Weekly poll #4 results

The Festival has now been going for three weeks – and now we are coming to the point where you will be preparing your standpoints about the topic that interests you most.

So this week’s poll is simple. Which has been your favourite Topical Talk Festival topic? Cast your vote below and let us know your reasons in the comments. We are excited to see what you think.

For last week’s poll we asked you to share your favourite Topical Talk Festival topic

The results are in... and here's what you thought! Is it what you expected? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • And the lack of economy in most cases leads to a lack of jobs and job opportunities, which led to high rates of unemployment that prompted doctors to resign from their jobs because they knew that all their suffering and fatigue were of no value, which he deserves Because as a person who loves the field of medicine, it is not strange that he tends to these things! On this subject, I enjoyed expressing my views and was able to learn about other people's points of view and what drives them to be doctors

  • My favorite topic is fast fashion because I did not know anything about the sources from which clothes come from, how they are made and how they should be used, and because I am a fan of clothes, this has helped me to know how I harm the environment around me and how it may benefit it, and I have already allocated clothes that I offer to the poor or Reuse clothes, and there is a part of it that I want to use to decorate plant pots in our house

  • The topic I liked the most is sustainable health care: the lack of doctors because they have an important role in serving the community and the country as a whole, educating the community about diseases and preventing them, and their humanitarian role in helping patients, although they do not receive rewards and wages that guarantee their rights, but they continue their continuous humanitarian work. This is what made me feel proud of their position and their effective role. I aspire to strive and play the same important humanitarian role in society. I love helping others and I do not like to see the pain and wounds of others. All love and appreciation to them for their giving

  • The beginning of all the topics was beautiful and useful and it gave me many pictures, ideas and information about what is going on around the world
    It has given us all the opportunity to express our opinions, especially since it has given us the opportunity to propose creative solutions to many problems around the world
    But as a person who loves the field of medicine, it is not surprising that I tend more to the issue of health care and the shortage of doctors. In this issue, I was able to express the reasons for the shortage of doctors in my country and in most countries of the world. It also made me express the reason for my desire to be a doctor, and I was also able to learn about the opinions and motives of my other colleagues in the world and their desire to be doctors and their views on the importance of medicine and doctors.

    Thank you for your wonderful topics
     .and I hope we will have more of them

  • What really interested me was the World Cup. I was surprised by the refusal of some countries to host Qatar, and I was amazed at the amount they spent, as if they had spent the same amount, they would have eliminated poverty in their country. A war, not a fun competition

  • My favorite topic is the World Cup, because in the World Cup, Qatar showed that the Arab countries are countries that can do what non-Arabs could not do, and also showed that Qatar is one of the developed countries that can set an example for others, as it spent more than 200 billion dollars and made a very impressive opening. One of the most beautiful openings around the world, apart from the distinctive buildings and stadiums that it built. This is other than the logical laws that it set. I believe that the 2022 World Cup will be the best in the world.

  • The World Cup, which is currently being held in the State of Qatar, aroused my interest in the first place, and this does not mean that other topics are not important, on the contrary, each topic has a high importance, but in conjunction with this event, I liked to talk about it because it is sweeping through social media. This great event is being held on the land of an Arab country for the first time. In the history of football, we have seen the huge preparations that Qatar entered with difficulties and challenges, but it proved that man is capable of making the impossible if he wants to, with participation, cooperation, patience, unity and capabilities. Football promotes sportsmanship and tolerance among people

  • I liked to talk about the World Cup, because I am interested in this field, and because it is the talk of the world at this time. As for the reason for my interest in the World Cup, I love football, because it always enhances the spirit of competition and the love of excellence, and it undoubtedly enhances and consolidates the value of cooperation. Here comes the method of scoring the goal against the opponent team, because scoring it is not easy, and it requires effort from the team to score your goal and achieve your ambition, and this emphasizes the importance of cooperation in the team.

  • I think fast fashion was the most intresting subject I learned about because I enjoyed talking about clothes and stuff like this.I leaned about how many materials and money are wasted and how we can change it.

  • My favourite topic was World Cup because I found about the problems in Qatar and the people that are in the LGBTQ community and that they are not allowed in the world cup matches.I was very surprised about how much money they spend to make a perfect sport competition for the world.I like how the Palestinian people come to support Argentina in this tournament but I don't like it because I am a Portugal and Brazil fan and my favourite sport is definitely football.It's the very first time when a middle-eastern country hosts the World Cup.
    That's what I found and like about the topic World Cup!

  • I chose the protest in Iran because I’ve always been speaking up about women’s rights when I had the change and I also find it one of the most important topics from there and the hardest one to solve. I find it a very important topic because it included stuff about women and their rights and it’s a really important topic for me and that’s why it’s also my favourite.

