because women are progressing in politics for example the first deputy governor is a woman,Dr Hadiza Balarabe.
    Also we have equal job opportunities,also women own business ,SME.
    Finally ,both genders are given equal opportunities to get education for example in the public school who also offer a meal.

  • My country is successful because education here in Jigawa is free and compulsory for all female child ,and the chairman of the education board announced just recently that arrangements are underway to pay a sum of 19,000 Naira each to all female child in primary and junior secondary on a termly basis, and 40,000 Naira to parents who enroll their daughters in school as to encourage the parents and daughters. Not only females but even males will have the courage to focus and study hard due to the increased numbers of students/pupils in the schools. This will bring out the best in them.
    I am proud of this because it encourages all female child to seek for education.

  • I am proud of my country because women get the same job opportunities like men, they are also allowed to move and travel as they like.

  • My country is successful because it has NGO's, Entrepreneurship, equal job opportunities and fair politics. Why I said that is because, in all of this, women have equal rights in my country like the NGO which is Girl Child Concern and in politics, the first deputy governor in Kaduna is Dr. Hadiza Balarabe and in Jigawa state, we have the Girl Child Education which is free. Which is why I am proud of my country for their achievements.

  • My country is successful because it was able to overcome the difficulties, challenges, and bombing that took place in it as a result of the occupation, and therefore I am proud of it because such work cannot be done or tolerated by most countries.

  • I am proud of my country, particularly in the aspect of politics, for example, Aisha Dahiru Binani has been in active politics for some years now. At first she was a member of the house of representatives and she is currently a serving senator representing Adamawa central in the national assembly. This particular development has helped in establishing fairness in the Nigerian political system.

  • I am proud of my country Nigeria especially my state Jigawa because,I in 2007 Jigawa state government made girl child education free and compulsory. Also the Jigawa state government pays stipends to students and their parents to encourage the parents allow their daughters to go to school. So in conclusion Jigawa has helped in promoting gender equality.

  • My country is successful with such success stories in Gaza City. First we all know that women in Gaza tend to receive a poorer quality of education. The dropout rate for high school students (though still low at less than 3 percent) has risen recently, with girls being slightly more likely than boys to leave school early.
    Despite these challenges, girls’ education in Palestine continues to progress. Girls are equally represented in STEM alongside boys and their presence in universities continues to grow. The main challenges to female education in the region are political and cultural. While it may be unrealistic to expect a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian land conflict any time soon, attitudes about women are already changing.
    Well what makes me proud of my city is that there is One group of 40 Palestinian girls attending Sokaina Girls School in the Gaza Strip decided to challenge social norms about women’s role by building a library for their school. With support from UNICEF and other NGOs, they were able to bring a new world of learning and hope to a community where libraries are scarce.

  • I am proud of my country because girls have the right to go to school and have a job. I am also proud of my country because the women participate in politics. I am also proud of my locality because the women have their empowerment groups.

  • I am proud of my country Nigeria in terms of politics because some of our ministers are females, for example, our deputy governor in Kaduna state is a female Mrs Hadiza Balarabe. In terms of political issues, my country Nigeria is not biased against women because both women and men have equal political opportunities. To show that my country Nigeria is not biased against women in politics, I will give an example with Mrs Halima Lawal, the minister of education in Kaduna state.

  • My country is successful because we produced inspirational women like Amina Mohammed who has served as an environment minister and has worked with three presidents to develop the United Nation's MDGs. She has helped to improve maternity mortality in Nigeria by 30% and Funmilayo Kuti, who fought for women's rights and representation in the political and educational aspects.

  • In my country Nigeria, we were the first to have hosted the first-ever boxing world title event on the continent. And I am proud of my country and I consider that as a great achievement for the nation.

  • I think my country is successful because in 2017, a new legislation was passed which made requiring employers yo reduce the pay gap and release the data about this in their company and to the government which could mean that soon there could be almost no or no pay gap which could greatly add to the success of women in their fields. I am proud of this because where I am from there are some examples of gender inequality (although it is rapidly improving) and we are not renowned for changing laws to habilitate this so it is very impressive that we can make the steps to move towards a better future and a better way to treat members of society equally.

