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I learned a lot of skills in this festival, and I chose the sixth part because I speak to other... The Festival is coming to an end… 23/5/23
I agree becauseI agree with you in your opinion. Everyone in the festival learns many skills and... Tell us what you think! 18/5/23
I encourage you and thank you for this thinking. We need people like you in our society. I agree... The news where you are 17/5/23
One of the things that got my astonishment the most and asked alot about and I think that it's... The news where you are 17/5/23
The most interesting news is the migration of young people by sea, which leads to the loss and... The news where you are 17/5/23
You thought that I would tell you that I want to become from a royal family, but I think that it... Expert challenge: royalty 16/5/23
Yes, the company must be held responsible and compensated to prevent any causes of climate... Climate change in court 15/5/23
First, I want to say something that nepotism is a disease and has many consequences, such as it... What should be done? 12/5/23
I think that this differs from one point of view to another. For example, if they do not support... Not for everyone? 12/5/23
Hi Kim First, I believe that favoritism is a major crime because it violates the rights of... Suggest a discussion! 12/5/23
Professor Tina is one of my biggest inspirations, and by the way, I am a big fan of her book,... Tina answers your questions! 12/5/23
I think the law of electricity is a bit illogical, because many of the possibilities are totally... The law in your hands? 11/5/23
First of all, it would be a great idea, but if you dig deep into it, it's not the best idea,... Expert challenge: royalty 10/5/23
I will reject any job opportunity that is based on favoritism, even if this opportunity I hope... Expert challenge: Nepotism and equality 10/5/23
I think that nepotism is a life cycle, because Emma's parents and her friends worked to make... Where does nepotism start? 09/5/23
I learned something that inspired me from Clover that no matter how young you are, you can... Clover answers your questions! 09/5/23
Yes, of course. I learned from Tina that we should be among the creators who contribute to... Tina answers your questions! 09/5/23
Hi Kim ☺️👋 I have a question and I want to know the answer : Are there rules against... Suggest a discussion! 08/5/23
I have an important question on my mind, what prompted you to create artificial intelligence... Student suggestion 04/5/23
Artificial intelligence can be an artist and paint fantastic and amazing paintings, but if we... AI poll results! 02/5/23