Are Strikes Really Necessary?

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  • I think strikes may be necessary sometimes. When people go on strike, it means they stop working or going to school to protest something they believe is wrong. This can get the attention of people in charge and hopefully bring about change.

    In Palestine, there have been many strikes over the years as people there have been fighting for their rights and freedom. Some of these strikes have led to violence and unrest, which is not good. However, some strikes have also brought about positive change, such as when Palestinian prisoners went on a hunger strike in 2017 to improve their living conditions in jails.

    1. Yes strike may be necessary sometimes but not all the times because this is a clear indication that strikes are more likely to reduce the productivity of an organization and hence their income, which may result to loss of customers. On the other, one of the consequences of strike on employees is that they may lose their remuneration. But functionally, strikes provide workers with the bargaining power to drive fair and meaningful negotiations. Strike is sometime their last legal option.

  • It is good for people to be aware of, talk about and discuss social justice and other important issues. However, this must be done in a peaceful manner and without the use of violence or abuse of others. Protests and strikes can be an effective means of expressing opinion and getting the message across to officials, but they must be peaceful and organized.
    And I agree with you, it is sometimes necessary, and it is a double-edged sword that enjoys the positives, which are
    Expressing opinions, improving social and economic conditions, raising awareness of important issues, uniting society and stimulating change, and showing support for important issues.
    And some of its downsides
    Suspension of public services, damage to the economy, loss of time and money, interruption of work and study, and damage to public relations.

    But I think the negatives outweigh the positives

    If doctors go on strike, this will affect medical services and patient care, and patients may suffer and delay in obtaining the necessary treatment.

    If the engineers go on strike, this will lead to halting of engineering works and delays in projects, and this may lead to delays in many important projects that affect the economy and development.

    If teachers go on strike, it will lead to interruption of studies and delay in students' education, and this may affect the students' future and their education.

    If the cleaners go on strike, it will affect the cleaning services and the maintenance of the environment, and may lead to the accumulation of waste and dirt in the streets and public areas, affecting people's health and quality of life.

    The strike problem can be resolved through negotiation and dialogue between the conflicting parties, working to find solutions and providing benefits and incentives to all affected parties.

    It is also possible to improve the general conditions of workers, work to provide a suitable work environment, and find solutions to problems related to wages and benefits, and this helps to avoid future strikes.

    It is also possible to enhance dialogue and communication between the conflicting parties, and to encourage dialogue and understanding between them, and this helps to avoid future strikes and conflicts.

    Dialogue and understanding between the disputing parties can also be encouraged, and this helps to avoid future strikes and conflicts.

  • In my Opinion I think strikes are really necessary because it allows social workers voices and demands to be heard. Government and other politicians are not paying social workers the right amount of payment they need to provide for themselves and their families. In my country social workers get up early in morning , work hard, come home late just to get little payment from the government. I find this unfair. Doctors dedicate there time saving citizens 24\7 and at the end , ends up with little money to take home. It is difficult for these workers to come with no food for their children to eat. Its painful for these workers to hear their hungry children crying for food every day. Many patients die because nurses in my country refuse to go hospitals because government will not pay them the right amount of money. Teachers are included, students lack behind in their studies because teachers refuse to back to school because of low payments. I believe sitting don't with government and discussing about these issues will not solve anything because of the government's selfishness to social workers, so to conclude I believe strikes are necessary to these social workers because of their difficulties with payments from the government.

  • Strike and stop work because of disturbing things that the workers do not like, such as the low salary that is not sufficient for the family and its requirements, or the long working hours that the workers do not like because they get tired and complain a lot, but despite that, the strike is their sanctuary to take their rights, but the strike remains negative for us as human beings in various ways. How did they imagine that Doctors or ambulance men strike the city in one day. We can lose heavy losses because of their strike, and many accidents can happen on the way, but no one can find anyone to transport them to the hospital or treat them. This is negative for us, as we are the losers. I think that the solution to these problems is for the workers to talk to their boss kindly. And respect is like increasing the salary or reducing the long working hours, but if the official refuses to increase the salaries and estimate the working hours, then the workers have the right to go to the government and complain to the president, and the government has to issue laws regarding increasing salaries and reducing working hours so that the workers do not strike from their work and we are the losers, and this is my point of view.

