Another side of the World Cup.

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We all know that the World Cup is a tournament that takes place every four years in which 32 teams from all countries of the world participate, and that Qatar is the host country for it this year, and that the legacy of the World Cup is very large and beneficial to Qatar and its people in all respects

But we do not know what Qatar did in partnership with FIFA for the World Cup. Qatar, with FIFA, made a project with the World Health Organization for a healthy World Cup.

The project aims to ensure that this year's World Cup is a healthy and safe event, and that the tournament guarantees huge future events that are safe, healthy and sustainable, and that the pillar on which this year's World Cup is based is to support and encourage people to practice patterns through a healthy diet, smoking cessation and control, and health security promotion, with a focus on ensuring safe events and health awareness.

In the end, Qatar aims to create a carbon-free World Cup so that it helps the world to be sustainable, and this is a completely correct action, and I encourage it to do so.

This is an important topic because everyone tends to what Qatar has achieved in these ten years without looking at the benefits it has achieved for it in particular and for the world in general, and what it will achieve for the future. It has worked to show a complete and integrated plan in order to save the planet with the World Cup at the same time.

The interest of the world in football and their enthusiasm to watch the matches has forgotten other aspects of the World Cup, and this is the reason that made me write this topic This is a problem that not many people know about, and I think everyone should know about it, because it explains many of the reasons and facts that must be known about the work of the World Cup in Qatar.

My question to you: Do you agree with what Qatar has done?? And do you expect it to succeed in the future??

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  • Thank you for your standpoint and sharing some of the sustainability and health aims. With so many flights coming in and out of Qatar everyday, how do they plan to make the World Cup carbon neutral?

    1. I think the way they can make the world cup carbon neutral is by installing carbon sinks near the stadium for example trees they can plant trees near the stadium that can capture the carbon emissions in the atmosphere. And on the pitch where they will be playing there is grass an in my research I got to find out that grass also captures and stores the carbon emissions. Then the government of Qatar can also advise people that fly the planes at the airport and those that drive vehichles to use sustainable lower- carbon alternative fuels to reduce on the carbon emissions in the atmosphere. They should also advise people to start using solar power their source of power in their homes, for cooking, lighting and so on. They can also build wind farms in the country and this can also help in the capture of the carbon emissions. They can also advise the industries not to release their carbon emissions but to transport them underground using the pipelines.

    2. Qatar has worked on air conditioning in the solar-powered stadium, purchasing carbon credits to offset emissions, using shipping containers as building materials for the Qatar World Cup, close distances, environmentally friendly hotels, planting trees, greening roads, and using the electric metro system to contribute to reducing carbon emissions. The Qatar project works to replace resources Non-renewable renewable energy resulting from natural sources that are renewable such as sunlight and wind, which reduces harmful emissions of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide. We cannot deny that what Qatar is doing is a very great job, but I wonder about your point of view on this subject. Is everything that Qatar has done A great job that will really help fight carbon?

  • Thank you for your wonderful point of view. I want to tell you that you chose the topic well because what is prevalent now in this world is the World Cup in Qatar, and we are all very interested in this creativity, as it is an Arab country that has relied on itself to be the center of the world’s attention.

  • Thank you
    Qatar is doing everything it can for a healthy World Cup, and here it has already allocated dedicated streets with transportation only in the whole town and has provided its stadiums with energy-saving technologies and made them greener, and other than that it has encouraged a healthy and safe food system and Not smoking, and this is a really beautiful thing, and we, as a visiting people, have to respect it and be more sustainable and not waste all this fatigue and energy for nothing

  • Thank you for your comment and you touched on something good which is health related
    Qatar has done a beautiful job on this
    Do I expect to succeed in the future?!
    Yes, because Qatar has goals and seeks to achieve them. This will make Qatar one of the strongest countries in many ways

  • Qatar has performed an amazing event and a really wonderful organization. It has made itself a point of attention for everyone and for all teams and fans. The rules of the stadium and the World Cup as a whole are regular and in compliance with them strongly, but they are healthy and aim for everyone's safety.

  • Qatar is one of the countries in the world most exposed to sunlight, so I think it should put solar panels in the stadiums and use solar energy instead of oil and carbon emissions, and even use it as an alternative to the whole country to supply all homes with electricity, and also in its desert the most powerful storms, so it can put windmills to convert Wind energy is converted into electric energy for stadiums and others, and it must use hydrogen instead of fuel in its airports and means of transportation, as it does not emit harmful gases (future fuel).