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21 April 2022
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Winners Announced!

The variety of ideas put forward for this week’s competition was great! We particularly enjoyed reading about the news stories that interest you personally. This week’s winners are…

stellar_molecule of Upton Cross Primary School in the United Kingdom, who believes that newspapers should have their own section for monitoring endangered animals


dependable_cranberry of Baqa'a Prep Girls School in Jordan, who was pleased to hear the news that covid-19 restrictions are coming to an end in their country.

Thank you for entering everyone - and well done to our winners!

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The Competition

This week's competition is a little different because everyone gets to choose their own challenge.

Follow the instructions below to find out what yours is...

Top Tips
  • Read the other competition entries first and try not to repeat someone else's idea
  • Make your entry personal to YOU
  • There are no wrong answers so use your imagination

Comments (44)

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  • You choose the sun!
    My question is what good news would you like to see in the future?

    I would like to hear that I became an English teacher because I loved the subject since my childhood and also the spread of gender equality, which means that men and women have equal rights and status in society, look forward to a scholarship in Japan!

  • The best news I heard in my country is that there are voices calling for equality for women and their access to their rights like men, and that there are women in Parliament and that they have a seat to occupy, and this means that these voices have become implemented, which means that we are moving towards real equality between the sexes and the positive results of this matter are beginning to appear. Where there are a good number of women in various fields of work and political life and decision-makers who can impose their presence and competence.

  • Hello, I chose the answer _(D; because we must all work hard in spreading love, harmony and peace
    I had a question:
    What is the best news you have heard from your country?
    I heard the latest news that the government decided to open more bank accounts for women; Because, as you know, bank accounts are mostly for men, and I also heard that he granted a number of loans to small projects for women and helped them develop them, and the king issued an official notification that he won a huge amount and the king chose to spend a prize on paying all the financial fines and dead loans loaned to the women of our country and also decided to finance the goods that Women do it outside the country, and this is a very wonderful job that our king has done

  • What piece of good news would you most like to see in the future?
    - The day my parents will say, “I’m proud of you.”
    The childhood of a child in a middle-class family of a developing country isn’t Dreamy or cheerful like the others. In between Needs and Expectations, they learn a common lesson “I have a family to feed, not a society to impress.” Satisfaction depends on expectations where many live on a few dollars and few aren’t happy with thousand-dollar iPhone. My happiness is in their smiles.

  • The news story I heard about a different country, the story of our people in Gaza, the people of struggle and struggle who are trying to defend Palestine

  • The best news I heard in my country is granting “union” to families who were displaced from Arab countries to the Gaza Strip without obtaining identification papers, identity cards and passports. Receiving “unification” gave us legal status, proof of identity, and access to our rights..

  • In my opinion, a piece of good news that I would like to see in the future is this: there have been no was in the world for a very long time and never will be any. I say this as wars cause grief, sadness, fear, panic, pain, loss and anger.

  • The question I got is...What's the most interesting news story you have ever heard about a different country? The most interesting but also sad event which is the war by Ukraine and Russia. This is interesting to me because there is a lot of protesting and the question who stand's most to me is who's going to win? The thing about this is that it is also sad because people are risking there lives to protect there country and it is not fair for Ukraine because they didn't even start this war. This is past but it is still also present!

  • I chose love.
    Q: What news would you like to hear in your country in the future.
    The news I would like to hear in my country in future is that everybody is living happily without hunger or poverty and everyone is safe because right now a lot of people are suffering from poverty, hunger and serious insecurity. I love my country and it would be really nice to hear that everyone in the country is safe and happy without any troubles.

  • The best piece of news I heard is"free education"in Ghana. According to the news I heard all primary,Jhs and shs shall be free of charge. Because of this every child is expected to be in school. The free shs has help a lot of people in my country including me. However the government said education can help the society from poverty. Initially free education was at primary, junior and high level. I was very glad to hear the free education in my country

  • I chose the heart
    So your question is
    What is the best news you have heard from your country?
    In fact, one of the most beautiful news that the Palestinian people received was the news of a ceasefire and tanks and the cessation of the war between the Palestinian guerrillas and the Israelis. It was one of the most beautiful news that reached the Palestinian people. In addition to that, the victory of the Gazan people over the occupation and subjecting them to a cease-fire and an urgent truce for fear of killing many of them

  • The most beautiful good news that I would like not to see in the future is the end of wars from the whole world and that it remains united and that it be one hand. Not as now. Wars and hatred are widely spread among the world. Also, through wars, the number of dead and wounded is increasing. I do not want to see it because this disturbs Children because wars negatively affect the psyche of children and destroy their personality.

