Are journalists the answer?


Catalina Ruiz-Navarro is a Colombian-Caribbean feminist activist and journalist living in Mexico City. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Volcánia, the co-creator of Amazona TV and is a weekly columnist for El Espectador and El Heraldo in Colombia, writing on feminist topics.

Watch Catalina’s video to hear about why she thinks that journalists should not be “neutral” in their reporting.

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  • My opinion of it is that i would give it a 7 because women who are journalists have access to more vocabulary and have strong social language but i don't think we will have total equality with just female journalists because there has been a growth in women working at places where people could call it a masculine-only job, thus, women in general have better understanding of the work areas.

    1. I agree because... journalists are to help express the public's feelings, right? Well, aren't women part of this public or make up the society? Some female journalists even use their talents, position and gender to fight for the right of equality of other women. Women are seen as the weaker sex, but it doesn't mean they are useless to the society as a whole. For example:
      1. IDA WELLS is a woman journalist who exposes lynching and discrimination. She criticized white suffrage companies who ignored lynching. She raised awareness about racial injustice.
      2. LUVIANA is a journalist who co-founded Konde, an online publication that speaks on behalf of women and minorities. She founded it based on her gender discrimination in her former workplace.
      3. ZUHAL AHAD worked for BBC defending women's affairs in her country. Ignoring the risks, she continued to fight for women's rights.
      Apart from women who should individually fight for their rights, mass media can be used to express their feelings.
      Thank you.

      1. I completely agree with you, Journalists help to give a voice to the people and help to express the plights of the people to the government. Journalism could be a platform for females to standup and speak out for themselves and fight for justice against inequality. The media and journalism as a whole could help support the fight for women's rights and gender equality not to go too far even in my home country, Nigeria a lot of female journalists are beginning to come up and fight against female injustice and gender inequality.

        Jummai Madaki is one of the female Journalists who have chosen to speak out against gender inequality. She is using her position as a journalist to be a voice for the female community in Plateau state, Nigeria. She is also the State Project Officer for the WRAPA (Womens Right Advancement and Protection Alternative) foundation. A Nigerian foundation with the sole aim and purpose of safeguarding women and girls rights. They engage in Community outreach and humanitarian assistance.

        1. I totally agree. Journalism is a media by which women can express the accurate way they feel. They create awareness and also help other women to know their worth. I think that journalists are a total advantage.


      2. Very true all of the women you just listed above and many others know that being female makes them unique, I think that many girls should be raised with a mindset that they know that they are women, and they are unique for it, I feel that if girls are raised with such a healthy mindset, they will grow up to become great ladies and I am very sure that a number of them will become journalists, since they were raised with a right mentality, they will act their rights out effectively and tell the truth and nothing but the truth.
        Thank you for seeing my views.

      3. Hello committed writer,

        I concur with what you are saying because female journalists use their skills, gender and other things to eliminate gender discrimination in their society. Some people think that women are useless and cannot do anything to contribute to the growth and development of the society because they are seen as the weaker gender. However, there are female journalists that have defied the odds and used their skills to make an impact in the lives of many people. Female journalists like Nellie Bly have defied the odds and achieved great things using the skills that they have gained of being a journalist.

        In summary, I would like to say that no matter what a woman's role in a society or what their occupation is, they can still make a big difference in the society that can have a great impact on the lives of countless people.

        Thank You!!!

      4. I agree with you because women who are journalists are highly respected and that is why if they stand up to talk against anything like women discrimination, they will listened to because of the fact that they went to school and are knowledgeable enough to speak against that or for.

      5. I also agree because if journalists do not express their feeling who would feel comfortable doing so. Maybe music artist some of them pour their hearts out day and day writing music to list out their feeling, however, if journalists do not fell comfortable doing their job why would music artists?

        1. I agree because musicians are a smaller division of journalism. Everyone can actually be their own journalist but musicians are more captivating because their mood, lyrics and energy connects to the audience and they seem to also feel what the musician feels.
          Therefore the music industry also has a voluntary, yet basic part in making public opinion known to the whole country or globe.
          Even Taylor swift stood up for women through the music industry.
          Thank you.

          1. Thank you. My standpoint was that musicians go through a lot, and so if that journalists do not feel ok with sharing their own feelings why would musicians. And I agree that musicians are a special type of journalism, its journalism in a form of poetry.

    2. Hello understanding _ lime,
      I also agree with you because woman journalist are strong so they are vocal about reality, have strong social language and manytime woman journalist goes for support of woman but I do not think that total equality will be possible because of journalist only. Every woman's support is needed to bring change in society
      about woman and change their thinking about equality for woman as like man.

    3. I feel it stereotypical that people feel men do not have enough social language with no factual evidence, I don't totally disagree with you though because you stated how it wouldn't be equal with just female journalists, and this is correct because a society with just female journalists would lead to a biased train of thought when talking about specific affairs.

      1. I feel it's unfair to assume men lack social skills without evidence. I partly agree with you; having only female journalists wouldn't be fair either. It could skew discussions. We need diversity in journalism for balanced perspectives on different issues.

    4. I agree, women inequality can be improved because they have access to more vocabulary and have strong social language but yet if women begin to rule more than they should,it can and probably would cause men to lose their jobs.

      1. Can you explain why you think it would cause men to lose their jobs?

        1. Thank you for your request. Because, I think, people are trying to make women more recognizable, which is not wrong, but in doing this they are minimizing the jobs of men. Many people will disagree with me, and they should. But what I am just trying to get out there is gender inequality is mostly about women, I know it is this way because women were not as powerful as men in the old times, but it does not mean the power of women should be increased whiles decreasing men power. It should all be equal.

    5. I have thought about it and I think that journalists could be our answer. Because those people who have good points to change the policy but can not speak. The journalists can collect the details, report it o the government and they could be a change in the policy. Or the government will have a change of mind.About te policy

    6. I exceedingly agree with you understanding_lime, women who are journalists can indeed use their vocabulary and strong social language to persuade their readers to increase gender equality, however, at the same time I agree with you that we will not gain total equality with just the female journalist, because as you stated, women are now working at places or sectors that are dominated by men.
      For example: A young girl who desires to be a computer programmer might be inspired and have more desire to reach her goal by reading an article about Ada Lovelace written by a female journalist, however, that will not still be enough, that young girl will have to keep on reminding herself about the achievements of Ada Lovelace and how she was able to be the first computer programmer. You might never know, this young girl might achieve something that will increase gender equality.

