How to stay safe on the Student Hub


To make sure everyone on the Student Hub stays safe we have a few rules

If you feel upset by a story in the news


Find an adult

Find someone who you feel comfortable discussing the issue with and let them know what is upsetting you.


Check the facts

Sometimes facts about a news story are exaggerated or even made up. If you research the issue, you might find out that it is not as bad as you thought or there are solutions to explore.


How we keep you safe

  • Everything you put on the Student Hub is seen by the Topical Talk team before it is published and seen by everyone. If we find abusive or offensive content, your work will not be published and we will let your teacher know
  • We don’t hold any information about you that can identify you - we don’t even know your real name!
  • We work with your teachers and make sure you have permission to go online. Any video recordings you upload are also checked and approved by your teachers

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  • Safety first, Topical Talkers!

    1. Yes, we must greatly preserve our safety and prevent the great dangers around us. The great danger that threatens everyone is the publication of many personal pictures on social networking sites and the exaggeration of publishing my diaries, as this harms us greatly.

      1. I agree with you not to publish personal photos on social networking sites. We do not know that someone else can use them for blackmail or threats. The real name or age should not be written and replaced with pseudonyms and ages in order to avoid danger

    2. Yes I agree that safety comes first
      So let all of us try to avoid dangers and follow the instructions.
      I personally saw one rule I would like to share we shouldn't reveal our personal identities like
      * Real name ,house address and other personal information.
      Because we don't know who the person on the other side is.
      So let's follow the rules
      It's better to be safe than sorry.

    3. Yes, I agree with you. Our safety is very important and can be violated in many ways, even if it is on the Internet. After my participation in this competition, I saw that this site is considered a safe and virus-free site. Also, I advise everyone to check the programs or sites they access. It is possible to easily hack our accounts with a click. Button because we consider this era of technology and development.

    4. Yes, I agree, because we do not know who we are talking to on the other side. Our school has carried out several activities regarding this matter to educate students, such as 1. We do not transfer personal information to anyone such as (name, school address, home address, also password). 2. We do not put our pictures on social media Therefore, we must preserve the safety of ourselves so that we do not do things that harm us

    5. Thank you for this important topic.
      In my country, at UNRWA schools, every year,specially after covid quarantine a competition entitled Safer Internet Day is held and the winners are honored.
      They shared educational material about this topic and discussed it with us.

    6. Certainly, I was very impressed by these distinguished rules, as they guide us to the path of righteousness and the path of positivity in life. We must not exaggerate on the Internet, and beware of every person behind the screen, as he is anonymous for you, so you must beware, especially of impersonation stories, as anyone can forge a personality on the Internet and talk to you And you will be a victim and prey to many people and cause you a lot of problems in your life, so you must adhere to these rules and take caution

  • Yes We must follow safety first We don't talk to strangers on the Internet We must avoid them We do not send them our home address Or our photos or our phone numbers Because that could be dangerous to our lives If this person continues to stalk us We turn to an adult to solve this problem.

  • Thanks for sharing.

  • Of course,we must always follow the laws in order not to be exposed to problems and danger, to be more safe and secure, and to go to any adult we know to help us in the event that we are exposed to a problem, and we do not share anything related to our personal life and information about ourselves to the public.
    Always remember that safety is first before everything.
    Thank you for your effort in preparing this list from to guide us🌹

  • Yes, communication sites are a double-edged sword, so we must beware of people who use these sites, refuse spam messages, and resort to adults when facing a problem

    1. Hallo 🤗, I totally agree with you. Excellent point of view🤝 ❣️

  • Thanks alot for caring about our safety.We will follow all of them

  • Thank you soo much madam for sending this . I'm and my friends all of them will follow these instructions .

  • It's great to mention these tips and thank you 😊
    Because these days we have to be banned from the internet. These places catch my eye. Because tips provide me with experiences

  • I thank you with all my heart for your interest in us, and for providing advice to us, and that this is a great effort from you to educate us about these dangers, and for this we must follow these tips in order to stay safe, and thank you again.

  • Safety and security are two important things that we must pay attention to in this matter, and safety is one of the most important human rights that everyone desires. For example, a man who owns money and property while he is afraid, will he feel happy?
    I do not think so.
    And we used to say: safety is better than regret.
    And in this time of the most dangerous things: the Internet.
    Who can penetrate devices, and steal personal parameters, personal photos.
    We have to pay close attention to this issue
    For example, there are applications that let you know that your device has been hacked, so you act as there are other methods.
    My question to you: Have you ever had your device hacked.

    1. I agree with you. Complete security is something important. Your question is a good one. For me,  no, my phone has not been hacked before, because I follow the laws that I have to do when using my device. How about you, has the device of one of your family members been hacked???..

