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I agree because with the current rate of usage of social media, news can be spread and is easily... how the crazy world of social media affects the chaotic world of business and politics 20/3/24
I agree because social media is a big and important channel of information, this is the current... Can social media influence businesses? 18/3/24
I think that Chat GPT is actually a good idea and has developed people's writing skills, but if... Chat gpt 15/3/24
I agree with you because this is where the point of modulation of the usage of AI is involved,... The undermined side effects of AI on the user 15/3/24
I think that immigrants can both make or mar a country, and I certainly don't blame people who... Is immigration beneficial? 13/3/24
I agree because our reaction to seeing ex-convicts is very discouraging because we mainly tend... Supporting ex-prisoners to reintegrate into the society 12/3/24
I totally agree with you on your point of women being the pillar of the world and great because... Women: the greatest warriors 11/3/24
I believe that it is important for young people who learn about the topic of Eco anxiety because... Competition #8 winners 11/3/24
I'm not sure about this because if we are able to be taught about climate change in schools, we... Eco-anxiety and Educational-Awareness 10/3/24
I agree because if we are able to discuss eco anxiety in our schools as courses we can be able... Eco-anxiety and Educational-Awareness 10/3/24
The topic I would like us to discuss is "The effect of news on the psychology of people" I... Suggest a discussion 10/3/24
I agree with you because eco anxiety is a very terrible and mixed emotion, and can cause take us... The Cure to Eco-Anxiety 10/3/24
I agree because people do not actually seem to understand that women too have a creative ability... How does the world treat women 07/3/24
My favorite topic is also Eco Anxiety, I love this topic because it is both a topic that I... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 07/3/24
I agree with you because I agree with you as there is a saying that goes "Everything in excess... Why we need climate change reminders 07/3/24
I agree because being a leader is not just about having the name, it also comes with great... Your country in your hands! 06/3/24
Hello everyone, I would like to discuss about the problems that might happen if people see fake... Who has the power? 04/3/24
Hello Everyone!!! The skill I am going to focus on is listening. This skill is very... Competition #7 winners 04/3/24
I understand this your point, but it is very common for many people to react in spite of the... Suggest a discussion 03/3/24
I agree because as you have stated many women are not represented well in media and are shown... Do you feel represented? 03/3/24