  • strikes in my opinion are good and also quite bad . my first reason it is bad is because us students get less knowledge and more time at home which most people think is good it is bad because when we get older and want to go university we wont have enough knowledge also we have already missed lots of school because of covid-19 and we had to stay home and do home learning . it is good because we get to play games but we get no knowledge but it is also good because we got no homework. my friend said this "staying home is so much better than going to school because it is so much more fun " i disagree because are knowledge is more important so when we are older we get a high paid job then earn lots of money then that is the time is to have fun

    yours sincerly credible_mode

    1. Hi credible_mode,

      You make some good points on the negative effect that teachers striking can have on students. What do you think about the repercussions when employees in other industries go on strike - such as in transport, or healthcare?

  • One of main objectives of strike is to change the balance of power between workers and employer. Most strikes are about pay and better working conditions.Strikes are very necessary because without strike, workers can't demand for what the want, for example better pay and better working conditions

  • Yes, I think that strikes are neccessary because, One of their objectives is to change the balance of power between workers and employer. Most strikes are about pay and better working conditions.
    Besides direct effects, there are many indirect effects as well such as strained employee relations, slower work processes, lesser productivity and unnecessary legal hassles. Also, union strikes can never be taken too lightly as they have prompted major overturn of decisions, on a few occasions.
    Functionally, strikes provide workers with the bargaining power to drive fair and meaningful negotiations, offsetting the inherent inequalities of bargaining power in the employer-employee relationship. The right to strike is essential in preserving and winning rights.
    Strikes provide critical leverage to workers when bargaining with their employer over fair pay and working conditions, when their employer violates labor law, or when their employer refuses to voluntarily recognize their union.
    A strike is legal if it does not violate any provision of the statute. It cannot be said to be unjustified unless the reasons for it are entirely perverse or unreasonable. Whether particular strike is justified or not is a question of fact, which has to be judged in the light of the fact and circumstances of each case.
    This is a clear indication that strikes are more likely to reduce the production of an organization, as well as result in a firm losing customers. On the other, one of the consequences of strikes on employees is that they may lose their remuneration.
    In Nigeria, There is always an increase in the crime rate in society due to prolonged strikes. The adverse effect of strike leads some students to social vices like armed robbery, oil bunkering, prostitution, cyber scams, pool betting, etc. Strike is also a bad reputation for the Nigerian educational system and the economy.

  • I think that strikes can be a necessary means to demand change, rebalance power dynamics, and draw attention to critical issues. That said, it is important to approach it with careful consideration and as a last resort after exploring all other avenues for resolution. By balancing the need for change with the potential disruptions, we can work towards a more just and equitable society. While I support the idea of strike when it is necessary and in a peaceful manner, I would like to emphasise the importance of dialogue, collaboration, and seeking common ground to drive positive change.

  • In my Opinion/perspective I think strikes are really important or necessary because it allows workers demands to be heard by our leaders ,government and other members of congress are not paying workers the right / exact amount of salary they need to provide for themselves and their households,in other words loved ones. In my country workers work hard, to provide for their family,they work pass their limits sometimes, and still get little payments from the government. I find this braised. Doctors /nurses spend thier time saving residents nonstop and at the end of the month or year , they only get little money to take home. It is difficult for these social workers to provide food for their children to eat. Its cruel/hurtful for these social workers. Many patients die because some important social workers especially Doctors in my country repudiate to go hospitals because our leaders will not pay them the right amount of money they need. I believe discussing with government about these issues will not solve anything because of the government's selfishness/greediness to social workers, to end everythingI believe strikes are needed to these workers because of their small amount of money from the authority

  • Strikes may also be called for purely political reasons.A strike is a constitutional and legal right of the workers.In our country Pakistan, there is a recent and fresh example of strikes which is practiced by PTI followers to release PTI chairman Imran Khan from jail .He was arrested for doing corruption in AL-QADIR trust case.It was said that he uses the money for his own beneficial purposes and did corruption.The violent protesters,attacked civil and military institutesb after Imran Khan aressment.It is mentioned that in Pakistan 9th may is declared as "dark chapter" in the history for these violent reactions .

  • Yes,it is necessary sometimes but not every time. People go on strike to give voice to their problems,their needs and for their rights but it cause many problems also. In Pakistan strikes are most likely a political issue. Political parties along with their social workers and supporter go on strikes day by day and as a result they damage government properties and assets. It also affect our economy as well badly.
    Strikes have more negative affects then that of positive. It is loss of time and money, it interrupt work and study also it causes the bad impact on public relations.