  • My country/area is successful because since its independence india has made significant strides in addressing gender inequality especially in the areas of political participation, education and legal rights. Policies and legal reform to adress gender inequality have been adopted by the government.
    I am proud of it because for a country which contains most of the Catholic population it isn't easy to adopt such changes.

  • I am proud of my country specifically in democratic terms because the citizens fought for democracy back in December 12th 1963. It was once attacked by the british for them to take our land but our fierce heroes (Jomo Kenyatta, Pio Gama Pinto, Field Marshal Musa Mwariama and Koinange Wa Mbiyu. Kenya was once a british colony ruled by Queen Elizabeth but the bold cultural leaders led us to independence. I am also proud because Kenya is known as the country with the most beautiful natural landscapes, our Great Wildebeest Migration and the home for the fastest animal. If i was to also add something else that i am very proud of, it would probably be the fact that Kenya has improved its financial stability therefore becoming the 6th richest country in Africa and i hope it continues progressing..🙌

  • I consider my country successful, despite its limited capabilities, as it is able to receive and contain refugees from neighboring countries,in which there are conflicts and its ability to provide shelter, health care, job opportunities, and integration into the local community,Thank you to my country, small in its size and big in its humanity

  • My country is successful because we have a lot of school that helps as educates the children and jobs for everyone too and more to women

  • I am proud that I am a female and I still utter the name of life in women until I utter my last breath and I am at the beginning of my future
    There are women that we should be proud of. I am proud that you are one of the steadfast daughters of Eve, who are able to overcome the difficulties of the occupation, makers of generations, despite your presence in the headquarters of the aggression, but you were able to do the best that you have, even if a woman before you has never attained a governor position in Palestine. The Impossible I, as a Palestinian, is proud to have a woman who sings for a hundred men. She is the psychological counselor, the great and rare political psychoanalyst, Dr. Laila Daoud Muhammad Ghannam, and she is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Arab American University.
    She really represents the women who achieved the most beautiful and wonderful pictures of liberated Palestine, God willing

  • My country is not one of the developed countries, but our religion is one. It did not differentiate between the sexes, as it gave females their rights and gave males their rights with justice and equality, and did not differentiate between them as one is better than the other in other matters.

  • My region, Qatar, is successful due to many things which include: it’s high economic state; it’s many oil and gas companies; countless luxury shopping malls and delectable cuisines; and finally it is also the third richest country in the world, with 195.00 USD billion. I am proud of this because Qatar gives both men and women, girls and boys, equal opportunities, unlike some countries who favor one gender over another. I am also proud of my country as it is always willing to help others in need especially in times like COVID.

  • My country is successful and I am proud of it because there is no discrimination between men and women at work, so a woman can work as she likes, and a woman can open a business for herself. Marriage after completing an educational course in which men and women learn about their rights and duties according to the law, and I am also proud of my country because it does not differentiate between men and women because our Islamic religion urges that

  • The country that I live in is successful because of the open minded, progressive and developing community . Jordan has shown improvement , in gender equality. We can see this in the parliament as women are 12.5% of the MP’s, this isn’t a lot but it is still improving and I hope to see it continue to improve.

  • My country is a beautiful country just like all other countries and we have achieved lots of things like lots of other countries have! My country has a lot of nice people who don't really judge people but it does happens sometimes. The government in Canada states "Women and Gender Equality Canada works to advance equality with respect to sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression through the inclusion of people of all genders, including women, in Canada’s economic, social, and political life" and that shows that we are doing our best to be equal.

  • In my country we have completed many things that I'm proud of, but the thing in my country I'm most proud of is that we were the first people on the moon and had 12 more landing on it which allowed people research even more about our moon. This is probably one of the greatest achievements of my country.

  • The country , where I live in is Jordan , is very successful because the Jordanian women are highly educated , are free to travel without a male companion , and don't have to cover their hair in public.The Jordanian women enjoy equal rights .

  • In my country Switzerland gender inequality is very low, whether your a boy or a girl it doesn’t matter. My country had gender inequality some time ago but now it is a place where you can do anything you want without being judged on your gender. Many politics are woman.

