Are the enhanced games fair?

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Today I will be discussing the topic of the Enhanced games. The Enhanced games are like the olympic games but you are allowed to take performance enhancing drugs and you do not have to be a qualified professional to enter. I have chosen this topic because I enjoy watching the olympics and seeing how hard the professionals train to become the best that they can. I feel passionate about this topic as the achievements of many will be nothing when these games take place and many records are beaten.

There are many opinions on the Enhanced games. One that stood out to me was written by reasoning_knowledge and states that “The effects of doping can be severe, including health risks including hormonal imbalances, organ damage and psychological effects.”. I agree with this opinion as it is not only unfair that these ‘regular’ people will have a huge advantage when it comes to beating records but they will also be putting their own physical health at risk. On the other hand, incredible_keyboard made the suggestion that there are also pros as well as cons to the enhanced games. They said “Paralympians could perform just as well as athletes without disabilities, it would be like seeing superheroes in real life!”. I think this is extremely unfair because using a drug will take away the sense of achievement. Previous paralympians have worked extremely hard to be viewed equally to regular olympians and people may not want to watch if they are all just taking drugs to be great.

In my opinion I believe that the enhanced games should not go ahead. I believe that the cons outweigh the pros too much for it to go ahead. I think it is too dangerous for something like this to take place and there are too many risks. If it is as easy as taking a drug to achieve outstanding results then imagine how many people who can already run well would be able to beat someone like Usain Bolt's record. If someone is going to hold a record or win a competition there should be real effort and hard work behind it, not just some random person taking a drug. I believe if someone wants to win a title or hold a record then they should have to put in hard work and have real talent to be able to do so.

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  • I believe that if the modification don't give any players unfair advantages over others, then the game is considered fair. However, if the enhancement affect the gameplay in a way that creates an imbalance and unfairly benefits to certain player, then the fairness of the game may be called into a question.
    At last, I want to say that it's important for game developer to ensure that any enhancement are balanced and do not compromise the integrity of the game.

  • I also believe that enchanted games are not fair. I believe that they are not depending on the Olympian spirit which is to compete using your body and mind.
    I think they are just a result for fast production of games that can only provide a sight and not support the values competitions have.
    As you said also Paralympic Games involve people with unique strength and that make them real life superheroes.

  • In my opinion I do not think steroids should be used in the Olympic Games. They can lead to early heart attacks, strokes, liver tumors, kidney failure, and psychiatric problems. In addition, stopping steroid use can cause depression, often leading to resumption of use. It can also cause muscles spasms can cause a heath risk. It is also unfair to the other people competing in the Olympic Games. In conclusion I do not think steroids should be used in the Olympic Games.

  • I also think it is not fair . It is not fair on the athletes that have trained hard and on those who have lots of records, because they will easily be beaten by those taking steroids. The word athlete should be used for people who use their talent and work extremely hard without the need to take any extra performance enhancing drugs to get exceptional results.