  • Think I would go with the number six or seven because as we all know journalist, write the journal in the newspaper which is read by everyone. So it is obvious that everyone will read the news regarding the woman’s equality and gender equality. So this content will be able to encourage the people regarding equality. It is very important for the journalist also to write the truth and always focus on equality so that after reading the people would get hope to enhance equality and vote for the justice of women .
    But in some cases there also might be some issues in the content of the journalist, which may not encourage people in spreading gender equality………..
    But the thing also depends upon the content which is printed in the newspapers, because the people will believe what is written, and will focus on that only. Some before printing, it is very important to check the content and see that it is not biased.
    Also, I would not give 10 number, because every where journalist are not important, the woman should also fight for the opportunities and rights . only journalist help them will not create any difference in equality. Raising the voice is very important which can be done by women only ………

  • Using the scale, I would give it a 9,
    a journalist is one who gathers information and processes it into newsworthy form and disperses it to different stations for people to hear and be informed.
    Now total equality for women cannot be achieved completely without the help of journalist, why? they pass important information across. A fact is that we as humans act based on what we know, meaning people cannot cooperate to ensure total equality for women if they do not know about it, if people are not informed about the damage, their careless lifestyles cause to the female gender every day, they would continue with their kind of discriminable lifestyles regardless of the damage it causes.

    My main point is journalism core factor if we want to generate gender equality. It is a factor that must be employed if at all the world is willing to promote gender equality.

    1. I'm not sure about this because, yes, journalists are the ones who gather and share the news stories we know but now journalists are facing hardships and they are spreading harsh news For example, in Nigeria, a journalist named Marcus Fatmole was attacked in his car on December 5, 2023, because he spread fake news about a gang on the news, so the gang members saw the news and made the choice of teaching him a lesson on making fake news about them. And now, because of that incident that happened, people in my country no longer believe what journalists say on the news. So how would journalists help with gender equality if they were not trusted again?

      1. I strongly disagree with your points. Just because one journalist spreads fake news doesn't mean all journalists do. In any profession, it's crucial to uphold our integrity. People shouldn't generalize based on isolated incidents. For example, spreading awareness about ending female genital mutilation, is that fake news too. Every profession has its flaws, but we should still appreciate them.

  • From a scale of 1-10 I’d give it an eight why I say this is because journalism plays a crucial role in creating awareness, and advocating about women rights is the most essential way to reduce gender bias. Journalists are responsible for giving power to their voices and ensure that they are heard and given equal treatment. It will also encourage other women to speak up if they are aware that they is a body ready to advocate for them .

    1. Alright, for you saying that journalism plays a crucial role in creating awareness and advocating about women right is the most essential way to reduce gender bias, so I have questions I am curious to know why you stated you would like to give an eight. Explain on the reason for giving this statement.

      1. Hey, happy_mulberry I still agree that journalists play a major role in ensuring gender equality, by creating awareness and embarking on advocacy, but the task is not all dependent on the journalists. that why I ranked it an eight,It also requires the collective effort of individuals and communities to speak up and make their voices to be heard.

        1. Greetings, phenomenal_technology Thank you for responding to my inquiry. I understand why you gave it an eight. You stated that, while journalists do not believe that they have the authority to stop tragedies like the ones that befall our mothers and sisters, they do support citizens' rights to express their opinions and ideas on a given subject and then use that power to effect change. I'm grateful that you responded to my inquiries since it has altered my understanding of the specific response that aroused my interest.

        2. I agree with you because some women don't have the oppurtunity to speak for themselves. I think that when women journalists discover other women's stories they end up publishing these stories and giving people a wider view of gender inequality. Most people get their information from the media and are usually influncenced by it.When these opinions are spread there is a possibility that more women would have the oppurtunity to speak for themselves and beinspirations to other women and encourage them to come out and also speak for themselves.

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give this statement a 9. While it may not be completely accurate to say that total equality for women is impossible without the support of journalists, it's certainly true that journalists play an important role in raising awareness about women's rights and issues. Without journalists drawing attention to these issues, it would be much harder to create the kind of social and political momentum needed to achieve equality for women.
    As for how Catalina might feel about the opinion, it's hard to say for sure. Catalina may or may not agree with the statement, depending on her own experiences and perspectives. Some women might argue that the media often ignores or downplays the issues that women face, and that journalists can be complicit in perpetuating sexism and discrimination. Others might say that journalists are essential to the fight for equality, and that they play an important role in holding governments and institutions accountable for their actions. It really depends on the individual and their experiences.

    1. Rightly said spirited_concept.
      Raising awareness about women's rights and issues is crucial, and journalists play a significant role in this. Their efforts are instrumental in creating social and political momentum necessary for achieving gender equality. However, it's important to consider that not all journalists may effectively address women's issues. Some individuals, like Catalina, might have varying perspectives based on their personal experiences. While some may argue that the media overlooks women's issues, others believe that journalists are essential in advocating for gender equality and holding institutions accountable. Each perspective may differ based on individual experiences.

      1. I also disagree that journalist are not the answer because a lot of women can speak by their self without the help of journalists. some can stand and say something to change the policy as an activist. There are also women and men in the parliament, who can speak to the government better than journalists because they make the law to change government policy.

  • Hi, well I strongly agree with that statement and I believe that women they do need to be supported by journalists.
    Journalists have the medium of exposing themselves to the public and have the power to promote perceptions.
    For these reasons if journalists for instance report more successful women I different sectors of their life they can enhance the idea that equality can be achieved.

    1. Hey peaceful mode, your opinion is really important to this discussion!
      I agree because that journalists can support women a lot since, like you said, they expose themselves to the public and promote different perspectives and viewpoints. And reporting more successful women can help decrease the amount of people who think that to be successful you have to be male, or you can't achieve success as a woman since their job is to report many different things. But you have to consider that journalists are not women's only support, since women like Catalina can also speak for themselves and others. So another support they have is themselves.

