Catalina Ruiz-Navarro


Catalina is a Colombian-Caribbean feminist activist and journalist living in Mexico City. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Volcánia, the co-creator of Amazona TV and is a weekly columnist for El Espectador and El Heraldo in Colombia, writing on feminist topics.

Catalina is a Festival topic expert on women in media.

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  • If I were to meet Catalina I would ask her about how to stand up to the ridicule that comes with doing the right thing, I know that being a feminist is not easy but how do you persevere and fight on for women rights.

  • If I could meet Catalina Ruiz Navarro . I would ask her several questions :
    1. In your experience, what role does mentorship and networking play in advancing the careers of women in the media?
    2.What steps can media organizations take to address the underrepresentation of women from intersectional backgrounds such as women of colour or women with disabilities?
    3.How can media organizations collaborate with feminist activists and organizations to bring about meaningful change in the industry?

  • I've seen a lot of journalists covering various facts and information. If I could meet Catalina, I would like to ask her how she sees her work influencing news stories around the globe. What gives her the courage and strength to be a woman editor, co-creator, and activist? I can tell you're very committed to your work, so I'd like to know how you manage to tackle all of these responsibilities.

  • Greetings. Stereotypes are things that get confused with sometimes, and I do not actually get what it means, in your own opinion how can you advise me or educate me on theses stereotypes, because you must have experienced this stereotypes, through this experience, can you enlighten everyone to help reduce gender inequality.

    1. What would you like to know about stereotypes?

      1. Is there a benefit to stereotypes in society since they can be used to differentiate between what a man or male can do and what a female can do? Women are suited to do some jobs in society, so is stereotyping actually bad? How is this a bad thing? Is stereotyping another form of gender inequality or equality?