John Ferguson


John is the head of Economist Impact’s globalisation, trade and finance practice. He works with businesses across different countries and industries to help them to navigate changes they might have to make because of things that are happening in the news. For example, climate change, the development of AI and other political issues.

John is a Festival topic expert on business and politics.

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  • If i am been given the opportunity or priviledge to talk with Mr. John Ferguson a Festival expert on business and politics, i will first of all, appriciate him for his wonderful job in business and politucs and i will go ahead by asking him the ways in which business and politics will help to develop the community and nation at large. Also, i will ask him how business abd politics contribute in leadership and ruling.

  • If i am been given the opportunity or priviledge to talk with Mr. John Ferguson a Festival expert on business and politics, I will ask him how he becomes a business and political expert and what was the challenges he had to get to that stage.
    Why I want to ask him that question because I want to be a business and political expert like him.

  • If I could meet John Ferguson, I will first ask him to expanciate better on what business and politics mean. Then ill ask him for the importance of business and politics.
    After that ill ask him ways that business and politics have changed and will change the economy.
    Lastly, ill ask him for the merits you could gain from business and politics. THANK YOU.

  • If I could meet John Ferguson. I would ask him only 2 question :

    i) As businesses increasingly rely on data and digital platforms , how can they ensure the protection of consumer privacy and cybersecurity amidst growing concern about data misuse?

    ii) How can policymakers strike a balance between fostering innovation and competition while preventing monopolistic practices??

    1. Great use of key terms here! Can you explain what monopolistic practices are for our younger Topical Talkers?

  • If I could talk to John, I would ask him about his thoughts on the 2024 election and the financial state of inflation.Has it stopped? If not, what can we do about it? If so, why did that happen? And finally, what started the inflation after Covid-19?

  • If given the opportunity to speak with Mr. John Ferguson, a Festival expert on business and politics, I would begin by expressing my appreciation for his outstanding contributions to both fields. Then, I would inquire about the ways in which business and politics can positively impact community and national development. Additionally, I'd seek insights into how business and political involvement contribute to effective leadership and governance. Thank you!

  • As the head of the Economist Impact globalization trade and finance, John has a lot of responsibilities when it comes to these two fields. If we could meet I would like to ask him, what motivated you to take on this role and all the responsibilities to help navigate any changes that may need to be made because of the news? Was it primarily a desire to see positive changes in the business and to help them avoid mistakes in the business as a result of the news? My final query for him is, "How do you actually tackle change that might occur in business?" I'm genuinely interested to know.

  • I would inquire about the long-term effects of globalization on trade and finance, especially in light of ongoing technological advancements and environmental changes. I would be curious to know how businesses have evolved to address these challenges over the past decade and what strategies have proven most effective in navigating complex geopolitical landscapes. Additionally, I would seek insights into emerging trends in global economics and how businesses are preparing for future uncertainties while remaining agile in their operations.

  • If I could meet John Ferguson, I would ask him a fascinating question about technology and humanity. I would ask, "If you had a very large tech business, would you invest in Elon Musk's idea to make a chip that goes into human brains to make enhancements? This would mean turning humans into cyborgs. How does that make you feel?"

  • Hi, if I could meet John Ferguson, I would ask him if it is a good idea for AI to run government organizations or for politicians to be replaced by AI. This is because sometimes it seems like politicians don't do their duties properly. I want to know your opinion on this matter.

  • If I could meet John, I would ask him what kinds of changes businesses might have to make due to climate change and the development of AI. I would also ask him how specifically AI affects most businesses, because a lot of jobs are being replaced by robots instead of humans, because many people think robots will work better. The last question I would probably ask him is how the news will affect many businesses in the future. I know that a lot of businesses are affected by the news because of things like incidents that people have complained about, but I think in the future, if the news starts affecting businesses more, it will be a lot deeper than what we hear about businesses on the news today.