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I think that a good topic for the Thematic Talks Festival 2024 should be for other students to... Competition #7 Topical Talk in your classrooms 22/5/23
I really enjoyed this competition, and I hope to participate in it in the coming years. The best... The Festival is coming to an end… 22/5/23
I do not accept being employed by nepotism, even if it is the job of my dreams, because this is... Expert challenge: Nepotism and equality 17/5/23
Yes, I want to become a queen because the interest of my people is important to me, and I want... Expert challenge: royalty 17/5/23
I am really impressed by your successes. I really hope to be like you as a successful person. I... Ask Tina Brown! 17/5/23
For me, I want to be a princess, and I do not want because the royal family has answers and... Expert challenge: royalty 16/5/23
I am really happy that I participated in this competition. I learned a lot from the experts in... Standpoint tips from our experts! 15/5/23
People are equal as the teeth of a comb. If honesty is absent, corruption and injustice will... What should be done? 12/5/23
Yes . I look at Tina as a role model and take inspiration from her. I would like to be like her... Tina answers your questions! 04/5/23
I agree in part with the opinion( B ) that every person has the right to enjoy privacy, but... Royal responses 28/4/23
We celebrate Earth Day in our school every year and plant trees that have great importance in... Is one day enough? 28/4/23
I chose Neff, and I thought well what would happen when workers in the emergency sector strike.... Pick ONE person 27/4/23
I will put a question for discussion and express my opinion and share my opinions with me. 1_... Suggest a discussion! 25/4/23
I will put a question for discussion and express my opinion and share my opinions with me. 1_... Suggest a discussion! 25/4/23
I really liked your question. This competition worked to develop my ability in the English... Start of Festival survey 21/4/23
Hello Dr. Rachel I would like to discuss with you an issue that most societies face. Some people... Ask Dr Rachel Clarke! 20/4/23
I would like to ask a question for discussion and I will express an opinion. My question is what... Suggest a discussion! 20/4/23
As you know, honorable gentlemen, that strike is a legitimate right that is necessary to achieve... Suggest a discussion! 19/4/23
Hi Mrs. Tina I am very proud to be talking to a successful person like you. I hope to become... Ask Tina Brown! 19/4/23
A union can improve working conditions by 1. Considering the achievements 2. Appreciate... Working conditions 19/4/23