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Qatar really did an amazing organization, but I also expect that the World Cup should have been... The Blurred Cup? The Qatar World Cup And Why This One Just Isn't The Same. 08/12/22
Qatar has performed an amazing event and a really wonderful organization. It has made itself a... Another side of the World Cup. 08/12/22
It is a big event, especially for the Arab countries, as it is the first time that it is held in... The Blurred Cup? The Qatar World Cup And Why This One Just Isn't The Same. 08/12/22
I think it means experiments. We really have to see it closely. I don't mean to watch. We have... Do you have to see it, to be it? 06/12/22
I agree because Yes, people spend most of the time on it, even in family meetings. Everyone must... Want more stars? Look here! 27/11/22
Well, these factories exploit their workers badly, who are mostly from the developing world, Working conditions: what’s acceptable? 16/11/22
I joined several discussions I did not change my mind but some of the comments inspired me to... Competition #3 Global discussion 16/11/22
The world has developed now and everyone is dependent on technology, working in its fields, and... Expert challenge: what could you do? 10/11/22
A country that does not eat from what it grows and benefits from what it manufactures is doomed... What's on your plate? And where's it from? 10/11/22
In fact, it is up to the leaders of the countries, that is, everyone who owns the rule, that is,... Why haven't we solved the problem of world hunger yet? 10/11/22
The problem of food is one of the prevailing problems that must be solved through the... The food crisis: why can’t we just share? 10/11/22
The Internet constitutes a place of human rights such as education, entertainment and freedom to... Should the internet be a human right? 04/11/22
We are all human beings and our gender difference does not mean inequality for a particular... Gender inequality: have your say! 04/11/22
Yes, the Internet is a human right, which is the freedom to use it and communicate our point of... Should the internet be a human right? 03/11/22