#27 One word!

30 March 2022

Winners Announced!

It’s amazing how much you can say with just one word, isn’t it? And this week, you all certainly rose to the challenge. Thank you to everyone who entered the competition - as always, we can only have two winners. This time they are…

rational_grape of Makini Academy in Kenya, who described a detailed analogy which compared the news to the sun


joyful_lemon of Castle Hill Primary School in the United Kingdom, who clearly and concisely explained why they chose the word “vision” in just one sentence.

Two very different, but very good answers - well done!

Competition Rules

Welcome to the competition! There are three important rules:


If you don't follow the rules, you will not be able to win and your account may be deactivated.

This competition will close at 5pm (UK time) on Wednesday 30th March for judging! We will announce two winners on Thursday 31st. Good luck!

The Competition

One word

We often see you sharing your opinions in long sentences. But to enter this week's competition, your challenge is to choose ONE WORD that sums up what the news means to you.

It could be a word that shows how the news makes you feel, a word that describes a news story you're interested in or even a word that explains why you think the news is important. Then, explain WHY you chose that word.

The best entries this week will be those who choose a word that nobody else has thought of.

Top Tips
  • Read the other competition entries first and try not to repeat someone else's idea
  • Make your entry personal to YOU
  • You could structure your entry like this: "The word I have chosen is... . This word sums up the news for me because... ."

Comments (87)

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  • The word that I have chosen is false. I chose this word because a lot of news that we see looks real but sometimes is too good to be true so I enjoy looking at it and seeing if I can decipher whether this is real. It is important to remember this because we must remember that some things are too good to be true although some strange thigs are real.

  • The word I chose is a task that summarizes the news for me because it is very important for me to talk about the news because it is a window to the outside world ... because it is a source of renewal, change and inspiration ... because reading more news means more knowledge, culture and learning ... because it fills people's ears and attracts them.

  • Wahwah: It means the strong, strong, so if we say about a person that he is wahwah, we praise him and we mean that he is strong.The reason for my choice of this word is that it expresses everything. With strength we defy difficulties, with strength we continue the path, with strength we achieve goals, and with strength, science and knowledge build minds.

  • The word l have chosen is "awareness". This word sums up the news for me because…
    1. To find out what is going on around us.
    2. Arranging and organizing the course of our lives according to the extent to which we are affected by these events, by their proximity or distance from us, or their economic or humanitarian impact on us.
    3. There is news that we follow out of curiosity and it affects us psychologically like wars.
    I hope that the news in all countries of the world will be joyful and peace will be achieved for all. To achieve equality and non-discrimination.

  • My word is "Hope" the reason is because when I hear something good it tells me we have hope and we could get through anything . If it is something wrong going, I think of hope that we could go through this and help the problem. For an example when it was lockdown it was a prison for me but then and again I thought of hope, which when a next year later gone, lockdown was gone why because I go and watch the news everyday I hear something good for an example " the virus has been easing since the last week" which mean that we could go through anything and when I don't hear something good that like as in a example "We are going back to lockdown because since the virus has gone worse" as I hear this from the news I only think of one thing hope which inspire me to stay strong and what I am suppose to do, and next thing you know it is gone, Which is the reason why I suggest the word "hope"

  • The word I have chosen is 'knowledge'.
    This sums up the news for me because when you read or see news, it will always be information -packed and make us aware of all the good and bad things that are happening all around the world. There is a saying that goes 'Knowledge is power' - we can endeavour to help make positive changes around us and encourage others to do the same.

  • The word I chose is 《awareness》This word sums up the news for me because the news is the main partner in building this awareness, due to the large flow of information and news, awareness has become the way to prevent false news and fight false content, and thus I have the ability to perceive facts and reality and avoid content. Shaded posts....

  • The word I have chosen is "unbelievable"
    This word sums up the news for me because not all news is true and often it is false and fabricated.

  • The word I have chosen is: " Communiqué".
    This word sums up the news for me, because: for me, news are like an official announcement or statement, which can be either fake or real.
    Communiqué, means official communication, especially for the press or public...

  • The word I have chosen is educational.
    This word sums up the news for me because I had the belief that gender bias wasn't so bad and I thought that with or without the movement the whole gender inequality problem would work itself out.
    But then I came to the realization that there are a lot of voiceless girls and without the movement, they'll be stuck with no hope for the end of the bias, I have been educated on how negatively the bias has affected a lot of young girls around the globe.

  • The word I have chosen is "informative". This word sums up the news for me because it provides useful and interesting information.

  • The word I choose is 'fascination' because all the information I have learnt from the global conversation is fascinating because it helps me to know about the current happenings in the world.

  • The word I have chosen is "invaluable". This word sums up the news for me because to me the news is extremely useful; indispensable and vital. News is key to ones existence on earth, because it divulges and discloses the incredible and unknown things happening around you and in the world, which keeps one well informed and vigilant of the environment he lives in.

