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I am of the opinion that all doctors have great humanity, they cannot leave people in need... Can everyone strike? 21/4/23
Yesterday, when I was browsing the Topkal Talk website, the topics, and the comments on these... Competition #2 Global discussions 19/4/23
I really agree with you. Especially in the doctors’ strike, because their strike is dangerous,... Can everyone strike? 19/4/23
I agree with you , Because the situation in your country is the same as the case in my country,... Can everyone strike? 19/4/23
I thank you with all my heart for your interest in us, and for providing advice to us, and that... How to stay safe on the Student Hub 14/4/23
In fact, my question will not be about the company or work or how to deal with this, but rather... ...Matthew Ball! 13/4/23
I am curious about the uses of Metaverse and its importance in educational boards (universities,... ...Matthew Ball! 13/4/23
honestly : When I read your question, thoughts quickly crossed my mind I am sure that I will... Start of Festival survey 13/4/23
The news story that affects my area is "cholera" This news story is important to me because I... Competition #1 News near you 13/4/23