  • I agree because... Total equality for women will not be possible without the support of journalists.”
    The journalist are the ones that gets the information that will be produced to the people. The journalist can help in promoting the equality for women, if the journalist can organize a program that is majorly for the equality for women where by educated and enlightened women would be on the program or show and they will discuss thought provoking topics that are related to the equality for women, it would be interesting if the media house has social media pages on Facebook Twitter Telegram Snapchat Instagram etc or even if the media house is nation or even world wide.
    They could also help if journalist writes an article about the equality for women and it's been produced in a magazine, this could also help because when people read about it they would get to know about it.
    It serves as an alternative for those that does not have access to the social media or the news on TV.
    Journalist can help in promoting the total equality for women.

    1. Well said caring_spring.
      I agree that journalists play a crucial role in promoting equality for women as they are responsible for disseminating information to the public. They can organize programs or shows focused on equality for women, featuring educated and enlightened women discussing important topics related to gender equality. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Snapchat, and Instagram can also serve as powerful tools for spreading awareness on this issue. Additionally, publishing articles in magazines can reach those without access to social media or television news, further spreading the message of gender equality. Journalists have significant potential to advocate for total equality for women.
      Thank you.

      1. Hi active beetle,
        I totally agree with you that journalists play a crucial role as well as the social media and others who don't have access to social media could read the news through newspaper, magazines and so on could help to promote gender equality.
        But here's a question for you, do you think women should be the only one in the media to promote gender equality and how to fight women right?

  • Hi topical talkers!
    On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 = strongly disagree and 10 = strongly agree, my response would be around a 9. I believe that journalists play a crucial role in shaping public opinion and influencing social norms. Therefore, their support and advocacy for gender equality can significantly contribute to progress in this area.

    Catalina Ruiz-Navarro might feel similarly about the opinion, possibly even rating it a 10. As a feminist activist and journalist who actively writes on feminist topics, she likely understands the importance of media representation and advocacy in achieving gender equality. She may strongly believe that journalists have a responsibility to challenge and break down unfair systems that favour men over women rather than remaining neutral in their reporting.

    Thank you!

  • I think it is not just journalists that is the answer . I agree but their voices also needs to be heard like protesting against it because it is one of their civil rights and everyone has the right to be treated fairly as one .

    1. I agree with you on this. Journalists may help in bringing more support and help but they are not the answer. There are a lot of other factors also responsible to make a change. On a scale of 1 to 10, i am at a level 8. The 2 points that i did not give here represent the role of other factors as well. For example- many people watch the news and know about events, however not many of them take it seriously. Similarly, a lot of news may be published but not all households bring a change listening to it. The equality will be possible after a long time period when the support is much more and more people are open minded.

  • No, journalist are not the answer.Reason being that journaist may give false information and also we should not rely on other people to be represented we can represent ourselves because someone may not be able to represent you in the right manner so I feel that representing ourselves actually shows our seriousness towards gender inequality. We have voices that should be heard, we have the right to speak, we should us that voice to change the world for the better. We should use it to do the right thing. We should not be afraid because we are for right and not for wrong. the Journalists or whoever you allow to represent you may actually be a fraud or something {this is reality} so be careful who you choose as your representatives {that is if it is neccesary}.

    1. I cannot deny your point that sometimes journalists tend to represent someone improperly by providing false information. They might make the situation or an individual look worse than they actually are. But I am still not convinced about your thought that one should only represent themselves as journalists can be a fraud. Because like Catalina said that she doesn't speak for women that cannot speak for themselves, everyone has a voice that they can use. They are just trying to construct a safe space in their magazine for those who might be discriminated or faced by a lot of vulnerabilities and threats to use their voice in their own terms and tell their stories.

      1. I disagree because I did not mean tht they should represent only themselves but what I meant was that they can have representatives but they should be careful who represents them and also they should not leave their representatives to do all the work for them but instead, they should work with their representatives to show how serious they are about this inequality. Sorry for th confusion. I hope I have helped you to understand this basic point.
        THANK YOU.

    2. I will agree to your comment but when our rights are abused and we don't have the opportunity to speak for ourselves what should we do about that.
      I agree that journalists may not be able to represent us in the right manner but whenough we are denied of our rights that can help us and the media especially the journalists are onexpected good way to spread news faster
      Thank you.

  • I disagree because all women have a say and not just journalists.

    1. Do you think a journalist might have more power than a woman who is not a journalist? Why or why not?

      1. A woman who is not a journalist may have less power in this sense, especially if she lives in a society where women’s rights, opportunities, and participation are limited or oppressed. She may not have access to the same platforms, resources, and networks that journalists have to share her views, experiences, and stories with a wider audience. She may also face more barriers and risks in speaking out against injustice, corruption, or violence. However, this does not mean that she has no power at all, or that she cannot challenge the dominant narratives that journalists create. She may have other forms of power, such as personal, relational, or collective power, that enable her to resist, organize, or transform her situation.

  • l choose 1 because women who are journalists have access to the same as men

    1. Are you sure?

  • I think its like a 7 or 8 because women need to be supported by other people so they can have right and opinion about everything like men and everyone

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 = strongly disagree and 10 = strongly agree, how do you feel about the opinion? Well, my answer is 10. I think like this because... recently we had a discussion on how information helps us to be responsible citizens. Journalists inform people and they also empower women too, without them a lot of people wouldn't even know the existing problem of gender inequality. I think that they are one of the forces driving to women's right movement.
    I think that Catalina would feel totally joyous about the opinion because... she herself has experience when in the field of working both as an activist and journalist, meaning that she tries her best to encourage even more women on the media. She would love this opinion because... she would see that her work is recognized by many.
    Journalists play a vital role in the women's right movement and their work cannot be undermined. I really think that her work is exceptional and that she has helped a lot of women.


  • Some reporters, in my opinion, overreact and exaggerate stories without considering how it would effect the public. They just seem interested in giving people a spicy headline; they are insensitive to the thoughts and emotions of other people, and occasionally they exacerbate the situation.

