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Being the leader of my country would help me to fix some mishaps in my country that I as a... Future leaders: poll results! 17/3/24
Not really what I expected, to be honest with you I don't feel that we can promote gender... Gender and journalism: poll results! 17/3/24
This is what I expected because this way the public will do their research on the drugs that the... Performance-enhancing drugs: poll results! 17/3/24
Hi in my opinion we do not really need superheroes, we might not be able to rely on our natural... Enchanced games? Do we really need superheroes? 15/3/24
Yes, @creative personality AI can change a lot in warfare it can reduce the casualties of human... AI: and the future of war 15/3/24
Very true @adventurous raspberry your points and perspective of AI are very eloquent , AI has a... AI A WONDERFUL BUT DANGEROUS INVENTION 15/3/24
According to President Abraham Lincoln democracy is a system of government were everyone is... What is a democratic election system? 14/3/24
You have made a very valid point gracious desert; truth be told the manufacturers have nothing... Profits or the planet? 14/3/24
Your ideology is correct @glad outcome throughout these discussions and topics, I have seen a... How should we deal with AI? 14/3/24
Hi the topical talk has been an amazing experience no doubt, I have learnt conversation skills... Topical Talk and YOU 13/3/24
AI has its ups and at the same time it has its downs AI can prove to be extremely useful or can... AI- The Advantages and Disadvantages 13/3/24
Your essay is very brilliant ambitious panther AI does play a vital role in the metaverse and... AI's role in the metaverse 13/3/24
This is a very crucial topic, AI in warfare could be very useful as t decreases the loss of... AI: and the future of war 12/3/24
I do say you have enlightened me about this post with which talented apricot here made , we go... How would you respond? 12/3/24
I think that I would suggest depending on the business sometimes you see we have to fix and hope... Profits or the planet? 12/3/24
I think that programs should be made to educate the public about how to treat those that are... Supporting ex-prisoners to reintegrate into the society 12/3/24
True businesses can determine its customers mindset on who to vote for but we should remember... How Businesses Can Impact The Turnout Of A vote. 12/3/24
Hi I agree with you, the word feminist what does it mean well according to the Merriam webster... Breaking Stereotypes: Embracing the Full Spectrum of Feminism 11/3/24
Yes, I agree with you free_armadillo the media is a very good medium to spread the news about... The media and elections 11/3/24
Very true doping is not fair, but we again should not forget that doping can open doors for more... Doping is not fair 11/3/24