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I believe that nepotism affects people in all aspects and fields. But the most pervasive... HOW NEPOTISM AFFECTS PEOPLE 18/5/23
That's great .Do you think that developed countries and poor ones should cooperate together to... CLIMATE CHANGE AND TECHNOLOGY 18/5/23
It is good for people to be aware of, talk about and discuss social justice and other important... Are Strikes Really Necessary? 18/5/23
Favoritism is when you use people for your own advantage, act dishonestly, and may harm others... A World Without Nepotism 17/5/23
I would like to express my opinion on this matter The arts give us inspiration and help us... The Importance of ALL Arts; AI, Hand/human made, Drama, Music, and all! 12/5/23
Hi, I would like to express my opinion on this subject. A strike is a stoppage of work carried... "Perspectives on Strikes: What's Your Stance?" 11/5/23
Hello, I want to express my opinion on this topic Earth Day is an annual event that takes... Celebrating Earth Day: A Call to Action for a Sustainable Future 11/5/23
AI is not an artist, but it can be used in art. For creating technical drawings, and also in... Is AI an artist?? 11/5/23
Favoritism is a type of discrimination in which an advantage, opportunity or better treatment is... Nepotism a natural tendency 10/5/23
I think that each of us has a different opinion, and you have my opinion that she starts from... Where does nepotism start? 10/5/23
I agree with your words and wanted to express my opinion on this subject I believe that... Nepotism is a monster that has taken over human minds 10/5/23
Favoritism is dangerous because it stems from a high-ranking person, like a school principal,... Suggest a discussion! 09/5/23
I discussed this with my friends, where we defined both equality and nepotism, and we mentioned... Suggest a discussion! 09/5/23
Hello, of course I will not help my family more than others. For example, if I am a school... Nepotism poll results! 09/5/23
I do not support artificial intelligence so that the title of artist cannot be attributed to... Inspiration... or stealing? 04/5/23
I don't think AI should be able to copy the sayings of artists, blurring out the real artists. ... Inspiration... or stealing? 02/5/23
Hello, I do not support artificial intelligence at all, as it poses a threat to the spirit of... Thinking questions 01/5/23
Of course, the means of communication have a great impact, whether on children or adolescents.... Teenagers and social media 28/4/23
You are welcome, and I agree with you on that, and I appreciate the efforts of all the just... Royalty poll results! 28/4/23
Welcome Consultation means that you take the opinion of other people. My grandfather told me... Royalty poll results! 27/4/23