Are green skills the future?


Jon Birdwell is the Regional Head of Policy and Insights at Economist Impact. Economist Impact is a think tank – a team that does research to help people to understand important topics in the news.

Jon has just got back from Davos – a town in Switzerland that hosts the World Economic Forum. While he was there, he presented his team's research about green skills.

Find out more about what green skills are and why Jon thinks they’re important by watching his video.

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  • green skills that young people develop is the knologe of renewable resorces. schools and businesses support people to develop these skills by teaching people about other resources than fosil fuels. Developing the green skills you will needed for the future because it can help reduce global warming and other green house issues.

    1. Good Day,
      I agree with you that green skills that young people need to develop is the knowledge of renewable energy, recycling, water purification and so on. I believe that in order to better our economy we should make use of green technologies. In my opinion even if young ones such as I do not have the technical know how of such technologies we should still aspire to learn and be willing to be taught about their advantages , disadvantages and how they are used. These green technologies have positive effects on our economy. For instance in Nigeria a litre of petrol goes for about 550 naira which was far more cheaper than this some years ago. If the use of solar powered cars are employed in Nigeria it will better our economy because our petrol used to power the cars are 550 naira plus per litre while the sunlight used to power the solar powered cars is a free gift of nature.
      Also we as students also have the ability of making small changes by encouraging our parents to make use of water purification techniques such as filtration and boiling and also make use of trash cans for keeping recyclable materials which can further be taken to recycling industries for recycling.

      Thank You.

    I strongly feel that green skills will save a lot of lives and properties and it will also preserve the earth from problems we are facing now. Based on Wikipedia, green skill is the technical knowledge, expertise and abilities that enable the effective use of green technologies and processes in professional settings.
    I feel that green skill needs to be taught in schools for young ones to learn how to develop their green skills they can develop their green skill by giving exercises like:
    1. Recycle school papers,
    2. Conserve water,
    3. Make saving electricity a game,
    4. Do a neighborhood cleanup.
    I personally feel that children will develop green skills, have a personality that hates wastage and also have a personality of someone who loves and care for his or her planet. Green skills will help reduce the rate of harmful substance on the soil and water.
    In conclusion I feel green skill is the way forward.
    THANK YOU!!!

    1. I agree with you, grounded seal. Green skill is the ability, knowledge and values needed to develop and sustain a resourceable society. When we as individuals have the knowledge and the basic skills needed to promote the health of our environment, our society would be a better place. We can begin planting these good values in our younger ones so that by the time they grow up, it wouldn't be a problem for them to protect their environments.
      Green skills would help reduce the case of climate changes and its dangers, it would also help to reduce cases of natural disasters even though natural disasters cannot be completely eliminated because it is nature.

    2. I agree because... green skills are needed to keep our planet clean, not only physically but economically, mentally and socially too. Green skills improve us both as individuals and the public as a whole. Schools can facilitate the learning of green skills by promoting environmentally friendly workplace practices and educating students on the importance of a clean and safe environment and how to promote one. It teaches children to tackle any problem they come across. It provides interactive, experiential and transformative learning for youth.
      Green skills help individuals and businesses adapt to environmental challenges. It provides new jobs, reduce harmful emissions and promote social justice. It sustains a resource-efficient society.

    3. Like you, I believe that having green talents will save lives. They are essentially instructions and advice that they offer to everyone in order to bring about change on a certain issue that is seriously harming the environment, such as climate change. This is the subject matter that today's youth should be taught and knowledgeable about. Yes, they should be taught in schools so that students can understand the implications, gain a better understanding of the issues, and develop better solutions to environmental concerns like the one I just described, climate change. This teaches students how to improve their green skills in the classroom. More to come on how they can hone their green talents.
      1. Increase the number of trees planted.
      2. Be mindful of and safeguard green areas.
      Additionally,I think that if young children are taught a lot about climate change, they will be able to improve their environment and effect positive change.

      1. I concur because green skills have a significant influence on youth beyond their immediate career opportunities. by giving youth the tools they need to overcome environmental challenges with knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Young people will also need to make an effort to acquire green skills if they want to have a bright future.
        The following are just a few of the numerous ways that youth can pursue green skills:
        1. Renewable energy: youth will gain knowledge of energy evaluation.
        2. Waste management: The hierarchy of waste management will be taught to youth.
        3. Environmental consciousness: Knowledge regarding climate change will be acquired by younger users.
        With the help of these green skills, youth can act as change agents and create a future that is more resilient and sustainable.
        THANK YOU

    4. Yes I agree with you. For me I think it will go a long way if the community gets involved in this action. Individuals may have their say, push it a little but when we all come together as a community promoting programs like gardening, making compost and encouraging farming activities not only in the villages but also among urban dwellers then we can all fully discourage waste and promote a large number of people growing their own food.

    5. I strongly agree green skills are very important especially in this generation. Based on research green skills are the knowledge, abilities, values and attitudes needed to live in, develop and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society. Green skills help a country to be more productive, it also teaches citizens to manage more and waste less.
      Green skills teaches citizens to conserve natural resource, it helps us to value our environment.
      I believe that green skills are very important in the lives of everyone it helps to reduce the rate of wastage world wide and it also helps people to be more eco-conscious.

  • Well to me I feel like green skills are the future. I say this because they help in the conservation and development of the planet. Green skills are basically skills which help people to create and use things already existing eco-wise.
    Well to me I think that youths should focus on Critical Thinking and Recycling because... thinking critically would bring about the solutions to miniature problems that occur daily, and these problems can go a long way in helping the community and country at large and recycling reduces waste in the society.
    I think that schools should develop these skills by organizing programs to teach children especially teenagers about it, helping them to become more creative and enabling them to apply these green skills in real life. Businesses can give financial aid to those schools which don't have enough money to sponsor their programs. They can also organize camps that put to practice the skills they are being thought in school.
    Green skills are definitely a thing to consider as it has numerous advantages to humans, animals and the planet at large. My reason for thinking this is that it starts little before scaling up and basically anybody can be taught them.


    1. I agree green skills are important skills we need for the future, they are the knowledge, abilities, values and attitudes needed to live in, develop and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society. Green skills have helped a lot of people to gain more knowledge and to become important people in life. If an employer employs someone who has green skills they employee can help identify cost-saving opportunities, such as reducing energy. Green skills can also improve an employee's morale and, It also helps workers to be more innovative and productive.

