Ai in Education and Life: To be or Not to be?

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  • Such a catchy title!! I believe to be because it will help students a lot.
    It already has as we can so easily use technology to interact with people from different countries, to find out information about research topics easily and not only this but to compare opinions from different perspectives.
    Especially in education it will improve the workload of many teachers and it will give them the opportunity and time to emphasise more on interpersonal skills with their students.

    1. educated_thought, Thanks for your wonderful view on the fascinating topic of Ai! Ai has became a BIG part in society, but think about this? Topical Talks is on Ai. The computer I'm typing on is Ai! Also I never thought about how Ai could help teachers with work so they can tend to there students! Great eye! But I also think Ai SHALL BE!

  • If AI comes into education it will be really helpful for the students to have better knowledge and the students also can learn more from artificial intelligence so in my opinion if AI comes into education education will be very very good but I will not say that only I can help student study well even the teachers can help the student study well if all i is coming in education it can't replace teachers. thank you

  • Hi, there.
    Awesome and outstanding stand point! The topic I will discuss is the impact of AI on education and people's daily lives.
    Artificial Intelligence (AI): Artificial Intelligence(AI) is one of the most amazing and interesting discoveries in the world. I think AI is constantly trying to make human work easier and faster. AI also has a role to play in making human life more modern. From healthcare to finance, manufacturing to marketing, AI has found its place in various fields, offering a wide range of benefits. In the future, AI will further drive the progressive trend of technology.
    Impact of AI on education and daily life of people: Essentially artificial intelligence is helping to make education a smart education. AI will enhance the personal learning experience of teachers and students and transform education with efficient administrative activities. The role of AI is immense in enhancing students' language skills, information retention, creativity, quick decision making and feedback skills. According to many people, AI is constantly taking away human jobs. But many people do not realize that AI is constantly creating new jobs that are far more than the jobs taken away. As a result, poverty is gradually decreasing. In the future, AI will continue the trend of human cooperation. Significant advancements are likely to be made in the field of healthcare,education, business etc. If the technological development of AI continues, the future is likely to lead to a brighter and more prosperous world.

  • I think AI is bad because it limits the possibilities of our future, it stops us doing the jobs we want. For example an author. AI can write so much faster then a human as it doesnt have to think.