  • In Jordan, both women and men are allowed the right to contribute to parliament, this is most definitely a sign of improvement, offering a beginning to Gender Equality. Having also agreeing to the UN’s many Women’s rights statements.

  • in my country ,the government has taken big steps on gender inequality for example ; campaigns like "beti bachao beti padao "," women helpline", "working women hostel", "NIRBHAYA" etc. there are also many people like savitribai phule - who started the first school for girls, Raja ram mohan roy -crusaded against sati, polygamy and child marriages, Suman rao - who is working towards opportunities for unprivileged women in India . I am proud of all of them for beings successful towards their goals in their country and making a change in society towards gender equality.

  • I am proud of my country," Jordan" ,because it received Palestinian and Syrian refugees and granted Palestinian refugees from 1948 granting them the rights of any Jordanian citizen, including by giving them citizenship and the right to vote and granting Syrian refugees places to live (camps)
    Jordan contains the largest number of refugees in the Arab world.

  • My country is successful because we are one hand.every one respect each other. We try as much as possible to push back corruption and build a classy and loving society Although we are an occupied country, we defend our rights together because we believe that we will be liberated and when someone falls into aproblem, we all stand with the right without discrimination.
    I am proud of it because it has palestinian singers like Muhammad Assaf, palestinian poets like Mahmoud Darwish and poets like fadwa Toukan and others...💙

  • My country was suffering from poverty and ignorance, and it had Western customs and traditions that linked it to society until equality emerged and my country brought out many scientists such as Ali Nayfeh, the founder of nanoscience, and showed my country poets such as Mahmoud Darwish, doctors and engineers...
    I am proud of my country, the director of the great generations

  • Well, my area is sacred because: Jesus Christ was born in it and the Prophet Muhammad and many of the prophets visited it..!
    I am proud of this because it made my country very sacred and honorable, and some of us call my country “the land of religions” ..!

  • My area is successful because the people who live in it love the good for each other and think about the problems of others before they think about their problems as if they are one family, they do not differentiate between anyone, whether male or female, and I am proud of my area as its residents worked together to develop electricity poles and repair roads

  • India, is known to have a diverse culture and rich traditions. However, India also tackled some issues like for example Covid 19, they overcame this by vaccinating a large amount of the population; now the coronavirus in India is improving. India invented one of the most played mental games, yes they created chess; Chess is now celebrated in many different countries now. All of these achievements makes me proud of India.
    International Community School, Amman

  • my successful; Because she preserved women's rights, and so on, she preserved her heritage, and she confronted the occupation of my country with success, because she always wanted to implement the law of equality and justice. I love my country; Because there are many famous men and women who have preserved all kinds of rights. Although we are an occupied country and a developing country, we are trying to apply justice and equality. We do not forget that we are an area with a large population density, but we have applied justice. I am proud of my country because it has won many awards, such as Muhammad Assaf and Dr. Olfat El Jojo, who achieved high ranks in the Arab world after publishing a book of her own.

  • My country is the world's second largest cocoa producer behind Ivory Coast and Africa's biggest gold miner after South Africa . It is one of the continent fastest growing economics and has made major progress in the attainment and consolidation of growth . Significant progress has been made in poverty reduction

  • My country is successful because seven banks headed by women out of the twenty-two commercial banks in the country, have shown they are capable, strong and are able to do what the environment claims to be a man's role.
    In Nigeria, a lot of women have joined the tech and manufacturing industries breaking the culture and belief systems where women were not allowed to go to schools but stay at home to raise children.
    I am proud of this because I am in a generation where I can see women and every girl child making a difference and breaking through the glass ceiling to achieve very lofty dreams.

  • Being as a female teenager, I am very proud of my country—China’s action of putting gender equality in constitution. Being as the largest developing country worldwide, China has achieved of a 4:6 ratio of women getting job opportunities, it is also significant that over half of the employees in the country’s internet industries are dominated by females. In the very recent Chinese teleplay that I watched, surrounding problems of a law firm, over half of the protagonists are female lawyers. This reflects the country’s high level of attention in reducing gender inequalities.

