Hungry stomachs..... WHY?

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Food, food is the only important source that is needed to feed thousands of hungry stomach all over the world. It is the only the important thing that is needed for animal kingdom to remain alive. From ant to lions, from baby to youth, from youth to old-age, from devil to god, from grass-hopper to butter-fly, all living organisms in the world that exist needs food to survive. There are plenty of food in the world to keep every single one on Earth alive. But the question arise here. If there are plenty of food all over the world to keep every single stomach full, why are thousands offfer peoples dying with hunger?

The world's farmers produce enough food to feed 1.5x the global population. That's enough to feed 10 billion (we are at 7.6 billion currently), but one of the leading causes of malnutrition is the lack of equal food distribution. According to the World Economic Forum (W.E.F), Americans spend 6.4 percent of their income on food. Meanwhile, households in impoverished countries can spend up to 80 percent of their income on food. Food is not getting disturbited all over the world. And also, most of the foods are produced by plants due to photosynthesis. And now days due the rising population, there is lack of space to live which resulted as deforestation, cutting down the trees, forests in a large/huge amount which resultes as lack of food. Also a middle class family or rich family can easily buy food but what about the poor families who sit in the side-ways/ foot-path, takes a amall bowl (in some cases otherwise bare hands) and begg for money. How can they eat and make their stomach full during the lack of money? Theses situations might force the family to work as a labour and as servent at other's houses. Working in a bad condition, specially hungry stomach might result as illness changing into death.

So I want to end it by asking a question:-

~ Should food supply be free? Or afforestation instead of deforestation might help to feed the hungry stomachs?

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  • I agree with some parts of the articles. Plenty of food is producing and wasting and yet people are hungry out there. Its is because we didn't acknowledged food as basic facility i.e. like education or health facility. It should be the basic right of every citizen to get basic food items especially children free of cost. Rich people should be incourage to pay tax for to remove food crisis from the country.
    As well as malnutrition is concerned there must be only a way that laws should be implemented related to the quality of food items especially children food items. Government should offer special food facility to every child born especially highly nutritional value formula milk. Malnutrition can be controlled by check and balance of food quality assurance companies.

  • Should food supplies be free? Or that afforestation instead of deforestation might help feed hungry stomachs?
    If lunch becomes free, the people will be dependent on this food, meaning that they depend on others, and do not make any effort to prepare their food. It becomes an economically and intellectually backward society.
    But if we cultivate and work together hand in hand, there will be cooperation, solidarity and responsibility, and we will have many and varied fruits, vegetables and fruits that meet all the needs of the individual.
    When a person does anything with his hand, he feels its pleasure and sweetness, and motivates him to produce more.

  • It is because a big part of crops of a country are exported in other countries to make money but it results in the shortage of food in the country.As the quantity of food is smaller,the prices and taxes increases on them which causes that the needy people and poor which don't have enough money to buy the food spent their days and nights hungry.A possible solution for this is to feed our countrymates first and than a planned quantity of food is exported in other countries.Another solution for this is that we should not waste the food and give it to the people which donot have anything to eat.

  • I feel there should be a free supply of food because it is not everyone that can afford 3 square meals a day, so when there is a free supply of food to the less privilege they don't have to starve and worry about how to feed themselves. Also giving free food can help avoid people from resorting to crime to feed themselves. For example in the Amrita Children’s Home in Nairobi, Kenya provides three nutritious meals a day for 78 needy children. They open their doors to kids from the neighboring villages for a healthy lunch and this is a good step to help solving hunger.

  • I think afforestation can help to feed the hungry stomachs because it helps in the formation of rain which rain helps plants to grow ,so l think afforestation should be a measure.Also free food supply should be a measure but not too much .l also think rich people buying food in large amounts also causes others to sleep on empty stomachs because the higher the demand the higher the cost.