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I disagree because... AI robots are been coded which means you most not tell them what to do... Advancement of technology in businesses. 24/3/24
I will not say that Ai will take over the world or not take over the world but I think it will... AI taking over the future - a huge chance or a high risk for our society? 24/3/24
I will say that AI is the most intelligent thing humans have ever made so far it is so... AI and Robots!! 24/3/24
I will say that it's completely fair for athletes to stay in politics even as an athlete because... Sports and politics 21/3/24
It is possible for AI to change the world, and it can change the world in so many ways such as... How can AI change the world of jobs and education? 19/3/24
I'm not sure about this because... Do not forget that AI is been coded which means it can be... AI A WONDERFUL BUT DANGEROUS INVENTION 17/3/24
I agree because... Must of the people use AI in the wrong way because things the can do the will... AI taking over the future - a huge chance or a high risk for our society? 17/3/24
I will say that AI is more modern than the normal robots most of the brands and companies use... AI and Robots!! 15/3/24
I agree and also I disagree with you because of the part you said that fuel cars cause climate... AI Cars Cruising into the Future 15/3/24
I agree because... AI can not give you an advice that you will take home as an example, humans... Jobs of the future 14/3/24
In my own opinion on doping in football it is not good because a star player that is very good... DOPING IN FOOTBALL 13/3/24
I'm not sure about this because... AI is good and at the same time bad. AI has highly reduced... AI companion 12/3/24
I disagree because... If you say that young people should learn about AI it affect their studies... Competition #8 winners 11/3/24
Ai has the ability to change the coding and robotics world in so many ways. In the future of... Will AI transform the emerging world? 11/3/24
I think that AI bots might be very important in he coming future, because of the what the can do... AI and the future of education 08/3/24
I will say that it would be a good and had idea if AI bots replace humans in the hub . I will... AI bots on the Hub? 08/3/24
I agree because...I this situation, a good manger will do everything to make sure the AI systems... AI accident: who is responsible? 07/3/24
I some athletes use their sport activities to express or show his or political opinions through... Sports and politics 07/3/24
I will believe that companies shouldn’t have total control over the celebrity because of what... The “face” of a business 06/3/24
I agree because... in this modern generation the creativity and invention of AI has improved so... Jobs of the future 06/3/24