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I think it is 42% of people prefer cats to dogs. I personally prefer cats to dogs so this would... #33 Mystery statistic 11/5/22
The piece of music I have chosen in "Rise Up" by Andra Day. This is all about telling people... #26 A moment for music 23/3/22
I disagree with PERSON B, because watching the news from TV means that there may be news on... #19 Respond! 02/2/22
I found the word 'world' and it relates to the news because everyone in the world should be able... #18 Search and say! 26/1/22
if I was given one million dollars the first thing I would use it to bring people out of... #17 Hey big spender! 19/1/22
Even as COVID Strikes, People Bloom with Kindness #15 Headline of 2021 15/12/21
I would like to know more about headline A because humans have not looked particularly at the... #11 Tell me more! 17/11/21