  • The word I have chosen is "communication"and I have chosen this word because I feel the news helps us communicate with one another. If there's no news then there's no communication and it leads to unawareness, because the news communicates to us what goes on in the world and if the news doesn't communicate to us what is happening then we are unaware. Communication regarding to gender equality has helped women know their rights and speak up for themselves because there are women who have also believed in the false stereotypes in the world but through the news, they have been communicated to and told that they are not weak, or less important than the men, or they can't perform the functions men perform and it has helped women build their morale.

  • The word I have chosen is ''humility''.this word means shaving or showing a modest or low estimate of one's importance.
    It sums up the news for me because people who are being biased when it comes to the female gender should try to be humble and acknowledge and appreciate the female gender. If people all over the world develop the spirit of humility then the issue of gender bias in every aspect would not be a topic of discussion today but I believe that a change can start from young minds like myself and other students which I hope would inculcate the spirit of humility and be a great change.

  • I choose vision as i find that all we need to fix all the world's troubles is to see past someone's outer differences.

  • The word (focus) means to me that I work slowly and patiently, and do not rush. This word can make a person pay more attention and think deeply If we follow the news, it makes us question the news, focus and understand why this news was issued.

  • I am going to choose the word sun because it's like the news when it starts with shocking things just like the spears of light you see when you look at the sun early in the morning and the more it continues it gets serious and that means you are talking business news. The higher the sun goes the hotter the day becomes just like when you watch the news and find more intriguing news one after the other and finally the sunsets living you feeling happy or sad at the end of the day just like when the news is almost ending, they show your favorite team either losing or winning which may make you feel sad at the ending of watching news.

  • The word you chose is (events )because the news is about conveying the events that happen around the world and summarizing them beautifully

  • The word i chose is ready because you know what is happening in the world and what to expect.

  • The word I chose was "Belief".I chose this word because sometimes in the news you can hear about subjects that some people may find upsetting but when you do see these things pop up in the news you have to believe that it will get better and these things don't last forever such as in Ukraine it is very tough for them but they just need to believe that this situation will get better.

  • The word I chose is (information) summarizing this word news for me because news its meaning relates to information because the information we get from the news, whether on television or the Internet. Forecasting the conditions of other countries.

  • The word is (world).
    Where the news tells us about the world and what is happening in it, and its wonders beautifully. And show some of the problems it faces and calls for help in solving these problems.

  • The word I chose is progress because it shows me the areas in which the world is making positive change to live a better life

  • The word I chose is (reveal) This word sums up the news for me because it means to show something for the first time. In the past; Sculptures and paintings were covered with cloth and then the cloth was removed, but in the present the news story is shown to me for the first time! For example: (The war between Ukraine and Russia revealed many facts, this word means a lot to me!)

  • "culture" This word sums up the news for me because we know a lot of information and we share it among ourselves and we know the events around us, and there can be a job opportunity and we know through news and other things. We can also say that it is "instant information" because it spreads the news in a few times to the whole world

  • News (climate) Many studies say that (Covid 19) has had a significant impact on the climate. When curfews were in place for months and transportation was limited as well, this mitigated the threat of global warming, but now weather experts are urging to use of Environmentally friendly energy, and solar energy, to protect our planet and make it more sustainable.

  • The word I have chosen is "probable". This word sums up the news for me because what we hear on the news has the probability of being true or false. The world has become technologically advanced and for this reason we have multiple news sources with multiple kinds of news which has made it hard for people to discern factual news from fictitious news making the news probable of being true or false.

  • The word I have chosen is 'FEAR'. Everyday when I listen to the news it just portrays the bad things that are happening even though I know that it is meant to keep me informed I just keep on having a feeling of doubt that I may not be able to achieve my dreams. Lately it has been news about wars or economic failure, new found diseases and others but nothing shows positivity except towards the end where there is entertainment and even in this segment there is still something bad. I know its part of life to hear bad things but lately the news just gives me anxiety because I do not know if I am next.

  • (Intelligence) because countries and companies often use it in planning business, competition and victory

  • I chose the word "life" because I believe that the very essence of human life depends on the information and knowledge that has been amassed for generations in fields such as science, art, and many others. . The news is life because it conveys the very information and knowledge that the human race so closely depends on for its existence.

  • The word I have chosen is Thoughtfulness . This is because before you will set a target, you must establish the fact that , hard work is the fruit of good Thoughtfulness . With this in mind , you will not waste time and resources in realising your thoughts each and every day .

  • The word I choose is "propaganda'" I chose this word because the news is influencing and misleading the people to make a point about the wrong doings of government.

  • The word i would choose is probably patience. We often fail because of our impatience, without taking into concern that to reach success you've a long tough stairs to cut, so we start rushing, not even learning from mistakes or taking a breathe. So, i believe that patience is one of the keys to success, and a great part of determination.