  • My region is successful because (we have a wonderful president) and before that of the late presidents..!
    I am proud of this because every president in my country was protecting women, unlike what is in other countries. They made women and feminine in general (a sacred thing!) and made sure not to harm them in any way!!

  • My country is successful because of its people’s resistance and failure to abandon it and the aggression that imposes its control on Palestine and the presence of Islamic sanctities in it, such as the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall and others, and because Palestine is a source of attraction for tourists in most of its cities, so I am proud of it.

  • My country is successful because all Muslims and non-Muslims live here and all have equal rights. It is not that more attention is paid to Pakistanis but all people live according to their own religion and tradition. Even our Prime Minister Imran Khan has built a temple for the Hindus. I am proud of this because when our leader created Pakistan, he clearly told non-Muslims that you are free, whatever their religion, they are free to go to their places of worship. The state of Pakistan will have no objection to what your faith, religion, or caste is. This is what connects Pakistan with other countries.

  • My country is palestine
    My country succesful because of:
    Despite all the difficulties and the occupation. However, they did not forget the rights of women they did not accept her in justice as they did a project is called( to wards gender equality empower women in the occupied palestiniant territroy)
    This is animportant project aimst non discrimination in the workplace.
    There are conditions upon which this project is based:
    1Non discrimination in the wages of work between the sexes.
    2Providing workplaces free from violence
    3Awareness in the workplace of non violence against women
    Isn't that great?! Does it not contribute to the protection of women's rights and spread equality?!
    I'm proud of this because:
    My country he didn't forget women's rights and the importance of eqality.
    This project had many consequences,inclading :
    1Spreading Gender Equality.
    2Respecting women's rights.
    3Fairness in giving everyone his wages for his work...•●■~

  • My neighborhood is successful because we are in it. Why do we talk about the successes of other people and not talk about our own success? We, as students who excel in our studies, are the reason for the success of our region. We always work to spread awareness, educate people and provide them with our experiences and ideas. I am proud of myself and those like me because I always trust that we are the reason for changing our region for the better. Instead of talking about successful people, we can be like them and in all worthiness, work on yourself from today...

  • What I am most proud of in my country and what makes me feel that it is Special is the solidarity and unity of the people.... I feel that we are together for one goal that does not differentiate between black or white, Christian or Muslim, young or old, man or woman. Our goal is one, which is (The homeland ) I feel that the homeland is what truly unites us.... Love of the homeland, the Sacrifice for the sake of the homeland. We are patient, defend and fight, but we say "For you, my country"

  • I am proud of my country because recently the first lady of Nigeria Mrs Aisha buhari was accompanied by two female ministers and her entourage to the national assembly. The visit was to support a bill to have more female parliamentarians at the federal and state legislators. The bill will help in national building and more women participation.A very commendable approach towards higher female participations.

  • Hello everyone, male or female.
    Today I will talk about gender equality in my country, and how this is done through a legal constitution. In my country, gender equality is legal, where women and men inherit together, and men do not have the right to eat the female’s inheritance, and the jobs offered are offered to both sexes, also in my country Gender equality where the female is allowed to pray with the men, there is no difference between everyone, in the end the genders are equal in their right to a decent life in which both parties obtain their full rights.
    I am very proud of my country because it implements the Heavenly Equality Constitution. This constitution is the Noble Qur’an. I wish all countries access to it to implement it and achieve equality.

  • As a girl, I am happy to be born in the UK since I have access to education , can have freedom to choose my path in life and decide how many children I would want to bear which are not guaranteed rights in other countries. While I am aware that in the professional environment there are gaps in salaries and opportunities for women, those gaps are actively reduced every day and , anyways, such gaps just motivate me to become the best version of myself that I can be. In fifteen years times, I will be the local success story - despite being a woman.

  • My town has many achievements, including the eradication of illiteracy, and it has taken great care of education until the illiteracy rate reached 2%.

  • One of the most difficult difficulties that we as residents in the countryside and villages may face is the lack of centers and hospitals for treatment in the town. If someone wants treatment, he must go to the city until he reaches the hospital, and other times on the road, which may make the patient’s condition worse, but, thank God, a private hospital was built For the people of the town, it has all the requirements. This was a beautiful and wonderful thing for the townspeople.

