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where my dad works they have employed more women which makes me happy because women can then... #24 Success stories! 08/3/22
I have chosen the character harry potter from the chamber of secrets as he solves mysteries... #22 Escape the pages! 21/2/22
i would say D because that is a picture of a knight from chess. i chose this because the horse... #20 The winning icon 04/2/22
person B i dissagree with you as google gives over 4,090,000,000 for one word in less than 0.51... #19 Respond! 31/1/22
i found world in the word search. this is linked to the news as there are lots of world wide... #18 Search and say! 21/1/22
if i win 1 milion dolars i would invest some for university,also for charitys such as make a... #17 Hey big spender! 17/1/22
my question was how will you start a discusssion about the news in 2022 i will discuss the main... #16 Wheel decide! 05/1/22
It is important for me to talk about the news because i may be young but my opinions and... #13 You and the news 29/11/21
if i were a world leader, i would promise to do everything in my power to stop racisum and help... #12 Important promises 19/11/21
sientists are aiming to bring bak extinct animails by 2025 #11 Tell me more! 16/11/21
I would like to find out more about A as NASA was going to change history by putting the first... #11 Tell me more! 15/11/21
i think D represents how every news story grows just like that plant will #10 Pick a picture 10/11/21
i think D as in glassgow they are having a meeting to save our world #10 Pick a picture 08/11/21
the film i know about protecting the climate is avatar. the film is about explorers who find a... #9 Think of a link 29/10/21
i think curiosity is the most impotant because if your not curious of what your writing about... #4 Because... 27/9/21