Is there still hope for the future(Our children)?

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I personally believe that we actually have hope for a future, but this is dependent on our actions. We all need to be able to realise that if we continually neglect climate change, the world will be a terrible place to live in. Think of how hot the world will be, how there will be hunger, desert enroachments and many more. Think of all your children suffering from all these things without even contributing to the problem isn't that very sad.

How we can help our children (the future generation)

Firstly,I believe that we can help the future generation by changing our reaction to climate change reminders. We all will like it for our children to have a better future than us. But look at our reaction to climate change reminders, are they not negative, do you think that with these actions it looks as if we actually care about the future of our children,with how we are going we are making it harder for our children to be able to get the bright future we all want them to have. Think of your child being unable to go to school because of poverty and hunger, isn't this very heart displeasing. We can actually start to build the future for our children now if we start to take correction and change our reaction to climate change now . There is a saying that goes "A stitch in time saves nine", this quote means that the earlier we start to solve a problem, the easier it will be to solve it and the impacts it may have. I used this quote to show that the earlier we start to stop climate change, the earlier it is for us to help our children and eradicte this problem.

Another way that I believe that we can help our children is by incullcating climate change as part of the curriculums of different educational levels globally. If we are actually able to use the educational system as a way of propagating knowledge on climate change and how to stop climate change, this will be able to give the individual an opportunity to know about climate change and even know little practical steps like recycling watse and planting trees. I believe that if everyone has an idea on climate change and knows has an idea on how to stop climate change, we can actually give hope to our children.

The questions are "Can you think of possibe ways of helping our future generation?"


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  • Yes there are many but many need many funds and people. People need to make a change. One the first ideas I have is to recycle more and instead of using more recycling use more materials that won't damage the environment and that are eco-friendly. I am not saying to go completely eco-friendly because I know when you have paper straws the break and make your drink taste weird. I mean that we should lean a little more on the environment.

  • I also agree that claiming change should be included in school curriculums. In my school, we have been taught about various climate change topics such as floods, global warming, deforestation and afforestation. It was the first time I truly understood the effect of climate change are learned how to prevent it. After these lessons, we became more aware and took steps to increase awareness within our school community. I believe these small changes can make a big difference in tackling climate change. Thank you 😁