Advancement of technology in businesses.

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Back in the 1990s-2000s, the future was expected to have flying cars and humans would become half robots. That didn’t happen, but we know that in the near future, these things are sure to happen. Just think about it, there wouldn’t be a single car on the road but when you look up, a car moves right over the top of your head, that would be cool wouldn’t it?

Moving on to businesses, what do you think this will mean for them?. There are some advantages and disadvantages which I am about to state and explain.

Technology advancing can make jobs easier for a lot of workers, especially in the areas of construction, formation and designing. The device or machine used can be set to operate periodically to increase final product perfection and all the machine needs is a constant power source and it will be able to operate day and night without stopping. Humans can’t work for too long because they will eventually get tired and will need a break to charge their batteries before the can work again. Humans make mistakes that is what makes us human, the mistakes made by machines are few to none so the final result of whatever they do is usually brilliant and accurate. If a person and a machine were to build something, that of the machine would be precise and that of the person would have at least the tiniest mistakes.

But because of the mistakes that humans make the owners of businesses may want to have no human employees and just AI and machines doing all the work. The humans don’t earn any money while the owners of the business keep the money to themselves because they have no employees that they would have to pay. This reduces jobs opportunities except for those that deal with working with human emotions. Machines don’t feel any form of emotion so they are not able to relate with any human being. So that job is better left to the human beings to do until machines are made to have emotions.

Everything has a weakness. When you watch television, you would see a show that shows that when you pour liquid on a robot or electrical machine, it short circuits, well this happens sometimes in real life. Lets say you are the owner of a big time business, you are sitting down having your morning cup of tea by the operation computer, you burn your tongue while taking a sip and the surprise makes you spill your tea on the computer, something stops functioning and the machines stop operating. You have to fix the computer to continue operation. You see how the tiniest mistake can put work on pause, that is why when programming the machine to operate you need to make sure there are no mistakes it can destroy the reputation of a business. For businesses to use machine, they need to have found a way to avoid all problems. This is a way that machines can tear businesses apart.

Can you think of any other advantages and disadvantages of having machines or AI in businesses?

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  • I think if we have AI in businesses it will be a disadvantage rather than an advantage because robots only do what they are told to do and this will put stress on the owner because he will always have to tell them what to do but if it is humans you don't always have to tell them what to do only sometimes. For the advantage AI can be more accurate, efficient and more reliable than humans.

    1. I disagree because... AI robots are been coded which means you most not tell them what to do before the do it and that is why the are been called artificial intelligence and do not forget that the can work for a very long period of time what out the help.of the owner.