The undermined side effects of AI on the user

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Technology to me is the application of scientific knowledge to help to solve problems. AI is the simulation of humasn by usage of computers and machines. AI has gradually become a part of everyday life ranging from virtual assistants to speech detectors. AI is important to me as it has been able to help me search the internet and gather information and knowledge on some things, which has made me a better individual.

I think that the effects of AI are undermined and underlooked because we tend to see AI as a basic necessity of life, not a companion for doing works that are hard and risky to humans, but tend to overuse them and try to involve them in all aspects of life.

AI has a lot of advantages which we are all benefiting from, but we all fail to see the disadvantages that come with usage of AI, I will lay much emphasis about the advantages which we all know, some of them are:

1. Making communication easier and faster.

2. Taking over deadly and threatening tasks to human lives like firefighting, mining, and many more.

Some of the negative side effects I think we are failing to see are the laziness, mental retrogression, and addiction aspect, these can be summarized in one example, which is with the introduction of scientific calculators whereby many people no longer use their brains to solve mathematical and scentific problems, but instead depend on the calculator to solve them, this has encouraged dullness in students as many of them do not use their brain which affects their mental age thereby reduces IQ levels because of the over usage of the machine. I didn't say that scientific calculators should not be used, but rather should be used for very hard calculations that take a lot of time. The user may actually think that success is being achieved, but there is retrogression in the brain power and mental age, this is making AI seem smarter than we the inventors, which is bad. But if we use AI moderately and are not obsessed about it, we can look like the inventors of AI because if we are keeping a healthy balance between the usage of AI and using our true brain capacity.

In conclusion, AI has some terrible side effects and are usually undermined because we think that AI is meant to solve every problem, but AI Is meant to be restricted to hard and risky problems.

What is your say, do you think that people know about the negative effects of the usage of AI, how do you think we can solve those problems that coem with the usage of AI?


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  • I concur. AI has a lot of negative aspects, but they are commonly overlooked because AI is a utility tool. The disadvantage of AI is slowly taking over advantages as AI is getting into the hands of more and more people. AI is slowly getting new purposes as it is being exposed to new environments, hence the effect of AI is becoming more noticed.
    I want to take something as little as the invention of the calculator and shine more light on it. AI affects students' level of laziness, because it has the ability to do much more than basic arithmetical calculations. AI can write compositions and do any kind of assignment you present to it, making students to push all their work to it. Some students have forgotten how to do basic things simply because they do not even do anything at all.
    AI poses a threat to the IQ level of humans as it does almost everything for us. I suggest the application of moderation when using AI. We should never forget that AI is just an assistant and not a necessity, so that even when it is not available, we can do things on our own.


  • In my opinion….Ai is very useful yet it has side affects.. one of these side affects is social minipulation. Most of social media platforms relie on AI like (TikTok ). Sometimes ai looks to real that people cant stop the difference between real and fake.

    1. I completely agree, with the increasing prominence of AI in today's society we need to be careful with the side effects it has surrounding people's mental health. If AI is used to manipulate someone's image then it could lead to later problems such as body dysmporhia. I think that if we are going to continue this use of artificial intelligence then we need to observe when it has gone too far and when it needs to be stopped. As a whole it may get to a point where AI has gone too far and we may need to stop developing it all together before the negatives begin to outweigh the positives.

      1. I agree with you because this is where the point of modulation of the usage of AI is involved, if we continue to use AI without having limitations to how we use them, we will actually be developing AI and not ourselves.

  • it's Incredible the things AI can do and all the things it has achieved in such a small period of time, and its possible its one of the most groundbreaking technological achievements.

  • I agree because AI does not just help solve problems but also has a way on having control in our life and this is because when we get use it (AI) it makes us the user of it to addicted to it, it becomes a big problem when we loose it and with out AI it becomes a very big problem because our work becomes very slow. But we must not forget the disadvantages of AI this is why I think that it is important to strike a balance between the use of AI and the use of our brains. AI is a truly revolutionary discovery in many ways but the problem with most advanced technology is that it will eventually run into a problem.

  • Well some people might know about the negative effects of AI but are neglectful of it because they dont look at it as a big issue when it is some negative effects AI can unleash on the community or society as whole can include
    1 loss of creativity, when humans use AI to much it reduces our brain capacity which can lead to loos of creativity as well as thinking outside the box but we can still stop it by implementing strict rules to the usage of AI or only using AI for very very very difficult task.