  • I chose the heart! So my question was: "What's the best piece of news that you have heard from your own country?"
    Actually, the best piece of news that I have ever heard was when our Tunisian Prime Minister was nominated at the head of our government, to be the first Arab and African female leader in a similar political position. I was the most interesting headline in the news all around the world. The importance of this event lies in the fact that it broke the gender bias that underestimated women and assumed that women can't lead or hold high positions.

  • You have chosen C
    I think that the news I want to hear is the liberation of Palestine and all the countries occupied by the occupation.
    I chose this because we really suffer a lot. I will show you some of the suffering of our Palestinian people.
    * We are deprived of travel and leisure on our own, so we cannot at our discretion enjoy the right of movement.
    * Deprived of our right to treatment, many people in our Palestinian cities, especially Gaza City, die while waiting for a referral for treatment outside the country.
    * We are deprived of performing our religious duty. We cannot go to Jerusalem or to Hajj.
    * Deprived of living in safety The occupation has instilled in the hearts of the Palestinian people the phenomenon of terror, as we suffer from wars, bombings, and the constant threat.
    I wish for the liberation of Palestine and for all countries to gain their independence and the right to self-determination.

  • When you look at Ukraine and Russia on a world map, it is as if you compare a mouse to an elephant. So, in a fight between the two, the puny, paltry prey would be squished under the elephant's foot quite quickly. However, patriotism and determination changed that imbalance and the Russian army resigned to the idea that they can not take the capital of Ukraine. Even old women in the countryside participated to the war efforts within the means they had at hand: they baked poisoned cookies and served them to the Russian soldiers. The war still continues and it is, as it is supposed to be, an ugly affair. All of the world have their eyes on this war as - with the weapons of mass destruction available- this "quarrel" between neighbours can turn into a global affair. This makes it the most interesting piece of news to follow in the last two months as how things are played there can impact what happens in the UK tomorrow.

  • I got the question: What piece of news about animals would you most like to see in the future?
    I would like to hear that a long forgotten species of extinct bird called a Moa was being integrated back into wildlife because there are many studies to show how the Mia actually mitigated some effects of climate disasters. They moved with their preferred habitat as it moved causing less of a footprint but more importantly, caused the left over food waste and plant life destroyed by their movements to compost long before humans even moved into the areas and centuries before humans even thought of it as something needed.

  • I chose the sun, and the question was, what is the good news that I would like to hear in the future??! In fact, there is a lot of news that I would like to hear. But the most important one is that we have found a solution to climate change. I would very much like to hear this news because climate change has the power to change my life a lot, either for the worse or for the better, and finding a solution for it, means that we are in the good part of the game.

  • You chose the sun!
    What good news would you like to see in the future?
    The good news I would like to see in the future is that when I go to university and study medicine I would like to see myself in my graduation gown and to see myself
    The beautiful white doctor's robe.

  • I chose the sun, so my question is: 'What piece of good news would you most like to see in the future?'
    Personally, I would like to see the world changing for the better. Specifically, humans cutting down their carbon footprint. Every day I see people in my family wasting things and not bothering to throw away the trash. I've been noticing how our world is slowly crumbling, and I worry that the adults may not do the right thing in time. All I pray and hope for is a big decrease in carbon footprint and a big increase in using less plastic, avoiding waste, etc., all working towards saving our planet.

  • I choose the sun!
    What piece of good news would you most like to see in the future
    I will be very happy on this day when I will get this good piece of news that men and women will be given equal rights in our country and from now on gender inequality has been banned. It will be the happiest day of my life.

  • I chose heart.
    Q:What new would you like to hear in your country in the future.
    The news I would like to hear in the future about my country is that youth would be allowed to engage in politics and they will be voted for .I believe that if youth are allowed to become president there will be no room for corruption and crime there will be less hunger and poverty .I feel youth deserve a chance to rule my country.

  • The most intriguing news story I have heard is how the natives of Bajau have the impressive skill of holding their breath for a whole three minutes while free diving down seventy metres to hunt fish. An average person however can hold their breaths for roughly 90 second. This incredible technique is down to an enlarged spleen ( a organ that produces oxygen-red blood cells) this was inherited by their ancestors as they have the fishing gene!

  • The most interesting news story I have heard a different country is when I heard that the Talliban wouldn’t let girls go to school because everyone deserves the right to an education and the we chance of a good future life bad sadly the Taliban wouldn’t let them go to school which could ruin their chances of getting their dream job which is just one incredibly important story that we don’t want to be talking about at this moment in time.

  • What's the most interesting news story you have ever heard about a different country?

    Imran khan (the president of pakistan) got voted off.

  • I chose dog..
    And My question is :What piece of news about animals would you most like to see in future?

    In future I would like to hear the news that the world has been successful in conserving various species of animals I.e the animals who were endangered or were about to extinct are now safe and we would be able to see the diversity in future as well.

