How can climate be reduced?

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By examining the previous effects of climate change, we find that Palestine will be subject to an increase in the frequency and severity of many natural hazards. underground reservoir. In addition, the rise in temperatures and the increase in evaporation and transpiration rates will lead to an increase in the need for irrigation of plants and the demand for water, which means an increase in pressure on this already scarce resource. In the Gaza Strip, the matter will be worse, as water is more scarce than in other regions. However, the high demand for water and the doubling of the water deficit will accelerate the entry of sea water into the aquifer and predict the deterioration of water quality in Gaza much faster than expected. It must also be noted that the high number of episodes of heavy rain increases the chances of floods, especially in crowded cities with modest rainwater drainage networks. As for heat attacks, they are especially dangerous for the health and safety of patients, the elderly and children, especially when their occurrence coincides with the weakness of the electric current and its interruption for long hours, as is the case in the Gaza Strip.

Last year, the world witnessed major environmental disasters, most notably forest fires, the melting of ice sheets, and the arrival of temperatures to record levels, while the countries of the world seek to limit global warming to less than two degrees Celsius, or at least 1.5 degrees Celsius. Natural disasters that may directly and indirectly threaten human safety and health.

It is a precaution for each of us to minimize climate change

1. Do not use too many machines in factories.

2. Throwing away rubbish.

3. Putting waste in all large places.

4. Energy saving.

5. Natural disasters.

It is necessary to reduce their use because it is a negative form for us and yourselves.

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  • climate change is vital to keep the world in peace and in health. Allot of the climate change is coming from energy savings such as electricity, fuel and reasourses such as wood and so on for example in the amazon rain forest were there cutting large parts of the rain forest another example is factories were placed every were in the world such as Russia and other countries. some people think it is natural disasters but that's part of nature and there's no stopping it although we can stop fueling and we can stop climate change and so
    we just need to put the effort

  • We can reduce climate change by Saving energy at home, Walk, bike, or take public transport, Eat more vegetables, Consider your travel, Throw away less food, Reduce, reuse, repair & recycle, use fans instead of air conditioners etc Doing all these can help reduce climate change. If we refuse to change our life style, our carbon foot print will affect the planet and weakens the ozone layer.
    So we should all try and follow the climate laws, and make the world a safe and clean place to live in.

  • We can reduce climate change by using less plastics and more of paper bags, taking walks and and riding bicycles can help reduce air pollution. Oil factories should be band to help stop the emission of green house gases and carbon dioxide. Limiting the time appliances should be used can help save energy . Vehicles such as cars, trains and taxis should be powered by solar energy rather than diesel and fossil fuels. Planting more trees and seedlings can help rebuild forests and reduce heat . Throwing wastes in gutters and drains can lead to intense floodings . Illegal mining should be stopped to help save lands for planting of trees and crops and for agricultural use. By doing these actions and more positive things to help save the world , I believe the earth will be safe for both humans and living organism to thrive and survive.

  • We can reduce the use of means of transportation and the use of bicycles to reduce the footprint and reduce climate change and also reduce waste throwing, so we can use the phenomenon of recycling and reuse in order to reduce waste and we can use fans........

  • You said “throwing away rubbish” and “putting waste in all large places”. If you throw away rubbish it will add to the waste that is already there which then will cause climate change and if you putting waste away in all large places it will pile up which then will be harder to clean up since it’s in a large place, and also what if the place is used for something else which is why it was left as an open large space, and you go and dump your waste there it will cause a problem and then the waste will spoil the place which then will also cause climate change.
    So I think the best way to help reduce climate change is to reduce the amount of wastes we waste daily, and help to pick up as many litter found on the ground as possible will also help in reducing climate change