World cup: are footballers paid too much?

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Football is a common sport to the Uk and contains a traditional league system where more than 100 teams take part. In the present day world, over 46% of people are fans of football players and spend more than 1 hour watching football on TV. As the attraction grows, tickets to world cup live are getting sold out faster and faster, to a range of just 10 minutes? Naturally, it would be logical to think that the footballers are paid an exeptional amount of money, and yes whilst the statement is true, this has cause quite a lot of debate. Are footballers being paid too much?

No they are not

Footballers need to maintain a strict regime and need to do a lot of physical training to keep fit. An average footballer would have to train 4-6 hours a day with extra hours of conditioning and gym. Shouldn't this arduous work be rewarded? Footballers have a choice whether they want to be footballers or not just like nurses or fireman can aspire to become a football player. Then, their should not be much debate because one has a choice or not whether they want to become a football player hence there should be no complaining.

Yes they are

Nurses have been the saviors in drastic times with covid19. Firemen are the heros of thousands of lives. A family takes care of you and makes sure you have a roof above your head. These people are just as important or even more important than football players. Nurses, save thousands of lives. Do football players do that? Every person is just as important as the next depending on what circumstances you are in. Football leagues just cause climate change to advance as more people are using transport to commute to the world cup event. We should be realistic and take into account the future.

Although I do respect every person's aspirations, I have changed my mind about the world cup. Climate change matters to me and I have been trying to make every ounce of a difference ( recycling, sharing presentations on the climate, drawing a poster) . For now, I want the world's atmosphere to be clean and I want to take care of our Earth. Yes, the world cup is a thrilling event, but watching TV on the world cup is just as fun!

What do you think?

Is there anything important to you that might be affected by the world cup?

Would there be any differences if the world cup was not hosted in Qatar?

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  • i think its very unfair and men get paid so much money because if you compare it to women's football it is so different. Portugal Striker, Cristiano Ronaldo gets paid £500,000 a week, meanwhile England striker Beth mead gets paid only £28,000 which is a massive difference and they do the same job. It is so unfair and there is no equality in the subject. Also a nurse and firemen do a much safer job than a footballer but a footballer does entertainment, and a nurse and firemen do a much safer job and save lives. If you disagree please reply to this comment as i will explain my thought of discussion.

    1. What do you think is the reason behind this huge wage discrepancy ?

      1. I think this is because the stadiums are packed for men’s football but if you look at women’s stadiums there are barely any seats and also the pay a week! The club for women’s don’t get paid much a week but men’s get paid over 100,000 a week! Men are apparently more popular in football than women which is not equal!

  • Footballers are very overpaid as as they only play 1 season and get about £50 M and some people barely get any money for doing harder work than footballers do.

    1. How could you define "hard work", strong_tambourine?

      1. Hard work can be defined as a great deal of effort or endurance

  • I believe that football players are over paid as Cristiano Ronaldo makes 6.6 million US Dollars per month and his salary per day is 548,000 US Dollars. Messi makes £3.73m-per-month and an incredible £532K-a-day. Mbappe makes €4.3 million per month. That would make it nearly €212,000 a day. As the club for women’s don’t get paid much a week but men’s get paid over 1 million a week! Men are apparently more popular in football than women and I believe that is not equal! Some people do twice or even more the work footballers do and they barely get any money . Fore example my dad makes £20,000 pound in a year and he works from 7am-5pm and gets £10 an hour wheres footballers get around 50 million a year which I believe is being over paid by a huge amount.