  • The word I chose is “science” summarizing this word because it is a word that means a lot to me because without knowledge the doctor would not have become a doctor, nor the engineer as a news engineer because I love science because I want to become a doctor and strive to become like this.🤍.

  • “The word I chose is games. This word sums up the news for me because I feel the world is a string puppet driven by leaders.”

  • The word is the news I chose because the news means to me nothing but a group of news, as it is a comprehensive and diverse word for many political, religious, economic, scientific and cultural topics. To believe the news or not, so the word news remains a general and comprehensive word that has no limits and is only represented by the word news.

  • The word I chose is cooperation, I choose this because everything as a world we have accomplished is because of cooperation between people,leaders and countries! An example of this was Covid 19 countries cooperated with each other to try and eliminate the virus with vaccines and quarantines. This is just a few examples of how powerful cooperation is and that is why I choose it as my word!

  • The word I chose interactive. The word interactive expresses me because I like to move around and go to the gym and go play basketball and to move around. For example if you put me to watch Tv I would not be able to sit still no way. Thats my word.

  • The word I chose is "Unreliable" because sometimes the news just tells fake stories for views and most of the stories are about wars or protests and mostly negative subjects around the world.

  • The word I have chosen is culture. This word sums up the news for me because the news informs me of what is happening around the world and thus I gain information about the world through it ."

  • The word I have chosen is "plan" This word sums up the news for me because : when i watch the news i really fell that im in the country which the accidant happened in it ...!
    And in my opinion this is the most wonderful thing in the news ...!

  • Storm of ideas because when we watch the news, we think of questions, questions and puzzles that the world tries to solve, and the first one you will find is the news

  • I choose the world analytical because news is created through an analysis if an event and this teaches me how to analyze something

  • The word I have chosen is information. This word sums up the news for me because it tells me or it gives me an update about the recent/most recent happenings in the world. It gives me hint of what others are going through even in my country.

  • The word I have chosen is weighty. This word sums up the news for me because it gives me an insight on all information and knowledge about a subject matter. I have realized that there are many things happening in different parts of the world at the same time.

  • The word I have chosen is knowledgeable. This word sums up the news for me because after listening to mentors speak on the issue of gender inequalities and the effects bias has on its victims, I became well informed and I had a better view as to why women needed to be treated fairly and equal to men.

  • The word I have chosen is compassion. This word sums up the news for me because after going through the headlines of Russia and Ukraine conflict how people have lost their lives, homes and loved one due to this conflict I have a sense of what they are going through emotionally. Let's build a world free of war, conflict or any form of violence and be compassionate people.

  • The word I have chosen is alarming. This word sums up the news for me because it is remarkably alarming that people still think violence is the best way of resolving conflicts for instance is the Russian Ukrainian war.

  • The word I have chosen is violence. This word sums up the news for me because some states in my country have faced series of attacks by terrorists. The news has made me understand that the world today has experienced a lot of violence over the years till date.

  • The word I have chosen is information. This word sums up the news for me because it builds me and enlightens me about facts, the news keeps me updated on international and local events. Thus making me know about things happening around the world.

  • The word I have chosen is anger. This sums up the news for me because the headlines about violent attacks on different part of the world only gets me more agitated and furious.

  • The word I have chosen is SPECIAL. This word sums up the news for me because I found out on the headlines that women are an unbelievably outstanding creation, special and with a definite purpose.

  • The word I have chosen is INTERESTING. This sums up the news for me I found it quite interesting to know that some group of people are fighting relentlessly for equal rights for women and children a typical example is breaking the bias movement.

  • The word I have chosen is misogynistic, the word sums up the news to me because I strongly believe that news in general is influenced by men in general.

  • The word i chose is truth because i believe that ought to be the very essence of the news,in some cases the news is the only source of information for some people so they ought to up hold the virtue of truth, truth in what they say, truth in what they do and most of all truth in what they dispense to the masses.

  • The word I have chosen is "empowerment". Though! the news could be summed up by many words I choose empowerment, to me it is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights. This word sums up the news for me because I feel what the news is trying to build or impact in us, is to reach a point in life where everybody is treated equally irrespective of their gender whether girl or boy, man or woman. What the news entails is that every female or male irrespective of age could stand to break the bias in our daily life.

  • The word the I picked is "opinions". The reason I picked this because in the news we are hearing from other people's thoughts and perspectives. From different countries and people on the media.

  • I would choose the word "history"
    Because the events that happen and the news that are broadcast, they are initially documented with a special date and special occasions, and the next day, or the following week, or the following year becomes the date of the event and ends, but it is. Remembered over time. In the old days, battles were news, not history. Famines and the inventions of scholars and influencers were all news and events of their time, and with the passage of time they became an unforgettable history.

