How will AI change our lives?

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Hey Topical Talkers,

My topic is AI and the planet. I chose this topic because I thought that I had a lot to say about it and I think that it is important how everyone feels about the impact that AI makes on our lives, because our lives are surrounded in screens and mobile devices. This will become more and more of a problem as we get older. Personally, I think that AI will have some good effects on the planet but also some bad effects.

Good impacts might include AI being helpful in medical emergencies or help to teach in school in the future if a teacher is unable to assist. AI could also help a child answer a question without actually telling them the answer (like a teacher would) Also, AI could lessen human error and make things more accurate and easier to trust. Other pros would be that AI is always available; it won’t be on sick leave or holiday!

But, there might also be some bad effects like AI malfunctioning; like whose fault it is if something goes wrong. Other disadvantages include job loss – if AI is doing all the work then people will lose their jobs and we all know how that ends. Also, AI is only programmed so if they are doing some things then they may lack creativity and imagination in it. That means that there will never be any new ideas because AI doesn’t imagine things; it does what it’s programming says. As well as that, if the AI breaks down then there is a lot of money and effort wasted that then has to be replaced again and again. According to a reliable website, 60-65% of the world now use AI in school regularly (2023 search says)

All in all, I think that the impact of AI in our lives will have mixed results-some good some bad. But really, there is nothing we can do about it, we just have to get on with it. I hope my debate interested you and that you will now leave and think about what I have said through.

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  • I totally agree with you when you talk about how AI can help in medical emergencies and make learning easier for us students. It's like having a super smart friend who always knows the answer but helps you figure it out on your own.But, when you mention job loss, it's like a big storm cloud on a sunny day. Losing jobs to AI sounds scary, It's like if our favorite playground suddenly disappeared because robots took over the fun.
    And about AI lacking creativity, it's like having a colouring book with only black and white pictures. Sure, it's neat and tidy, but where's the fun in that? We need some rainbow coloured ideas to keep things exciting!
    Overall, I'm not sure about the part where you say there's nothing we can do about it. It's like saying we can't change the course of a river, but maybe we can build some bridges to help us cross it easier. So, maybe there are ways we can steer AI in the right direction.

    Thank you!

  • Hello, first of all, our lives have really changed since the time when there was no telephone or Wi-Fi, but they used landline telephones, for example. Life has changed as, instead of using computers, they now use laptops, and instead of using telegraphs and letters, they still use telephones and Wi-Fi, but they do not use them. The old washing machines are now using modern washing machines. Instead of using the old television, they are now using the modern television. Instead of using the old refrigerator, they are now using the modern refrigerator. Instead of using the few, they are now using modern water bottles. Instead of using candles, they are still using modern bulbs. Secondly, who asked about evolution? Talking about entertainment, such as electric ovens, air fryers, microwaves, or kitchen machines. Thirdly, replace the refrigerator with a modern kettle, replace the egg beater with a kitchen mixer, replace the table with a dining table, and replace the kilim with carpets. Fourth, replace the sandwich bags with Blanch Boxes. Replace the plain water with Butyl. Fifth, replace the regular broom with an electric broom.

  • In present most of A.I. algorithms are used to perform a specific step or a certain part of an activity or work as they can perform it efficiently or in a way in which accurate results are provided in a specific time frame , which generally consumes less time .As the AI algorithms get more data they may enable A.I. to perform the whole activity which may have some positives such less risk of human causalities in high risk areas such as space exploration , underwater exploration and mining as well as get various data from performing exploring the mentioned area using advanced sensors , cameras as well as the ability to transfer data securely at a fast rate .Though AI has certain disadvantages while giving solution that some of their solutions are not prioritizing human survival which is not their fault as they are a human creations and contain the algorithms written by Human developers therefore their answers may contain the behavioral pattern similar to their coder or it may not consider human safety as its priority and treat them completely as an race different from their own kind thus making them not prioritize human safety making their decision ignoring human safety .Not just AI but various things in current time have various advantages and disadvantages based on their usage thus it is essential to use anything especially technology with great importance and in good ethics .

  • AI could change our daily lives in many ways for example AI will take over some jobs and this act can make some people homeless without a job which leaves them without a money source as well. This will cause a rise in homeless people and more people will have to aim for harder jobs that robots or AI cant do by themself.

  • I totally agree with you that AI is a double - edged weapon and it has many advantages, like it might be helpful in medical emergencies or it can replace many workers and teachers in the future, or it can change our lives in many things, and disadvantages like job loss, their very expensive price.