      1. I think that they are mainly important because of critical thinking. Green skills indeed help us in a lot of ways but I think it can be utilized even further. My suggestion is the introduction of a subject titled GREEN EDUCATION this will make it a must for a must for people to acquire green skills. These will help in the solution of both political and social problems and help in the improvement of climate.

    2. I agree with your comment glad outcome most youths don't really care to develop green skills, and youths may be the major problem of pollution and environmental poisoning due to rebellious attitude towards a green planet.

  • Hi,
    And I feel like many youths should focus on learning or developing green skills. According to UNIDO, green skills are the knowledge, abilities, values and attitudes needed to live in, develop and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society.
    that.Here are some green skills that in my opinion we as students should put into practice:
    1.Critical thinking.
    3. Water conservation.
    4.Energy conservation.
    We all should try our best and practice this green skills.
    Thank you.

  • Young people should focus on developing green skills such as sustainability literacy, renewable energy technology, environmental conservation, circular economy practices, and green infrastructure development. Schools can support this by integrating sustainability into curricula, offering courses on environmental science and sustainable business practices, and providing opportunities for hands-on learning through eco-friendly projects. Businesses can support by offering internships, apprenticeships, or mentorship programs focused on green initiatives, implementing sustainable practices in their operations, and collaborating with schools to provide real-world experiences for students.

    1. I agree with you, Fantastic_Plantain! Schools should indeed include training on green skills in their curriculum. Moreover, they should organize events or programs where they hire experts in green skills to teach students about their importance and how to develop them. By doing so, students can learn hands-on about environmental conservation and sustainability, empowering them to make a positive impact on the planet.

  • I believe the essential green skill for the future is mastering reforestation. Nowadays, people are cutting down trees excessively without replanting them, which harms the climate. Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, vital for us to breathe. Fewer trees mean less oxygen. Businesses can support by organizing events to educate about reforestation's importance, even visiting schools. Personally, I practice this skill by maintaining home gardens and encouraging relatives and classmates to do the same. By honing reforestation skills collectively, we can ensure a greener, healthier planet for generations to come.

    1. I agree because... Plant care is a special green skill for kids. It teaches responsibility, help us understand photosynthesis and the importance of green spaces.
      Caring for plants means providing water, sunlight and attention just like leaving creatures need care to thrive. Plants can also clean our air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Green spaces is also provide habitat for animals, shade and beauty in our communities. Plus gardening is fun and rewarding. So by learning to hear for plants, we learn about our connection to nature, the environment and enjoy the benefits they bring to our lives.

  • Yes, I think that green skills will be the future because green skills can have an understanding of your health and safety. Also green skills can do environmental auditing , tree harvesting, and also teaching. Here is an example about green skills being the future, for example, Green Workers include people who install solar panels, and plumbers install solar water heaters, and construction workers who build energy- efficient green buildings. These things motivate green skills to happen in the future to make our country safe, nice looking, and clean.

  • As our world changes, we need to change too and adapt to new challenges. One of these is green skills and I think they will progressively be involved in our life.
    Young people have already been involved in these skills as schools tend to include many projects around it, either by doing recycling projects, planting trees, cleaning areas with litter, using less energy at school.
    We have also seen in general that businesses follow the trend of green skillseither by making products more environmentally friendly or using more natural resources. In my opinion these skills in a few years will be incorporated totally in education and the new generation will play an important role on changing bad habits against our Earth.

    1. Yes, as our world changes, we also need to adapt too and yes, one of this is; green skills ( building back greener). This will really be of great help to everyone, everywhere. As you have said, most young people or educational institutions have become involved with this, making conscious effort to help. For example, afforestation, they are already planting trees. Avoiding bush burning, picking of waste etc.
      Yes, in a few years to come, they will be incorporated everywhere and businesses will follow the trend to help in creating awareness.

    2. You are absolutely right! I think that green skills are the future topic and news story that we are going to be engaged in. As years passes the problem of environment will grow bigger, so we will need to adapt to new habits such as green skills. As yous said these are included already in many projects at schools so I think that younger generations will have these skills implemented to their curriculum.

  • The green skill people should focus on is ENVIRONMENTAL important we keep our environment safe and healthy.they are various way in which our environment can get polluted if we did not include proper environmental protection e.g Air,water, food contamination, unwanted diseases.

    It important to know that leaving in an environment that full of pollution is dangerous to human health,but with proper environmental protection we will be able to promote healthy environment.
    But as we all know "A journey of a thousand mile,start with a step" to achieve this we need to inform other people, starting from the school;it can serve as a means to pass this information by making teachers lecture children on the risk of staying in an unhealthy environment,this issues can also be addressed on assembly.because children possess retentive memory this will help to this message to their parents and people around them.

    Companies can also contribute by campaigning on healthy living,tell the people reason why they need to live in an healthy environment and how polluted environment can be of risk to their health.
    I have been able to develop the green skill I will need for the future.because in our school we have a place where we recycle products and transform them into beautiful things e.g tyres to chairs and use tattered clothes to make design on it, eggshells to vim for washing pots, plastic bottle to purse for our stationary,and we use cans to produce pots.we have been able to reduce the amount of dirt's in our school premises by recycling this products.

    We have been able to control pollution by not burning plastic and other things.

  • A crucial green skill for kids is grasping pollution's effect. It involves studying different types of pollution like air, water, and land pollution, and how they harm both humans and the environment. Understanding this helps us protect nature and stay healthy.🌍

  • Indeed, green skills that young people should focus on developing are Renewable Energy resources. Renewable energy sources have a increasing demand throughout the world nowadays. Installation, skills in designing and maintenance of such energy systems are in high demand and could be a better future. Skills related to energy efficiency surveying, sustainable building designs and green building certificate are valuable in reducing energy consumption and minimizing environmental impacts can make a better future for the youths in the upcoming generations. Such green skills would be valuable in the upcoming future and knowledge related to it would be really useful for the youths

  • Hey Jon!
    Think Tank is a wonderful idea that is providing help globally and making a huge impact!
    I think there are different green Skills people would need, depending on the sector they are involved in. Which one is useful for us is something we must introspect and discover. Schools must help us with that.
    As time will progress, we will have to find out the hard way that Green Skills and Bio Awareness is an obligation than a choice.
    So why wait? If not now, then when?!

