What comes to your mind when you hear Nepotism?

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My standpoint which asks a question ..... What comes to your mind when you hear the word NEPOTISM???

To some of us, the first thing that likley to pop up in our minds when we hear nepotism is "Politics". But why? When it comes to politics, we notice all forms of opacity in government and in our various immediate surroundings.

Nepotism is when one favours relatives and friends due to kinship whereas favouritism is the act of favouring one person over the other no matter what. Nepotism has a negative connotation while favouritism has a positive connotation.Nepotism is a common accusation in politics when the relative of a powerful figure ascends to similar power seemingly without appropriate qualifications.Typical examples include someone in a managerial or executive position using their power to: Hire or promote a family member or friend over a better-qualified candidate.

In the public sphere, favoritism, cronyism, and nepotism also undermine the common good. When someone is granted a position because of connections rather than because he or she has the best credentials and experience, the service that person renders to the public may be inferior. based on my research,i have also pointed out some factors that might be responsible for nepotism in the society at large.While there is no single cause of nepotism in the workplace, it often arises from a combination of factors, such as tribalism, poor management, cost-cutting, and risk aversion. By understanding the causes of nepotism, organizations can take steps to prevent it from occurring.

But this is a place in which we give others the individuals the opportunity to express themselves. So, my main aim is just to see what really comes to our minds whe we hear the word, Nepoitism. As many as possible opinions please. Some might feel nepotism mostly takes place in; workplaces while some in schools and so on.So,please kindly expresse your thoughts and feel free to oppose my statements if your not in full support that it mostly happens in government/politics.


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  • I totally agree the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear nepotism is sadly politics, Especially in my country, the politicians a re corrupt and look out for themselves and their relatives, the only seek what's best for them at the expense of demerit of others, by favoring their close ones more than the others. Being unfair by employing r giving high positions to people in their circle knowing fully well that the people they have chose are unqualified and also corrupt and they neglect the noble and eligible ones who can better the country and make things right. I feel that nepotism should be ruled out because it is one of the wat corruption strives in the world as well as discrimination and inequality.

    1. I agree with you the preferable thing that comes to my mind when I hear nepotism is when somebody is being treated unfairly in a workplace when the manager hires his friend without a discussion and gives him an advancement when another employee deserves it more. Another example that comes to mind at home is how parents show favoritism between their children. Sometimes the young child is provided more scoops of ice cream 🍨 than the older child. This makes us feel we are not treated equally So we should try to treat people the way we desire to be treated.

    2. I agree with you cause that is the same thing in my country. the politicians are corrupt and they only care for them selves and relatives. They only do what favors them and their don not care about what is taking down the country in terms of accidents to poor roads, which is not fair cause they only help people in their category and not the needy or people in bad situations .So i agree with you nepotism should be ruled out so that people get
      what all politicians get and eqaulity to remove or take down inequality.

  • I believe that favoritism and nepotism differ from love of relatives and love of family and friends, because favoritism is meant by preferring relatives and friends for personal work and not for competence, i.e., for example, preferring the president (who is a relative) because he gave him a high position at work. Either love for family and relatives loves him as he is, not for the sake of work or something else. Rather, he loves him because he is kind and beloved, and also from his relatives......

    1. Exactly my point because sometimes in many occurrances, love for relatives are being confused and misunderstood for nepotism and favoritism.

  • As a pupil, when I hear the word Nepotism, I think of an unfair practice in which people in positions of power give preferential treatment, such as jobs or opportunities, to their family members or close friends, rather than selecting the most qualified and deserving candidates. This can create a sense of inequality and injustice and make it harder for talented individuals who are not connected to those in power to succeed. It's important to promote meritocracy and equal opportunities for all.

  • Firstly, I think your topic is relevant and thought-provoking as nepotism is a common issue in many societies, and it affects people's lives in various ways. Your explanation of the concept of nepotism and how it differs from favoritism is clear and informative.

    However, I would suggest that you provide more concrete examples of nepotism in different settings such as workplaces, schools, and other institutions. Also, you could mention the negative effects of nepotism on individuals and society as a whole.

