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I think AI has already changed a lot the way students interact with the internet and generally... How can AI change the world of jobs and education? 19/3/24
AI can be really useful if it is handled appropriately. We already use AI at our homes, we can... Is artificial intelligence good for us? 13/3/24
A lot of people would like to be the leader of their country and the truth is that I would want... Your country in your hands! 09/3/24
I totally agree with you. 40% indicates that the majority of people have approved the... How does the Indian election work? 07/3/24 10.out of 16. It was really surprising to see that 44% of athletes take enchanted drugs... Show what you know! 03/3/24
I agree that the country hosting an event like this need to invest a big amount of money on... Which sports “matter”? 02/3/24
I have read that most of the comments tend to be opposed to the idea of enchanted games. As I am... Aron D’Souza 01/3/24
It was such an intriguing lesson as we came up to so many conclusions. But what was really... How did the lesson go? 29/2/24
I definitely agree with opinion B. Sports are important to do, to spend your free time, train... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 28/2/24
It is commonly known that our environment needs our protection and we should provide solutions... AI and the planet 26/2/24
Climate anxiety it is indeed a failure of system of powers. I do believe this because if a... "Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power." 25/2/24
I honestly believe that most of the time not always I feel represented. It is hopeful that I... Do you feel represented? 24/2/24
In a general view it is true that men are paid more than women. But I believe that this is... Gender inequality: have your say! 22/2/24
The woman I would like to celebrate is Melina Mercury because it represents in the best way a... Competition #5 winners 21/2/24
In many countries there are are limits of ages in many issues.In my opinion this sometimes is... Age restrictions 21/2/24
Absolutely right! So many innovative ideas can be expressed in actions when we gather together... "Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power." 18/2/24
I believe that the saying in B is quite right. When a prison lacks for instance proper security... What if prisons aren’t working? 18/2/24
Our home is our big home and we have to protect it.But not all of us care about that. First of... Why don’t people change? 14/2/24
Our planet is our big home and we have to protect it.But not all of us care for that. First of... Why don’t people change? 14/2/24
I agree that our country taking part in the COP for the first time was a great achievement.... Global action! 13/2/24