  • Yes, I think green skills will play an effective role in the future as it is connected to most of the fields. They are skills which are necessary to improve our lives and help us to live in a sustainable society. I believe that green skills are not limited to specific jobs but they are relevant to all industries, why? because we are from all walks of life should work to face climate change. For example, we need specialists for teaching people how to deal with their carbon footprints and this certainly needs understanding how to measure and analyze CO2 emissions and by the way this is one of the fields that artificial intelligence machines can coexist with humans to reach our target.
    Also , we need to pass laws for environment protection so we will need professionals that will make sure that factories owners for example behave in environmentally responsible manners. Also , climate change analyst will be necessary as a green job to be able to analyze the data of climate change to find innovative solutions for the climate crisis.
    I wish that one day green jobs paths and training resources will be clearer and more available for us as young people .

  • Young people should focus on developing a variety of green skills to contribute to a sustainable future. Some of these skills include:
    Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: Developing the ability to analyze complex environmental problems, think critically about solutions, and implement innovative strategies is crucial. This involves creativity, adaptability, and the capacity to consider multiple perspectives.
    Sustainability Knowledge: Learning about sustainable practices in various sectors, such as agriculture, energy, transportation, and construction, is vital. This includes knowledge of green technologies, sustainable materials, and resource-efficient processes.

    Schools and businesses can support young people to develop these green skills through various initiatives:
    Curriculum Integration: Schools can incorporate environmental education into their curriculum at all levels, from primary to tertiary education. This can include dedicated courses, projects, and extracurricular activities focused on sustainability.
    Green Infrastructure and Facilities: Schools and businesses can demonstrate commitment to sustainability by implementing green practices, such as energy efficiency measures, waste reduction initiatives, and green building standards.
    As for whether I feel I am developing the green skills I will need for the future, I believe that continuous learning and adaptation are essential.

  • Simply put, workers must acquire both technical expertise specific to their fields and core and adaptable skills to navigate this new landscape. In the jobs of the future, it is evident that professionals with green skills will be in high demand

    1. Indeed, employees need possess both exceptional landscape navigational abilities and technical knowledge related to their line of work.

  • The future is very much dependent on the use of green skills. In the upcoming days, AI will be used in almost every field and learning how to build eco-friendly AI machines will be a game changer. We need to develop green AI so that it doesn't affect the climate. We also need more " Green Researcher " who will search for different renewable and green energy to run the economy while saving the environment. So, the school and colleges should encourage students to think creatively about environment and come up with new solutions to overcome the problems. There need to be a subject in school and college where the students will be able to learn green skills and apply them in their daily life.

    1. I agree because...i believe young children should be guided towards learning about environmental studies, particularly in journalism which will develop their green skills. Environmental reporters play a crucial role in shedding light on important issues happening around the world. They gather information from scientists and researchers and share it with the public, raising awareness and encouraging action. Without reporters, people may not fully understand what's happening in the environment or how to address it. Schools can support aspiring reporters by providing skills and guidance in journalism. By empowering children to become environmental journalists, we can work together to make the world a better place by spreading knowledge and inspiring positive change.

  • One important green skill for young people to focus on is becoming a research scientist. Research scientists study various patterns in the environment and how they impact the planet. They work on finding solutions to environmental issues, such as climate change, soil fertility, and renewable energy. By learning about these topics, kids can help protect the Earth's future. Schools can support this by providing guidance and training for students interested in becoming scientists. This includes connecting them with science researchers and offering opportunities for hands-on learning. By empowering children with the skills to become scientists, we can work towards a more sustainable future for our planet.

    1. Research Scientists are really an outstanding set of individuals considering the fact that they strive to find solutions to environmental issues and I really admire them for that. But research has shown that a research scientist's work is almost entirely laboratory-based. This is where the problem comes in, you said we should look into empowering children with the skills to become scientists which is not bad but just imagine how our world will be if everyone works all day in a laboratory. Who then will be there to foster the implementation of the solutions proffered by the scientists? Also, considering the fact that all solutions to climate change don't come entirely from the laboratory, we cannot just push our future generation to one field completely. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that children should not be empowered to become scientist, I'm just saying that there are solutions that come from direct contact and experience with nature so if we dedicate effort to proffering solutions from the laboratory then we will be missing ''some pieces of the puzzle''

  • I also believe that entrepreneurship can be a green skill. Entrepreneurs can invest in projects designed by researchers to prevent climate crises. As I grow up, I hope to become an entrepreneur who supports such initiatives. My school's clubs, like eco clubs, guide and train us to protect the environment. We also have classes that support students interested in science. With this guidance, I feel empowered to develop my green skills. By investing in research projects and supporting environmental initiatives, entrepreneurs can play a vital role in combating climate change. I'm grateful for the guidance my school provides, and I'm eager to contribute to a healthier planet in the future.

  • According to the United Nations Environment Programme .Farming, Architecture, Science and Teaching are some of the sectors that will need new green skills. Making brainy conclusion today could set up the world’s young people for success in the green jobs of tomorrow. Young people can boost the green skills by having green their career by advancing your science skills ,Architectural and planning skills ,and Green engineering and tech skills. Schools and businesses could support people to develop these skills. A chain of recommended actions for policymakers, businesses and the global workforce includes making sure that new policies focus on developing green skills equally across all groups. Businesses should support green upskilling and reskilling by investing in workforce training, learning courses and local programs. Yes, I feel that I am you developing the green skills that I need for the future . I engage in cleanliness program , I try to save water and consume electricity in proper ways which will help my country to produce healthier, safer and beautiful era in future .

  • Hi,
    First of all, what are green skills? During my research through a website, they defined a green skills as "Green skills refer to the knowledge, abilities, values, and attitudes needed to live in, develop, and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society.". And to me this a definition that captures the real concept of green skills.
    I think that green skills are going to be of really good help if not breakthroughs for us in the future. The truth is that as we move on towards a more suitable lifestyle for our environment we will really have to acquire these skills if not we won't be able to cope, because almost every thing that is brings about our daily lives will be done in a way that is suitable and friendly for our environment and ecosystem. Green skills have a lot of importance, like in the aspect of some occupational skills that also have green skills attached to them, like in the science field where physics and biology are paramount in the development of facilities in the utility sectors, like for example the water systems, sewage services , electricity and many other things. Green skills will be very crucial in the future because as it is now the world are working on several ways to make sure that the facilities we use and the activities we take part in are suitable for our earth and does not affect it at the least.
    Green occupations are going to be the way to a better earth in the future and in relation to the main topic which is businesses this is a good way that businesses based on green skills can make a positive change not only in a particular society but in the global community(the earth) and that sounds rather good to here.
    I quoted this from somewhere, "Green skills are not just a trend; they are the essential toolkit for shaping a sustainable future. As we navigate the challenges of climate change, resource scarcity, and environmental degradation, individuals equipped with green skills will lead the way toward a more resilient and harmonious planet." This statement just captures everything That is needed to be said about green skills. Green skills in my opinion are the future and I urge us to start getting use to them and even acquire them because they are obviously going to be a big part of each of our lives very soon.
    Thank you!