    1. @lovely planet. Thank you for your opinion. Do you have an example of where reporters have exaggerated stories? How do you feel about the statement that "Total equality for women will not be possible without the support of journalists"?

  • "I believe that there is no foolproof solution to anything, including journalism. While journalists can report information based on facts, clues, and evidence, they are still susceptible to manipulation, which can lead to bribery. Though not all journalists are easily swayed, some may be influenced because they need to provide compelling news to their audience to make their organization grow and earn more money. However, the main goal of journalism should be to provide accurate and truthful information. Therefore, it is difficult to find an absolute solution to this issue, but perhaps the new generation of journalists can work towards preventing it."

  • I totally agree that journalists can be a powerful force in inspiring change and promoting equality. However, it's important to remember that creating a fair and just society is a collective effort that requires everyone's participation. By using their platform in the media, journalists have a unique opportunity to speak out about issues related to equality and make a difference. I also agree with Understanding Lime's point that having more women in traditionally male-dominated fields is critical to achieving true gender equality.

  • The opinion is 10/10, as it highlights the importance of journalists in empowering women and promoting responsible citizenship. Journalists play a vital role in the women's right movement, and their work is recognized by many. However, women without journalism may have less power due to limited opportunities and access to platforms. They may face more barriers in speaking out against injustice, corruption, or violence. However, they still have other forms of power, such as personal, relational, or collective power, that enable them to resist, organize, or transform their situation.

  • I pick a 6 for agree, because while the opinion of everyone is important, since women are still facing inequality in many areas, to some, a sole woman's opinion is invalid, so that's where journalists come in. Journalists are considered trustworthy and reliable sources of facts, and useful opinions from any side. So any journalist, whether male or female, would have a stronger say in any subject, and popular ones, no matter the gender, can change the tide in many things. But the reason why it is a 6 and not a ten is because powerful women with lots of influence in today's world can support themselves and other women and people in general. I think Catalina fits into both categories since she is a female journalist, and has influence since she is an Editor-in-Chief, and a co-creator of a TV channel/station, so she should have relative influence over multiple subjects. Not just that, she has a strong moral compass since she is an activist. So that's why I think Catalina might agree with this because of that.

  • On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a 8 on the opinion that total equality for women will not be possible without the support of journalists.
    Journalists play a crucial role in promoting gender equality by raising awareness and issues about women's rights. By shedding lights on their experience they can educate the public and foster understanding of the need for gender equality. Through investigation journalists can expose gender discrimination. By highlighting the stories of successful women , journalists can challenge stereotypes and bring a positive change in the society about women. They can use their job as a platform for gender equality to promote policy changes. Through this they can bring out attention of the people for gender responsive policies. Journalists can amplify the voices of women. By giving them a platform to share their voices and experiences will get the attention of the public to more think about equality.

  • I would rate this statement a 6. Journalists play a crucial role in shaping public opinion and influencing policy decisions, so their support is indeed important for advancing gender equality. Through their reporting, journalists can raise awareness about gender issues, highlight the experiences and achievements of women, and hold individuals and institutions accountable for discriminatory practices. However, while journalists can contribute significantly to the cause of gender equality, they are not the sole drivers of change. Achieving total equality for women requires many more things like government action, support of the society, everyone implementing equality in their daily life. And the most important thing is Women standing up for themselves without caring about what the society would say or think about her. This is one thing that can make a big difference.

  • Good Day Everyone,
    I will give it an 8 because I strongly agree that journalist play a very vital role in gender equality as they help to convey to the public the issue of gender inequality and ways through which gender equality can be tackled. I gave it an 8 and not a 10 because I believe that there are other factors that positively affect gender equality such as the sharing of other peoples belief and culture but I still gave the journalist an 8 because it is through them that this beliefs and cultures are conveyed to other people. I believe that if a solution for a problem is made and that solution does not reach others to apply, it becomes useless and that is why journalists are very useful in the fight against gender inequality because they convey the solutions of gender inequality from one place to another.
    Thank You.

  • I agree with almost 8 out of 10.
    That's because journalists can shape public opinions and influence people.

    With their support in the news they can promote serious role models and show to the whole public that women can surpass issues like inequality of payment and much more.

  • I think I will give this 8. I strongly agree with is because of the influence that journalists have in the society. Most people rely on news for their day-to-day information and the believe whatever is being said in the news. A journalist should recognize the amount of power he or she has in influencing people and they should use it for the right thing.

  • I think that journalists have a voice that can be heard in comparison to women that are at home.
    They have social media and generally media close to them because of their work so it easier for them to represent a daily woman and woman whoanare suffering because of inequality.
    They can get to know them by taking them interviews or learn their culture and report anything that is against their voices. With the power of journalism politicians that are sensitive to these issues can help them.

  • HELLO!
    On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give the journalists 8. Journalists will be able to help women achieve gender equality they can help massively by forming a team to protest to achieve gender equality, They can convince women to join the protest. With this points I have given journalists will be able to help women achieve gender equality.

    1. Hello! You are right! I am also on the scale to 10 at 8.
      I believe journalists and especially female journalists can be on the spotlight by supporting gender equality through their articles, the way they report issues and how they can present it. Even in a discussion panel can choose to invite women to talk about current events.
      This way they will show that they support women and represent them in the more equal way.

    2. On a scale of 1-10, I give a 9. I believe that journalists are the solution because, in situations where women are unable to speak for themselves, journalists can speak on their behalf, convey what they are trying to say, and, when they are finished, they just know that it will be covered by a magazine, newspaper, or news outlet. Not all women are like this; some are capable of speaking for themselves but journalists can also help their voices get wider coverage, yes journalists are the solution. When you apply critical thinking to a case as a journalist and you are working towards solving a puzzle but are unable to crack the code, how would you feel when you finally succeed? Great? So I think the women whose stories have been covered will be excited to have their stories heard. Journalists are the solution, after all.