  • Social communication is a double-edged sword, useful, such as getting to know new cultures and languages, and many harmful ones, such as data theft and hacking of other devices, but the most important thing is how do we protect ourselves from these risks?? 1 Do not give anyone your private data or photos to avoid threats from him, use strong passwords, and do not believe anything or everyone

  • I liked the rules because they guarantee our safety because nowadays there is no security. For example, a person is asked for his address or name, and then a picture of him, and he becomes in danger because he trusted an unknown person, and this will make society unsafe.

  • We must take care of our safety and not be reckless, even with a small thing, such as publishing personal pictures on websites. We may not know that a bad person can use personal pictures for his interests, such as putting the picture on a product or on his page, or he can blackmail the owner of the picture with it, so we must not write the real name and replace it in An alias and do not write an addresshousing or school

  • I agree with you that we should not disclose our personal information to anyone
    And I thank you very much for your interes

  • Yes, this is all for our safety and the safety of our personal information, because sharing personal information can be a great danger to life because the stranger becomes aware of everything about you and takes advantage of it. Thank you very much for the advice.

  • It's so cool to see people warning each other that they're in danger. These laws on this site ensure our safety and the safety of everyone who uses social media. I hope everyone will abide by the community protection laws and not post any personal information. Thank you very much.!

    1. I agree because... Connect with new people. It could be dangerous. It is important to understand that in order to protect yourself when you communicate with people on social media, think about how you treat people you know and don't know in real life: You can connect with those you know and trust - your family and close friends. Be careful with people you don't know or have just met. Don't tell strangers everything about your personal life Don't give your money or your house key to strangers or people you've just met. Use this to stay safe from social media!

  • Thanks a lot for all efforts to keep our safety and thanks again for sharing that

  • Yes, social networking sites are a world or a large sea of ​​fish in which there are poisonous ones and there are good ones. One of their importance in our lives is to provide opportunities for young people to express their ideas: the world has become in light of social networking sites and blogs to a large extent connected, as it is easy for anyone to express their ideas and gather those interested in them from Social media use can negatively affect teens by distracting them, disrupting their sleep, exposing them to bullying, spreading rumors, unrealistic views on other people's lives, and peer pressure. The risks may be related to how much social media teens use.

  • Thank you for these laws, they are beautiful. Topical Talk cares about the laws that make the participants in the competition comfortable, we are the largest model in our commitment to the laws, so that the world looks at the smallest enforcers of the laws, thank you Topical Talk for these rules and the competition is beautiful 💖

  • Most websites are dangerous because they hack a system, lower our morals.
    We must be careful of everything on the Internet, and we must also ask our parents when any problem occurs. We do not hide our problem cause we must be safe on the internet to be safe in life.

    1. Can you extend your point further and example how websites lower morals as stated in your point? An interesting point but can you think of any benefits of the internet and websites?

  • How wonderful that these laws exist, but the most wonderful thing is to see people applying these laws. Thank you very much for putting in place these wonderful laws that ensure our safety in the use of social media. I hope everyone will abide by these laws, the most important of which is not to post personal information.

  • We must not put ourselves in danger, when we publish personal pictures on social networking sites and write the name and address and everything that can expose us to danger, because we do not know if someone uses our data to threaten or blackmail us? Or does someone use our personal photos to put them on their account?
    We must protect ourselves from danger and not publish personal photos and write the real name

  • I agree with you: we should be more careful when making any decision. The second rule is very important because one day my friend got to know a friend of hers on the Internet and asked my friend for some pictures, but my friend was careful and did not agree because she had heard before that about the dangers that occur in these situations and after that I asked my friend to meet her but she refused but she insisted on it My friend agreed, after her stubbornness, and told her mother everything. When I went to meet her, it became clear to my friend that she was not a girl, but a boy. It is better that my friend's mother was more careful, and she was sitting at the opposite table, and then my friend and I became well before we make any decision, and I advise against getting to know people from the Internet. .

  • Yes, safety is important and it should always be a priority as it helps to keep everyone feel safe and stops people from getting hurt or upset. As comments can be hurtful to other people, protecting our identity helps to keep us safe and from people figuring out personal stuff about you. If all the comments are checked and there are consequences for doing something wrong or I appropriate it may stop people doing it.being hurt by that person from.

  • Really, definitely, as you mentioned, we have to beware of social networking sites to maintain our safety and use them in a good positive way, and stay away from the negatives and everything that leads to distraction or annoyance about a topic, and not talk except with those who know you and are comfortable with them, and do not show your personal data to anyone, because in our time The danger has become pervasive everywhere, and there is no such thing as safety, and here we see all the harassment and negativity that both parties are exposed to, male and female. Risks, and if you use it negatively, you will have an evil and a bad consequence ** From my point of view, I completely agree with you 👌 and it was a beautiful thing that you guide us to the best, thank you