Doping is not fair

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  • Very true doping is not fair, but we again should not forget that doping can open doors for more scientific discoveries that affect the human body, imagine if they find a drug that makes a man's cells to regenerate quicker, that could be very useful for men in the army and defense agencies, or a drug that makes a person's sensory organs to be more sensitive, but we should not also forget that these drugs may have deadly side effects on the body. So in my eyes doping is both good and bad to the human system.

  • Nice point calm cloud but let me add some things to it Doping is serious, and its consequences are far-reaching. It can permanently damage your reputation, your health and your prospects in and out of sport that why we shouldn't dope in other words an athlete runs very high risks by consuming doping substances or by using prohibited methods and also hear are the thing that men face when taking doping Shrunken testicles, Infertility and also affect the human body.

  • i think doping is unfair beacuse for example in the race u can be faster than anyone else basically also if someone was on steriods and the other persorn is not it will make it unfair beacuse u can stretch out ur legs far so you can get infront easier .

  • I agree with you ,because in my opinion doping can have an unfair advantage because many people that take enhanced drugs, know that it has and the side effect is deathly, but that doping is not we don't need drug to me athlete B is fair even if he is angry we should not take enhanced drugs because mostly the side effect can be death . To me it is to risky ,athlete A is in a deathly or risky condition.
    THANK YOU!!!

  • I strongly agree with calm_cloud because doping is deceptive which gives an unfair advantage and misleading the audience who came to watch the games in their mind thinking they are watching a fair game if found out can lead to anger and possible riot in the pitch and from the fans when the opposition feels cheated.

  • I agree with you that doping has positive and negative effects. On the positive side it can assist elderly people who are finding it difficult to use their energy by giving them more energy when taken in proper doses and with supervision. However, the negative effect of doping is that the same people can become addicted to it leading them to use it more frequently than needed and resulting in addiction which can cause illnesses

  • Nice topic calm_cloud’ doping is a very nice topic in this times, from research it has been shown that 80% of athletes drop but only 1% f them are caught. Instead of them to use there natural glucose they take some substances or drug that will increase the chance of winning, why some people use their own natural energy to perform sport.
    Thank you.

  • Hi topical talkers I am Inventive_signature and I am here to dgsre my view on why doping is not fair with the following points of mine as listed below:
    In my own view doping is not fair because doping is the unlawful use of drugs to enhance or inhibit the performance of an athlete.
    Doping entails unfair consequences for the atlethes and for the sports itself. This is deceptive and harmful to athletes spectators, organizers and sponsors in their belief that they are watching a fair sporting competition. I think the best most available sourced to stop doping in Nigeria is the the government there should be anti-doping regulations clamp down on this deception, and government can also help to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy clean and fair sport.