  • I think that in the future, no matter what career path we choose to follow, we have to incorporate green skills into it. As the condition of our planet is slowly deteriorating, if we want to do anything about it, we will have to acquire green skills to cope in our careers.
    First of all, what is a green skill?
    A green skill is one that ensures the environmental sustainability of economic activities. This basically means that green skills are abilities that we can acquire to enable us to undergo economic activities that are good for the planet.
    I chose to focus on one of the green skills we will need in the future ; resource conservation. Resource conservation basically means safeguarding and making good use of important resources such as wildlife, water, wood, oil and other natural resources.
    In whatever career path we choose to follow and especially in business, we will find resource conservation a very important green skill. We need to learn how to effectively manage resources to get maximum profit but also to save the planet. With resource conservation, we could finally be able to turn our planet's situation around. It would mean less of burning fossil fuels, deforestation, poaching and hence, lowered rates of carbon emissions.
    In school, resource conservation would be an important topic for students to learn. This is because even though we may not all have jobs, we all need to learn how to conserve our natural resources, while making good use of them. All around the world, people need to be reminded of these concepts. It's all a very integral part of our efforts to fight climate change.
    Businesses need to incorporate resource conservation as one of their major green skills. If businesses start to conserve natural resources, it will encourage others to do so too, and bring to light this important green skill, so that it is taught to the future generations. It's better late than never. If we all do our part, we could actually save the planet.
    Right now, I'm teaching myself to learn how to conserve resources, instead of wasting them. I start little, like remembering to turn off light switch es when not in use, or by not wasting water or food, but I know that if I develop the attitude now, it will not be a problem for me in my future career.
    I think we should all be working towards resource conservation. Does anyone else think so too?

  • I think the green skills that you people should focus on developing are eco-friendly technologies, waste management, environmental conservation, renewable sources of energy. I think these green skills are going to be very essential in near future. Schools can help to develop green skills by including them in the cricrulum and telling students to do some researchs and innovations. Business can also help in green skill development by conducting diffident workshop and seminars. I feel like I am not developing green skills that I need in future because there is very less information about green skills in school's cricrulum and our school doesn't focuses much about developing green skills.

  • Green skills is the key to the climatic problems that we are facing today, Some green skills may include developing eco-friendly technologies such as the solar panels and wind mills but it might also include small innovative steps like substituting plastic plates with edible plates, using plastic bottles to build roads and many more. One thing common to all of these is the skill of problem solving, innovation and technological know-how. If a person is equipped with these skills he can easily develop green technologies and help the society.
    Schools specifically can contribute in developing the green skills by adding them to their curriculum ,making it a compulsory subject and businesses can do the same by introducing training programs for their employees.
    The development of green skills should be given priority because they are the need for the hour and probably our last resort to minimize and undo the damage that we have already caused to our planet

    1. Well, as we all know green skills can be defined as the knowledge, abilities and attitudes that enable workers to perform their jobs in an environment that is friendly and safe. But, I think that green skills can help reduce climate change by promoting low carbon practices, resource efficiency and green innovation across different occupations.
      It can help jobs like farmers adopt organic farming methods, or teacher so they can teach their students about environmental issues like food waste, global warming. Also, consumers should be educated about their consumption patterns. Lastly green skills can solve the problem of unemployment by bringing jobs and enhance the competitiveness of businesses in the green economy.

  • I think young people should focus on learning sustainability and recycling. This is because as students grow older, they can develop the skills gradually and focus more on getting better at them. As a young student myself, I've had a wonderful experience of getting to learn about planting, and how to take care of the earth at a young age. Schools and businesses can provide gardens and start mini clubs to pick up trash, plant more crops, and give presentations to other students to spread awareness and knowledge. These skills are needed in the future because for things like climate change, pollution, and resource management, you need to be prepared with how to deal with problems like that. Getting rid of plastic, trash, pollution and such can be hard, but gathering enough students can help stop this by learning at a young age.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with green skills! How do you think we could encourage other schools to get involved?

  • I think that in order for people to start to save the world by using green skills the current adults need to take charge and lead by example and use the green skills by themselves because its a known fact that whatever a child sees they end up mimicing so if the child is introduced the wrong way of using energy then they end up mimicing it but if in school they see their teachers and parents using green skills they end up starting to use the green skills themselves and end up helping the planet.

    The green skills I think for now we should focus more on developing are Waste prevention and Renewable energy because these 2 are essential for stopping climate change if we prevent waste the effect of climate change would be 20% less and if we use renewable energy the greenhouse gases would be reduced by 75%.

    Thank you

  • I think youth should focus on developing habits on auditing their interactions with the surrounding environment and being mindful of the planet and climate change.
    Schools can spread awareness about these green skills and their importance to the upcoming economies as student will need to be prepared for green businesses in the future.
    Businessess can host programs on teaching newbies how to manage in the industrial side of businesses and also help them develop green skills as they are essential of course.
    Personally,I feel like discussing those topics about eco anxiety has made me more conscious about the world and the desperate need for change so yes,I think I'm develop green awareness and skills also gradually.
    Thank you.

  • Hi,
    due to the changes in aggregate demand and criteria for future jobs,green skills are required for the knowledge needed to contribute to the sustainability of the society. Universities and other educational institutions can equip us for green skills,by teaching practical and life related skills required for the future and by focusing on areas of application,so that students who graduate from such institutions are not only academically smart but versatile in their expertise and professionalism towards sustainability.

  • I think green skills will be good for the planet to survive and I think we should focus on deforestation and planting new trees. Last year we talked about seed drones and that could help improve and help with green skills. This innovation could also increase employment for a lot of countries. In addition, without the green skills it will cause sicknesses like the diagnosed KING CHARLES III with cancer. Planting trees helps combat deforestation Technologies like seed drones not only contribute to reforestation efforts but also showcase the potential of innovation in solving environmental challenges. Implementing such technologies can create new job opportunities in the green sector, supporting sustainable development. Sicknesses like this are due to the act without green skills.