    Moreover, while you have briefly mentioned the causes of nepotism, you could delve deeper into each factor and explain how they contribute to the problem. Additionally, you could provide some solutions to prevent or reduce nepotism in various settings.

    Overall, I think your topic is interesting, and you have provided a good overview of nepotism and its implications. However, expanding on your points with more examples and details would enhance the article's quality. ت

  • Nepotism can be found not only in workplaces and government, but also in social animals like wasps, bees, ants, termites and monkeys. For humans, nepotism also operates in any social classes and influences how people determine other socioeconomic rankings based on their preference on skin colours, looks and style. Nepotism starts early. It begins with parents’ favouritism towards their children. This kind of favouritism is embedded in the children’s unconscious mind and will influence their future behaviour.

  • Today at school we learned what nepotism is and what nepotism is. I learned that it is one of the causes of corruption that is very large in society and that spreads like lightning... Nepotism is the lack of equality between workers and the exaltation of the status of some workers because of kinship, i.e. the mediation between the worker and the boss. This is One of the causes of corruption in societies... Favoritism is the preference of one person over another for a personal purpose. For example, I am the boss. I prefer that worker because he is the son of the minister or the son of the client or something like that, because it causes a lot of corruption in societies...

  • It comes to my mind to prefer a person over several people and distinguish between them, and also although sometimes he does not deserve privileges over others, but because of favoritism he takes something that he does not deserve. It is one of the causes of society’s corruption, disintegration and wealth. take their rights...

  • When I hear the word "nepotism," several thoughts and associations come to mind. Firstly, I think of the unfair practice of favoring family members or friends in various contexts, not just limited to politics. While politics is often associated with nepotism due to the visibility of such practices and the potential impact on governance, nepotism can occur in different settings such as workplaces, educational institutions, and even within social circles.

    Nepotism in the workplace is a concern because it can hinder meritocracy and prevent qualified individuals from advancing or being hired. When positions are given based on family connections rather than merit, it can lead to dissatisfaction among employees and a lack of trust in the organization. Additionally, nepotism may create an environment where talent and expertise are undervalued, resulting in suboptimal outcomes for the organization or institution involved.

    However, it's important to note that nepotism is not exclusive to politics or government. It can manifest in various sectors and settings where personal relationships and biases come into play. For example, nepotism in educational institutions may involve the preferential treatment of students based on familial connections, potentially compromising the principles of fairness and equal opportunities.

    While nepotism is often associated with negative connotations, it's crucial to recognize that not all instances of favoring relatives or friends are inherently harmful. Sometimes, individuals may genuinely believe that their family members or close friends possess the qualifications and skills necessary for a particular position. In such cases, it becomes important to strike a balance between personal relationships and fair evaluation processes to ensure transparency and equal opportunities for all.

    In conclusion, when I hear the word "nepotism," I think of the potential misuse of personal connections to grant advantages, which can occur in various spheres of life, including politics, workplaces, and educational institutions. While it is often associated with negative consequences, it is important to evaluate each situation individually and strive for fairness, transparency, and equal opportunities for all individuals.

  • When I hear the word nepotism, I think of leaders who betray their people and deal with nepotism for personal interests and do not care about the interest of the people. I have often heard in news bulletins about cases of nepotism and corruption of presidents. Nepotism means the abuse of power anywhere, and it has great negative effects.. Therefore, it must be fought to achieve equality.. On the contrary, I like some NGOs, such as the Doctors Without Borders Foundation, which have a charter of equality and non-discrimination between their job applicants, and they also deal in the same way towards patients And the afflicted who help them.

  • Favoritism is the preference of one person over another that spreads at work, and it is the preference of one worker over another worker, and he treats this worker in a manner different from the rest, and an increase in his salary, and the imposition of taxes on everyone except for this year, which is preferred by the president. In all societies, it is very negative, leading to a loss of confidence in work, striking and resigning, which leads to the spread of corruption in the entire society itself..