  • My town has many achievements that we are proud of. Where she makes institutions for women to educate them about many things and do some of the activities that entertain them, and make trips to introduce them to new things, and get them out of the idea that they cannot do anything. It also supports projects undertaken by women and helps them develop projects. So I am proud of her.

  • My country is successful because it produced the first African Woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Professor Wangari Maathai founded the Green Belt Movement which focused on tree planting. She was also an advocate of Women's Rights. I am proud of it because she showed that women can be actively involved in a country's progress politically,socially and economically.

  • My country is successful because we have young Oscar's Award winner with the best supporting female actor in Hollywood which has been occupied by Whites and through this she has break the colour bias.I am proud of this because it helped female to realize that they can be actors in Hollywood.

    1. My Country is successful because gender equality is being addressed by different institutions like parliaments, learning institutions, NGOs among others. The constitution of Kenya provides for equal treatment to men and women including the right to equal opportunities in Political,Economic , Cultural and Social spheres.This makes me proud of my country because i can use the constitution to defend the rights of boys and girls.

  • My Country is successful because currently we have a female chief Justice,Martha Koome. I am proud because my country is trying to fight gender inequality and giving women equal opportunity in leadership.

  • My Coutry is successfull because we have great daring women Lawyer such as Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan who was born from warring tribes in Marsabit Northern Kenya . After she was trained as lawyer. She did not ran away to practice her career else where but came back and founded Horn of African Development Initiative non for ''Shoot to score not kill'' and I am proud because she uses to f0ster peace and advocate for education in Kenya and especially for girls. And she was the first African Woman to be elected as a member of the streetfootball world in 2015 and she won a commonwealth points of light Award in 2018 for her work of bringing communities together and championing the rights of Women and girls.

  • My country Kenya is successful because we have produced the first female judge Effie Owuor who was the first judge of the court of appeal. I am proud of this because when she retired from the court in 2008 and she continues to chair the Sexual Offences Task Force in Kenya.

  • My country Kenya is successful because the Ministry of Education introduced Democracy in Students leadership in schools. This has given us opportunity to participate equally in school leadership as boys and girls. I am proud because this has given both boys and girls opportunity to realize their potential.

  • For most of my life, I have been living in China, and during these years here I have seen it develop and grow. I think the biggest change is the fact that baby girls are now accepted much more, previously if parents found out that their first child was going to be a girl, it was likely that the baby would be killed almost instantly (which I think is very sad, due to the simple fact that it is still happening all over the world) Now China restricts parents from knowing the gender before birth, I think this highly helped the GBSS in the country, allowing baby girls to have a chance in a world that wouldn’t have wanted them (I wish all the girls out there a wonderful life, make sure to always persuade what you want also if others try to hold you down).

  • In my locality, there had been records of several car accidents especially at night due to the lack of street lights in the area and this has been a very great issue. A lot of people have lost their lives, both the rich and the poor in the area. Thanks to the intervention of a group of individuals in the area, street lights have been made available through the contribution of both the men and women in the area which has helped to greatly tackle this issue and save a lot of lives and reduce property damage.

  • Among the works that my town is working on, and I am very proud of it, is that they are working on repairing and restoring roads and reviving them, by paving them, building pedestrian paths, putting traffic lights and directional signals, as well as planting trees on the sidewalks, which makes the streets look beautiful and placing containers in an orderly and clean manner, and what I like the most is that they They started restoring the deserted roads where there are no people and reviving them by building houses and amusement parks.

  • I am proud of my country, that its people defend it, its streets are very beautiful, and it is my right that my country is liberated and that it is distinguished among its hospitals.

  • where my dad works they have employed more women which makes me happy because women can then get the job which suits them (in this situation a firefighter)

  • My country is successful because of this woman Roseline Adewuyi, she is a social educator, gender advocate and blogger, who is helping young girls fight stereotypes associated with the girl child . Her efforts have helped many girls overcome The biases surrounding the female gender ,she organized seminars, workshops and educational competitions and other enlightening platforms both online and offline ,for them to key into the dream .

