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I also believe that enchanted games are not fair. I believe that they are not depending on the... Are the enhanced games fair? 19/3/24
I believe that everywhere in the world businesses are influenced consciously or not by the... Should business be influenced by politics? 12/3/24
Although the leader take the decisions of the country, the voters, the simple people, have... Who has the power? 10/3/24
It is a fact that governments have the same mentality last years. In my opinion there must be... Your country in your hands! 10/3/24
Another advantage I can think of is the fame some athletes already have before entering these... Unfair advantage? 07/3/24
I think that athletes should reveal it because if they don't, everybody will think that they are... Should people know? 03/3/24
There is no doubt that many athletes have some advantages and are advanced to many fields.... Unfair advantage? 03/3/24
It is such a controversial issue but for me is crystal clear. I totally disagree with opinion... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 29/2/24
Hello Eva! I believe that when biases are faced earlier it is better for the society . Apart... Who has the power to stop social bias? 25/2/24
Social biases are a big problem which all people experience in their lives. The sure thing is... Who has the power to stop social bias? 24/2/24
Hi Siriliya! I believe that journalists with continuous learning can adapt easier to... Challenges to journalists 24/2/24
Journalists are the best powerful tool on promoting topics such as inequality, discrimination, ... Challenges to journalists 23/2/24
In my perspective there are so many things each of us can do in order to assist our... How to make a change 23/2/24
The woman from the news I would like to celebrate is Greta Thunberg because she ia an... Competition #5 winners 19/2/24
You are right! Celebrating women's day should mark a day for them regardless of nationality,... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 19/2/24
I absolutely agree with you. There is no doubt that some times journalists don't tell the truth... Challenges to journalists 18/2/24
In my opinion, the most ideal option is C because the prison staff need surely mental support. I... Prison staff 18/2/24
I agree with statement D. There is no doubt that nobody can change the world alone. One person... "Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power." 18/2/24
Thank you. Especially the difference between algorithms and Ai was a bit difficult but older age... Classroom spy! 13/2/24
It seems that the topic of AI from the beginning of the Festival until now is a topic that we... Classroom spy! 13/2/24