#37 Title challenge

08 June 2022

Winners announced!

Thank you for sharing all your ideas about the title of the photograph! There have been some great comments! But there can only be two winners... and this time they are:

creative_idea of Upton Cross Primary School in the United Kingdom, suggested the title should be "listen and check’’ to encourage others to research the news they hear.


enthusiastic_piccolo of Lake Bank Pioneer Preparatory in Tunisia, who has suggested the title could be "Differences Don't Matter" to show that even if we are we are all different, we are exposed to the same news

Great job!

Welcome to the competition! There are three important rules:


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This competition will close on Wednesday June 8th for judging! We will announce two winners on Thursday June 9th.

The competition

Competition image
Image credit: Shutterstock, Krakenimages.com

Come up with a title for this photograph and explain why you chose it.

There are lots of ways you could look at it - so you can be creative and interpret it in any way you wish!

Top tips

  • Read the other entries first and try to choose something that hasn't already been said
  • Make your entry personal to you - there are no wrong answers
  • Give an explanation for why you have chosen this title

Comments (22)

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  • I think the title should be Listen to the Colours. I chose this title because it looks like people listening as their colours e.g red means strong and it’s important to listen and be your colour to be you.

  • I think a good title could be The power of sound. I chose this because they are all putting there hand on there ear and it is the title of our project.

  • rumors
    It spreads in society quickly and circulates among people without trying to investigate the extent of its health
    By examining each picture, it became clear that everyone was astonished by the news that he heard, and some of them laughed and some of them were disgusted, so I chose this title.

  • I think the title could be "we are all the same". I have choosen this because as the people

  • I think the title could be "Differences Don't Matter ". I have chosen this title because as the people who are presented in this picture are totally different but they all exposed to the same information, and that's what makes us sure that looks , genders, perspectives, religions, races, etc... don't matter because we, humans, have the right to get informed.

  • How we can prevent Gender Bias
    1 we should encourage womens
    2 we should force womens to fight for it

  • The title for this image: The importance of sound, as the sound is used as a means of communication and communication in many cases, including:
    1- Understanding and communication 2- Expressing different feelings such as joy, sadness, anger. 3- Leisure, entertainment and enjoyment: the sound of musical instruments. 4- Alert and warning: such as the sound of a bell or the sound of a car horn. 5- Advertising and advocating. 6- Recognizing objects: such as the sound of murmuring water, the truck horn, the croaking of a frog, the sound of missiles.

  • What does it mean to you?
    I chose this title because I personally think that they are all hearing the same sound just interpreting it in different ways. We all interpret things in different ways and that is good because if we did not then the world would be a boring place because everyone's thoughts on subjects would be the same and people's music and art would all be the same as well. Thinking of something differently to everyone else should never be considered a crime but a gift.

  • Secrets lie between the walls
    I think this because they look like they are in different rooms or in different mindsets and they are listening to ‘different’ secrets because all their expressions are different especially the last one, she looks like she’s eavesdropping.

  • I would choose the title 'LISTEN TO EVERYONE' as it is important to listen to everyone's opinion and story to see the different sides to things.

  • I will choose a title. Listen carefully before you speak. The reason for choosing this title is that often a lot of news is incorrect and inaccurate, so do not transmit it directly, because problems may occur that make the crisis more difficult.

  • I think the title could be (Listening to the news) I think this because their hands are cupped round their ears, and the expressions on their faces are slightly interested looks. This is exactly how the news should intepreted as it is interesting and you should listen to it.

  • I think that a good title would be 'Rainbow News' because the people in this picture are listening in and for me that kind of represents people listening to the news so and also the people in this photo have different expressions on their faces so the 'rainbow' part of the title represents the different types of news.

  • 'The ability to perceive a sound by detecting vibrations through the ear'. I chose this title because i think they are hearing something .

  • I think the title could be "Hearing about the global news". The reason why I think this is because people have been hearing the news around the world and since then there has been an increase of news talking about issues such as the global warming, the Russian invasion of Ukraine or UK's national news about Boris Johnson winning the vote of being the prime minister.

  • I think the title should be "listen and check" and this is because some people think it's a good idea to spread fake news, which is also known as propaganda, and most people might actually believe it. Also, in the picture, each person is showing an expression on their face which could represent how people react when they see fake news and could possibly think it is true. So this title is encouraging us to examine and scan the information properly instead of agreeing and believing it instantly.

  • I think the title could be "Listen to the Rainbow ". I think this because there are people listening to others and also, because there is a rainbow in the background.

  • I think the title is listen to good music. When we listen to good music we get confidence to do everything especially when the song is very powerful. So we should listen to good music

  • Sound is everywhere but Video is not

    I chose this title because anywhere you are in the world you can listen to audio journalism no matter your background like how the people in the picture are from different backgrounds but can still listen to the news no matter your religion, color, or race you come from, you will still be able to listen to it since it is also cheap and in Africa, most people own them. It is also preferred by many because even blind people can understand what is going on around the world even if they are disabled. For sure, Disability is not an inability.

  • I think this photo should be called listen to your lecturer as if you could only hear once.

  • I'd give this image a title of "Understand or Reply?". Because from the face expressions of these people, some people like the green color woman is shocked from what's saying and she seems like listening to reply aggressively, while some people are listening and enjoying what they are listening and trying to understand it like red and blue color people. For that, this image shows the different aims of listening and how people deal with it.

  • I think the title could be 'everyone can hear the equally'. I chose this because you can talk about people behind their back but they will always hear or find out what you have said.