  • I think that young people should focus on growing plant I consider this because plants increase oxygen levels, provide homes and gives the ingredients for making medicine.
    Plants provide oxygen which is very essential to our survival. I'm sure not all people know how trees supply oxygen well let me explain it when a tree breaths out carbon dioxide it turns into oxygen!!
    Another fact is that trees provide refuge different wildlife like birds . Without trees some of the animals we see today would have not existed .
    Some plants provide medicinal leaves
    which are used to make medicines to cure unhealthy people .
    Overall plants are really useful and need to be planted more.

  • In my opinion, the green skills that should be focused more on should be:

    1. Renewable energy sources: knowledge on types of renewable energy are solar, wind, hydroelectric, and thermal energy, and their benefits.

    2. Energy efficiency: These are skills used in buildings etc to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

    schools and buildings can help support these by having practicals.

    no because, i am not doing all i can do but i will try to improve.

    1. Can you think of some things you might do to develop the green skills you will need for the future?

      1. HELLO Emma @The Economist
        I mentioned renewable energy sources you can educate yourself about different types of renewable energy like solar, wind, or hydropower. Then, you can explore sources or workshops that teach practical skills in this areas. Additionally, volunteering or interning with organizations working in renewable energy can provide hands-on experience.

        The other one i mentioned was energy efficiency. You can start by learning about energy-saving practices and technologies this can include understanding how to properly insulate buildings, optimize heating and cooling systems, and implement energy-efficient lighting solutions. Additionally, you can explore courses or workshops that focus on energy management and conversation. It's all about finding ways to minimize waste.

      2. Hello! Hemma @The Economist
        I have brainstormed some ways to improve our green skills.

        1. Practical Projects: Let's work on fun projects like planting trees or building bird feeders for our gardens. These projects can help make our neighborhood a better place for plants and animals to live.

        2.Networking: Making friends who care about the environment is awesome! We can share ideas with them about how to keep the planet healthy and happy. Together, we can come up with even more ways to protect nature.

        if we all keep up the good work, and remember, every little thing we do to help the environment adds up to make a big difference!

        1. I agree because...

      3. Hi, Hemma from The Economist,

        I believe that we can enhance our green skills in the field of environmental conservation by introducing age-appropriate books, games, and documentaries about nature, wildlife, and the environment. This can help us learn enjoyably and engagingly.

  • Hi
    Here are green skills for young people to focus on.

    *Renewable energy: learn about clean and sustainable energy technologies like solar and wind power.
    *Energy efficiency: develop skills to reduce energy consumption through efficient practices in building and transportation.
    *sustainable agriculture: gain knowledge of organic farming, permaculture, and urban agriculture for sustainable food production.
    *waste management : learn about waste segregation, recycling,and composting to reduce environmental impact.
    * Environmental education and communication: develop skills to raise awareness and communicate environmental message effectly.
    * Green technology and innovation: explore emerging technologies for sustainable solutions.
    * Sustainable transport: learn about alternative transportation modes and advocate for eco-friendly mobility options.
    * Environmental policy and advocacy: gain skills in influencing policies and promoting green initiatives.
    *Water management: learn about water conservation, waste water treatment, and efficient irrigation methods.

  • If we talk about young people then I don't think they can handle huge green skills so I believe waste management might be the right one for them. We can teach them the difference between types of waste, or which wastes are hazardous and which are not, etc. Schools and businesses play crucial roles in shaping attitudes and behaviors towards sustainability. So schools can hold some programs teaching people about green skills and why they are important. While businesses can develop these skills in their workers so the workers can pass them on to their families and all. To be honest I'm not developing these skills but after watching the provided video I will try my best to develop these skills and even teach their importance to the people in my surrounding

  • Green talents provide young people with the information, skills, and mindset to handle environmental concerns, which has an impact on them that goes far beyond their individual and career prospects.
    Young people might be empowered by these green talents.
    1. renewable energy.
    2. handling of garbage.
    3. consciousness of the environment.
    These green skills enable youth to act as change agents and pave the way for a future that is more resilient and sustainable.

  • A green skill i think young people should manly focus on is the skill to turn in there work on time because once they get jobs if they turn stuff in late over and over they can get fired or other things can happen.

    So a way schools can help young people is to make sure they get work but not to much because they are still young with fragile mind so if they get to much work they might overwork themselves.

    A green skill i know i will need for the future is being able to wake up to my alarms to go to places or to school. The reason why i say this is good for my future is because when i get a job and i cant wake up to my alarm i will be late and get in trouble and this is a reason why most people get fired or cant get a job because they just cant wake up to there alarm so this is my reason why i think i'm developing a green skill that will really help me in the future

  • Green skills are definitely the future, and here's why. As time goes on, more and more trees are being cut, pollution is being added on to, and littering is a big problem as well. When young kids learn how to take care of the earth at a young age, it gets them to bring those skills with them throughout their whole life. Getting them prepared at around 1st-2nd grade, can help them get used to knowing what's right and what's wrong, so there's no excuse why they should be creating more problems claiming "they didn't know". Young people should be developing mainly skills that rely on recycling, growing more plants, and how to stop wasting trees and plastic. I walk by tons of trash and trees being cut on a daily basis, and it just hurts to see things like this happen. Schools and businesses should spread awareness towards this problem, as it can affect climate change. Using their platform and high authority can have more and more citizens become better as a person with just their actions, and even better with a good attitude. Schools should provide handbooks, brochures, and mini lessons on how earth handles the waste being put on the ground, and the plants getting chopped. As for businesses, they should partner up with different schools to spread the word about green skills. These skills are definitely something we need for the future because seeing as how the position the earth is in right now, we can easily flip this around and have a positive impact instead of a negative one.

  • There are a lot of green skills Young people can develop nowadays to stop being harmful to the environment. Thess green activities can help everyone in the planet. First of all, they should stop throwing rubbish on the streets. They should their garbage on bins and the ones which can be recycled should be put on recycle bins. Also, people can use reusable things and not plastic like straws, bags and so on. School and businesses could support people developing these skills by doing certain events, announcements and even do activities all together like a team to help the environment.

  • Green skills are a concept which we don't often encounter in people's discussions. Personally, I believe that young people should definitely focus on developing some if not most of them , especially recycling and finding ways to reuse garbage while making it useful. Another skill that should be developed is trying to drive more people into changing their minds. In other words, nooone is more capable of inspiring people in such things than a young one concerned about its future. School and businesses should also play a main role in making a change. They ought to educate more and more people about the subject and probably even have an active role so that others will get more familiar with this new lifestyle. Finally, I feel that I am developing some skills that are essential for the future since I am recycling and have replaced plastic bags with reusable ones. However the more the merrier since I am certain that I could do more.

