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I would choose the title 'LISTEN TO EVERYONE' as it is important to listen to everyone's opinion... #37 Title challenge 06/6/22
Pilaf rice is what I would choose. It is a dish with rice and beef and served with some... #36 A royal treat! 26/5/22
I chose 'D' because it seems that there is an easier ladder to climb for the man than the woman... #28 Pick a pic! 31/3/22
My fictional character that I chose is Harrison Beck From the series 'Adventures on Trains'. I... #22 Escape the pages! 22/2/22
If I were to be a news reporter, I would make an article on internet safety. I would do this... #21 You choose the news! 10/2/22
I chose A to be the icon for a news app as you need new ideas and thoughts for every new news... #20 The winning icon 04/2/22
PERSON C = I would say I agree with you as news is extremely important for children as they... #19 Respond! 02/2/22
I found the word 'entertainment'. The reason why it links to the news is that you can have... #18 Search and say! 21/1/22
Well, if I have a million dollars, I would buy books and stationary for poor schools such as my... #17 Hey big spender! 17/1/22
What question do you have about the news in 2022? I would like to know if the news might start... #16 Wheel decide! 07/1/22
I think C because some of the most viral news articals are from all around the world. #10 Pick a picture 05/11/21
A problem in our community are drunk men. To solve it I would create a machine that... #5 Innovation for your nation! 07/10/21
I think courage is most important because if you don't have courage you won't be able to go to... #4 Because... 27/9/21