  • In the Uk, women are treated different just because I f their gender they are told they aren’t able to this and for Men they get treaded different sometimes aswell they get told all their good for is to work but I believe that all genders shall get treated the same and how we should do that is to assist each other to respect each other.

  • In Nigeria, there is a certain level of gender equality in our nation that makes me proud as we are still a developing country trying to catch up with the fast-paced world. People like Osasu Igbinedion is a female rights activities who puts a lot of effort in organizing the Osasu Show to bring about awareness on gender inequality. This show has informed so many people about their rights and is beginning to help Nigerians adjust to the fact that gender roles are outdated

  • Gender equality means that women and men have the same rights and obligations in all different areas of life, and it works to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms for all people.

  • My successful country solved a lot of discrimination and inequality problems
    1- In my country, the word “female Jordanians” was added next to the word “male Jordanians” in the Jordanian constitution.
    2- As for jobs in my country, they are not based on discrimination and opportunity for males and females alike

  • My borough of Newham has been rejuvenated due to the inspiration of the Olympic legacy in which has improved the infrastructure and the financial stability which has turned Newham into a international district business hub. And has increased the business and employment sector and has given leading financial gain's to the rest of the London borough due to our mayor of Newham Rokhsana Fiaz OBE (the mayor of Newham).

  • Although my country has many obstacles
    like lack of electricity , water , food and many things but you can find love , cooperation and respect between people .
    Education , Clinics and many foundations are available for the two genders . So I think my country is successful.

  • My region here in kenya has been very succesfull people like tom boya of kenya brought independence here he made our country modelled it an also mzee jomo kenyatta fought for independence fought for our country michel obama fought for womens rights in america

  • In my society, I do not see the mahifestations of prejudice towards me hat the expehse of women, our society has given men and women an equal opprtunity : in education, in jobs, in expressing opinion, in forming groups and a ssociations, and I as a palestinian girl, am proud of this , becouse ; my community is very aware of women's rights. Is discussion in some societies on these topics?

  • In my country the situation is different because there are special circumstances for it. However, in my country, gender equality is applied, but of course in every society there is a group that has strange views and I would like to know the reason for their strange vision????

  • Lately, the Al-Maghazi camp municipality launched a campaign to empower women.

    The campaign called for increasing women's representation in the ‏municipal councils. I am proud of my camp and my homeland for doing their best to empower women.
    Is there a special day in your country for celebrating International Women’s Day?

  • One of the difficulties in my country is that the number of educated men in my country is more than that of the women and thereby gives men the upper hand of getting jobs. Women are more than one and a half times more likely to live in poverty than men in the same age bracket. So, my country has been organizing workshops, seminars, and symposiums to help women acquire skills that would help them to be employed in different businesses and even become entrepreneurs. This has helped the uneducated women to get money and this also has proved the theory right which is, "Formal education would make you a living, Self-education, and your skills would make you a fortune".

  • I am proud to live where i live because our town made all the clothes for the American civil war and we were a proud mining town and a factory town and to end it a prime minister came from our town.

  • My country that I come from(Pakistan) has been very successful because of a person like Malala Yousafzai who has been influential on girls rights such as going to school, and she has been supported all over the world, releasing her own book about her life. She has given speeches in Pakistan on why girls should have the right to go to school and that they should be equal to boys.

  • My area is successful because it has male and female leaders and some of them are also part of the BAME community. We also have LGBT+ leaders.
    I am really proud of our area because of the diversity.

  • My country (Bangladesh) is successful because it has an impressive track record of growth and poverty reduction. I am proud of this because it is a very poor country yet it is still trying its best to reduce poverty with the money it has.

  • In England we have made certain laws about gender bias but there are still the odd gender bias people overall its ok in England.

  • I live in a rural area. Several years ago, the parents separated between males and females, so they did not take them out of the houses. They stayed to work at home and did not go to education. Only males are allowed, but life began to develop and progress, and intellectual and cultural awareness began to advance, and the girl began to teach and work, and began to work as a teacher and a doctor. Being equal with males, taking justice and eating what you deserve, and this in itself is the biggest achievement and progress that happened to my village.