  • I think young people should develop the act of creativity because without creativity we will not be able to do anything, for example
    Web designing
    And a lot of more
    Creativity helps us in our day to day lives. It helps us in getting better, in understanding things that we do not understand before and this also goes in line with imagination.
    It goes in line with imagination because when you are reading books, novels, chapter books, story books newspapers etc, you will be able to imagine what we you are reading.
    Most of our inventors were creative from childhood that was part of the reasons why they were able to invent something new.

  • Green skills that young people should focus to develop would help them in future. Schools and colleges should provide education and knowledge on such topic. These skills would really build up their future while even conserve the world. Renewable resources and Energy consumption patterns would be some of the most effective and helpful green skills for young people to develop. Renewable energy sources are at great demand on the current situation. Such skills would be really useful for young people as a professional job. Maintenance and Installation of such energy sources could lead a great impact on the environment. Sustainable building designs and energy efficiency operations could lead a great and significant impact on the energy conservation and preservation.

  • Nowadays, all countries are meeting the challenges of clime change , so it is not option to turn into sustainable societies and young people should be included in this process. I believe that young people are one the most important keys to thrive towards a sustainable environment. For sure, education and training are crucial clues to tackle the challenges of climate change. As the regional head of policy and insights at Economist impact , Jon Birdwell that there is a big gap between the demand for green skills and the supply for them, so we have to find out solutions to overcome this gap. Schools and universities should work together to find the suitable pathways that can enable youth to acquire or develop green skills. If we want to develop green skills , curriculums must be green. Inserting more subjects that focus on climate change and environmental issues will make the curriculums greener. In addition, updating the curriculums with new information and knowledge on green skills in an important factor. Also, teachers should get adequate training programs to be equipped with new teaching methods .One of the teaching methods that teachers can use is project-based learning by challenging students with projects to find out solutions for real-world issues which is a great chance to apply these skills not just building them. Going camping and organizing trips to natural places and for example volunteering to clean up will establish more connections with nature and this will create environmentally aware generations.
    Local businesses and organizations can organize workshops and programs for students and young people and I think this will reduce the gap between matching education with the market opportunities.
    Finally, we as young people should focus on improving green skills such as listening , speaking , problem-solving and leadership as they are really necessary for getting green jobs.
    Thank you

    1. I think you are right about the value of green skills for our country and the planet. Students have shown amazing creativity and innovation in creating eco-friendly solutions for various challenges. Schools can do more to help students develop these skills by giving them hands-on projects that involve green design, renewable energy, environmental assessment and so on. Businesses can also support the growth of green skills by funding school programs, creating training opportunities, organizing workshops and so on.
      Besides green skills, I also agree that soft skills are essential for the future. Skills like design thinking, creativity, adaptability and empathy can help us solve problems, collaborate and communicate better. I learned that any kind of education, no matter how small or simple, is important.

      1. I couldn't agree more and also schools should organize training programs for improving digital skills and teaching them how to use new technologies to build a greener future. In addition, we should look at which industries will need green skills like tourism transportation for example , agriculture and renewable energy. I agree with you that collaboration and communication and team work are so important. For example, students can work together on a project to target reducing waste at their schools and then they can cooperate with their parents to reduce waste and work on reforestation projects in their communities and this will encourage other people to do the same . Also , as you mentioned adaptability is a critical skill for students as they can deal with the unexpected changes and propose solutions for how we can recover from environmental .For businesses , they can use the face of their brand to organize campaigns to raise people's awareness of the importance of green skills as most of us are interested in celebrities' news. Also universities and institutions should provide students with lifelong learning culture to be ready and equipped for any unpredictable changes. We know that Education is the passport for the future and for sure tomorrow belongs to who prepares for it.

  • I think the skill that young people should focus on developing is prevention of further harm towards the environment. This is because we can continue to try and protect our planet, but we should have to mainly focus on preventing future problems and harm because without prevention then there will be no planet to continue protecting.

    We can try and develop things such as the way we use energy and how much we use. As a population people need to try to only use renewable energy such as wind or solar power. This will help prevent the massive amounts of carbon emissions we are releasing yearly and decrease these emissions significantly.

    Another thing we can continue to try and develop is public transport, by sharing transport it can also help decrease the number of emissions let into the environment. There are less and less people using public transport, so we need to help advertise the positives of leaving your car at home and using the bus instead.

    These are only a few of the things that the skill of prevention will come in useful and help us together significantly decrease the advancements of climate change and make a difference in society.

  • I think we are developing the green skills of the future because we are striving to do everything we can for the better of the future. We are doing all we can just to change the environment. We can even encourage people to reuse, reduce and recycle waste.
    Any little thing we do can have a large impact.
    It can inspire someone great to join us.
    It can also illuminate a rich person to do something greater.
    Who knows maybe what we have done can make our environment to change.
    "Small changes can make big differences.”

  • Well, there are a lot of green skills that could be beneficial for young people to develop, but I think some of the most important ones include:

    - Sustainability: Understanding how to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and make more sustainable choices.
    - Renewable energy: Learning about the different types of renewable energy and how to harness them for the benefit of the planet.
    - Environmental law: Understanding the legal frameworks that govern environmental protection and how to use them to make a difference.
    - Green technology: Learning about the latest advances in green technology and how to apply them in real-world settings.

  • There are a lot of ways that schools and businesses can support people in developing these green skills. Schools can incorporate sustainability and environmental awareness into the curriculum, and businesses can offer training and development opportunities in these areas. Here are a few specific ideas:

    - Schools can offer courses on environmental science, sustainability, and green technology.
    - Businesses can offer training programs on topics like renewable energy, sustainable design, and sustainable business practices.
    - Schools and businesses can work together to create internships and apprenticeships in green industries.
    - Schools and businesses can partner with organizations that promote environmental education and awareness.
    Many more!!!!!

    1. I agree with you. Schools help in developing these different skills as they teach the students this skills. The Education bodies of each country will need to revisit the curriculum so that young children beginning from Nursery schools will have access to the curriculum. As younger children are included in it, each country in a way will begin to secure the future.

  • Hi everyone
    In today's rapidly changing job market, acquiring green skills can open up new career opportunities and help address global environmental challenges. So I think some green skills young people should focus on developing are Renewable Energy Technology and Environmental Management.
    To support the development of these skills, I think schools can integrate green skills into their educational programs, offering courses and extracurricuular activities focused on sustainability and environmental stewardship. Businesses can provide opportunities for students to gain practical experience and mentorship in green industries through internships and apprenticeships.
    Generally, schools and businesses can form partnerships to develop spcialized training programs that meet the specific green skill needs of the industry.
    I feel that I’m developing the green skills I will need for the future because in my school, we learn Global Perspective will help me acquire the skill of analyzing complex global issues and events from multiple viewpoints.