  • I like the topic about the World Cup because it is really nice to see the first middle-eastern country to be the host to one big event like this.

  • I choose ,,World Cup" beacuse I love how the footballers are old now and I remember them when they wore younger. I like seeing people playing football.

  • I voted SPACE as my favourite topic. Because I have always been interested in
    this subject and it's my favourite conversation topic. I really enjoyd this topic and it is the most interestring topic in my opinion. So that's the reason why I voted for Space.

  • Space is what interests me
    Space offers many potentials to support the goals of sustainable development, and we know very well that the focus was on sustainability, as space services are essential to understanding climate change and predicting times of disasters, and other than that, due to the importance of space, what do you see after space? The globe is a small body of wide range

  • I enjoyed learning about protests in Iran as it is good to see different opinions on the situation personally I think people outside iran should act out as were in better circumstances as they are in danger of getting killed or arrested [especially if your a feamale

  • I enjoyed reading and sharing my opinion about black panter topic, I never wondered about diversity or even why I was atracted to these moves it took me quit 2 hours of reading and searching about it to understand that we love to know each other cultures, lifestyle and how diverse we are.

  • I believe fast fashion is a very interesting topic because it makes us aware of all the pollution problems and it makes us think how we can stop pollution. It's also good to know about it when we shop for clothes so we don't buy bad clothes.

    1. I agree that because it is responsible for widespread environmental damage, the key to achieving sustainability as a consumer is balance

  • I voted on Iran protests,
    Reason: Its the topic where my views where accepted and awarded besides it has discussions that task us to think outside the box for example the thought of "should the internet be a human right" It brings make arguments on table and let's you have your honest opinion

  • The topic that impressed me is the global food crisis because it is considered from a humanitarian point of view and also to remind the world that there are people who suffer from hunger and cannot get even a little food.
    I liked all the topics, but this topic attracted me to talk about it.

  • My favorite topic is sustainable health care because it is the most important thing in our lives, as it helps us live a better and healthy life without diseases and troubles through the advice of doctors who give us many and many tips and ways to prevent diseases, and this tiring work is not estimated by money only, and
    They are always in a state of tension, fatigue, and anxiety about the world and the rapidly spreading epidemics that are happening in it. Despite their fatigue, the state does not care much about them by not providing them with the salary due for their work. Despite their low salaries, they do not give up, but rather continue their humanitarian work.
    And the humble and important, and we humans must respect and appreciate them.

  • My favourite topic so far has been the World Cup because I enjoy watching football , I also think it is interesting to look at other people’s opinions on the World Cup being held in Qatar . I think it shouldn’t be in Qatar because of how hot it is and how much money is being spent

  • I think my favorite topic and what attracted my attention is the doctor shortage.
    Because it talks about a problem that all peoples and countries suffer from.
    it is a problem that must be solved because doctors are very important to our lives, Without doctors people would suffer from diseases that they can't get rid of.
    One of the most important reasons is depriving them of salaries and don't give them their rights, and this problem can be solved by giving them their full rights, so I think this topic is what attracted me the most because it is realistic

  • The topics I was most interested in were food crises and the black panther, because food crises are a global problem that most countries of the world suffer from. The world needs someone who can solve problems, eliminate crises, and a superhero who can overcome obstacles and change the world for the better.And what topic were you interested in?

  • The topics I was most interested in were food crises and the black panther, because food crises are a global problem that most countries of the world suffer from. The world needs someone who can solve problems and eliminate crises and a superhero who can overcome obstacles and change the world for the better. Donates food to the poor around the world.
    It helps wealthy people quickly transfer their donated food to other people.
    Because people who believe in him will imitate him in charitable deeds.

  • My favorite topic was the one about Black Panther. This was my favorite topic because I was able to relate to it as well as my other classmates/peers. I liked it a lot because we didn't just talk about one culture but multiple cultures and everyone felt included. We discussed representation, cultural appropriation, and things of that nature. It wasn't just about the race the Black Panther cast came from and the portrayal they got but the diversity of more companies. I think diversity is crucial, but when a company portrays a culture correctly or lets someone of the same culture portrayed in the film lead it's even better.

    1. How do you think the film industry could still improve on representation and diversity @efficient_fig?

      1. I think the film industry could still improve on representation and diversity by getting film directors who are of the same race or ethnicity of the cast or the people portrayed in the film. By getting a film director who has close ties with what the movies or film is about they are able to confirm and make the movie as accurate as possible. I also think that the film industry could hire more actors who are of color, different races, and religions. They should steer away from the stereotypes and common misconceptions of the people being represented.