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Nepotism relates to activities associated to favouritism; it can often be identified in cases... Nepotism is a monster that has taken over human minds 17/5/23
For now, the metaverse is a great way to interact with people and experience things that you... Is the metaverse better than the real world? 17/5/23
How can we co-exist with machines that inherently lack human values? What happens when a program... "AI" is taking over the world. 17/5/23
The expert that I learnt the most from was Matthew Ball because he taught me that the metaverse... Competition #6 Expert learning 16/5/23
Nepotism can be found not only in workplaces and government, but also in social animals like... What comes to your mind when you hear Nepotism? 16/5/23
Matthew Ball has made me think differently about the metaverse, he makes it seem as if it's a... Matthew answers your questions! 16/5/23
Cons of Nepotism: Reduced productivity, morale, and engagement Special treatment Reduced... HOW NEPOTISM AFFECTS PEOPLE 16/5/23
Favoritism pervades many parts of society — the teacher who treats one student better than the... Is nepotism acceptable? 16/5/23
There are many potential effects of nepotism in the workplace. One of the most obvious is that... Nepotism: Is it good or bad? 15/5/23
Generally speaking, nepotism is frowned upon because it can give unfair advantages to family... Is nepotism acceptable? 15/5/23
Surveys suggest that 90% of teenagers use social media. Research has shown that young adults who... Teenagers and social media 11/5/23
People should not make it clear if they are a nepo-baby. Nepo babies deserve the same treatment... Nepo-babies in the news 11/5/23
I believe AI should be able to copy other artists' styles. Human artists' do something similar... Inspiration... or stealing? 11/5/23
Being a nepo-baby is an unfair advantage over others and people should specify whether or not... Nepo-babies in the news 11/5/23
Although The Sovereign no longer has a political or executive role, he or she continues to play... The role of royals 09/5/23
I agree because being a part of royalty, is being with a wealthy family that has total power.... Royalty poll results! 02/5/23
'History' is the most important word for Royalty. The concept of royalty is centuries old. It... Royalty poll results! 02/5/23
I used to think the Metaverse was a good social media world for everyone, but then I found out... Competition #4 Then and now 01/5/23
Royalty should have absolute power, because they deserve some type of control over the country.... The role of royals 26/4/23
I think that the topic 'Earth Day' links with the topic 'Metaverse' because these two topics... Competition #3 Making connections 26/4/23