  • I believe young people should focus on developing their green skills. For instance, they should help organizations that focus on ending environmental problems or they shouldn't help people that are constantly causing them.
    Another way is to motivate young people to save our planet if schools and businesses spread the message to the world about it by teaching children skills or brands making products that are safe to the environment.

    1. I totally agree with you. Motivation especially from a young age can help children to understand what it really means a clean environment and how important it is for all living organisms. We all need to retake action step by step and small daily habits can lead to bigger involvement in projects.

  • In my opinion environmental skills are very important. People should ve recycling and stop wasting food. So we need to start helping the environment and not destroying it. Additionally I think schools should have a special hour focusing on these skills and how children can implement them in their daily life.

  • I believe that young people should volunteer in many different actions that a lot of charities do. Schools are responsible on learning kids how to protect the environment and creating positive habits. Businesses for instance Nike should make clothes friendly to the environment. This can be achieved by making clothes from recyclable materials. Personally I don't often develop green skills but I try daily to behave well towards the environment .

  • Green Skills for Young People:

    Renewable Energy Expertise: Skills in solar, wind, and other renewable energy technologies are vital for sustainable energy solutions.

    Environmental Science and Conservation: Understanding ecosystems, biodiversity, and conservation practices helps address environmental challenges.

    Sustainable Agriculture: Knowledge of eco-friendly farming practices and sustainable food production is crucial for food security.

    Support from Schools and Businesses:

    Curriculum Integration: Schools can integrate green topics into various subjects, fostering interdisciplinary learning about sustainability.

    Experiential Learning: Providing hands-on experiences like field trips, workshops, or internships in green industries.

    Partnerships with Green Businesses: Collaborating with environmentally conscious businesses for mentorship programs and real-world applications of green skills.

    Thank you

  • I genuinely think green skills should even be taught in school. As Jon said, we are the next generation, and we have to emphasize the most on green skills. If we focus on green skills, our generation will not suffer from climate change.
    Green skills I think young people should focus on developing are solar power, waste management, water conservation, sustainable agriculture, and environmental protection.
    Solar power reduces carbon emissions, air pollution, water pollution and more, it will definitely help fight climate change.
    Sustainable agriculture reduces soil depletion, food waste and provides crops with resilience. This also will help climate change get better.
    The other skills I mentioned also help the environment big time.
    The particular ones that should (MUST) be taught in schools are environmental awareness, culture for innovation, entrepreneurship, and active communication skills. Schools can promote green skills by making it a subject. It can help students to be able to adapt to practices that help the environment.
    Do you feel that you are developing the green skills you will need for the future?
    Absolutely, yes. I am engaging myself in solar power, I have convinced my parents to switch to solar power and I am sure just by my act, the planet is improving for the future. And for now, I want to partake in sustainable agriculture just to prepare for the future.
    Thank You Jon for your task.

  • As a young person, I would like to focus on art because it is a fun activity and also because art is not too expensive and it can be used in educating people about the environment and raising awareness. There are different forms of art, when one is creative you can help people become excited about life by creating visual images and letting people know how we can have a sustainable society which is what we need for now.
    Schools can help in developing art by teaching kids the various forms of art, the logic of art and encouraging creativity in the arts. When schools help create the interest in kids, it will help kids become good designers and innovators in the future.
    Do I feel that I am developing the green skills I need for the future? Yes I am. I believe there is still a lot of areas in art that are yet to be discovered, a lot of things calling out to young people to be discovered and designed which I believe will help us not to be stranded in the near future.

  • Young people should focus on developing green skills in engineering because in the near future, people will stop using fuel and go on to use cars powered by solar energy, electricity and so on. For this to be successful, people will need to collaborate with one another, one company with another company, this collaboration can be between schools and companies or factories, where students can learn or have a hands on experience. When young students interact with the older workforce, fresh ideas and creative ideas can be exchanged.

  • Young people like me should focus on fashion design. I chose this because it involves a lot of creativity and is a great way to incorporate green skills. We can encourage designers to go for more eco-friendly materials and use fewer materials that pollute the environment or require chemicals that pose serious health challenges to the workers in such industries. Designers need patterns for cutting, designers can be introduced to soft skills which use zero waste method of pattern cutting.

  • Nowadays our environment is really polluted from neglecting it. Many people don't really know how to protect the environment and make the world a better place. I think that first we should prioritize our trash we let tons and tons of our waste to pollute our planet. So recycling can really help it clean it all up.

  • Young people should focus on developing many green skills.
    Skills related to solar,wind,hydro and other renewable energy are highly valuable in the transition to a low carbon economy. Understanding organic farming and sustainable food production method can contribute to build environment -friendly food system. Skills in waste management help reduce resource consumption. Knowledge of biodiversity Conservation and ecosystem management are crucial for sustainable development. Smart grid and green building design can contribute to sustainable innovation.

    School and businesses support people to develop these skills in many ways.
    Schools can integrate sustainability and environmental education into their curriculum, offering courses that focus on green skills. Businesses can Provide opportunities to gain practical experience in sustainability related fields through internships. Schools and businesses can collaborate with organisations working on green skills and foster the development.

    I believe I'm developing all these green skills that I'll need for the future. I'm joining some green skills programmes that are helping me to develop my green skills.

  • In my opinion we should develop green skills now because with the contant dangers of Climate change and other issues such as global warming and forestfires we must as our genoration start the fight against it not just for us but for genorations to come. Some ways we can do this is by:
    1. Recycling Paper- By reusing paper we reduce deforestation allowing the amount co2 in the air decrease which helps combat climate change.
    2. Reusing bottles- By doing this we can save money and help protect the oceans.
    These are 2 reasons but it proves the importance of my point.

  • I think that the type of green skills that youths should be focusing on is in
    1 water: it is said by an Indian scientist there would not be be enough good drinking water in the world in the next 50 to 30 years. So in order for this prediction to not come true there has to be a machine eco friendly and can provide enough good water.
    Here in my state there is a company that is working on that the name of the company is Watero. Ifore youth work on this there would be enough water to last for a millennium.

  • I think young people should develop the skill of planting trees and also schools and businesses should support this skill by teaching this and I think it's the future because we need to stop deforestation in the future.