  • I live in england

    Boris Johnson has to apologise to members of parliament over lockdown breach.also for lying about the parties he has to pay a fine for breaking his own lockdown rules.

  • The thing of news I would like to see most about animals in a newspaper is a section where there is a couple of endangered animals where they are given a name and the readers can be kept updated about their whereabouts and anything interesting they might be doing. They can also include facts about the animal and how the population is rising or falling, if the species becomes secure and protected again the newspaper can do a celebration by hosting a event where all the fans can meet the animal. Then they can swap it for a different endangered animal.

  • I chose Sun
    In the future i would like to hear that eventually Russia and Ukraine come to an agreement and for there to be all peace.Also i think if peace does not come any time soon the war would spread between Russia and the rest of the countries helping Ukraine.

  • The thing that I would like to hear about animals in the news is that all the animals which are endangered should have more care than the animals which are currently not endangered. There are a lot endangered animals that might become extinct in the future and I think that endangered animals should be protected at all times and not be kept in cages or cells (unless they have mental health problems). The animals that are close to extinction which are kept in the wild should be fed as much food as they require for their species to survive.

  • The most interesting news story I have heard about is the Russian and the Ukrainian war.This is because the war has been spread around the news and it always makes us wonder everything people have been through during the war. Another reason why I find this specific news story engaging is because of what and how people from different countries from around the world are supplying Ukraine with all sorts of necessities.

  • I chose the heart
    My question is what is the best news you have heard in your town?
    The best news I heard was when the news spread that the Corona virus had been controlled and that we could return to our normal lives and open public and private facilities while adhering to health guidelines.
    And again, news spread that we can move without masks.

  • I choose (A) . In the future I would like to see dogs taking care of there owners, when there owners are old.

  • You chose the dog! So your question is...
    What piece of news about animals would you most like to see in the future?

    I would like to hear news about dogs in future. This is because dogs are brave, smart and strong and they have an incredible sense of smell which has made them of great value even as police dogs, security or guard dogs and for emergency purposes. Dogs have saved people from being drowned in water bodies

  • The most interesting foreign news I have heard about would be the Kyle Rittenhouse Case. He shot 3 people at a Black Lives Matter protest and 2 where fatal one was injured. I believe it was absolutely appalling how it was recorded him committing murder and he still was found not guilty in the court of the USA.

  • You chose the heart! So your question is...

    What's the best piece of news that you have heard from your own country?

    The best piece of news that i have heard from my country is that we (England) are sending supplies to help ukraine in the war with russia.
    This is good because russia is being very mean with ukraine as they have more land but they still want ukraines land and ukraine need countries like England to give them resources to help them with their war crisis.

  • You chose the dog! So your question is...

    What piece of news about animals would you most like to see in the future?

    I think I am most likely to see the question. ARE POLICE DOGS HELPFUL?

  • I chose PLANE: The most interesting news story in another country is the war in Ukraine. This is because I believe it is important to learn about things like current affairs and wars, so that we can help others and prevent these things from happening in the future.

  • I have chose the dog because i am very passionate about animals and when i heard the are forced to work i was gobsmacked and know i have to change this. So we should help to the best of our abilities' to make a change and rhinos should not be put under anesthesia to be de tusked by people that are abusing animals rights

  • I chose the heart picture.

    I believe the best piece of news i have heard recently is the releasing of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. This is because it has been stated by BBC news that she was held captive and was tortured. This shows that it was a good piece of news because she has been released and freed which mean that she can now live how she wants to and live a life with her family after having not seeing them for 6 years.

  • I chose the sun. so my question was:
    What piece of good news would you most like to see in the future?

    In the future, I would like to hear a news story that says that all children, of all genders, in every country can go to school and for men and women to have the same opportunities and choices as one another. It is so important that we achieve gender equality in the world so that our generation and the generations to come are able to live in a world where they are not faced with problems due to gender inequality.

  • You chose the heart! So your question is...
    What is the best news that you have heard in my town?
    The best piece of news that I heard was that the Black Lives Matter movement was being spread. This is incredible, as we all deserve equal rights, no matter who we are, and that people are standing up for themselves for equality, to be treated with respect and kindness. Another reason that this is the best piece of news I have heard, is that in the future we will hopefully, thanks to these protests, have an equal word where we are brought together as one united world. We are all EQUAL.

  • I chose the sun and my question was What piece of good news would you most like to see in the future?

    My answer would be: (my name) is the second ever Fortnite World Cup champion!

  • The most interesting news that I found is that Russian citizens are being oppressed for doing a peaceful protests against war. This is very eye-catching because not only is Russia attacking the people in Ukraine, but it's also dealing with its own people. I found it very intriguing because if Russia detains more innocents, People who are against war would not stand for this and they may stop doing peaceful protests.