  • The word i chose is "influence".
    Because influence means effecting someone into some belief or opinion, which i think suits news because it gives people information to "influence" them into believing or supporting something, that's appearintly it's job!

  • The word I chose is (window) that sums up the news for me because it informs us about the world and what is going on around us, and each channel has its own news programs and its distinctive style of presenting various news. It is the human right to know what is going on around him, and the news is intended to provide us with sound information and firm facts.

  • My word that I chose “understanding” because I feel like if you don’t have a great understanding of the news you might not understand or tell the difference between fake news and real news.

  • I think that the word news is derived from the abbreviation of the phrase "notable events , weather and sports" or that the initials of the compass N E W S W are incorrect

  • “Extermination”.
    Although this word describes something extremely disastrous and conveys a strong sense of negation, it warns us intensely how false or misunderstood news would affect some innocent individuals’ lives. As teenagers it is crucial for us to care others and strive to make the world better, and it can only be done by “comprehending” and “understanding” news rather than “watching” and “reading” them plainly.

  • My word is Bias/Unequal becausen these words show how not everyone is treated equally...

  • The word I chose is... (courage) This word sums up the news for me because manliness and courage are two great qualities, and they are two of the qualities that complement each other in the end. The Arabs are old and are still proud of these qualities because they express the value of a man in front of people.

    1. Thanks for your comment busy_studio. You suggest that manliness and courage are similar qualities. Do you think associating being "manly" with being courageous is a good or bad thing? Can you think of some reasons why this might have negative effects?

  • The word I chose is guessing that when you follow a news, you can guess what will happen, and this is unique in hearing the news.

  • The word I have chosen is compass. I have chosen this word because I feel that the news guides the citizens thoughts on what happens in the society, even if it is true or not. This means what the news reads is what the society follows.

  • My word is "understanding because we need to understand how the news work. also watch the news because news around the world is very interesting and can influence you to start doing news.

  • My word is Unique because no one is the same and everyone is different in their own way.

  • My word is "helpful."I chose this word because it can help the world's citizens' to know about what is happening around the world.

  • The word I chose to describe the news is informative.This is because the news has different types of information that can be helpful to you and can warn you for any incoming updates or dangers.

  • The word I have chosen is 'intellectual'.
    I have chosen this word because I feel like journalists that write the news have to use their brains intellectually to intrigue their readers and make them want to read on, for example, the news takes a simple thing such as 'Borris Johnson disagreed with the Queen' makes it a whole lot bigger, and changes it into 'Borris Johnson criticizes the Queen's decisions' so the readers will want to read it more. ✨

  • My word is vast, since the news has a wide range of criteria, headlines and loads of exciting separate news stories that have loads of information about them. The news also has a large range of sources, some reliable and some unreliable, that head to many different newspapers. News is also vast since it derives from different countries and regions, being almost never ending.

  • In my opinion, I would describe the news as ENLIGHTENING. The news can be seen as a global medium in which information is passed through. Enlightenment can be said to be one of the major features of the news asides education and entertainment

  • My word is:
    The reason that I chose this word is because there is a lot going on around the world that you may not know. You may want to find out what's going on.

  • The word I choose is "inspire". I chose inspire because ;
    1. The news motivate me ,I get motivated to be part of the news I want to know the journalist gets their story.
    2.The news also inspires social media which inspires the youth ,if the news tells a false story that is what everyone will believe.
    3.The news inspires both the young and the old.

  • The word I choose is 'believe'.This is because the media wants you to believe that what is written is important and true.

  • My one word is 'topic' because some people might want to learn about a certain topic that the news talks about.

  • The word I have chosen is diverse, the news comes in different forms/ways and can be told based on the perspective of the reporter thus making the news extremely diverse.

  • The world I’ve chosen is “various” because it sums up the news for me because nowadays news are our mini world , and as we all know our world is various with huge topics and issues from all around the globe , and in news you can find various topics , various opinions, various number of things and issues from all around the world. So yes “various” is the word I’ve chosen to describe news.

  • My word is everyone. This is because the news is for and about everyone.

  • The word i have chosen is "freedom" because it sums up all we are talking about on the Platform educational foundation. freedom is a basic necessity for equality, without freedom i feel inequality will still be rampant as that of many years ago.

  • The word I have chosen is "everything" because for eveything that happens there is always a news about it and the word news actually means what's new about a particular or situation. Also, the word "everything" comprises of all the reactions, responses, views that people make to a particular thing that could make up the news. The news can be within a group of people, society and even worldwide and that everything and anything can be a news.

  • My word is"Enthusiasm". I have chosen it, since whenever we want to follow and watch news, we would be showered with excitement and agitation inorder to know what is happening in our world.

  • I chose the word "disclosure" because it disclosed to me many information that I did not know and gave me good knowledge