  • Green skills can enable us to manage climate change and I would like to say how schools and businesses can do this. Schools can lessen the amount of paper they use which can be difficult so schools can manufacture a type of recyclable paper.I also feel that most businesses uses electrical appliances like an air conditioner so instead of using it, they can get fresh air to lessen the use of an air conditioner but they can still turn thr AC on once in a while when the weather is extremely hot.

  • Originally, I had no clue about the term "green skills" meant, but after going through some comments, I finally understood what it meant. Green skills are knowledge, abilities, values, and attitudes that are essential for living, developing, and supporting a sustainable and resource-efficient society. In simpler terms, it basically refers to human capital. Without human capital, it is impossible to have a functional society. Imagine a world where machines are controlling everything without any human intervention. Who would ensure that these machines functioned seamlessly? Therefore, it is evident that green skills are crucial for the betterment of our society.

    1. What do you mean by human capital, free_armadillo?

      1. Human capital are the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population, viewed in terms of their value or cost to an organization or country.

  • I think that green skills will help in the future and thinking about how AI is going now , they will be very helpful . I want to talk about farming as a green skill ,if young people develop farming skill , it will help a lot. Thank you

    1. I agree with you that farming is one of the important green skills for helping the environment and solving hunger. When kids learn about farming and use tools like AI to help it can make a big difference. Farming in a way that protects the environment can also help with climate change. If more young people learn about farming and use technology like AI to improve it, we can have more food and less hunger around the world. So by learning farming skills and using AI, we can make the world a better place for everyone. Let us work together to take farming to the next level and help humanity.

  • I think young people should focus on learning more about sustainability, waste reduction, and management like nowadays Fast fashion is a big problem and creates lots of fashion waste that's hard to dispose of and takes a long time to decompose...We need people who can come up with eco-friendly solutions to tackle this and other environmental challenges...It is important to learn these green skills because it can help both the environment and lead to a promising career...Schools and companies can help by offering classes and training on sustainability and eco-friendly practices...I think they could also step up their game by changing their packaging or modifying the components in their product which can cause harm to the environment...You might think how can they do that like change their product and all...Well,i say it is not impossible because in 1987,around 190 countries came together to sign the Montreal Protocol to stop the production of CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) we learned in our biology class that CFCs are very harmful to the ozone layer and it was also one of the main components is cooling appliances like refrigerators,A/C etc and this causes a hole in the ozone layer..This was solved because everyone came together and agreed on one common ground and if the younger generations can come together,I think the world would be completely green and pollution-free with no rapid climate change...Thank you for reading and let me know what you guys think about it too

  • green skills is very important it helps us to live in better and clean world that depend on sustainable energy ,renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste management, water conservation, sustainable agriculture, and environmental protection . it is essential for addressing environmental challenges, such as climate change, resource conservation, pollution reduction, and sustainable resource management. They play a crucial role in promoting a more eco-conscious and sustainable future.also those needed to help all businesses use natural resources efficiently and sustainably and to be resilient to climate change.Accelerating the shift towards an environmentally sustainable and climate-friendly world is critical not only for responding to the global climate crisis but also for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a green transition will result in the creation of 8.4 million jobs for young people by 2030. the countries must support the use of the green skills because it is very important for us

    As a young person the skill I want to develop are cars. In the future people should focus on cars because people might say that they do not want cars with fuel that if the fuel finishes, the car can stop in the midst of the road that is why in the future we should have electrical cars. I say this because electric cars do not cause pollution.

  • It is totally knowledgeable that green skills are the skills of future generations.
    That because society requests it in order to protect humanity and our environment.
    Young people can focus from a young age on skills such as recycling, using their bike , not wasting water without being needed.
    Schools can have a perpetual effect on motivating young people. Even a project focusing on Earth can raise awareness. Using less sufficient energy products at schools or plant and taking care of a garden at school can incite children.

  • In my opinion I think it would be best to instill the green skills like recycling, and throwing away trash whenever you can, in children at a young age. So then when they grow up it will be like second nature, then they will teach their kids. Schools and businesses could implement clubs and volunteer work for things like taking care of plants or picking up trash along the sidewalk. I feel like I am developing green skills as I should, I believe I was taught well by my parents. I was taught to clean up after myself for the well being of the planet.

  • I think one way to do this would be for a large number of schools and businesses to make the same request since schools and some businesses have a great position to have an opinion on certain issues that benefit them.

  • Hi!
    I strongly feel that green skills will save a lot of lives and properties and it will also preserve the earth from problems we are facing now. Based on Wikipedia, green skill is the technical knowledge, expertise and abilities. Green skill is the ability, knowledge and values needed to develop and sustain a resource able society. Green skills would help reduce the case of climate changes and its dangers, it would also help to reduce cases of natural disasters even though natural disasters cannot be completely eliminated because it is nature. Additionally,I think that if young children are taught a lot about climate change, they will be able to improve their environment and effect positive change.
    Thank you.

    1. Interesting points. Can you give some examples of green skills?

      1. Hi, there.
        Green skills can play an important role in combating climate change. Below are some examples of green skills –
        1. High energy efficient house construction using natural and renewable materials. Thermal mass can be used as a form of heating and cooling the house, eliminating the need for air conditioning. Also in cold climate countries it is possible to heat the house using solar energy and wood burning energy which will reduce more energy consumption. This will reduce global warming.
        2. Use more renewable energy instead of non-renewable energy. Non-renewable energy sources drastically change the climate. On the other hand, renewable energy sources are inexhaustible and environmentally friendly. So more and more renewable energy sources should be used.
        3. Taking up more plantation programs. People are constantly cutting more trees than they need. But later they are not planting trees accordingly. As a result, carbon-dioxide levels and global warming are increasing. For this, more trees should be planted, which will play a role in combating the climate.

      2. Hi, there.
        Green skills can play an important role in combating climate change. Below are some examples of green skills –
        1. High energy efficient house construction using natural and renewable materials. Thermal mass can be used as a form of heating and cooling the house, eliminating the need for air conditioning. Also in cold climate countries it is possible to heat the house using solar energy and wood burning energy which will reduce more energy consumption. This will reduce global warming.
        2. Use more renewable energy instead of non-renewable energy. Non-renewable energy sources drastically change the climate. On the other hand, renewable energy sources are inexhaustible and environmentally friendly. So more and more renewable energy sources should be used.
        3. Taking up more plantation programs. People are constantly cutting more trees than they need. But later they are not planting trees accordingly. As a result, carbon-dioxide levels and global warming are increasing. For this, more trees should be planted, which will play a role in combating the climate.