Is artificial intelligence good for us?

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I think artificial intelligence is a very controversial topic with a lot of posible agruments, but is it good for us? AI helps us in many ways, but it also can be harmful, because nowadays more and more jobs are performed by robots and not by humans. I think being replaced by AI is terrible, because there are some jobs which need to be done by humans and not by machines. One example are teachers. They have a very important job which cannot be replaced by AI, because it involves interacting with children, which are future generations. If a robot starts teaching them instead of a human being with feelings, kids would never learn important values such as camaraderie, empathy, generosity, affection and things that only human beings can understand. If a small kid has mental health issues, how is a machine supposed to help him?

Apart from that, if we stopped learning just because a machine does it for us, we would have no goal in life. We would not feel that gratitude and pleasure that we have every time we learn something new or we enjoy a really good book. On the other hand, if one day we have a problem that we cannot solve without AI, and artificial intelligence is not available for any reason, we would not have any idea what to do.

But now lets talk about the advantages of AI; artificial intelligence creates new jobs, reduces human error, improves work efficiency, it is available 24 hours a day and provides digital assistants if needed in some jobs and cybersecurity. Another benefit is that some robots can help elderly people who live alone, and if they have any kind of problem, the fact that the robot is able to ask for help is great. It also helps us in travelling, because we can buy plane, bus or train tickets online, without being necessary to go to an agency, bus station or train station to buy them.

To sum up, I think artificial intelligence is good if we set certain limits.

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  • AI can be really useful if it is handled appropriately. We already use AI at our homes, we can find it in many electronic devices and of course in the internet.
    While I was searching the internet I found out that with Ai I could extract the voice from the music of a song and make it instrumental. Isn't it interesting?
    So even in the music Indusrty or movie industry Ai can do things that we never thought of.
    But for me wisely is the correct word to use it. Because Ai can make extraordinary pictures and so on but is it the same to make an AI Picasso painting or is it better to see it as it is originally?

  • I think AI is very helpful in many ways if used properly, but I think that if Ai gets more developed it will become smarter than humans and take over the world

  • AI can be helpful if we know and use it properly. Most of the time young people use AI as a homework helper because they think it's easy but it's actually cheating also now that people use AI for their homework it may not let you have nothing good in a future since you haven't learn nothing since AI help you.

  • I think that AI is good and bad at the same time
    good because it help us to improve many things like healthcare and many industries like making the fridge to talk and listen to music
    and AI also can help to speed up and automate process within society
    But it bad because people uses it in bad things like that AI helps to make many wars between each other
    But people have to use AI in good things to develop our countries because AI is controlling the world now
    and that was my opinion.

  • AI sometimes make me feel surprisingly proud for what we have achieved as humanity.
    And this happens when I see AI being used for helping disabled people. When I saw a baby hearing her mother for the first time and a child seeing colors for the first time in his life that made me so excited and happy on how technology can improve someone's life.
    But on the other hand sometimes I feel terrified when I start to think how AI can be used in military purposes.
    Just think AI in wars that would be a dreadful thought.
    Despite all these, I believe that humans have a kind heart and they know how to use AI appropriately.

  • Artificial education is very risky and has a lot of disadvantages why because, now in this era you might see an individual with first class upper and the most terrifying thing is that , that particular individual just paid an amount of money for him to get those good grades , and now in Nigeria before an individual can join some organizations he have to go for some tests and some interviews Soo with that , those individuals that are paying some amount of money for them to get that certificate or grades , will have to study hard to get the grades by themselves so they can pass the interviews, and also individuals will take education very important and relevant why because they know the importance of education

  • I think your right because though AI may have many advantages it still has heavy shortcoming like malfunctioning this is a huge problem because as many countries use AI for security so when it malfunctions all of this security stop working and might even give out money to different places by mistake .Another huge disadvantage of AI is hacking because if a hacker got access to all AI people could lose many things like money or access to their accounts . Even though AI is the future , I think that we shouldn't lay heavy reliance on AI . If most of these things are worked out and the rules are followed I believe that AI will be more reliable.

  • Hi!
    AI is a good and useful tool with it we can use it in home like helping in cooking and we can use it in jobs like guiding the worker doing it easily and can help us in learning,in learning it will give use more information about the subject you was treated.that why AI is is good for us.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. AI is a very useful tool as it can help us in most things we do but if it is being overused ,it can be a factor of making people lazy most especially the young ones who are attracted by their phones and do not want to involve themselves in any work at all. So in conclusion, it is good but should not be overused.

  • AI could be really useful in everyday life. You can find anything you need help with Ai without so much false information. AI can also be very harmful to our society. Kids today use AI to do their homework and this can affect today's learning for everyone. Kids are not paying attention due to the fact that they can use Ai to do their homework instead. This can be very harmful to children's brain because they are not practicing work that is given for them to learn.