Jonathan Birdwell


Jonathan Birdwell
Regional Head of Policy and Insights at Economist Impact

Economist Impact is a think tank – a team that does research to help people to understand important topics in the news. Jon has just got back from Davos – a town in Switzerland that hosts the World Economic Forum.

Jon is a Festival 2024 expert on business and politics.

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  • If I had the opportunity to meet Jonathan Birdwell, Festival 2024 expert on business and politics, I would ask him what are the pros and cons of business and politics. I would also ask him how politics and business affect people and what kind of improvement. Initiatives can be taken.

  • If I have a chance to meet Jonathan Birdwell, I would like to ask him about how to learn green skills and apply them to industries. I would also like to ask: Is there any probability of making a career in the field of green skills? I would definitely ask him about the applications of green skills, where they can be used, and whether it will be profitable for businesses to use green skills in the future.
    I also want to ask him about business and politics, the effects of politics on a business, and how politics is dependent on businesses.

  • If I had the opportunity to meet Phyllidaswift, I would be eager to ask her the following questions.How do you collaborate with other departments or teams to ensure alignment between policy decisions and business objectives? 2. How do you stay updated on the latest developments in business and politics? 3. How do you navigate the intersection between business and politics, considering the potential conflicts of interest or ethical considerations? Can you share an example of a policy decision or insight that you have contributed to, and its impact on the business and political landscape?

  • I would first of all want to thank Mr. Jon for the huge impact you are trying to have on all of us.
    I like people like him because of his zeal to become better in what he does.
    His work already should speak about him, because he's trying to bring change and improvement in our todays economy which is really something to be proud about.
    The economy is part of the factors that makes up a country.
    And if the economy is pour, the country would suffer decline in things they do.
    So I want to thank him for his effort and also encourage him to push harder and never back down.

  • If I could meet Jo birdwell, I would ask him some questions :

    i) What were the key discussions or debates that stood out to you at the World Economic Forum in Davos?
    ii) How do you see the relations between business and politics evolving in the coming years?
    iii) What do you think will be the biggest opportunities and challenges for policymakers and businesses in the coming decade?

  • Hello, If I could meet Jonathan Birdwell, I would ask him if it's a good idea for AI to do green tasks for us. AI was created to help solve human problems, so I wonder if it could handle tasks related to environmental conservation too. Also, I'd like to know the best way for someone to develop their green skills and can a person make a living by using these skills?

  • Hello, if could meet Jonothan Birdwell I would ask him what can I do to teach youths green skills that will assist them in the future or how can I promote green skills in my community.

  • If I could meet Jonathan Birdwell, I would ask him an important question. I would ask, "What is the best green skill that involves animals? Because I love animals and I am worried about what will happen to them if we don't help them in the future."

  • If I could meet Jordan Birdwell, I would ask him to imagine creating a company focused on promoting one green skill. I'm curious to know what skill he would choose and why. I believe understanding the importance of this skill is crucial, along with how the business could help people develop it.

  • If i had the chance to meet Jonathan i would ask him how can me and my friends promote and encourage our community's people to preserve our environment and how they can reduce their carbon footprint effectively.

  • I have noticed that our expert in this competition are working at the economist impact to help in various ways, so if I could meet Jon my question will be do you work with other expert to collect data to evaluate how the resources and services are distributed within a community or society, do you feel happy working with them to deliver vital business intelligence to execute around the world and what is the interesting part of doing your work.