  • So talking about Catalina she's a journalist right? Then she is a feminist. A feminist is a person who advocates the social, poticial, and equality of sexes. So i'll rate this point for about 9.3 because i have given so much high because the journalists are the person who are just like a motivation for any student. Journalists like Catalina are much famous so they can produce media influence. Which may finish the gender inequality and small respect among girls. I'm a boy but i respect all the girls and we also shouldn't do sexism and discrimination among girls that will finish women employment and respect among girls,womens. That people who do sexism and discrimination among girls they should get a so bad punishment. Respect for honors like Malala Yousafzai, Angela Davis and etc.

    -Respect all the girls and womens that will the world to make justice among girls-


  • I 'd rate my answer to the question above a 9.
    Journalists are people who collect information, process it into newsworthy form and spread it to the public. They are one of the major agents of change in our society, just by spreading news.The news is one of the easiest ways to get information across, so journalists would be a crucial factor in spreading news that will promote total equality for women. For example, the British Broadcasting Corporation. 426 million people access the BBC around the world each week. A lot of people get their information from the news.
    However, as I will keep saying, to achieve equality for women, we need to take a stand. We need to change the way we think. It all boils down to whether we choose to create a gender unbiased society or not. We have to set the ball rolling. It's our society and our responsibility to make sure it is a conducive living space for all. To quote Oprah Winfrey, "The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude."

  • In my opinion, I would rate it a 4. While journalists do help promote gender equality, nowadays they face disrespect, making their impact less significant. Celebrities and big businesses could be more effective in promoting equality because they have massive followings and influence. For example, if celebrities like Kanye West or Kim Kardashian advocate for gender equality, their fans would likely follow suit. Similarly, if major companies like Nike or Microsoft support gender equality, it could inspire others to do the same. Catalina might disagree, as she believes in the power of journalists to enact change, which is understandable since everyone has their own perspective.

  • Hello Topical Talkers. Here is my perspective on this big question
    I would say that it is a 7. I feel this way because journalsits have not yet even unlocked the full potential of their job because they may be afraid of saying what they want to say due to criticism for different reasons like the different views of people under the topic "Challenges Faced By Journalists." I think that journalists can play a huge role in stopping gender inequality by exposing people who don't want gender inequality and also even female journalists should be given chances to perform a huge role in the media agency, also female journalists should shout out to be the voice for the less priviledged women, and also be the leader in the fight against this terrible act. A good example of a journalist who made huge impact in their society is Steven Sotloff who gave voices to his fellow journalists by just his actions, so if journalists are able to just use their actions to fight against gender inequality like him, they can be able to make impact and empower the less priviledged females who can't speak for themselves. The reason why I give this option a 7 is because it is not only fully on the journalists because if they do their best and there is no response or action from the people, their works are useless, so I think in conclusion that it is not full the responsibility of journalists to stop equality, but along side with the people.

  • Journalists gather information, process it into news, and share it with the public. They can create stories for print, digital media, radio, television, and podcasts. Journalists research, write, edit, and file news stories, features, and articles. They can also conduct research, interview people, and create scripts to be read on television or radio.
    Journalists present news in the frame of reality so viewers can understand an event's importance and impact on the world. They can also rebalance the news so that audiences get more of the whole story of the picture of progress that's happening in the world

  • Hello in my opinion I am a 6 because journalist are to help people Express their self but some people might not read the news so they won't know what is happening like those in the villages. Some people are naturally confident and some people are not those are the type of people that are supposed to visit the media so they could express themselves.

  • In my opinion, I will say 8/10 because the journalists who are women are stronger at talking in addition they talk with the voice of every woman who can't talk and say what's happening to her and her language is different, they can give reinforcement for every woman to adjust herself and journalists are knacked with strong language and she doesn't have a problem because she's stronger than crying on the corner, in addition, they have more creativity in report

  • I choose 5 out of 10. I have a balance of emotions because i agree and disagree at the same time.
    I agree because, female journalists should also have the opportunity to fight for justice for the women. When they are able to do this, then they could be free from the suffering of different beliefs from villages. With that, they could become our leaders in the future or even presently.
    I disagree because, it is not all journalists that are willing to help the lives of women, even some of their own gender may not be willing to help make equal rights among the male and the female gender. If this continues, women who have been suffering all through their lives will continue to suffer for the actions of some people, and they will not be able fight for their rights.
    Some examples of journalists that fought for women rights are:
    1 Abigail Adams
    2 Elizabeth Stanton
    3 Susan Anthony

    I strongly agree because yes journalist can help by broadcasting what women are going through in developing countries or places where women are being marginalized. Women don’t have the confident to express their opinion. Women have been suppressed for a long time now. Most women lack self confidence and have been thought that women only belong to the kitchen and their husbands and other than that they can not do anything. Women are constantly bullied for being women and are abused. Only women with power and confidence are bold enough to stand up for women and unfortunately their aren’t many of those people and if they were most of them are too arrogant, so it is now up to journalists to help women and stand up with them. Journalists are trained to be confident and professional. This why I believe Journalist are the answer.
    THANK YOU!!!!

  • Journalists play a crucial role in promoting gender equality by exposing those who oppose it and empowering less privileged women. However, they may face criticism and lack the full potential of their job due to different views. Female journalists should be given opportunities to play a significant role in media and fight against gender inequality. Steven Sotloff is an example of a journalist who made a significant impact by giving voices to fellow journalists. It is not only the responsibility of journalists to stop inequality, but also to work with the public to make a difference. While journalists do help promote gender equality, they face disrespect and may face less significant impact due to their large followings and influence. Celebrities and big businesses could be more effective in promoting equality, as their influence can inspire others to do the same.

  • From my perspective, I would give it an eight. It is true female journalists can provide support for women and perhaps decrease gender discrimination. However, I don't think it will be easy for years of disparity to be abolished because now women are standing up for themselves and their rights. There will still be some men in economically developing countries that believe girls should stay at home rather than going to school and have a decent education like boys do. Changing their minds will be very challenging - particularly as females may not be allowed to participate in journalism.

  • my opinion is that there should be more journalists who should write more articles about women because there isn't enough subjects about women and them in sports as our class checked on BBC sports and all of them were about men and only two articles about women spots .

    there are still not enough women journalists in the news or programs for example channel 4 as they have a time called 'woman's hour' were they only have women articles and women journalists for 1 hour .

    so i do think that journalists are the answers.

