#33 Mystery statistic

13 May 2022

Winners announced!

Thank you for sharing all of your guesses about our mystery statistic! This week's winners are…

authentic_atom of Bomas Academy in Nigeria, who was disappointed about the lack of good education for children in developing countries.


persuasive_flute of the Dr. Nazih El Bizri High School in Lebanon, who feels ashamed of how women in the workplace in America are being discriminated against.

Great work!

The real statistic was: "42% of global refugees are children." Did you guess correctly?

Competition Rules

Welcome to the competition! There are three important rules:


If you don't follow the rules, you will not be able to win and your account may be deactivated.

This competition will close on Wednesday 11th May for judging! We will announce two winners on Thursday 12th. Good luck!

The Competition


When we read the news, we have to think about lots of small pieces of information that help us figure out what's going on. Sometimes this information comes in the form of numbers and statistics.

For this week's competition, we are giving you a mystery statistic:

"42% of XXX are XXX."

Your job is to say what you think it represents - and then how that makes you feel. It could be about any topic in the news, so think carefully before you choose. We will reveal what the real statistic is when we announce the winners.

Top Tips
  • Make your entry about something in the news that interests YOU
  • Try to think of a few options before picking the best one (have a look around the Hub for topic ideas if you need help)
  • You could say: "I think this statistic is "42% of (?) are (?)" . This makes me feel... because... ."

Comments (34)

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  • News are one of the most important basics of this life, because it lets a person be in the atmosphere about what's going on in this world, and it helps take measurements if there's any problem.
    I think this statistic is about Europe imports of the natural gas from Russia. This statistic makes me feel uncomfortable as it is an instrument in the Russian hand to threaten and blackmail Europe to make it submissive to what Russia wants. And this forms a bug danger on Europe and its citizens as this gas is from the important needs for heating in the cold weather of europe and mang other uses for it. In my opinion Europe has to decrease this percentage by decreasing its imports of gas from Russia to be on the safe side.

  • I think this statistic is about the proportion of correct and sincere and guaranteed news for its ratification and that we see through social networking sites and the percentage is very low for news false and that makes me feel confused and tension and frustration because the proportion of this news sincere little is enough to eliminate the lies spread like spreading gas in the air as It makes me feel as bad as a solution of slander and news events because people believe distort began what do you see and hear and it does not look right to the other side of the news just incredible.

  • About four-in-ten working women (42%) in the United States say they have faced discrimination on the job because of their gender. I think this statistic is sheer evidence of how capitalist systems in the United States are steering further and further away from dictated natural laws in order to better cater to the needs of the male populace. This is an abhorrent fact that makes me feel absolutely ashamed since the amount of tools granted to us through constant evolution and growth and burgeoning is incomprehensible, and yet we never-ceasingly resume to misuse them, barter with them, and groom them to suit our egoic needs at the expense of others - women, specifically.

    1. I like this comment, just shows how much women are going through these days.

  • What preoccupies the world today is the large number of wars and conflicts, especially the third world countries, and I believe that this statistic speaks of that. These wars cause the destruction of humanity and civilizations, and the displacement of refugees who have become homeless. It is one of the most important issues facing the world today.

  • I'm not sure about my answer, the statistic is 42%.
    The percentage of people recovering from the Corona virus or people being infected with Corona
    News is very important and helps spread awareness among members of society

  • I think this '42%' means that there are only 42% of people left in Ukraine and I think this because the news about Ukraine is quite popular right now. Many people are trying to flee to Poland since they are being so kind to take them in, but some people cannot go anywhere because of their transport or disability. This means that many people have to be left behind in search of a shelter of a safe place to stay which Russia's quite stubborn President is trying to make very very hard for them.

  • 42% of women have faced gender discriminations.

    1. This is a good idea for what the statistic could be! But don't forget the second part - to explain how you feel about this.

  • 42% is a decline in democracy in the world, I feel the direction of that percentage with concern and fear, the role of news in promoting democracy and clarifying its importance is the biggest challenge before it to reach a satisfactory percentage of democracy in the world...

  • 42% of men are carers.
    I think this would be a surprise to everyone as women/girls are more likely to become carers/childcarers. I also think that women shouldn't just be expected to do all the work/childcare and that men should also take up caring responsibilities.

  • I think that his statistic is about the number of social media that publish true news.As for the rest of the news ,it is false news,and this is very sad because false news is more than true news.

  • I think "42% of Russian people are against Putin's decision to go to war with Ukraine". This makes me feel helpless because that means that Russia has to fight Ukraine and many children may lose their families.

  • I think 42% of Ukrainian people have no choice but to move out of Ukraine because Russia keep on sending missiles/ bombsite to Ukraine and the American are helping out by sending money, food and clean water to Poland and other countries around Ukraine to help out with people giving them food and water

  • I think 42% of Ukraine have evacuated from their area. This makes me feel disappointed in Russia and makes me feel a mixed amount of emotions for Ukraine.

  • I think it shows that 42% of women are discriminated because of their gender and they are paid less .Following on from my last point the xxx represents 100 and the answer is xxx which is still one hundred .So I think this shows that 42% of women do get mistreated and paid less, but it should change and be 0%.

