AI in education

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AI in education is an idea many may argue with, because, although AI in education is sometimes cheating, it can also be helpful. While some may argue it can be used to support children with questions they don't know, others believe otherwise. If children do not have any support or help, they can use AI for help. In this essay, I am going to go over the positives and negatives of using AI in education.

Firstly, AI can be helpful for many reasons, one of these reasons is that AI-powered adaptive learning platforms can analyze student performance and provide targeted recommendations for improvement. As mentioned in my introduction, AI can be used to answer complex questions, so students can have support.

Another negative is that teachers cannot detect whether or not students' work is generated by AI or handwritten, which can provide some problems in marking work. This is taking away the students’ opportunity to learn.

One of the main concerns people often worry about is; students using AI applications to cheat. Moreover, AI can undermine student information and personal data.

Another drawback often mentioned; AI is using information that already exists. It is said that AI is considered to be a fraud and doesn't know factual information and gathers information from the internet.

To conclude, many people agree, and many think otherwise. Overall, We have covered why AI (in education) can be good and bad. Furthermore, in my opinion, AI in education is BAD and should not be used in education.

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  • AI in education can personalize learning. It adapts to each student's pace improving engagement and helping teacher with grading and feedback, making education more efficient and effective for everyone.

  • Hello! I agree with your point that AI could be bad in education but there is an argument on the last negative point you made (how AI could be used to cheat and how teachers cannot detect AI generated works). Due to the rise of artificial intelligence, there are many websites people have created exactly for teachers to detect these non-human essays and answers! Though it can definitely allow students cheat and leave them clueless academically.

  • Hello everybody I'm sympathetic clarinet I'm going to discuss with you AI in education. Nowadays AI becomes more popular especially in learning, because there are many learning websites and they are working by AI and if we want to do presentation AI can help you to make a perfect presentation and also we use AI in our school and AI very important to our life.

  • In my opinion Al cannot educate like human human because it can’t explain and read the student mind like human teacher also it cannot know the student emotion like human at all I want to say that AI doesn’t have awareness like human

    1. Can you think of some ways AI could be helpful in education?

  • Hello, I strongly believe that AI could have so many advantages, especially when it comes to education. I think AI helps students and people in their lives.
    As a student, AI helps me do homework and assignments easily without the help of a tutor or anyone. People can do a lot of things with the help of AI, for example, learning languages, doing their jobs, designing, and many other things.

    1. Can you think of some negative effects AI could have when it comes to education?

  • AI is an influential tool that has become important in today's world. Education is one of the fields where AI is making a great impact. Firstly, it's important to know that AI is not a threat to teachers or to replace them, but it helps teachers in education students and supports the learning experience. Also, it helps the students to have an amazing tutor who provides them with immediate support and assistance away from the classrooms. In addition, provide them with step by step solutions. With AI students can get instant feedback on their performance. Another advantage for AI is virtual labs which help student to improve accessibility, by using virtual labs we can offer safety and cost savings to students. AI makes education better for both students and teachers.

  • AI is capable of understanding, translating and speaking a language, analyzing data or making recommendations. Those are the features that students at school try to master, but Artificial Intelligence works totally different and is often misused, which is why I think that education and AI as a transformative technologie, as a technologie that changes the way we work,live or interact with each other, should be seperated.

    One argument against the use of AI at school is that AI reduces our interactions with each other. AI frees human capital from work and leads to unemployement for example which means that there is less and less need of (human) workers and with that less and less social contacts. I don`t think that students at school should let AI do the job and stop working in groups. That would only deteriorate their teamwork ability.
    In addition to that teachers often can`t differentiate between what is the work of a student and what came from ChatGPT. As already mentioned AI stops students from working themselves and makes us lazy.

    I see the fact that AI can work idependently and correct students after making a mistake precisely,but again:
    I think that we should hand over knowledge from person to person to create a pleasent climate for working and not be sitting alone somewhere with the screen interacting with something that has no feelings.

    All in all I would say that the use of AI in educational areas is more of a disadvantege because we can learn from everybody (concerning education, being patient, having respects,...). AI makes us forget our humanity and naturalness, it takes away what we should learn and makes us lazy, therefore I think that the only solution to work with AI correctly, is that students need to be thaught how to use AI and then decide whether they use it to their advantage or not.

  • A.I. is wonderful but doesn't always work in schools. It can be hard for some children and A.I. because they may struggle to talk to a person/thing that isn't a human. There are many reasons for this maybe the child needs to learn face to face instead of through A.I because their needs can't cope with it. I struggle to be taught by A.I to because I need to be taught face to face to understand things. Artificial intelligence also wouldn't be good for education especially in tests. The particular reason for this is a human teacher would be able to say "No I can't help you sorry" however an A.I teacher may not know there in a test and give them the answer therefore it would be cheating. The A.I may not be updated with new information which would cause the students to learn subjects over and over again. This may not be good as they could have an assessment coming up and the topics the A.I have not been updated about may be the main thing that comes up in the tests.

  • I agree with your advantages and disadvantages. I think that in some sense AI is a good thing, for example when we don't know an answer, AI can give us an answer. But it also have a lot of bad sides, for example, when students write essays or any compositions at home, most often they don't feel like writing it for a long time, so they ask AI to write it for them, and than the professor doesn't know if it was the student himself or the AI who wrote it.

  • I'm not sure about this. Nowdays, AI has been evaluated a great evaluation in many aspects. AI can have a major role in education, as it improves engagement, it personalizes learning, and it can help teachers in their work, as well it has many disadvantages, like it prevents the teacher from doing the work it has a lack of creativity, it's very expensive for the schools to buy, and it can prevent the opportunity for students to learn. Finally AI is a good thing, but it cannot replace the human teachers.

  • I agree with serious melon, because AI can help you develop your learning.As an example of this, you can search up your idea and get many different ideas. Ideas that you wouldn't even think off!