  • I'll give it a 9 cause I totally agree totally equality for women will not be possible without the support of journalists because journalists are the way for women's to express their feelings and point of view. And without journalists or women journalists it is not possible to do it. And Catalina would fell the same as me.

  • Hello,
    On a scale from 1-10, I'd give this statement an 8. Well, it's not that I think that it would be correct to say that total equality for women is not possible without the support of journalists. But one thing that I am entirely sure about is that journalists play an important role in letting us be aware of women's rights, issues, and more. In my opinion, if journalists don't give us news or information about women I think that it would be harder to achieve what we want for the achieve equality for women. As for how Catalina might feel about my statement she would probably agree and disagree with my statement. This is due to her own experiences and perspective. This is why I think they play an crucial role, but one thing that I want to clarify is that women don't only need journalists to support them because they have a voice to speak. I think it's better to speak up than just letting journalists put fake or real stuff in the news.

  • I believe it’s social bias.A false belief that something is true based on assumptions rather than facts.For example,that women are better than men at looking after children then men,or that men are better leaders than women

    Women have faced male domination sexual harassment and gender harassment.There was an incident when lianne Anderson commentated during a men’s football game,she commentated differently and lots of men got angry because of that.

    On my opinion I’m a three and Catalina is a one easily I do hope you agree with me as equality is right.

  • I disagree because as a journalist you have to tell the whole story and not just half.If you're a feminist journalist and you are a feminist you still have to tell the whole story not just half and at the end you can say 'I agree with this side
    but I'll leave you to decide who you agree with' or something like that. Also the journalist might be biased and make out that one side is better. But you can also say something like 'I agree with this side because ________
    but I'll leave you to decide. But don't use powerful adjectives like superior and appalling. If you decide you want to write a biased report make sure it isn't too biased.

  • I will take a 5 because I think it should be a 50-50% responsibility. In my opinion before journalists can write or speak about gender equality, they need to showcase the accomplishments of women and prove that they are equally capable of taking any responsibility given to them. Without these things, journalists don't have the necessary evidence to demonstrate to the public and government that women are capable of taking on responsibilities both in public and private settings. I believe that with the combined efforts of women and journalists, gender equality will eventually become a reality.

    1. Can you give an example of what you mean by this, precious_swan?

      1. Hello Katie.
        What I mean is both journalists and women have important roles in making sure everyone is treated fairly. If women don't do anything to show their talents, journalists won't have anything to write about them. So women need to show what they can do and how capable they are. They have to work hard and prove they can handle all the responsibilities given to them. Only then will journalists notice and share their stories. It's like showing off their talents for everyone to see. So, both women and journalists have to work together to make sure everyone knows how amazing women are.

  • Yes, I strongly believe that journalism is the answer especially broadcast journalism, which can greatly impact viewers' mood in advancing positive change in the right direction for example in social behaviour, being a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves and advancement of technology and invention. However, this depends on what the journalist is trying to achieve or the aim of the conversation they are feeding the public with.
    Positive constructive journalism can birth great ideas in the minds of the viewers, journalism can help in providing the public with information that will help better the lives of people. This can happen with positive news stories that lead to hope and optimism, and increase tolerance for others. Journalism can also take a step further in giving feedback to the public for instance, feedback on the progress of an invention in technology can create oneness, togetherness and a sense of community leading to hope and social change.

  • I think that when people write about equality, it will make people feel sorry, and will lead to change.

  • Since women have different needs than men, particularly those who may be unwilling to speak up because they feel intimidated, I believe that journalists are not always the best option. In some cases, however, they could be able to help unearth the truth and provide more in-depth solutions. In addition, I believe that if more women pursue careers in journalism, men might start to feel uneasy. If they see that their authority is being questioned, their view that men are more important than women might spark a horrific riot and an increase in intolerance in society. In conclusion, journalists are not the solution.

  • I concur with almost 7 out of ten.
    This is so that they can sway public opinion and exert authority over individuals.

    By supporting them in the media, they may raise the profile of credible role models and demonstrate to the general population that women are capable of overcoming a variety of obstacles, including salary disparity.

  • Since not all women have the self-confidence to speak up for themselves, journalists can assist in discussing issues that affect women, whether they are related to gender equality or not. If something gets out of hand, for example, and no one speaks up for the woman or reports the issue, things will only get worse. In my opinion, journalists are the answer, so I would give it a 10. But when a journalist reports on the threats women experience in society, a lot of good happens when the truth comes to light. By doing this, states, nations, and their people will be given the confidence to stand up for themselves and women will be empowered to express their ideas. To create a just and equitable society, journalists can promote gender equality via their excellent offices.

  • I think I am in the middle because people see issues in different views and that is how journalism works.
    People see things in different dimensions and perspectives. Take for instance, if there was a rumor that country A’s president was kidnapped by country B’s citizens while country A’s president went for a vacation without anyone knowing. Country A’s citizens will wage war against country B, when there are no journalist to carry out investigation.
    If there were journalist, they would have investigated everything that really happened and avert the possible war between the 2 countries. Journalists help us with a lot of things, for example
    1. They help us investigate issues
    2. They help us know what is happening around us
    3. They help us know what is happening in another country
    4. They help us be alert
    5. They help us not to get into trouble

  • Hello,
    I will score 9 because I strongly think journalists are the answer because roles of journalists have the power to shape our world view. They hold the power to shape our perception about gender equality. They act as orientation agency, their profession is the platform that effectively create massive awareness of the in quality out there thereby drawing attention on the news for it to be addressed.
    In conclusion, I will like to add that female journalists should not shy away from being on the forefront of pushing for this equality in the work space.

  • Hiiii, Hello, Namesthe and Vanakkam to everyone.........

    By my point of view journalists play a crucial role in achieving total equality for women. Here are some points I collected in my research.
    Media Influence:
    First comes the media influence, this plays a vey important role for total equality for women. Journalists have the power to shape public opinion and discourse through their reports. By highlighting issues related to gender equality, they can raise awareness to the society.

