Are young people political?

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Are young People political? Some people may agree some may dissagree. But I believe that young people can be political.

Just because young people may not be that experienced does not mean that they are not capable of running a stable and peaceful government. If a young person was to enter office they would need have a lot of experience in politics and they would need to be a great leader. A example of such a person is John F. Kennedy. He became president at the the young age of 46 years old and even though he was killed, he had an incredible impact on the United States.

Because young people are in there prime, they would be able to run the government for many years.

Even though there are many benefits to having a young government they are some negative sides. Because of them still being young they may not have enough wisdom and because of that they could make many mistakes but if they have someone to guide them in the right direction that can create a more stable government. That is why I believe that young people are political. With young people being in their prime they can make better decisions because there minds are not deteriorating.

Young people have great potential to create a lasting government. As I stated with John F. Kennedy, Kennedy had created an impact on the world and on many other things. John F. Kennedy was able to add five new army divisions and he increased the U.S air power and military reserves. John F. Kennedy was able to do all of that as the young president for the United States. That shows that young people can be political.

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  • You've thought through some pros and cons of having a young leader. I'm really interested in the idea of having someone to guide you in government. What kinds of roles exist in the US to guide presidents?

  • You have made some very interesting points spectacular_raisin. You are right about young people being political. You rightly said, "Young people have the potential of creating a lasting government". Just because young people are not experienced, it does not mean that they can't lead well. You also gave a good solution to the problem of young leaders being liable to make mistakes when you said, "...but if they have someone to guide them in the right direction that can create a more stable government|".

    But I have a question for you. Do you think older people can be completely dispensed in politics? Yes younger people are political but do you think that means older people have no role in politics?

  • The thing is young people are political but not just in the way that other people think, we are extremely political though we do not show our passion by doing certain things we are actually political I

  • Yes, we are political I mean we are not just given the chance we need to be political; I mean how many countries freely allow youths to participate in politics and I do not mean having their own views I mean being part of the law-making process. We youths have bright ideas that no one wants to listen to I mean we have watched a system fail for so long we have tried to propose possible solutions, but we are not being heard, even the so claimed leaders that say they love us certainly do not even act like it every day new ways to silence us are being found so how are we meant to be encouraged. I mean youths have the ability to utilize what we have to get us what we want, we use the presence of online media to help promote youths' involvement in politics, we understand that that might not be enough but for now we need to manage what we can get. We cannot keep trying to engage youths in politics when we have no representative looking out for us.

  • I think that young people can be political because according to voters between the ages of 18 and 29 had one of the highest voting turnouts currently with the percentage of young voters being estimated to be 27% of people in the age group being in the elections. This is the second time in the past 30 years we had 1 in 4 voters under the age of 30 and in 2018 31% of young people voted.
    In history young people voted less than older people just in general but that started to change into increasing by double digits in 2014, 2016, 2018, and in 2020.

  • Young people have the ability to see the bigger picture, untethered from any ties such as jobs or loans that have a constant weight baring on their decisions. Those with this winder scope on decisions should be listened to rather than ignored, as they are assets as long as you extract the main points of their ideas. I wouldn't necessarily state that politics is an age thing, I'd say it i a maturity thing yet most children aren't yet. This stereotype is mandated and is now seen as all younger people lack a crucial point, in actuality it is usually the antithesis of this.

  • I do believe young people are political as the governments have now been increasingly concerned over the past ten years that young people are abandoning British democracy. This anxiety of young people not getting involved has mostly been focused on the fact that just 44% of young adults cast ballots in 2010. We investigate the causes of this generation's seeming rejection of formalized political activity on the basis of a national poll of 1,025 young people and 14 discussion groups. We also take into account how their perspectives are shaped by their gender, ethinicity, educational background and economics status . This is why I do believe that young people should be political because its hard for younger people know a days as they feel as if there opinions are not wanted in this generation.

  • I will give a story then ask a question;
    When Rehoboam became king, the people wanted him to treat them less harshly than his father. King Solomon was respected and loved, but the people thought his demands were hard. Keep in mind that King Solomon had to use thousands upon thousands of laborers for his great works and his taxes were heavy as well. The people also told Rehoboam that if he made things easier for them they would honor and serve him as king.
    Rehoboam went to Solomon’s advisors for advice, and they told him to lighten the load. He then sought advice from his personal group of advisors/ friends who were young and experienced. They told him to make things harder on the people, and Rehoboam listened to their wisdom. He then told the people that he would make things miserable under his rule and when the people realized what he had said they turned away from him.
    My question is , Rehoboam was young and ready to rule, yet he ignored the advice from the old men his father worked with and took from his own friends . The people under him were treated worse yes but with this would you say he was not political , or is the problem coming from the people he took advice from and if the problem is from the advisers are they not young too. Was it not time for the young to rule. Was there a problem with collecting advice from the new and fresh minds.

    1. The ball is in your court. Who wants to answer the question.