How Can Man Stop Affecting the Earth's Beauty

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Earth is our home It is where we live and we cannot live without it. We rely on the earth for our very existence in many different ways. Its resources feed us and provide the raw materials we need to survive daily. Man has many positive and negative effects on the earth.

Man impacts the physical environment in so many ways causing overpopulation, pollution, burning fossil fuels, deforestation and so on. Changes like these have triggered climate change, soil erosion, poor air quality, undrinkable water and many other inconveniences. Apart from the natural resources it provides, earth is a place of wonder with many beautiful sites to see. Earth is a very beautiful and man has destroyed some of these beautiful sites because of companies, infrastructures and other selfish needs. Man cuts down trees and litter affecting both animals and plants.

There are so many small things you can do which can create a big difference. Climate change has been said to affect right to life, right to health, right to housing and rights to water and to sanitation. People always say climate change is and will continue to harm all of us unless governments take action. But you yourself can also do something to help. though it mostly affects people in developing nations, especially coastal countries and small island states, everyone is still at the receiving end.

There are different things that you can do though to affect the environment positively. At home you can help the planet by recycling waste and growing plants or vegetables. Protecting endangered species and cleaning lakes and seas has a positive effect on the environment. There are other ways to also stop man from affecting the environment. I would like to know a few ways you think you can affect the environment positively.

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  • Humans can affect Earth in many different ways; positive and negative, but what are some ways we could stop all the negative stuff humans do? That is what I'm going to explain in this text. First, humans need to stop producing smoke from cars. Some ways people could do this is by encouraging trains and other ways of transportation that do not let smoke into the atmosphere. Second, humans need to stop using factories and start finding extra ways to produce energy. A way they could do this is by finding ways to make reusable energy. Third and finally, humans need to stop making so much pollution in oceans. A way they could do this is by using reusable cups or bottles.

  • Humans can stop affecting the earth by finding ways to release gases from factories and other forms of pollution and also by replanting cut down trees because the trees also contribute to the beauty of the earth and to our health because trees contribute to the oxygen we breathe.

  • I agree with your standpoint and I believe humans should affect the world in a positive way, humans have to reduce the amount of appliances they use at home , when leaving make sure all devices are switched off. Planting of more trees and recycling ♻ waste into compost and fertilizers can help new seedlings 🌱. Plastics can be used to make other recycle bins , so humans can dispose of their waste properly. Cars and taxi's should be band and people should use bicycles and electric trains , I say electric trains because I think trains that use coal will increase air pollution. Illegal Mining should cease because it is destroying forests and landing . Using less water everyday can help farmers water their plants and crops. Burning rubbish is a major , it increase s heat in some countries allowing crops and livestock die. In my opinion humans should find a better to dispose off their wastes. Generators usage should decline and home should use solar panels, electricity from the sun powers the house. These laws should be followed ,because if so our world will be an ecofriendly planet 🌏 for future generations to enjoy.

  • These are the few ways that I think I can affect the environment positively. Firstly I would create a club in my school that goes around my neighborhood and pickup the trash and the club will also plant new trees and other plants in the neighborhood. Secondly I would pass out flyers to the people in my community that shows them the effects of their personal carbon footprint on climate change and how they can prevent it from happening.

    1. I agree with you, human can affect the environment positively, however, man can also affect the environment negatively, let me explain, human really has a bad impact on the environment physically, Firstly, Over pollution. We the humans have a bad habit of dumping garbage everywhere, this is pollution, but we have increased in our pollution, this has entered the next stage of pollution, this should be stopped. Secondly, burning of fossil fuel and deforestation. This has a bad effect on humans and the earth. But we should all stand up and get moving, moving to keep our environment safe, positively affecting our environment, such as protecting endangered species and cleaning lakes ans seas. All this are ways we can positively affect our environment. We can affect earth beauty in a good way.

  • Humans can help the earth in many different ways, for example we could stop using fossil fuels to power our machines and electricity.Instead we could use different forms of renewable energy sources for example we could use solar panels and wind turbines.They are cheap and good for the environment.We would be using what there is in nature that will not run out,contrary to fossil fuels that are bad for the environment and when we use them up there will be no more.Fossil fuels also contribute to the greenhouse effect.

    For transport,if you are able to reach the place where you need to go on bike,scooter or just walking then take advantage and do it.If you are unable to get there through the methods listed above then you could use public transport.In London, the government and TFL (Transport For London) have introduced 3,854 hybrid buses, 785 electric buses, and 22 hydrogen fuel cell buses.Thats 4,661 buses out of 8,795 buses and as time goes by TFL will most likely introduce more and more environmentally friendly buses/transport.
    If all countries and cities introduce "green transport" then bit by bit we will be able to reduce the damage we've made to the earth.

    We also need to stop mass producing clothes,fast fashion is a huge producer of pollution.Did you know that only 10% of what workers in factories make is actually sold in stores?The other 90% goes toward charity which will then land in landfill if not purchased.Most of the clothes will stay in landfill for 200 years and as they decompose they release chemical gases into our atmosphere.Formaldehyde is one of these chemicals, when released into the atmosphere it can cause skin irritation and respiratory problems.
    If the world all works together then we can get rid of everything bit by bit.
    Thank you for reading! :)

  • I really like your standpoint motivated_chemistry you have mentioned many interesting points you have said that many rights are getting affected through climatic change linke right to life, right to health, right to housing and rights to water and to sanitation can you explain how these rights are affected?

  • I agree with you because I think that humans play a role in negatively and positively ,affecting the environment , but the negative ways show more bad impacts than positive ways , for example toxic materials and gases are burnt and the released into the atmosphere , such as carbon dioxide and methane . Because these gases are able to absorb radiation from the sun , they have a direct impact on the temperature of the planet and global warming can lead to the rising of sea levels which is dangerous to humans .
    They are so many ways to save our planets including conserving water , embracing green energy🍀 and planting more trees 🌲 .

  • People can stop affecting the earth’s beauty by adapting to the use of electric vehicles also to reduce the amount of food we waste daily and leaving recycle bin and trash bags all over the place but not too much bins and trash bags , so the amount of waste can reduce since the recyclables and the waste have been separated.

  • You shared a very important topic. Man has a great role in preserving the environment, as he is the labor force and the thinking mind.. Each of us, as human beings, must start making changes in our homes and set a good example for our children. We can change habits that negatively affect the environment, such as:
    1) To conserve water when using it for washing the face, brushing the teeth, or irrigating plants.
    2) To walk or riding a bike instead of riding in a car, thus reducing our carbon footprint.
    3) To turn off electrical appliances such as televisions after using them, and to turn off the light in the room where we are not.
    4) To reduce the number of hours of computer and smartphone use.
    5) To plant even seedlings and take care of them, as trees purify the air.
    Hand in hand to protect our environment and save our future.