    Advocacy and Awareness:
    Journalists act as advocates for justice issues. Their reporting can shed light on gender disparities, discrimination, and injustices faced by women. This increases awareness and changes the society.

    These are the points I collected from my research. My scale rate is 7 for this debate.
    Thank you......

  • Journalists can help the majority of women to gain gender equality. Women can be Journalists and prove that they have the qualities for that job .
    Additionally men can also support the empowerment of women. How can this be achieved? What better example than to see a man reporting women issues with no prejudice and advocating their rights.
    This is the ultimate solution for me.
    When men connser women totally equal to them by supporting it.

    1. Great comment @inspired_lake. Can you tell me what number you would rate your opinion on a scale of 1 to 10 about how much you agree with this?

  • I think about a 7 because women can represent other women in their stories and won’t be as biased as men so I personally think women should write about women and men should write about men because then we can’t say that it is sexist or biased in any way.

    1. Why do you think this could be problematic in the fight for gender equality?

  • I agree with the opinion. I believe that journalist is a very important job for a society which depicts the true scenario of the society. Earlier only man used to be journalist but now women are also engaging in journalist which is the result of gender equality. A women can cover the true conditions of women in a society more perfectly than a man. She can capture the true image of gender equality in different sector of the society. She can protest against gender inequalities and be a guide for other women who are facing gender inequality. The women who are facing gender inequality would like to open up infornt of a woman more than a man. As a result, she will be able to make news and let the whole country know about the gender inequality persisting in a particular sector of the society. Then the authority can take steps to prevent gender inequality from that particular sector. SO, I think that women journalist has a great role in removing gender inequalities from the society as well as to ensure the proper rights of the women.

    1. I must say you made a good comment but here is a question that i will like to ask you. Do you really think that there are places where men feel concerned about gender inequality?

  • I would rate the contribution of journalists to elimination of gender discriminations a 8 out of 10. To illustrate my point, journalists can be a pivotal factor of promoting women's importance in our society. By hiring more women journalists, they show that what men can do in the workplace as journalists, women can also be entitled to do them as well. It is a step to equality which can make an enormous difference to how people perceive the female gender and the occupation if women with journalism.

  • I am somewhere over the middle . I do think that journalists , specifically women journalist can influence the public opinion on equality by being themselves a good example. They can handle issues on women empowerment by reporting them on the news.
    However for me , the most important public figures to promote equality are women activists. I think they are the ones that work hard to change biases and support women that are in need of their rights.

  • These days we think that gender equality is a standard norm. But 100 or even 50 years ago, women didn't have much of a say in the world. Now it is much better but we still don't have total equality all around the world. Journalists across the world can team work and really help broadcast the message by informing the people what really happens in each country.
    They can speak out honestly and ask for support from their company they work. They should resist to any biases and show to the world any unethical behaviors towards men.

  • In my opinion, journalists can of course support equality as women journalists are good representatives of them.
    They can break the barriers of stereotyping , using freely their speech to express their ideas.
    We live in a world of media and specifically social media where young people are influenced by what they see and hear.
    So journalists are part of this media sector and they are the ones that can cover gender related issues.

  • On a scale of 1 to 10 Cataina Ruiz Navarro would probaly rate her agreement with the opinion close to 10 . She likely feels very strongly that journalists should not be netural in their reporting on feminist topic beleving it's essential for advancing gender equality .

  • I agree with it with about an 8 because I think that journalist can do a lot of things to solve gender problems such as helping to get to know women in different aspects of life and different works, but I think that not only journalist should help to avoid these problems, everyone should try to help in each possible way they can.

  • In my opinion I would give this a 6. Undoubtedly, journalists are the voice of the people who have the responsibility to put spotlight on matters that demand immediate attention and solution either from the government or the society. If journalists press on the matter of gender inequality through their feature articles, cover stories etc, their readers will become more aware. This awareness will eventually change their perspective and altogether their behavior. Furthermore, when a journalist puts forward news interviews of any successful woman, millions of women around the globe feel represented and motivated to take a stand for equal treatment. On the other hand, there are people who put in individual efforts the best they can. They work on the ground level at spreading awareness by posting content on the social media etc. However, not all have access to these platforms and those who do, often ignore them.
    Therefore, I believe that total equality may be achieve even without the involvement of journalists, however their efforts and involvement can catalyze this process by bringing urgency to it and reaching a large section of the society. Ultimately, achieving total equality is not the task of only a certain group of people, it relies on our collective efforts.

  • My opinion on that, I would give it like an 8 or a 7. That is because journalist are the reason that news are able to be put out in the open and if the journalist aren't helping then it won't spread out to the world so that more people could maybe join the protest so that women could have equal rights. So I think that the journalist plays a big role in protests.

    Thank you so much for reading this and have a wonderful day !!

  • On a scale to 1 to 10, I would rate this opinion a 10. Media and Journalism highly influence our thoughts, many people follow what the media says. The fact that people treat women differently is because of their narrow minded opinions, infact many act in a bad manner because they are influenced by many factors. Once media spreads awareness and education through such worldwide platforms, audience would be able to understand the gravity of this situation. Through news articles by strong personalities along with many citizens, people will be able to analyse the reality. Even Ms. Catalina would agree to this opinion because she believes that media has the power to reach and affect masses. We are dealing with a diverse set of people who can be diverted to many ways, hence by using social tools like newspapers and media is something that will highly play a part in this revolution. Women from all over can freely express their ideas and views, therefore changing various perspectives.

  • In my opinion the women who were speaking were mostly women speaking about their experience of being a news reporter or just a positive speaker and journalist.I strongly agree with Catalina Ruiz Navarro because all woman should have a voice and be able to give their opinion without getting in trouble.

  • 8/10
    I feel total equality for women wouldn't be possible without journalists as they give an insight into how woman feel from a woman's point of view.For example journalists can get view points from many people but the majority of male journalists give only male point of views so women journalists can highlight how woman feel and therefore give confidence to other women who may have been too scared to speak up before. However people may disagree with this as they could feel men would give better input on topics than women but we need to remember total equality is the most important thing.In conclusion total equality wouldn't be possible without journalists as they can highlight how woman feel and their opinions on news topics.