  • I think it is 42% of women are discriminated for being female

    I will prove my point by taking a look at women's sport - men's football is more popular than women's and I believe this is the case because women's football is not taken seriously enough and the media thinks there isn't any interest. Boys are regularly offered opportunities denied to girls, like they are encouraged to play football while girls are still discouraged - but I believe this is unfair and this is currently happening in other sports.

  • I think 42% could mean that 42% of the French population elected Marine Le Pen, who was beaten by Emmanuel Macron- who ended up winning with 58% of the votes- which makes me heartbroken for this biased tragedy. The reason why I say this is because we don't often get to see a president who is a woman.

  • I think 42% are the amount of people who have had Covid (in total so far) and have the nearly the same amount of the 42% population of India.I think this because of the amount of people that had Covid is 530+ million and the population of India is 1.38+ billion.

  • I think this statistic is 42% of refugees are children . This makes me feel sad because refugee children are left without education, homes and good health. This new life they are exposed to , is more likely to put them in harms way and expose them to unforeseen danger and other unfavourable weather conditions. If something not done to protect the lives of refugees and children who are refugees in another country, the future of children who are victims in this case will be in jeopardy.

  • I think this statistic is 42% of children in developing countries are without good education . This makes me feel disappointed because it is the right of every child to learn as they are future leaders, when they are denied access to education which is meant for everyone one to enjoy, they will not be able to lead their country effectively when the grow up.

  • I think this statistic is 42% of people in the Sun-Saharan Africa are living in poverty . This makes me feel emotional and sad because they do not have good shelter, good food , good water and are faced with other disasters. This condition has affected their life patterns and the development of their community.

  • I think this statistic is 42% of refugees are in different countries . This makes me feel sad because families have been torn apart, children have dropped out off school and are living in terrible conditions, men and women can no longer effectively cater for the needs of their families anymore.

  • I think this statistic is 42% of women are stay at home moms. This makes me have mixed emotions and have a foot in both camps because stay at home moms have a great bond with their children as they have more time to spend with their children and will be able to monitor and install good moral behaviors that will influence the lifestyle of their growing children in a positive way but reverse is the case for a full time career mom. In as much as career moms spend little time with their children, the children will always experience lesser mother and child bond, the career moms are financially buoyant and financially independent unlike the stay at home moms who have to depend solely on the money made by her husband for her financial needs and other miscellaneous.

  • I think this statistic is 42% of people that suffer from banditry in Nigeria are from the northern part of the country this makes me feel sad because it has displaced a lot of people from their homes, others have lost family members, businesses are ruined and many others. If this continues the country's economy will greatly continue to be at a decline.

  • 42% of twitter users are anonymous. I feel so because being anonymous on any social media platform will help you to express your thoughts freely and you cannot be traced. I also feel that being anonymous makes it possible to air your thoughts and views without being be banned or land in further trouble.

  • I think this statistic is 42% of twitter users are young adults aged 18 to 29 years. This makes me feel so happy because twitter has the greatest audience in the world which makes it easier to send information efficiently to the right people. This will help the young adults to be able to contribute in topics discussed and make decisions for themselves.

  • I think that the 42% statistics mean that 42% of people in England are woman

  • I think the statistic is 42% of people living in Ukraine have left and become refugees. I think this because lots of Ukrainians have left Ukraine due to the war as i have seen on the news. Also lots of them have to leave due to the fact the Russian missiles have hit civilians and attempted to hit Ukrainian politicians.

  • I think that the statistic is 42% of people in the world have electronic devices, but the rest don't.

  • I think it is 42% of people prefer cats to dogs. I personally prefer cats to dogs so this would surprise me if it was true.

  • I think that 42% of Workplaces have institutional racism engrained into them: perhaps this is unawares by them.
    This makes me feel upset because everyone's saying racism is nearly tackled; however if what I think is correct then there is still so much more to be done and maybe the public has been tricked.

  • I think that it could be, 42% of women get paid more than men in the same job in the same profession. This makes me feel like we need to close the gender pay gap to make sure that equality is reached and that women are being treated and payed the same amount as men if they do the same job in the same profession.

  • I believe that it could mean that 42% of carers are male . This makes me feel optimistic because even though still over 50% of carers are women, there is not that much of a difference in a profession which is often seen as a female's job. It gives me hope that in the future there might be a change in our culture of applying different jobs to different genders without the oppressive structures of these mindsets, the ones that say that a certain person can't do the same job as another just because hey are of a different gender or sexuality.

  • News is one of the most important things in a person's life
    The Russian war on Ukraine imposed a new reality that radically changed the Ukrainians' view of Russia and their relations with the Russians, including many social, economic, cultural and other aspects.
    64% of Ukrainians think that it is “impossible to restore friendly relations with the Russians” while, a month ago, 42% thought this was possible, but only after 20-30 years.

  • I think the statistic means that 42% of women in the UK have faced gender bias in the workplace.I thought this because all kinds of women are having to experience gender bias by getting paid less than men and being discriminated just because of their gender and there is usually always one women getting discriminated in any one workplace which is why I think 42% of women are facing it.