  • Support from journalists is only credible if the journalists themselves and the media companies (And therefore possibly governments) are equally credible. Journalists raise awareness to injustice and inequality, but also criticism and propaganda directed from their ultimate employers. Certain American media outlets can have equally biased women as well as men and equally one sided arguments presented to persuade an audience. These factors aside, I feel the statement is above 5 rather than below as without discussion (And even disagreement) from both sides, equality for women cannot be showcased and rationally discussed and implimented.

  • I would give it 8 because journalists can play an important role for the equality of women. Women journalists also play a big role. But women's can go on a higher level if the get media freedom so they will more and more show the inequality done to women. In this way also journalists can help. Barbara Walters a girl who broke the barriers to women in journalism. She worked very hard to come on television. Journalists support is must for the equality of women.

  • In my opinion The right to information, together with freedom of expression and criticism, is one of the fundamental liberties of every human being.The rights and duties of journalists de- volve from the public’s right to have access to fact and opinion.
    Journalists’ responsibility to the public must come before any they bear towards a third party, notably employers and public authorities.
    Journalists should, of their own accord, adopt the rules necessary and I think they should be always nice.

  • I think that journalists have a lot of importance in realizing women's rights. Because most of the information is disseminated through journalists. In this case, if a journalist gives any honest and honorable information about a woman to the media. Then it will create many kinds of questions and curiosity among most of the people. In this case, everyone will know about the importance of women's rights. Suppose Ittefaq publishes some kind of information that makes everyone think about women's rights. In this way, both women and men can understand about women's rights. As a result, all women will get the respect they deserve. So, in this case I would give 10 out of 10 to media and journalists. I hope I have made my point clear to everyone.

  • I feel content sticking at a 3. The reason why is that I simply agree with her. Women could not be fully represented without journalists. Journalists wrote things down to show people what's going on. How are we supposed to show people what women have to deal with when we have no way to put our suffering and inequality out there? I'm not a complete 1 though, because I feel like even if we didn't have journalists eventually Women would uprise and take their own rights through their own means. Journalists help speed up that progress and lend a helping hand towards showing the people who don't want to see exactly what's going on. The reason people know the statistics that women are payed 77 cent for every dollar a man makes is because journalists put it out there for people to see, while yes it still would have been knowledge it wouldn't have been broadcasted in news anchors or newspapers. The only way to get people to know is by putting it in the news otherwise the only way people would find out is by researching about it and if they're willing to research then they already know the issue and aren't the people we should be aiming to acknowledge or teach.

    I know that Catalina would agree with me since I have very similar views with her. She's a remarkable women and she has done a lot to help just by getting out there and broadcasting about the struggle women have simply for being women. This is exactly why I stand at a solid 3.

  • I strongly disagree with Catalina's opinion that equality for women wouldn't be possible without the support of journalists, for example, Lucy Stone fought for her rights, yet she wasn't a journalist. I find this statement quite disrespectful, yet I respect Catalina's opinion.

  • I feel a 3 on this scale. The reason being that journalists don't have that big of an impact on the world anymore. People are more likely to use google or tiktok, instagram, youtube, etc. So people wouldn't respond to journalism on womens rights.

    1. What other forms of journalism do you know apart from traditional news websites?

  • I will go with 8 because I feel the media, like journalism, has significant power in shaping public opinion and influencing social change. I think when women and feminist issues are portrayed positively and truthfully, it helps challenge traditional gender roles and advance equality.

    1. That's an interesting point. Can you think of an example where you feel journalism has shaped public opinion on gender equality?

      1. Hi Bella,
        One notable example of journalism shaping public opinion on gender equality is the coverage of the #MeToo movement. In October 2017, the #MeToo movement surged after journalists, notably Ronan Farrow in The New Yorker and Jodi Kantor, along with Megan Twohey in The New York Times, delved into the matter. They uncovered multiple accusations of sexual harassment and assault against influential individuals, reaching across different sectors like entertainment, media, politics, and business.

  • Some people may think that journalists can stop women getting treated unfairly but that's not true. Journalists can help but not stop it. The true is that we have to stop journalists can talk about women rights but sometimes people don't care. So the solution is for everyone to work together.

  • I think journalists are the answer because they can spread the news
    of the inequality and how they are under paid and how they are harassed

  • Of course, this opinion is really true 10 out of 10 Journalists have a big impact on what people think and believe. What they write in newspapers or talk about on TV shows can change how most people see things, especially those who don't have their own opinions. Some people don't read a lot or search for information, so they just believe what they hear on the news or TV shows. This can shape their views based on what they are told.
    I'm sure Catalina would agree with this opinion too, as she definitely uses the power of influencing public opinion in favor of the feminist issues she raises.

  • I pick a 4 out of 10 on the scale.
    This is because Journalists could help and support the female community a lot if they lean towards feminist reports but alas most reporters are neutral so there isn’t much impact in the area of equality of women.
    Additionally, even if some journalists are feminists their main obligation is to share women’s stories to a wider audience. However, at the end of the day it’s the women who have these stories and choose to share them with the world that actually makes change
    Catalina will agree with my opinion because as she said, in summary’ I don’t think that as a journalist I speak for women that cannot speak for themselves, I believe that every woman has a voice that they can use, so what we’re trying to do is construct a safe space so does women that face the trials of life can use their voice in their own terms to tell their stories’
    In conclusion, total equality for women will be possible even without journalists because women have their own voices they can use, they have a say in the matter and as far as we all want a change it is very possible.

  • In my opinion I think I will go with number 10 because is journalist that speak for women and make some women comfortable and get there right for them and the give news to people in the community and get many discussions to people that why I picked number 10

  • As someone who strongly believes in the importance of gender equality, I'd rate this statement around a 9. Journalists have a significant role in shaping public discourse and raising awareness about gender issues. Their support can amplify voices, challenge stereotypes, and push for policy changes, all of which are crucial for achieving total equality for women. Catalina might feel similarly if she sees journalists as influential agents for social change and recognizes the power of media in advancing gender equality.